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My crazy house help episode 38

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My crazy house help episode 38 by : 4:53 pm On February 9, 2021
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👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 38..
Xavier’s POV..
“I shouldn’t touch them??..is it in your power to say if I would hurt them or not??” I smirked at the terrified Bryan..
“Mind you Xavier, if anything happens to Rose…i..would kill you and your daughter i swear!!” He screamed with his voice breaking…
I couldn’t hold my laughter,
Is he trying to scare me with that?..
That was really underestimating..
“Hey little boy, calm your nerves, cool down and study, I guess you are in school..” I teased and could feel the rate of his anger soaring as his breath went deeper..
“Release Rose and her mother you bastard!!!..or….!!
“Or what???..gosh!!..I don’t have to waste my time talking to you, stop being too noisy, Sophia is there for you, she should be the only one you care of..” I smiled..
“If you don’t release Rose and her mother..i would destroy Sophia..I would shatter her life.” He growled and I couldn’t help but scoff at the frustrated boy..
“The document signed by your father made it legal to separate you from Rose, we should be talking about an engagement party with my daughter and not this…” I smirked.
“Go to hell with you and your daughter!!..I hate Sophia and would never marry a devil’s daugher!!” He shouted.
“Fine…just forget about Rose because you would never see her, never!!!” I growled and hung up before he could say any other thing..
He doesn’t just have any choice than to marry my daughter, the mistake he ever did was falling in love with Sophia back then..
It made him do anything for her, yes..he signed the document out of love.
Sophia’s voice charmed him only because I wiped the memory of Rose’s and her voice from his sense..
He must have took Sophia for Rose..now he is stuck in it, how would he run away from fate..
He must marry Sophia and that would be my winning point..
As for Rose, he would never see her again, I would send her to a country far away from here..
She would be going with Lisa her mother, I would only eliminate them if they shows up again.
Rose isn’t the girl I am looking for, that girl with the greatest voice in history is who I long to meet..
I would find her if she sings again, I wish she was Rose, I would just end her life before she takes Bryan away from my grip…
A gloating smile covered my face as I turned to Lisa and Rose who was tied to the chair, Rose was muffling while her mother stared at me with a killer glare..
“Xavier can’t I live in peace??..after all you did to me, can’t I have rest with my daughter??” Lisa spoke out making me chuckle..
“Hey you little girl..” I called turning to Rose who felt really bittered..
“Was the slap too painful?..oh, it was just to make Bryan believe I got you..well, I won’t harm you okay??” I smiled to her holding up her jaw..
She kept mute staring at me..
“You two would be released from this place instantly if you tell me the truth to this answer…” I paused and grinned..
“Hey Lisa, who saved you from my men the other day??..and you Rose, how did you got Bryan’s heart??..he loves only those with sweet voice like my daughter, no one had ever got his heart with their voice except my daughter and another girl which I look up to…” I paused and peered at her..
“Are you the girl??..can you sing so well??..did you got his heart with your voice?” I asked and they both sighed and looked away.
“I don’t know what you are talking about..” She muttered and rolled her eyes..
“Lisa George saved you right??” I said and I could see her flinch..
“Is George still alive??” She asked leaving me confused..
“I haven’t seen him for years, please where can I find him?” She pleaded..
“So it was Bryan who saved you because he loves Rose..” I muttered..
“Why are you against me being with Bryan, he no more loves your daughter after she shattered him..please just allow….” She couldn’t finish up before I gave her a heavy punch on her chin leading her into crashing on the floor..
My anger had just sparked up by her words,
What does she take my daughter for??
“Don’t lay your filthy hands on my daughter you monster!!!” Lisa shouted trying to force herself off this chair..
“I would make sure the both of you suffer pains before I send you off to a very far country away from here, you can start life afresh peacefully there, I would only kill you both if you show up again!!!” I fumed before lifting up the chair with Rose tied to it..
“You would surely suffer!!!” She cried spiting out blood..
“You slapped my daughter right??” I asked with an evil grin..
“Bryan would never marry that whore and as for you..I would wait a little longer to hear of your disastrous death!!” She spited and I scoffed before slapping her thrice bringing shrills of cry from her..
I just wish I can kill them but it would cause havoc, Rose had been popular for associating with Bryan..
My plans may have glitch if they dies in my hand, I’m sure hunger may even kill them later on…
“Xavier!!!” Lisa screamed and I rushed to her with a punch sending her and the chair to the floor..
She shrilled in pain but I don’t care, I still hated her so much for rejecting me, how dare her show up again..
“Hey you three…” I called three of my men..
They both walked in and bowed..
“These two are my enemy so give them some torture with lashes..” I ordered and they bowed again with a chorused yes sir!
I smirked before walking away, no one stands against me and go scot free..
My grim went wider as I over heard their scream and shrill of pain.. I could hear the lashes and it was clear that it must be so painful..
Time to check on other things..
Jerry’s POV..
I was pushed out of the car while they drove off with Lisa, my heart pierced so badly..
What I had just did is so bad that I would never forgive myself.
I felt so weak and down, after dumping her for years, all I could do next is to hand her over to Xavier her enemy..
“No, I can’t do this..I won’t allow her suffer more because of me…
I would report to the cops immediately, I don’t mind if I face death..” I had thought..
Xavier had been the reason why my life is useless, many people thinks that I left Lisa and Rose on my own will but that isn’t the truth..
Xavier’s hatred for her was just too much that he wanted her to suffer more intensely..
He had ordered me to dump her off and marry another woman..
I couldn’t even stand his threat, I left Lisa to suffer, now I also handed her to Xavier, she trusted me as her ex husband, she must not have expected me to harm her..
What kind of human I’m I??..how did I turned into a monster???
I had took a deep breath and turned to the major road to board a taxi back home..
A cab stopped by and I hopped in..
There were two men in there,
I explained my address to the driver and was drove off..
The driver and passengers looked strange but I couldn’t notice too well..
I just prayed I return home safely, regrets of what I just did made my heart ache..
I was driven off in high speed,
I looked around and found out that the car was going to a strange direction..
My heart beat increased as I glanced at the men one after the other, they were all calm and had a stern faces..
“Driver..where are you taking me to?” I had asked with deep breath..
“Xavier wants to meet you..” One of them replied and I cringed..
“Stop talking or I’d gag you!” Another one warned grimly..
Who knows if I would be alive, I knew Xavier won’t allow me off easily..
I was taken back but couldn’t tell how because they drugged me..
Max’s POV..
“Sir, you aren’t allowed to leave, Xavier wants to meet you…” That was the word I heard last before a drugged napkin was pushed to my nostril making me go unconscious..
Waking up to consciousness, I found myself in shackle, my vision was quite blurred so I couldn’t even tell where I was,
I blinked continuously before it became clear..
My head still pounds..
I turned my gaze around and it fell on a man beside me, his eyes was closed and it seemed he was also drugged..
I sighed and shut my eyes, Xavier brought me here even after I had did what he ask me to do..
I just wonder what else he wanted from me..
Just then, the door opened and the devil stepped in with two hefty me flanking him..
He gestured at one of his men making him brought a bucket of water which he splashed on the unconscious guy beside me..
This made him jolt up abruptly..
His hands and legs were cuffed like mine..
“Jerry why would you still be asleep while he had already woken up..” Xavier shrugged and smirked..
“What do you want from me again?..let me go..!” I breathed..
“Go??..should I allow you both off just like that, very soon Rose and her mother would be declared missing, you both are the sole suspect..” He said and a loud sigh escaped my lips..
The other guy Jerry just kept silent moping..
“Yes,we would be asked about their whereabout!!” I mumbled in fear..
“No worries, your memory would be wiped in that way no clue would be found..” He smirked and ordered one of his men in with a syringe and ampoule..
We both stared as he injected the substance into our vein..
I was just helpless, all of a sudden, my life had turned to a trash..
Rose would never forgive me!
Bryan’s POV..
My whole body shook in anger as I rested on the wall feeling drained..
The call did well in shattering me into piece, my heart aches so much and I felt tears forming rapidly in my eyes.
I blinked continuously waiting to wake up..yes..I just need yo wake up from this dream, how on earth could it be possible that Xavier had tool them all..
How foolish and useless I am..I couldn’t save Rose from him, it happened unexpectedly, the proprietor had no reason to be suspected..
I can’t wait for him to come back here, I would either kill him or shut down this school if he doesn’t provide Rose for me…
How can he work for Xavier in secret..
I’m confused and restless, the cry of Rose kept echoing in my ear..
someone really slapped my jewel, someone slapped Rose??
Xavier, I won’t let you go away with that!
With a slow and heavy step, I head back to the class,
“Bryan what….”
“Rose is with Xavier!!!” I yelled at Jace before he could finish his question.
The student couldn’t even understand what I meant..they just mopped..
“Hey why the stare??..why are you looking at me like a mad woman!!!!” I screamed at one of the student making her shiver..
“Xavier did what??” Clara asked immediately..
“That devil Xavier is having Rose and Lisa right now, I don’t know what would become of them..what type of boyfriend I’m I???..I couldn’t even protect the lady who loved and trusted me… ” my voice cracked as tears dropped off..
My heart was just so heavy, I felt like I would burst..
“How did you…”
“Xavier called..he told me to forget about Rose or her mother, you can’t imagine he said I should marry Sophia???..he must be a joker, I would kill her instead of marry her..” I snorted standing up immediately..
“I would meet my dad now, we would find a way to fight him, I must rescue my Rose, she can’t suffer for me…no!” I blurted and head away..
“We are going with you!” Jace and Clara said in unison and followed me behind..
We all got out and head to the garage,
Just then, almost all the student troupe out again to stare at me..
The school press tried using the opportunity to ask about my relationship with Sophia but my countenance was too stern…
“Bryan!!!” I heard Sophia called my name..
My anger soared as I clenched my fist..
She had told her father about Rose that was what caused the kidnapped..
Why would she be so cruel..I can’t just believe she just called my name??
“Bryan where are you heading to??” She asked and I stared at her with my face exuding anger and disgust..
“You could still talk to me??..you got the gut to talk to me after what you did!!!” I growled with fury..
“I don’t know what you are talking about, but…if its about Rose, she left on her own…” She said and I couldn’t control myself anymore..
I gave her a hot slap which forced spittle out of my mouth moving her back abruptly..
“You want to marry me right??..you wanted Rose to leave my life huh??…then let’s see!!..I would destroy your life too!!!” I bawled in pain of the heart.
Rose doesn’t deserve any torture, she is too innocent for that…
I bite my lips which was quivering as I stared at Sophia who had her palm on her cheek..
The school press kept taking shot..
“Hey come over!!” I said to one of them with mic..
They all positioned their camera to me..
“You all wants to know our relationship right??..as you can see, I just slapped her, she is my greatest enemy in life!!..I don’t want to see her ever again..a devil reincarnate…she is evil!!!!..her father is also evil!!!!” I shouted in exasperation before heading straight to my car,
Jace and Clara joined me…
Jace drove the car while and breathed heavily,
I’m just angry that I didn’t killed Sophia, the slap isn’t enough!!
I don’t mind if I dies saving Rose, it would be better, she loved me and shouldn’t be hurt for that, my greatest fear is for her to be taken to where I won’t find her…
That would shatter me, I would turn back to a gloomy guy who cries all day, I can’t bear another heartbreak, I may end up hating the world…
Sophia’s POV..
I stood transfixed without having the consciousness to move an inch..I kept seeing flashed of light from cameras…
Bryan slapped me for Rose, he rejected me publicly, the press has it recorded and it would be displayed, even the slap would be shown to everyone…
I tried getting angry at him for this but couldn’t…
I could get a glimpse of his face when he did all this, it was exuding pain and hurt, I even saw tears fell off his eyes..
My dad has already caught Rose, he won’t kill her but Bryan would never see her again.
It was obvious right now that Bryan loves Rose so deeply, I has no chance with him..
Does it means that I would just waste my time fight to get him??
I was too ashamed to look up to the student, I looked cheap now..
It was clear to them that I was forcing myself on Bryan..
I could hear some murmurs about that, some were chuckling…
What was wrong with me??
Why would I agree to marry Bryan when he has Rose stuck in his heart..
Why did I even tell my dad about Rose?..how true is it that George who had been all calm would kill my mother??
Did I have to hurt Rose?..she is just a random girl who wants the best for her life, she loved bryan and had been the reason why he changed…
Was I being used??
At least, I have some ego to tend, why would I be played with by my dad??
No, I won’t do anymore, my father should release Rose for Bryan and end this all..!!
I scurried away and drove home..
Immediately I got in, I flung the letter written with Rose’s hand writing which I wanted to hand to Bryan..
I picked my phone and called my dad..
“Hello daddy, I called to finally tell you that I can’t go further, Bryan hates me sooo much now, he loves Rose so dearly, he can go on with Rose please, I can’t keep fighting for what isn’t mine…” I whined and was replied with laughter…
“Why are you laughing dad..at first I agreed to do this but not anymore, Rose and Bryan doesn’t deserve this, release Rose for him and let’s end this all…” I said..
“And what made you think you got a choice??” He asked and I arched my brow..
“What do you mean??”
“Don’t dare to stop or ever go against my order, I would kill you right away if you do that!!!” His tone changed to a cold one..
“Really??..kill your daughter??” I asked astonished.
“Whose daughter??..you aren’t my daughter and would never be..try to stop or try anything funny and I swear to take your life instantly…you must do all I say!!..even if you are harmed I don’t care!..I must achieve my desire at all cost..” He growled and my whole body shiver…
What I just heard stiffed me, I was just so shocked to talk again..
“I’m watching you so don’t play any trick!!” He warned and I gasped..
“Dad..are you..my father..?? I stammered and he laughed in scorn and hung up leaving me shattered….
To be continued..

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