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My crazy house help episode 40

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My crazy house help episode 40 by : 12:49 pm On February 13, 2021
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👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 40
(Rose is dead?)
Xavier’s POV..
How did they reach here so fast????
My heart beat increased as I looked around for easy escape..
Just then the door was pushed open and i jumped in fright only to see it was one of my guard, his face was covered with sweat as he pant heavily…
“Sir what are we going to do???” He asked making me breath heavily..
“They are heading straight to this place…something must be leading their way…” He squealed and my eyes widened..
A tracker!!!!
A tracker must be on Lisa or Rose, that must be the only reason why they found here easily…
They didn’t only implanted the tracking bug on Lisa’s phone..
Another must be on her body and I never cared to check..
“Xavier!!!!!” The guard screamed to me as i made to run off to the room..
He called my name this time..
“Before you can do anything now, they would be here!!!” He shouted..
“Then, I have an idea to distract them..it would cost the lives of the innocent tenants here…arrange the few men here, kill those around here, let their blood flow on the floor then, start bombing and creating fire on the top floor of this buildings…!” I ordered and he nodded and ran off with three of my guards..
I have skin masks here, I would use it to disguise my face and that of Lisa and Rose before taking them away as part of the tenant trying to run away from their lives…
Bryan’s POV..
Finally we got to the building where Xavier was, it would just take us a staircase to get to his main apartment according to the tracing device..
Seven trained secret agent were with me, Clara and jace was also here, we all covered our face with a mask…
With speed we ran in…
Xavier must be caught today, he isn’t aware we are this close…
Just then, the shocking happened..
Blood began to spill down the stairs, we all stared at it transfixed…
I just prayed it isn’t the blood of Rose..
We got to the hallway and trembled to see every door having blood beneath it..
I rushed at one of the door and opened it only to see a man and Gus family being stabbed to death..
What is this??
I was still trying to figure out what was happening when a blast was heard and next was fire…
My whole body shook in horror..
The fire was from the top section of the building… It was a wild fire and was growing wider…
There was an uproar and confusion, the hallway which led to Xavier’s room suddenly became fill with people who were running for their lives, all the tenant living upstairs rushed through the hallway to escape..
We all tried finding our way to the room where the tracking device pointed at, but it seemed so Impossible..
More people kept pushing their way through, many were wounded, many were crushed, the fire was spreading but I never cared, I badly need to rescue Rose..
“Bryan, the arrow is moving…” Jace announced and we all stared at the screen..
“This shows that Xavier caused all this to aid his escape!!!..watch the people carefully, we can get a glimpse of Rose and Lisa!!!” I screamed..
Even if he succeeds in leaving this building, George and the tons of cops outside would get him at the exit route..he would never escape.!!
“What is happening??..the arrow had faded away!!!!” Jace screamed again and my heart skipped beat.
“What??” We all chorused with a widened eyes..
Our body were being pushed by the people trying to escape, I could begin to feel the heat of the fire..
It must be spreading down to the second floor now..
How would Xavier be this cruel to destroy lives and property just to escape..
Just then, a man, his wife and daughter came rushing out like the other..the wife and daughter looked weak but still managed to run..
The husband kept trying to help them move on..
I stared at them from the crowd of people, I couldn’t get clear view because more people from the second floor had started trouping out..
I don’t know why, but I just felt so attached to this family especially the daughter…
I didn’t even know when I started moving after them,
The crowd of people were bumping over me but I never cared, strangely, I badly wants to help the daughter leave the building..
Each time I sight her fall, my heart would ache, I don’t know her but my heart seemed to be attracted to her..
I can’t tell the reason..
Once again, she fell hardly and the father tried helping her but she wriggled off her hand…
The father slapped her hardly and dragged her up…
I watched from afar through the people who kept passing, I was stunned at the father’s reaction why would he slap her???
This made me struggle much more, I pushed away people, with much struggle, I got closer to them..
I kept moving with the crowding hitting me, no one knew I’m Bryan because of the mask..
Finally, I was a few inches from them..
My heart leaped for joy as I walked faster..
The father drew them along and they finally reached the elevator which would take them out from the building finally…
I ran speedily to join them, I wants to help the daughter, she looked weak and needs treatment, the mother was also sick..
The father don’t seem to care much so I want to help..I would pay the bill…
I ran very fast trying to rush in before the door closes…
I was so unlucky, just as I got very close, the door started closing…
I grunted bitterly as I finally reached the transparent door which had closed up..
The family stared at me with the other people in there, they were surprise at my speed to get in..
The daughter of the man looked up to me and our eyes met…
My whole body shivered as her eyes pierced with mine, her eyes was familiar but I don’t know how??
It was dim and full of pain..tears rolled down her cheek as she kept peering at me..
I felt it deep down like a spark of fire, it was burning endlessly, this strange girl caught my heart instantly..
I can’t explain how, but once again, someone drew my attention and heart to herself, first was Sophia, second was Rose, third is then this strange girl..
My breath changed, my heart beat increased..
She also seemed to be drawn to me as we both couldn’t stop staring at each other…
Slowly, the elevator went down and my heart shredded,
“Tell me your name!!!!” I screamed but she isn’t hearing me..
The elevator went down and down, I felt like something had left me, I felt like I just lose something great…
My heart became empty and seemed to be tensed..
That girl’s face which exuded sadness covered my memories,
Would I ever meet her again???
Just then, my phone rang..
I flinched back to reality and took the phone..that was even when I realised that the fire In the building had started to go off as the fire extinguisher already begun to do their job…
I took the phone and saw it was Jace calling..
“Hello…” I breathed..
“Bryan, the tracking arrow had shown up, come over let’s save them from Xavier!!!” He said out and I flinched..
How did I forgot Rose so easily, what if she is caught in the fire..?
I traced back to where Jace, Clara and the men were and we all headed to the room the arrow was showing…
I felt my whole body tremble as I saw the door already burnt down..
The fire got into the room..?
We all ran in and screamed loudly at what we saw…
Right on a chair was two burnt female body…
“Rose!!!!!!!!!!” Clara suddenly screamed in cry..
“Nooooo!!” Jace screamed too leaving my world shattered..
I quivered at their words as I stated intently at the body to be sure it was my Rose..
I kept waging my head in disbelief..
I can never believe my Rose and her mother is dead, I would never believe Rose and her mother was burnt to death here…
Hell no!!!
My sight got to the neck of one of the burnt body and I saw the necklace I gave to Rose,
I saw it clearly, there was no difference..
I trembled and moved back in extreme shock.
Clara and Jace couldn’t hold themselves as they cried deeply..
I couldn’t cry because i don’t want to believe Rose died in the fire…
I just felt empty, my heart kept battling with the truth..
Rose is dead???
It is more than impossible, Xavier can’t be so heartless to kill her…
He can’t kill her…please someone should tell me he didn’t left her and the mother here to die in the fire…
My phone fell off my hand with tears rolling freely as my legs wobbled,
I looked down and saw the tracking bug under the bed, must it have rolled off Lisa’s hair while the fire was burning her???
No!!..it can’t just be!!
Under the bed wasn’t burnt, it seem the bed protected it..
I bent to pick the bug only to see a sheet of paper wrapped in a glass box..
I took it out and saw it was a letter from Rose, it was her handwriting and the letter was directed to me..
📜Anyone who sees this letter should find Bryan the great singer and hand it to him….
That was what I saw at the front page..
I opened it further and read..
📜Hi Bryan…I must be dead before you sees this letter because the fire was set to kill me in here..
📜The person that killed me isn’t Xavier but an unknown enemy, I’m sorry if you sees me dead..
📜But, I pray you finds me quickly before the fire kills me and my mother…
📜if you don’t, then I’ll die but just know, I died for our love, my mother also died for the love for George, you can go on with Sophia, I guess we aren’t fated to be together..
I read again and again slowly with each word piercing my heart painfully..
My eyes fluttered…
The cry of Jace and Clara was resounding in my ear, the words in the letter was repeating itself, the burnt body which seemed to be Rose and Lisa was also here in my view…
All this was killing me slowly…
Could it be true???
Is this my Rose lifeless?..that is my necklace which I gave to her..
Xavier made the necklace viewable so I can identify that this is my Rose..
My whole body went cold, my head pound so heavily, I got dizzy….
What if all this isn’t a joke?
What if Rose is truly dead???
I screamed as my body shook, I rushed to the charred body and grabbed it only for the body to cut off…
“Oh, no!!!!!…Rose!!!!!” I screamed so loud…
My body freeze with the past rushing through my memories, the last time I saw Rose was at school before the proprietor called her..
She had smiled and left while I waited in patience…
The next time I’m seeing her is this?????
Her dead body????
This can’t be!!!..it can never be!!!
Rose is dead???..dead???
I looked at the body again and felt my head spin, before I could move or say anything, I found myself losing balance…
“Rose you can’t be dead..” I mumbled before losing consciousness..
If Rose is truly dead, then I would rather die than live without her..
Bryan’s POV continues..
“Rose, I know you aren’t dead, I was freaking frightened..come and give me your hugs that makes me so happy..” I said to Rose who was smiling widely to me..
She came forward and I felt more joy flow in me..
Oh yeah, my Rose flower can never die and leave me…
I widened my arm to receive her hug which never came, I never felt any hug and I quickly opened my eyes which I had closed to receive the hug…
At first, my sight was blur, slowly, it became clear and all I can see is a white ceiling..
Where is Rose???
did she ran away shyly???
“No, where I’m I??” I asked finding out I was lying on the bed..
With speed, I jolted up only to find out I was in the hospital, there was no Rose..
It was a mere illusion, a dream..
“Where is Rose????!!!” I screamed at the top of my voice and a nurse rushed in..
“Wow, you are awake??..let me check….”
“Where is Rose?????” I yelled at her and she arched her brow..
“What are you saying??..let me check your pulse..” She said and tried touching my palm..
I quickly wriggled it out and pushed her away from me..
Pulling off the duvet, I pull off the syringe in the back of my palm ignoring the pain..
What is that pain compared to the one I am going through in my heart…
Well, Rose isn’t dead, her body wasn’t burnt, all that was a dream..
I breathed heavily and stomped out of the ward only to see Jace and Clara sobbing bitterly at the waiting room..
Their cry was real, Clara’s cheeks had been bathed with tears, Jace was groaning and shivering…
I stared at them trying hard to convince myself that they weren’t crying for the death of Rose..
It won’t be and can never be!!!
They are crying for me..
“Hey Jace, Clara…stop the cry, I’m awake, where is Rose??” I asked and they both turned to me and burst into another loud cry…
Jace won’t cry because I had a minor accident, something bad must have happened…
“What is all this cry for..?..please tell me where Rose went to???” I asked again with my eyes getting wet..
“Rose is safe, she went to bring food for you” I heard a voice in my heart and smiled…
“When would she return from the food she went to bring, I can’t wait!” I said to Jace who sneered at me..
“Can’t you recall what happened at the estate??..can’t you remember that..that…Rose….was..found…in..that…room…”
“No!!!!!!..it was a dream!!..how did you know of it!!!” I exclaimed breathing very fast as my heart grew heavy and tensed…
“Rose was burnt to death…she died…she died…she died!!!!” Clara shrilled and fell to the ground…
My whole world crashed as it dawned on me that it was real…
Rose is dead???
Everywhere went blurred, I blinked my eyes continuously feeling the urge to slump..
The last word of Xavier came through my memory..
“Fine…just forget about Rose because you would never see her, never!!!”
This was what Xavier said to me…
Is this what he meant???
He killed Rose and her mother?..and I couldn’t save them??.. I couldn’t save the love of my life….
He succeeded in killing her????
He must have forced Rose to write that letter…
I raised up my eyes and saw Jace still in tears Clara was still crying profusely..
I walked to them and squatted, my vision was blurred due to tears..
“Is Rose dead????” I asked slowly in a low tone..
“She was burnt to death!!..can’t you remember??” Clara cried out and I felt my breath seized..
I stood up and tried moving but couldn’t move, my legs kept shaking…
“Rose!!!!!!!!” I screamed at the top of my voice, everything began to spin..
I couldn’t hold myself, my legs weakened and I found myself falling..
I was falling with my eyes closing, my consciousness was leaving again…
It is too unbearable……
People rushed to hold me but they aren’t aware that I would die sooner..
Yes…I would die because Rose is dead..
Even if I won’t marry Rose..it’s better than taking her life…
She and her mother deserved to live..
My coming into their life and cost their life..
My love for her costs her life..
My whole body went dumb as tears rolled off my cheek…
Everything went blank but something flashed through my mind…
The face of that girl running with her father and mother in that estate..
It brought a tingle of joy in me, I wished to see her again..but the image faded just as it came and my heart was fill with sadness and pain once again…
My heart shred into piece as it struck on me again..
Rose is dead?…
To be continued…
Shift let me faint!!!!😰😰
Could Rose and her mother be dead really??😢😢
Who is that strange girl that got his heart at first sight?🤔

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Re: My crazy house help episode 40 by Adeyemi: 11:36 am On February 15, 2021

This is hilarious, why can’t Bryan can’t fathom it that’s it’s Xavier, Lisa and Rose are the family he saw the other time, gowd I hope everything should get settled as early as possible and Brought Xavier to justice cos he’s just too wicked for my liken


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