My crazy house help episode 39

My Crazy House Help๐ŸŽป๐Ÿ‘ฐ
๐ŸŽค(She defiled me)๐ŸŽค
Episode 39
Sophia’s POV..
I blinked continuously as my eyes went teary, my heart became so heavy that I couldn’t breath normally again…
My legs wobbled and i was forced to move back…
I got my palm trembling as the words my Dad said replayed in my memory,
I just called him my father and felt the huge pain..He isn’t my dad!!!??
He just told me I wasn’t his daughter, he told me he would kill me if I plays any tricks???
Does my life means nothing to him?..
Was I being controlled all this while??..wait..he was just using me????
Oh no!!
A loud gasp escaped my lips with my heartbeat increasing it’s pace…
My head pound so hardly, I felt like I would faint right now! shouldn’t be happening!!..I would never believe it!!
How can I believe such a painful and shocking thing??..
Does it means that Bryan wasn’t lying when he said my dad was just using me to get something something from George..
Xavier the man I had known and loved as my dad hung the call after blasting me, before I could even say anything..
His voice sounded so cold and scary showing he wasn’t pulling pranks..
But..!!..he may be joking..he is trying to pull my legs..this should just be an illusion or else I would kill myself!!!!
I swallowed the lump in my throat and sighed before calling him again..
Maybe he had a slip of tongue then..
I called him back but the number was not reachable, it even got to a point where I was told that the number doesn’t exist…
More tears bathed my cheek as I thought of the past, Xavier had been controlling me for his desires but I never noticed I wasn’t his daughter..
Who then is my real father??..
Could it be that I was adopted without a parent??
Ohh..this is getting me insane!!
I slumped on the couch feeling terror sweeping over me,
It was replaced by great rage and anger,why would he never tell me I wasn’t his daughter even at that..
What does he mean by threatening my life, I must surely get him arrested!!
Who does he think he is to play with my life!!
I fumed and picked my phone again to call the cops on him, I regret ever calling him father…
Who knows he must be lying of George killing my mother with poison..
I don’t even know if that woman is my real mother???
Oh shit!!
I quickly dialed the cops but got shocked at what I saw..
My network was blocked instantly..
I arched my brow in surprise,
What is going on??
Just then, the door of my house gave way making me look up..
My whole body freeze at who I saw..
My mouth went agape as I stared in horror..
He was the last person I expected, I don’t even know why I was very frightened to see him…
Standing in front of me with a smirk was my father Xavier, looking into his face now, fear couldn’t allow me away anything or even move an inch..
My stomach grumbled as I got so tensed, all the muscle in my body twitched as he walked closer..
Two heavy bodies men were flanking him..
I breathed heavily staring at him..his expression was baleful, he was my father before now but I just sees him as a devil right away..
How could he threaten to kill me??..that shows how stony hearted he is..
“Are you surprised to see me?” He asked and touched my jaw..
With anger, I slapped him hardly across his cheek,
Tears were even falling off my eyes..
He wants to shatter my life for his evil desires!!!
I was still trying to open my mouth and yell at him for deceiving me when the never expected happened..
One of the men guarding him smacked my head with his heavy palm making me fall with a loud thud…
I fell on my back and shrilled to my dad, even if he isn’t my real father, at least we loved each other..
“How dare you lay your filthy hand on him??” The guard howled and kicked me on the belly sending pain over my body..
I gasped and turned to my dad thinking he would hit the guard for ever touching me but that never happened…
Xavier dragged me up roughly with my cloth and punched me on my belly making my breath seized..
I felt weak and fell off his grip…
My eyes was weak, I felt like I was going to die..
This is the man I knew as my dad, loving and a bidding to all he says to me..
This is the man I was ready to sacrifice my joy for, he punched me instead of helping me…
Even tho I slapped him out of anger, why would he hit me??..!!
“How dare you slap me??..yuck!!” He snorted and dragged me up again..
I was in pain and wished I would give up but it was clear that death was far from me..
I groan and opened my eyes to see the dim scary eyes of Xavier..
“Seat there and listen to me!!” He growled and pushed me to the couch…
I groaned again feeling real pains both in my heart and my body..
“I am not your f**king father!!! are just an adopted trash used for a purpose, hey…listen!!..nobody can stop me!!..your life isn’t so important, I swear of killing you if you reports me or refuse to get Bryan into marry you..!” He huffed..
“Even…if..I don’t mean anything to you..” I coughed and continued..
“Rose doesn’t deserve all this from you, she is innocent..let her be!” I breathed with grimace as the pain flow through..
“You are talking gibberish, you gat no right to tell me what to do, Rose is a forgotten name now, I won’t mind making you return to the dust if you don’t get Bryan at all cost!!” He growled..
“But….he doesn’t love…me a bit, the…” My words were cut short by his palm which grappled my neck tightly making me gasp for breath..
“Rose is forgotten!!..Bryan is yours and would always be, he once loved you before Rose came in, now that she is gone far away from him..I’m sure Bryan can still recover his love for you, you can still love you again..just don’t mess up!!!” He howled while I struggled to detach from his grip..
“I would personally make him hate Rose, just do all I say if you want to live!!” He blurted and pushed me off to the sofa forcefully..
I fell off hardly and he walked away with his men without even turning to me with a glance..
My whole body and heart got weakened, I couldn’t even stand up, tears kept flooding off as I sobbed bitterly..
I’m am adopted child, he is using me to get what he wants, my life worth nothing to him..
What a life???
Is this how my life had turned into??
Now, I would have to make Bryan love me at all cost to save my life..
What is really going on?? this real??
Oh, no…
I turned my gaze to the door and it opened with Xavier rushing with speed to me…
I screamed so loudly buy got dumb when i found out as it was just illusion..
Xavier isn’t coming..
That was how fearful I am now…
This would be the first time of experiencing a serious life threat..
I thought of reporting him but his words kept haunting my heart,
He would surely kill me…
Oh gosh!..finally my life is doomed, it pains me more that I led Rose to him..
I couldn’t have hurt the young girl who did no wrong to me, I was doing all that for the man I thought was my dad…
I never knew he just wanted to use me,
What is all this??..I would never forgive myself if anything bad happens to Rose..
Bryan has also hated me from the dept of his heart, I looks more like a monster to him than a human..
Oh God…my life sucks right now.
Bryan’s POV..
I stomped into my father’s house with Clara and Jace with my heart pounding very fast and heavy..
I just can’t help but imagine what Rose would be passing through in the hand of Xavier..
I must get her out or I would never be happy in life, I would never be normal again, without Rose by my side, what else would cause me to smile..
The National competition is approaching, who would I sing with??
I vowed to protect her but couldn’t, would she hate me for this??..
Never had I thought that the proprietor would do such, he hasn’t been seen since then..I must strangle him alive if I get him..what a heartless man!!
“Father!!!!!” I screamed from the sitting room making him rush down the stairs from his room..
“Dad they are gone!!!” I squealed feeling the hurt…
Rose shouldn’t suffer, her mother shouldn’t feel pain..
“What!!!” He exclaimed with an arched brow..
“Xavier was able to trick them into his hand again, dad, tell me where this devil is?? knows his apartment, lead me there!!!” I howled.
“ can’t even get into his house without his invite..just calm down..” He muttered and I flared up..
“See Mr man..I’m not here for your help, just tell me where he lives, Rose must be there, I want to save her and her mother even if you don’t care about her!!!” I shouted feeling so bad..
I just felt Rose was in pain..
“Bryan calm down or we would name rash action that would get us killed..” Jace soothed and I sneered at him..
“Don’t say that to me!!..I would gather all the cops I can get and storm into his house, he must be caught…!!” I growled.
“Xavier can never be arrested, no one sees him as a bad man, he hides his tracks so well, in front of the people, he is a very good man..the cops would ask for evidence before taking any action..” He breathed and sat on the couch..
“So Dad, if I can’t get him, I would abduct Sophia and torture her, I would use her to threaten him into bringing back my Rose!” I blurted and turned to leave..
“Its useless…Sophia isn’t his daughter..” My dad spoke out leaving me stiffed at a spot..
My eyes widened, oh, gosh! this why he kept controlling at the expense of her joy??
This is why he never cared about her feelings..
“Ohhhhhh…what should I do now!!!!” I screamed and lay on the ground in tears..
“Sir, does it means that there is no way we can save Rose??” Clara asked with a cracking voice..
“We can save them…” He replied and I jolted up anxiously..
“How???” We all chorused..
“After saving Lisa, I fixed a tracking device into her hair and also installed another one in her phone…we can find her location from the device in her hair, the device is so little that it can not be seen easily or washed off when bathing..I guessed this attack from Xavier that was why I did that..” He explained and joy seeped in again..
“Run fast and check the location, I would call on the cops right away..” I stated and he shook his head..
“We would have only seven well trained secret agent, this would make Xavier unaware of the attack..if he gets to know we are coming, he would attack us and change location immediately..” My dad mumbled and brought out a device which had a map on its screen..
He clicked some button and a green dot appeared, the dot went around and stopped at a specific location making him smile..
“Xavier had hid her and Rose in one of his ware house or one of his house in an estate, i knew there so well, there are less guards around it to escape the suspicious eyes of the people living around there..he must have choose there so that they would never be found, no one would expect them to be there..” He said and i smiled for the first time..
“Bryan can you still hack?” I asked and he nodded..
“We would be leaving with a laptop, I would send something to you, use it to hack into the camera system of the ware house, we have to be sure if they are there or in his house in the estate…” He said and I nodded with a grin..
“Let’s move!!!” I squeaked..
“Yes, let’s go please!!” Clara added..
“I’ll call the trained agent now..” My dad said and made a call.
I was the first to rush out…
Rose, I’m coming to save you!!!!!
Xavier’s POV..
I laughed again and again as I watched the screen in front of me.
It was the street live stream, I can see Bryan and some other people driving to where I kept the tracking bug..
I couldn’t see the driver well, he was careful in hiding his face from the camera..
I wished to see him because he seemed to be the leader..
Well, I’m not disturbed, they should go and waste their time and even get into my well set trap..
Anyone who get into that building would inhale the gas which would explode soon..
That would make them weakened, then my men would take Bryan home while I dealt with the other..
I stood up and stretched my body before heading to where Rose and her mother is..
Its time to get them prepared, their secret flight had be set and would be leaving very early tomorrow..
“Hello little girl…” I said to Rose who was breathing heavily in anger and pain..
She was in tears staring at her mother.
“Do you want your mother to be released?” I asked with a smirk.
“Please let her go, let me take all her suffering I beg!” She swallowed hard with more tears falling off..
“Wow…what a good daughter..okay, I’ll release her if she tells me who saved her from me then, I don’t believe its Bryan because Bryan doesn’t know much about that community they passed through..tell her to tell me that man who dared me..” I howled and she turned to Lisa who was just staring as she wince in pain..
“Mom….can you….”
“Rose I’m sorry I will never say it, he saved me, how would I now put him in danger as whatever you want to do to me!” Lisa blurted with a strongest tone I’ve ever heard..
“Why do I feel like the man is George??” I mumbled.
“George left me for long, he must have forgotten me…he isn’t the one that saved me, can he even do it??” She shrugged and I slapped her hardly making Rose scream..
“You think I’m a joker??..tell me who that man is now!!!” I growled..
“Never…you have destroyed my life already, just kill me..if I stay alive, I would surely revenge all this..I swear!!” She spited making me burst into laughter..
“Revenge on me??..ohh, word of the hopeless, very soon…your memories about all this would be gone, you would be in a far away country with your daughter who would also have forgotten of Bryan and all this again do you think of revenge??” I said amidst laughter of scorn..
“Fool!!” She cursed and received another slap from me..
“Stop!!!!!” Rose screamed and I smirked and walked to her..
“I’m still curious how you got Bryan’s heart, only a great voice can make him so in love, I’m wondering if you are that girl with a great voice I had been looking for…” I said peering into her face.
“Go to hell!!” She snorted and struggled to hit with her tied her..
I couldn’t help laughing..
I was just surprised at how Lisa could be bent on hiding this man, is this how grateful she could be??
Just then, my phone rang..
I glanced at it and smirked broadly..
It was one of my guard to bring Bryan’s crew to me..
“Hello..” I said happily..
“Sir, Bryan was more smart than we thought, he secretly hacked into the camera base system in that house and found out that Lisa and Rose wasn’t in there!!” He said making me flinch..
“What the hell!!!..but I saw them heading to the house!!!” I yelled..
“That was to trick anyone watching soon as they got to the house, all exterior cameras was disconnected giving them the chance to zoom away..” He said and my eyes widened..
“What???” I stuttered thinking of how he could know of hacking, someone must have gave him tip and no other person knows of the structure of the system except George, his wife and Sophia..
One of them leaked it out..
What the f*ck!!
I could have caught those people daring me!
Just then, my phone rang again..
It was my men calling…
“Sir!!!!!!!!!…Bryan and his crew drove away and is heading to that exact place you are now with Rose and well trained secret agent are with them, you know that place isn’t guarded enough..they are coming closer already!!!!” He screamed leaving me shaken.
For the first time, I became afraid..
This house is situated in an estate where many people lived..
If Rose and Lisa are found here, my reputation would be ruined, the world would know I’m evil!!
My eyes fluttered as I swallowed the lump in my throat..
I never expected them to find out about this place….
It isn’t guarded to avoid suspicion too, I never expected an attack here..
What should I do now???
I walked to the window and looked out through the window only to hear the sound of siren from far away…
I think I need to bomb up their car, they made a mistake of turning on the siren, it had gave me a notice of their arrival…
Yes!!..I got a chance…
I smiled and made a call to my men to attack the vehicle..
Just immediately, another call came in…
“Sir…they tricked us!!!!” He screamed making my heart skip beat.
“They aren’t in those vehicle, the siren were fake…I’m sorry to say that they are already in the estate…we couldn’t see their vehicle driving in through the camera, just now we saw their car parked inside the estate…we can’t even find them…” He said and my phone dropped to the ground as I became very shocked…
Once again, I’m failing????
I felt my hand shiver as the thought of being caught and proclaimed evil seeped in…
I was still trying to find a way when I heard a knock on my door…
My heart skipped and I felt like fainting..
No!!!..this isn’t happening????
To be continued..
As for Xavier…..

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