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My crazy house help episode 44

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My crazy house help episode 44 by : 10:52 am On February 23, 2021
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👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 44
Rose’s POV…
My heart was fill with joy as I walked into the kitchen where my mom was cooking…
“Mom would you leave that food for me to cook!..don’t stress yourself out, you mustn’t start looking unkempt!” I chirped making her turn to me with a confused smile..
“Rose, is this you??..what is all this sudden joy for?” She asked scrutinizing my face..
“Is it too obvious??..well…you should go and have rest, take your bath and keep taking care of your beautiful face for George…” I said with a short laughter walking to the sink..
“Rose!..talk to your mother, something is strange here..have you…”
“Don’t talk much…it isn’t good for your health, you long to see George right??” I said with a teasing smile..
“Yes, but…..”
“Hey no but!!..very soon, we would get to meet them, don’t ask me how, it would just happen suddenly…” I laughed happily as I washed the plates..
“You are pulling my legs right?” She arched her brow..
“Hey mom, I’ve something to say…you love George so much even when you can’t marry him, even if his wife decides divorce, you can’t still marry the father of my fiance!” I said with a frown..
She smiled and peered at my face,
“I wouldn’t continue my relationship with George if it won’t remain till end, bryan isn’t his biological son, so can you see it can work out!!” She squeaked with a wide smile making me chuckle…
“Wow…is Bryan adopted?” I asked
“Oh yes!..but don’t tell him yet!” She replied and I nodded before turning to the plate I was washing…
“So you won’t tell me what brought all this??..it is clear that we can’t meet them again, you should be sad, suddenly you are more than happy and keep talking about meeting them..?” She questioned and my smile widened..
“Fred would help us out, keep you mind at ease, trust me, I may have failed to protect you in the past but…this time, I swear you won’t suffer!” I stated and she sighed.
“Just be careful, as much as I want us to meet them, I still want our lives to be safe, we can’t die now!” She breathed..
“Nobody can kill us, Xavier would be the one going down sooner than expected, Rose isn’t a dummy anymore, I would show him what I got!” I smirked.
“Fine, just don’t act rashly…” She smiled before leaving..
I jumped in glee abruptly, it was becoming too real in my memory, meeting Bryan is getting more real in my mind…
Every second is covered with that thought, I really missed his hug, his klzz, his cuddle, those cute face and pink sensual lips…
Omg!!!..I’m getting crazier than ever..
After some minute, I was done washing, I cooked a quick dish and served my mother…
She called me to eat but how can I eat??
My appetite had ran away since Fred said those words…
I can’t even sir to eat…
“Mom, enjoy yourself, I got no appetite!!” I squealed before running up to my room…
I got in and slumped on the bed with a loud squeal..
Bryan very soon, your crazy rose flower would slip into your arm once again..
I shut my eyes in thoughts but quickly stood up remembering I’d be going to school tomorrow..
I would be going to school to erase all doubt, Fred had told me that we would be leaving next week and it would be from school to hide away from his parent..
So…I should also be attending school to disguise our plan..
Oh this is just so interesting, I owe Fred a lot for this!
It was evening so i took a quick but thorough bath before laying on the bed..
The day should just go faster, next week is like a year for me, its just too far but I’m sure it would be for my safety so…I must wait!!
What matters most is that once again, when I thought all hope was lost, I would still meet him…
Xavier’s POV..
“Who is that guy chasing after us at building in the estate?” I asked one of my guard as I watch the live streaming of all that happened that day…
“Is he really after you??..don’t you think he….”
“Shut your trash!!!…who is this???” I yelled jolting up from the chair I sat…
It was quite obvious that the guy was looking at Rose with some kind of emotion, he was really following me…
“Didn’t you see him following us???” I asked with a deep growl..
“It doesn’t look like he was trailing you!!..he may be running from the fire!!” He replied with a low bow..
I peered at the guy but couldn’t recall seeing that face ever in my life, it was so strange..
“Find this man and send him to me!!!..make sure you find him!!..he look so suspicious!” I grunted and they nodded before leaving..
I can’t leave any trace, this man must have found out something, who knows he may have notice the mask and decide going after us…
Fool!!..it would cost your life now!
I picked my phone and called George..
“Hello dude!” I greeted with a wide smile..
“What is it?” He asked with a low sad tone..
“Are you still grieving for her??..don’t you have a wife, stop cheating dude!!!” I teased but got no reply..
“Hey stop being this annoying, cheer up and forget the past, at least, I wasn’t the one who killed her, Rose said it all in the letter…” I croaked a short laughter..
He hung the call on me before I could say any other thing..
I called him again but got no reply, it rang the third time before it was switched off..
What the hell!!!
How dare him???
I guess he got some gut now, time to visit him with terror, it has been long I caused him heartbreak and pain, I would visit him now and make him remember who I am…he must have forgotten!
I sipped the remaining wine I got before leaving,
Bryan is proving stubborn even when Rose is dead..
I’m not too disturbed…
I got a perfect plan to make the marriage work instantly…
What would he do when he gets Sophia pregnant????
Well, I need to treat his father’s mess first, I still need his subjection so the marriage would go smoothly..
George’s POV..
My heart was so heavy to even answer the call again…
Right now, I sees myself as a coward who doesn’t worth living..
Why I’m I alive when I’m totally useless, I couldn’t save her after another chance to be with her…
I took her life, I was the cause and here I am breathing, I mean..for what??
Even after her death, its too painful to me that I can’t still hurt Xavier, I can’t make him regret what he did to me…
I can’t avenge her death!!
Just then, my phone rang…
I glanced at the screen and saw it was my son Bryan..
“Hello” I greeted immediately..
“Dad…our fear isn’t true!” He gasped..
“What do you mean??” I asked curiously..
“Rose and her mother is not dead!!!..Xavier took them out of that estate with their face disguised with a mask…just play along as we plan on how to find them!” He said and my heart leaped In joy, I felt like bursting…
His word gave me joy that had long left me, I was happy that she isn’t dead even when I’m sure seeing was impossible, Xavier must have even erase their memory…
“Wow…!!..that’s a great news!!!..at least we didn’t cause their death!!!” I screamed and he also screamed in joy..
His voice showed how happy he was..
I won’t tell him how impossible it is to find Rose, I won’t tell him their memory must have been erased..
He should be happy for a while…
“Son, I’d call you back, I gat some visitors here..” I said and hung up..
A deep sigh escaped my lips as I slumped on the couch,
Lisa is alive, Rose is alive…
I’m now at ease….if my fate was to be with Lisa, then, we would meet again…
Just then, he walked in again..
Why won’t he let me be!!!
“Looking at your recent attitude, I guess you would betray me later…” He growled before sitting..
“Why the guess??..the call I snubbed?” I asked and he made a short laughter..
“You have been stabbing me from behind, I recall seeing your masked face in the estate that day, well, I just wanna forget that..at least we are pals and you may have came to rescue your love, I could have destroyed you if I had failed to end it all that day!” He growled..
“What do you actually want from me, would I be your puppet forever??” I retorted and he smirked…
“Just make bryan marry my daughter, just let me get richer, is it too hard??..our company merged would make me more richer..is it too hard for you??” He asked peering at me..
“Should I force my son into it??..he got his choice!” I blurted and a punch from him landed on my chin..
I clenched my fist In anger as my eyes went bloodshot..
“You wanna fight??..oh, little boy..there is no need of fighting, we still need to be friends, I won’t show the world that video and you would merge the company…isn’t that worthy of making us good friends..” He laughed and patted my shoulder before leaving with a smirk..
“Fool!!!” I growled and he turned immediately with fury…
“The marriage would be announced next week!!..explain to Bryan the terror of shattering this marriage, you would be put to jail, your company would be destroyed!!!..you want that right???..even Bryan’s music career would be tainted…I’ll expose the video next week if Bryan doesn’t sign the marriage date!..do the needful and save your a***s!!..” He bellowed before stomping away..
This is getting worse than thought!!
I glanced at the camera I installed and the recorded too only to see it stopped working the moment he walked in…
It has always been like that, I just wonder the sort of device he uses to do this…
Not long after, Bryan stepped in with smiles all over his face..
“Dad!!!..so I find out they are alive!!” He screamed in joy and I couldn’t say it do anything, just staring at the young man..
“Dad, you look tensed!..what???”
“You should be happy they are alive and not meeting them, we can never meet them…their location is erased from the network..” I finally said..
“I don’t get you??” He arched his brow..
“Bryan….I know I had not been a good father, but…can you listen to me?” I breathed and he peered at me..
“What is it Dad??” He asked curiously..
“The moment we failed to save them from Xavier’s grasp, the chance to be with them was taken, they aren’t dead but…to us, it is just like being dead because…we can never see them again..” I explained and his face grimaced..
“Dad are you saying the truth??” He asked with a quivering lips..
“I won’t lie at this moment, son, we can still have some peace, Xavier wants to merge his music industry with mime through the marriage, he needs more wealth…just confused right now, shouldn’t we..allow him??..” I spluttered making Bryan cringe away…
“Are you insinuating I marry Sophia????” He raised his brow.
“You got your choice but…listen, Xavier has what it got to send me to jail and also reduce our company to the mud, he has a video to tarnish my image and that of the industry…he threatened to expose it if….” I paused and dried my eyes which was dripping tears..
I feel so bittered now, I caused it first, why would I even allow Xavier in my life at the first place!!!
“What video is that??” He asked and I explained it all to him..
How Xavier framed me up, the video had my face as the man who raped and killed that young girl, her case was still investigated, my fate would be terrible if it gets out…
“Dad….is this why he had been controlling you?” He asked with a wet eyes fill with pity..
“Yes son..I would never want the bad for you…” I mumbled and he slumped on the couch tiredly…
“What should I do?” He asked with a bittered tone..
“You would sign the date for the marriage next week to avoid him carrying out the threat…I have a plan..” I mumbled and he nodded and held my palm..
“I won’t allow anyone tarnish your image, I believe we would be able to get back at him soon..but..would your plan stop me from marrying her??” He asked with a crack voice of hurt..
“It would…trust me, I would never allow my son end up with her, I’m sure Xavier has an interior motive so…I would end him before he ends us..” I growled and hugged him…
“Okay father, please…be careful!” He mumbled..
“Yeah son, you can go!” I muttered and he sniffed before leaving…
I shook my head and walked to my room..
I won’t tell him my plan because he won’t allow me carry it out…
I would surely take the life of Xavier but I too would die along..
It seemed impossible to get Xavier but visiting him with a time bomb would end us, I would be able to free my son from him..
Sophia’s POV…
I was in my apartment thinking of how my life had turned into..
I’m more of a confused being,
When would it end??
Who would save me from Xavier, I’m getting down with all this…
Bryan can’t marry me, why can’t Xavier know this!!!
I sighed and made to head into the bathroom when someone grabbed me…
It was Xavier again..
“Hey, I’m close to getting my long desire, I won’t allow any flaw now!!!..come here and hear me out!!” He stated and pushed me to the couch..
“What is it please??..I hope you see how hard it is to get Bryan, he is too mean!” I complained..
“I got a plan for you..have you even thought of what would get him over you grasp??” He smirked..
“What is that?” I asked..
“Make him get you pregnant..” He said and cringed and fell in shock..
My head pound as I shiver in horror…
“What!!!!” I screamed to the top of my voice…
“Hey no fear…I’d give you a chemical scent, just spray it over your body and Bryan would have a huge urge for s*x after perceiving it, he won’t have the strength to control it..he would end up having s*x with you before he can know it!!” He explained and I shivered more…
“I don’t want to get pregnant!!!” I squeaked.
“You won’t get pregnant but would pretend to be, I’d arrange the test, you would be wearing a condom, the s*x would be recorded, he won’t deny the pregnancy…take it now and spray after bath!!!” He ordered and I took it with a shivering palm..
Oh God!!
Fred’s POV..
I stared at them from my system and shook my head at how cruel Xavier is..
Finally, I was able to hack into all the camera system in Bryan and Sophia’s house, Xavier’s own was unable to go through…
I just decided to check and found the discussion with Sophia..
What would happen if he succeeds in framing bryan with the pregnancy…
I need to act fast!!
I tried accessing Jace’s phone number but it was hidden from unknown source..
I quickly got his email address..
With speed, I typed it all and send to him, I also sent the video clip to him so he would believe, if only he would see the message quickly….
Bryan’s POV..
Another sigh escaped my lips as I kept searching for Rose’s location, it looked totally impossible just as my dad had said..
The result for her location was empty, I searched for every one bearing the name Rose all around Korea but none had the face of my Rose..
I went ahead to search around other countries and to my utmost dismay, she wasn’t among..
Her data was gone, she couldn’t be found again, my heartbeat increased In fear.
I hadn’t been to school all this while, three days later would be the day I would sign the date…
I just hope on my father’s plan, even if I can’t find Rose, fate would bring her to me..
I believe death didn’t take her away because she has fate with me, we are meant to be together… I can’t marry Sophia when she is still alive…
Just at that moment, Sophia stepped in…
How dare her???
I raised my gaze to her in anger…
“Get out of……” My voice hitched..
I blinked and wagged my head but couldn’t feel normal again..
I stared at her and my eyes went to her bare laps which was so s£×y..
Her lips was so inviting, my brain went blank and all I wanted was s*x…
I smiled and lick my lips before standing up in a rush…
Her hand went over my body and I drown, I pressed her a**s pushing my lips into hers…
She pushed me to the bed and undressed herself before pulling off mine…
I couldn’t think straight, I need s*x so extremely, I wouldn’t even wait any longer…
I thrust in…
To be continued…
Xavier…very soon you will cry..😡😡
I just hate this man like hell!!!😠😠
Don’t leave without liking and commenting🍭

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Re: My crazy house help episode 44 by Mollybrecee: 5:48 pm On February 23, 2021

Wow i cant wait for the next episode plz jace save ur buddy xavier cant win again

Re: My crazy house help episode 44 by Esther adeola: 10:30 pm On February 24, 2021

Same here I can’t wait for next


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