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My crazy house help episode 36

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My crazy house help episode 36 by : 5:41 pm On February 5, 2021
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👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 36
George’s POV..
I was just too surprised that my phone fell off my grip, the call stunned me as I wondered on how possible it was for me to fail..
I can’t recall when last I failed to achieve my plan, it is something that looked weird to me,
How on earth did it happened
my eyes brow arched as I racked my brain..
Someone must have be the reason why this happened, but who is it??
Who shattered my plan?..who dared to stand against me…
It couldn’t be one of the men I sent because they were all confirmed dead meaning that someone outside had dared to attack them and save Lisa, it is clear that they came to save Lisa, I couldn’t even believe that person dared to send the cops to catch hold of the other men I sent..
Someone is fighting me??
Wow, I wondered who wouldn’t be afraid of death to pull that risky stunt,
Well, I am damn sure I would get to know who that is, I suspects George to be the one to save Lisa, I just hope he isn’t the one because I won’t hesitate to destroy everything about him if I get to confirm he is the one..
I swear this time, I would make his life a miserable one,
My plan is to gradually destroy him with the marriage of my daughter with his son but I may be pushed to start destroying him now if I finds out he is the one that did this..
I’m sure the cops would begin to torture my men now so they would confess about me, i just hope they stay strong, i had always gave them assurance of saving then, they all had total submission to me, they should stay strong and wait for me, very soon, I would know the station they were taken to..
It would just take a day before I would arrange their death, they would be killed so as to cover my secret..
I would send one of my men to visit the station and eliminate them.
I can’t just stop grinning at that brave man who had dared me..
Lisa’s POV..
I fluttered my eyes with a huge smile that seemed impossible to be erased, I can’t stop smiling, my heart just kept pounding in joy, what happened today would never leave my memory…
Once again, George had came into my life like the beginning, it has been so long I felt this feeling of love, I never thought I would feel love again,
My life had always been full of suffering and regret,
Does it means that George still loves me?
Does it really means that our long time love would spark up again..
He took the bullet for me and fought for me, I had thought he hated me, who knows I was mistaken…
He should wake up quickly, I need to hold his hand and talk to him with our eyes locked..
“Mom!!!” I heard Rose called out making me flinch before turning to her..
“You called me?” I muttered and she smiled..
“You had being lost in thought and hadn’t heard me calling all this while???” She said making me muffle a laughter..
“You are happy my dad showed you love once again??” Bryan chipped and I nodded with a blush..
“So he really took the bullet for you??..wow, that means he is ready to die for you…” Rose said waging her head with a sheepish smile..
“I couldn’t believe it..I think I’m even going crazy..” I breathed hugging my body..
“Now I believed, this must be the reason why my dad couldn’t show love to my mom, it is obvious that my parent has no love for themselves…” Bryan said with a shrug..
“Xavier must be shocked at all this, we all have to be careful, now that we are together, we should have each other at mind..” I breathed and Bryan held Rose hand while Clara was held by the strange guy..
“Anyone who wants to attack Rose would first kill me because I won’t allow her hair to be missing..” Bryan smiled making Rose blush..
“What is your name?” I asked the guy who had been clingy to Clara all this while,
“I’m Jace, Bryan’s friend and fellow band member, we sing together..” He replied with a smile..
“So…you are Clara’s boyfriend?” I asked smirking at Clara who covered her face immediately..
“Oh yes!” He squeaked and Clara hit his head playfully..
“Must you shout??..have I even agreed??” She asked with a crazy smile..
“Clara..why hitting his head??..” I asked as we all laughed..
“He shouldn’t shout it when my love for him is still loading..” She rolled her eyes playfully making us laugh the more..
Just then, the doctor walked out, I was the first to sprang up and rushed to him..
“How is him???!” I asked anxiously..
“He is a strong man, you can go to meet him, I guess you are Lisa right?” He asked and I nodded..
“He had been mussing your name, are you his wife?” He asked and my eyes blinked continuously..
I didn’t know what to reply, should I say yes??
How would Bryan and the other feel?..It would look like I’m trying to snatch someone’s husband..
“Doctor I’m….”
“She is his wife..” Bryan chipped in making me gave him a quick shot..
He winked and smiled..
“Aren’t you Bryan?????” The doctor exclaimed as he squinted his eyes on him..
“Hmm, yes..” Bryan replied
“This is Jace..oh god!!..the two great singer came to my hospital and I couldn’t recognize them???” He gasped making us smile..
What he said drew the attention of many, they all turned to us sharply…
“Is that Bryan??..”
“Yessss..that’s him!!..the most cutest guy on earth!!” The females around squealed even the nurses paused their pace to stare and admire him..
Many began to take shot, I couldn’t help the smile on my face as I saw many ladies who looked more richer drooling and longing for him while my daughter had the opportunity to be his girlfriend..
The girls were even staring at her with their eyes full of wishes, they would all wish they were in her shoe..
Oh God, this is real fate, the poor girl like her got the rich and cute singer like Bryan..
“See you guys!” I said to them before heading into the ward where George was..
I was even running…
As I stepped in, he sat up and gave me a huge smile,
A bandage was on his left leg where the bullet struck..
I got to the bed and sat with him closely feeling goose pimple over me.
This is the George I really love!!
“I’m so happy you are okay?” He breathed
“I swear you shocked me, what about those fear of Xavier, I never thought you would rescue me, does it means our love never faded??” I mumbled..
“Lisa, I’m finally ready to break off and fight for your safety and happiness, since you left my life, I had never got a single joy..
I was always sad, I kept thinking of you, my heart is in an ocean of happiness now, all because you are beside me, I feel like I’d burst.” He said and brought my head to his shoulder..
“Please don’t forget about me again, I still feels pained that we can’t get married because you already married another lady, I wish you are my husband..” I sulked with my eyes getting wet..
“Why did you think we can’t get married??” He asked and I raised my head sharply..
“Are you planing on filing a divorce??” I asked
“We were never married!..” He said and my eyes widened..
“Xavier arranged my life for me, he brought her to me, I never married her willingly, she always wanted us to depart but Xavier would never allow it..but, now that you are also in love with me, I would make sure I bring Xavier down so we can have happiness once again..” He said with a deep breath..
“I am just afraid of Bryan’s mother, won’t she flare up seeing i…”
“Shh..do you know we hated each other and would have broke off the marriage if not for Bryan our son” he sighed..
“And because you both begot Bryan, we can’t even marry or become intimate, it would become more like an abomination..” I hissed..
“And who says we begot Bryan?” We heard a voice and looked up only to see George’s wife walk In..
“What??” We both said in unison..
“Thank God you are fine, what happened, I was called and told about the accident you got..” She said and we glanced at each other..
“Yes, I wasn’t hurt so much..thanks for your care..” He smiled..
“Okay, now back to what your girlfriend said about bryan..” She said and sat on the chair at the corner..
I don’t even know when I stupidly smiled because she called me George’s girlfriend..
“Just as we aren’t married, we also never had s*x, I lied telling you, we had s*x after that night you came back drunk!” She stated and George cringed..
“Really???” He exclaimed..
“I’ve kept this a secret for long, all because of that devil Xavier, but seeing how much you loved her, I need to tell you so you won’t be reluctant to have her as yours…Bryan is just a child I adopted..my pregnancy was all fake!.. I’m sorry for hiding it..” She explained..
“Oh!..i don’t know what to think of, so this means I was fated to be with you, we would just have to keep it from Bryan now..” He said held my palm..
“When all this ends, I would surely wed with you, that would be the happiest thing that would happen to me..” He said and I blushed.
Just then, Bryan and the others stepped in..
Bryan and Rose hugged Bryan’s mother with a huge smile..
“Is this Bryan??” She asked with a sheepish smile..
Rose’s POV..
“Why did you ask, has he changed?” Jace chipped in..
“The last time I went on a trip, Bryan was a loner, introvert and gloomy boy because Sophia left him, but right now, he looked all smiles, what is the secret?” She asked glancing at me..
“The crazy maid you handed to me is the secret, she defiled me..” Bryan said with a sweet smile making me blush..
“Wow, so Jace of worked out!” She said to Jace who nodded with a short laughter..
“Wow, Jace you planned it??”I and Bryan asked in unison..
“We were afraid that Bryan’s new personality would make him hate ladies with passion and push him to resign singing..but she didn’t only defile his lonely and saddened heart, she made him fall madly in love with her..” Jace said and we all laughed leaving Bryan looking away..
“But…if she doesn’t have a great voice like Sophia, there would be a breach in his career, Sophia seem to be his match..” She sighed and Jace spited out the secret..
“Her voice is the greatest ever heard in the world, Sophia is still a learner, I even has the record..” He said out before we could even stop him..
“Really???..yes!!..now everything is settled, thanks for being there for my son..” She said to me with a hug..
“Thank ma..” I grinned..
“You don’t need me to tell you that you are no longer a house help right??” She said and we laughed..
“She is my life help, I need her help and company more than the house” Bryan chuckled..
“She is all yours!!” They chorused leaving us smiling sheepishly..
“I would be leaving, I still have a lot to work on in my new company…” Bryan’s mother said and pecked me and Bryan before leaving hurriedly..
Bryan and I followed her immediately..
“Please mom, can you do me a favour?” Bryan said and she arched her brow..
“Say it son..”
“Please keep her great voice as a secret for now, someone is trying to find her with the voice, don’t spread it to anyone who asks you” he said and she she nodded..
“Okay..I promise” she smiled and fondled his cheek..
We both walked back happily..
“Now everyone, I want to plead for your forgiver after being a dummy and putting your lives and mine in bondage..” George said out making us smile..
“At we all are now together, Xavier won’t be able to fight us all, he is just a man, why would he control our life??..we shouldn’t allow that!” Bryan snapped
“Hey son, I signed a deal with Xavier and was also afraid of him that was why I was against the both of you, but it isn’t that way anymore…” He paused and faced me.
“He is all yours” He added and i squeaked with a wide grin..
“Bryan, you know what lays ahead, don’t let her get hurt, its hard to find a lady who loves you…” He said and he chuckled..
“Because of her, I won’t be afraid of bullet..” He said leaving me giggling..
“I was a little surprised that your mom wasn’t aware of what your dad did, she didn’t know the wound was of bullet..” My mother chipped in.
“Oh yes, the press came In and I told them he got am accident, that was to protect us, Xavier may get to hear the news, if he hears the wound to be of bullet, he may trace it to the death of his men..I have to be careful..” Bryan explained..
“Wow, I have got a smart son here…” His father complimented with a proud smile..
Sophia’s POV…
With anger, I stomped into Bryan’s mansion,
You can’t believe I had been waiting for after school thinking he would come back from wherever he went with Rose and Jace but they never showed up..
I was left like a black sheep,
“Jane!!!” I shouted the name of the maid and she scurried out..
“Has Bryan return?” I asked in a loud voice..
“No ma’am…” She replied and I slapped her for that..
Why would Bryan not be at home till now, he must have been enjoying his day with Rose while I’m left like a trash…
“Why would he not be back!!!” I yelled at the stupid maid who I just slapped out of anger.
She shivered bowing lowly..
“Mary and Maria!!!” I called out the other maid who rushed out too..
“Who brought Rose to this house as a maid??” I asked.
“Bryan’s mother..” They chorused.
“Why did Bryan fell for her??..isn’t she supposed to be like you girls??..why did you all not tell me of her relationship with my boyfriend!!!!!” I screamed with my eyes bloodshot..
I was just so angry of being a loser, Bryan had always being around my f!ng£r tip, how come I now looks like a shadow to him, he doesn’t even notice my presence,
Right now that I wants to marry him for my father to avenge my mother’s death, he just hated me all because of Rose..
What the f*ck!
“Are you all dumb!!..why did you all kept shut when you find out about Rose and Bryan??!!” I asked with my fist clenched
Maria was the one to reply..
“We thought you broke up with him, everyone saw how you..jilted him..how..” She couldn’t conclude her words before a hot slap from me landed on her cheek..
“Bunch of fools, what do you know!” I scoffed.
“Rose is a nobody, I don’t even want her here as a maid, now, from today you all and i would start maltreating her like a trash she is until she gets fed up and leaves..” I gruffed..
“That’s what we would never do..she is far more better than you, we want her here, you are the one to leave please…” Have suddenly spoke out and my anger soared and I charged at her..
“Touch her and I would be forced to slap you…” I heard someone say from behind..
I turned and was stunned to see it was Rose who said that to me,
Like serious??
She was even holding Bryan’s hand..
“You would slap me??” I asked with a sneer.
“You have no right to slap her, so don’t try it..I won’t go easy with you!” She stated with a shrug and smiled at Bryan..
“I would not only slap her but would also slap you because you are a maid like her!” I growled and she smiled scornfully..
“Right here, who looks more like a maid?..you of course, just cut the crap and accept your fate..” She laughed sarcastically making my cheek flush in shame and anger..
How did she suddenly got the guts??
I couldn’t just bear it any longer,
I rushed at her and slapped her before she could even see it coming..
I had thought she would hold her cheek and sob leaning on Bryan to help her but the unexpected happened..
Rose raised her hand and slapped me so hardly that my lips quivered..
The slapped left my cheek on fire forcing tears off my eyes..
Her slap was so painful that I started crying right in front of her..
I was ashamed but couldn’t even stop the cry,
She even started laughing and Bryan joined her..
The worst was that the maids was muffling laughter also..
Oh my God..
To be continued…
Rose Rose..

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