My crazy house help episode 42

My Crazy
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Episode 42
Sophia’s POV..
I stared at Bryan and he also stared at me, his expression wasn’t changed, he didn’t even look shocked..
Why??..I thought I just told him Rose is alive??..I expect him to leap in joy..
“Why are you staring at me with your mouth agape??..what do you want to tell me about Rose??” He asked and I arched my brow as it struck on me that I never said it out…
Those words were said in my heart, I had thought I said it through my mouth not knowing it was inside…
The emotion of guilt and pity seeing Bryan in tears had gave me the great urge to yell him Rose was alive, it had pushed me into going against my father..
Although, I don’t love him so deeply anymore but I feels so sad seeing him pass through these tribulations for love, I want him to be happy…
“So you got nothing to say??..I thought you want to tell me Rose…is alive, I long to hear those words but no one is saying it to me…does it means that she is gone forever!!!!” He bawled as more tears rolled down…
My lips quivered as fear clouded me, those threat from my dad won’t leave my head, I would surely die if I say it to him.
“Bryan, Rose….Rose…” I stuttered with sweat all over my face,
I was about to tell him when I something struck my mind..
Xavier is bugging at me, he can hear all I say, he would know if I spit the truth to Bryan which means I would die immediately..
“Bryan, Rose should be forgotten, the dead can never come back to life, you should move on and stop hurting your self!!” I cooed attracting a dagger glare from him.
“You and your devil Xavier should stay away from me, I would never in this life marry you??..guess you don’t know?..I’m planning on ending my music career, I can’t sing again, there is no way I can sing with the loss of Rose still in my heart are useless to me!” He blurted and stood up during his tears..
Bryan’s POV
“Fate can’t be changed no matter how you try..we should start living the life it set for us!” She said and my heart grew heavy..
Her words sounded true, now that Rose is dead and the deal had been signed, it only means I should go on with Sophia..
She has the voice and I once loved her, it looked normal to give her a chance but to me, it is impossible…
Rose is dead and she died with my heart of love, no lady can get my love again, it is clear to me that I would never be able to love any other girl,
“Sophia why did you came here?” I asked and she sighed..
“I came to console you, and…my dad told me I would be living with you for some time!” She replied and I scoffed..
“You would be loving with me as a what??..girlfriend?? or maid??..” I asked with a sneer leaving her surprised..
“I may not be your girlfriend now, but..I’m sure as the day goes by, you would still love me again!” She mumbled..
“Can’t you still get it??..I can never love you or any other lady, you and you father should just stop! may had gotten chance to be with me again if Rose wasn’t killed, she took my heart and died with it so, I hate you so much, I hate your father so much!!..I finds it really hard to hold myself back from hitting you now, you look more like a monster than a human to me!!!!” I yelled and scurried to my room..
“Bryan!!!!” She called but it only increased my anger..
I never knew she would be this cruel, why would she tell her father about Rose leading to her death..
Oh God!
Finally, I got to my room and more sadness clouded my heart..
Everywhere look empty and lonely to me, i could remember when Rose and I fell on the bed the first day she was employed, I could remember that night we spent together…
When I was a deserted man fill with sadness and pain after Sophia dumped me, she sneaked into my heart and sparked joy in it…
She had always been lively, innocent, funny and had a great voice, that day she sang for me brought my love for her to an unimaginable height…
She was the perfect match for me, all I needed from a woman was in her, she got the beauty that makes a man gape at her..
Everyone sees her as a commoner but I couldn’t hurt her, I couldn’t bully her, just some days after she came into the school…
My love life began, I and everyone thought love is gone from my life, but she changed that notion…
Why would she die???
Nothing much is done to find her killer because she is a commoner to the society..
Xavier pulled his stunt well but what he doesn’t know is the amount of love I have for her, he isn’t aware that he also killed my heart…
If he thinks I can ever love his daughter, then he should keep daydreaming…
I would rather die than end up with Sophia, how would I even live with the guilt, she died for me and I end up marrying the daughter of her killer…
What a joke!!!
I slumped on the bed and picked up my laptop…
I need to check the live stream of all that happened in the estate yesterday, maybe I can find a clue on how Xavier escaped…
The process was quite difficult but I used all the knowledge I got and finally I was able to get the pass code…
A video popped up on the screen, it was divided into many division, I searched through it and finally got the camera in Xavier’s room..
I could see Xavier clearly as he sat on the couch with smiles on his face…
I kept watching but couldn’t see much before the screen black out,
The camera couldn’t capture much on him, it seem he kept tampering with it…
I hissed loudly and watched carefully, after some minutes, the camera in house came up again but this time it was useless, the fire has begun and everywhere was crowded, I couldn’t even see him again…
Xavier was really clever to erase the part of the records exposing him…
All through the live stream, Lisa or Rose wasn’t seen, he had wiped it off…
A deep sigh of frustration escaped my lips as I made to close the laptop but just then, something flashed through my mind..
With the records, I can get to see that girl with her family again, I would be able to watch her face which looked so beautiful especially those eyes…
I could myself smiling as I opened my system again…
I traced through the records and finally I saw the moment she and her family ran out from the crowd…
My heart skipped beat as she faced the camera making her face more clearly, I can’t really tell but my heart beat was now pacing faster..
I paused the video just to look into her face, her countenance looked weak, it wasn’t out of being worn out from the run but it seems that her heart was broken..
she looked emotional and must have cried a lot…
What happened??
I continued the video and got my heart twitch when her father slapped her..
I growled and clenched my fist like I would kill the man..
Why on earth would he slap a poor girl who doesn’t look so well..
Shit!!..some men are beast!!
It got to that point where she entered the elevator, I could also see myself as I stared at her…
She had her gaze on me too, I got the opportunity to admire her nice curve and beautiful eyes..
Just then, it struck on me…
Her eyes had always been familiar now I can recall where I saw it before…
The eyes was exactly that of Rose…
I blinked continuously feeling my heart suddenly beating very fast..
Could it be that she is related to Rose?
But how???
Oh gosh!
I kept watching to know where she finally went to, I hissed in anger as I saw them drove off to the major road…
I tried tracing their car but couldn’t because they passed through a route that had the street camera malfunctioning…
I took shot of her face and saved it into my device, after making Xavier pay for his wicked act, I would surely find her and make her love me…
It may sound so stupid but true, I am loving her so well without talking to her, I stared at the pictures I took and a sudden smile escaped my lips…
I smiled…her faces made me smile!
Wow, this is really strange, my heart is really longing to meet her but I need to fight that devil Xavier, i need to give Rose some weeks of mourning…
Her death was caused by me and the only way I can repay her is to make Xavier pay in full, he ought to die too, in a painful way!!
Gosh!!..just like a dream, Rose…is gone and forgotten???
Oh no!!!
It can’t be!!
I need to find this strange girl and ask her about Rose, she would have to explain to me how she got Rose eyes..
She would also explain to me why I fell for her so easily even at the midst of anguish..
Xavier may think he is succeeding, well!!..there are things he doesn’t know about me…
He may control my dad but not me!..I won’t let him succeed in his evil desire…
Sophia’s POV..
He walked away from me like I was nothing, the door was shut and locked like I was a nobody..
He left me all alone here in the sitting room, I couldn’t even go after him, I couldn’t move a pace.
Bryan is in pain thinking Rose is dead, I almost told him of it but the fear and horror of Xavier locked my lips…
I slumped on the couch fully exhausted, Austin must have really waited for me, he must be longing to see me..
I can’t connect to him because Xavier had cut it all off.
How on earth would I make Bryan love me again??
“How would I get his love!!!” I half yelled in frustration and just then, the door of the sitting room opened that moment…
I looked up sharply and saw Xavier with a lopsided smile..
My heart flipped as I breathed heavily..
“You came here??..don’t you think Bryan would….”
“Shut up and listen!!” He interjected with grim..
His face was now void of smile, he looked more mean than ever..
“Do you think I care about love?? has seize to exist, we all live life out of both are fated to be together, love isn’t needed…” He growled and arched his brow walking closer…
I moved back in fear..
“Were you trying to tell him Rose was alive then?” He asked with a deep voice..
Huh???…my eyes popped out,
He is still tracking me through!
“No…I..I..” My lips quivered.
He grabbed my neck tightly with his eyes bloodshot..
“Do you think I’m a joker??..if you had say those word, I could have squeeze life out of you now!!..mind you!!!” He howled and pushed me to the wall hardly that I hit my head on it..
“Make him forget about Rose, he should forget her and start seeing you!!” He grunted.
“Alright, I’ll try….Rose is gone so he has no choice” I mumbled with grimace..
“The only way to get him is through his emotions, those soft spots..he has weak emotion and can’t withstand anyone in pain including you..use it against him…get his attention and make the world know you are both together!” He said with a smirk and I could only nod..
“I’d be leaving..” He added and walked away..
Later on, Bryan walked out of his room, I looked up to him and felt weak..
I really need to marry him and allow Xavier do what ever he had in mind..
I would surely divorce the marriage after that, it would mean I can be free to meet Austin again..
Yes!!..I can’t risk my life for someone who doesn’t love me!
“You haven’t left yet??” He sneered..
“Bryan…look at me closely! you think I’m too worthless?? you think I got no ego??..I surely won’t want to marry you if not for the document and Xavier!” I breathed..
“I don’t want to see you ever in my life, you are as evil as your father!!!!” He spited and made to stomp out…
“He is not my father!!!!..I’m not evil!!!” I screamed pausing his step..
“Xavier is not your father??” He asked and I shrugged..
Bryan’s POV..
“Bryan…my life has already been destroyed, I have no joy in me, day and night I cry in sadness..” She sniffed and slumped on the couch..
“Xavier is not your father, who told you???” I asked staring at her..
“He told me, yes, he said to me and…my life is threatened!!.. Bryan make me smile again, make me happy once more…I’m sad for Rose’s death but don’t you think it’s fate???” She sulked..
“What are you saying??” I asked and she wiped her eyes.
“We were once in love that the world was aware of it, out of my foolishness I broke it up, I was carried away by lust, I know you were shattered by it…I never cared about your feelings but…don’t you think there is still a chance to make it up??..please I still love you…” She mumbled making me peer at her..
“Are you alright??” I asked confusedly..
“The document is a deal for us to be married, I can actually break the deal but..why would i??..Austin has left me, Xavier isn’t my father!!..who do you want me to be with, I thought I can hate you, I thought there was no place for you not until now…fate wants us together please don’t throw me away!!!!” She bawled with tears falling off..
She knelt and held my leg hugging it tightly..
I stared at her and sighed deeply, her words were so touching..she was really pitiful..
“So you want me to…marry you??” I asked and she nodded slowly..
“We should start loving each other, I wouldn’t have thought of a chance with you if rose is still alive, just think of it…why would she die now if you both ate destined to be together??” She asked and I felt my heart grow heavy..
“Your father killed Rose!!!!” I grunt..
“He isn’t my father!!!..I was adopted!” She retorted.
“Even if I feel sorry for you, it doesn’t mean I can love you, Rose Is only girl I love and would always love!!” I stated..
“Would you marry the dead??” She asked with an arched brow..
“There is someone who looks like Rose, she got my heart at first sight, I feels so attracted to her like a magic…!” I muttered making her jolt up in surprise..
“The Bryan I know can never love at first sight!!..what is wrong with you??” She asked and I smiled remembering the strange girl’s eyes..
“I am not in love yet,I just need to meet her and that’s all!!” I smiled and shut my eyes in thoughts..
“Another girl had already taken you before me???” I asked..
“Huh??..what are you saying??…I can never love you!!, stop all these..” I snapped..
“Do you want to endanger this new girl??..stop being a fool!!!” She yelled..
“Break that deal!!..let us both go against the deal, that would make it invalid, we don’t love each other so let’s end it all!!!” I gruffed..
“I still love you so….it is still valid, brace your self up and face your fate!!” She breathed before walking away…
I took out my phone and called Jace immediately…
“Hello Jace..” I said just as he answered the call..
“I’d send to you the picture of that lady I saw with her family, help me search for her by all means…get everything about her and her family!!” I said..
“You mean the girl that got your heart??” He asked..
“Exactly, I want to meet her so badly, my heart long for a minute with her, her eyes looks like that of Rose, she is just too beautiful!!” I breathed..
“Okay, I would do it right away..see ya!!” He hung the call and I lay down exhausted…
Rose’s POV..
My eyes fluttered and opened, I could only see the ceiling…
I blinked and yawned before sitting up..
Everywhere was quite calm and strange…
Just as I made to climb out of the bed, the door opened..
I looked up and saw a young cute guy walk in with a tray in his hand…
He smiled widely as he saw I was awake..
“Wow, finally you woke up!!” He chirped.
I stared at him like he was having two head, seriously I’m I dreaming??
“Who are you?..and..where I’m I??..where is my mother?” I threw different questions looking around the small room..
“I’ll answer all your question but you have to eat, you must be really hungry!” He cooed and I sneered at him..
“How can I eat from a stranger?? want you poison me right?” I shrugged..
‘My name is Fred, I’m the son of the landlord here, no one knows I’m here except your mother, I got so interested in you as soon I saw you and your mother being brought in…” He said with a shy smile..
“You brought these food and drink for me?” I asked and he nodded..
“The doctor said you would wake today so I….”
“Fine!!..where is my mom?” I asked.
“She went to look for work..” He replied and my eyes widened..
“What??..she did what??” I exclaimed recalling her ailment..
“Are you alright?” He asked holding my hand…
“You can go back to your house..I have a lot to think of!” I half yelled..
“Really??? there anything troubling an angel like you??” He teased.
“So where is this place?? even look so different!” I sighed..
“You are in New York now!” He replied and I peered at him..
My heart was ripped off at his word, it has really happened!!!
Xavier truly succeeded in sending me away from him, I’m away from Bryan..
Oh no!!..
I won’t see him, Jace or Clara…they are all away from me..
“You look so tensed, what is it?” Fred’s voice drift me back to reality as I had already drown in the past, every moment with Bryan kept replaying..
I couldn’t just wonder how true it is that, all has been past away..
No more Bryan..
“Do you know who Bryan is?” I asked and he sneered at me..
“That name is strange to me, who is he to you?” He asked with his eyes dimmed..
Just then, my mother walked in and I hastily hugged her as tears rolled down my cheeks..
“Mom, would I see him again??..would I meet my friends???” I whimpered and she sniffed..
“We can’t meet them again, they had been taken away from our life, we should forget…..”
“No!!!…” I screamed pulling off from her body…
“Isn’t there any way I can see them again??…bryan!!!” I cried..
“We are so lucky to be kept alive and healthy, I won’t want us to pass through any pain again, we should start a new life and forget the past and everyone connected to it!!!” She stated..
“Mom…do you know how much I…love him??..I can’t forget him!” I screamed..
“Thinking about him would cause you more pain, he couldn’t save us from Xavier, George couldn’t save us from Xavier…let’s just stop hurting ourselves…Rose..” She breathed and I felt nothing but sadness cover me…
“Okay Rose, this is Fred our new friend..his mother got this place we are living, because of him, we were allowed to stay a month without payment..” She smiled and Fred also smiled staring at me..
I breathed and shut my eyes,
It was real, we are now living a new life with Bryan and my loved ones…
“Won’t you thank him???” My mother exclaimed with a raised brow.
I looked up to him and smiled..
“Thanks for your nice gesture, you must be really kind and considerate, I’m really grateful..” I said and he blushed smiling widely…
“I did it for you…” He mumbled..
“Mom, so you went to look for job why??..don’t try to stress’s yourself again, I would be the one fending for us!!” I snapped and she smiled..
“Hey, shut your mouth and start getting ready for your school tomorrow, he would be taking you there…” She said and I arched my brow..
“Fred would be taking me to school??..why?…and, does it means that… I won’t be going to diamond musical school again???” I said blinking my wet eyes…
“Stop talking about the past and face the present.. Bryan is forgotten!” She said and walked away leaving me devastated..
“Rose…” Fred
“Don’t call my name!!!!” I screamed to him in exasperation..
“Really??” He arched his brow.
“I don’t know who you really are…but…please don’t add to my sadness, I know you are having feelings for me, I can see it clearly but please you got no hope…I have Bryan in my heart only, I can never love any other guy!” I stated and stood up to leave..
“But I love you, I want us to get closer, seriously seeing you gave me a new hope…I am ready to do anything for you!” He purred.
“I’m sorry…I…” My mouth was shut my his finger crossed over it..
“Shhh, I know you still think of Bryan, with time, you would forget him because of the distance..just know I am there for you at all time!” He said softly…
“Stop saying trash please…I can never forget Bryan..I’m sure we shall meet again!” I stated and walked away..
My life would surely be a bored one from now..
I can recall the past, every moment with Clara, Jace and Bryan are really awesome and great…
Why would I be here all alone, I feels empty and lonely…
Standing on the balcony, tears rolled down continuously…
The face of bryan won’t stop filling my memories…
Just like a dream, we are separated..
How can I bear this!!!
I was still lost in my thought when someone wrapped me from behind…
“You badly wants to meet Bryan right??” I heard Fred voice..
“Fred, break this hug, are you this annoying??” I whined..
“When I first saw you, I felt that we got something in common..Xavier brought you here right??” He asked and I cringed at his words..
“Do you know Xavier??” I asked in shock..
“Yes…its a long story, you must have fallen in love with Bryan right?” He asked and I nodded..
“I’m really sorry but its impossible to be with him, Xavier would never allow that, it was the same way he shattered the life of my parent and mine just because I fell head over heel In love with Sophia…” He breathed..
“Yeah..although she never noticed me..Xavier still threw me off to this place, he would never want anyone stop his daughter from marrying Bryan..” He sighed..
“This is really bad…my heart is locked to him, I would never fall in love with any other man again!!” I whimpered…
“This was the same way I felt, although my memory was partially wiped, I still remembered Sophia..well, it’s all in the past now, so..won’t you also forget Bryan and give me a chance??” He said slowly..
“I’m sorry I can’t!!..I don’t mind loving him only till eternity, I just believe we will meet again…” I breathed with a heavy heart…
“All through the year after I got separated from Sophia, I was so obsessed that I found my way back, yes!!..I found the route to return back to Korea and get to see Sophia sing…” He said and I turned to him sharply..
“Really??” I exclaimed..
“Yeah, Rose..i can take you to see Bryan again..” He said and I felt my whole body stiff..
To be continued…
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  2. Nice one but the story is too slow please help us to make it fast. Am enjoy it. Next episode

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