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My crazy house help episode 32

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My crazy house help episode 32 by : 6:32 am On January 29, 2021
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👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 32
Lisa’s POV..
My heart skipped beat as I saw the caller, it was Xavier, the same man who had been against everything about me, the man I dreaded so much, I don’t want to have anything to do with him or ever set my eyes on him..
I’m just so terrified that he called at this moment with George…
I had struggled to meet him and talk about our children but ended up hugging him right now, my emotion was no longer under my control,
The more I talked to him, the more the memories of the past kept flashing, I just can’t help but wished things never turned out bad between us..
I wish Xavier never came in picture, if he hadn’t came, I and George would have been together till now…
“You see that call right??..what are you waiting for to break this hug!!” He growled with a frown..
“Why did he called at this time, why did the joy killer call in now??” I sulked breaking the hug..
He let out a deep sigh before reaching out for his phone, I could see nothing but deep frown on his face..
His heart seemed to be so heavy at the moment..
“Who is that woman there??..she look interesting to me..” I heard Xavier’s hoarse voice from the other end..
“You can’t keep trailing everything I do, don’t you even trust me a bit?” George huffed and croaky laughter from Xavier filled the background..
“Trust???..does that exist??” He scoffed
“So why are you calling?” George seethed..
“That lady look familiar to me, I don’t really know what she had been telling you..it seem that we had met in the past..” Xavier asked making my heart flinch..
George’s POV..
“You don’t know her..so cut the crap!” I snorted making him laugh again..
His laughter that shreds the heart, I just feel like strangling him…
“Oh, I don’t know her?..fine I would want to know her, I’m sending my men to bring her to me now..” He said making me hiccup in shock, my eyes widened as I stared at Lisa who was already shivering..
“You don’t have to meet her, you just don’t have to..she is…
” your new lover? ” he completed with sarcasm..
“You can call her that, so I can’t hand her to you..” I snapped..
“Hey dude calm down, we both know that your true lover is Lisa, now I’m wondering if that woman is Lisa??..tell her to face the camera steadily let me check thoroughly..” He said making me growl deeply..
I don’t just know what kind of human Is this, Is he even a human being at all??
“I’ve not seen Lisa since you took her away from me so don’t bring up that chapter when you know I am still hurt, it paines me so much so please don’t bring up anything about her, it hurts…so, has your daughter return back?” I asked changing the topic..
“Oh yeah, she has..your son must be very happy having her back, how about organizing an engagement party for them?” He said and my heart grew heavy recalling what my son told me..there is no doubt that my son Bryan hates Sophia now..
“I’ll talk to him about it, pls I have something to meet up with right now, let’s…” He hung up before I could even finish up my lie..
I sighed and flung the phone to the couch before raising my gaze to Lisa.
Her eyes was teary as she blinked it continuously..
“You should leave now, your presence here would cause harm to me and you” I muttered and breathed..
“So I suffered to come in here for nothing, I couldn’t get your approval for the relationship of our children..” She cried and turned to the door..
Lisa’s POV..
“When you meet your daughter, tell her to stay away from my son, she is that same Rose with great voice right??..how can you allow them together??..are you mad or what?” He gritted making me turn to him sharply..
“But, for how long!!!!..for how long are we going to give up our happiness for fear!!!!” I bawled with more tears flowing..
“Haven’t we got enough??..when would we stand, George!!..isn’t it better we die fighting than being in bondage!!..you may be able to bear this but i Lissssss…” I couldn’t say out my name before he ran and hugged me just to shut me up..
“Even tho you aren’t afraid of death or the terror from Xavier, don’t drag me along…if he hears your name, he would confirm everything and come for us..leave my house right now!!!” He grunted before pulling me off him..
“I’ll leave, but just think..think about it, we can…”
“Leave this place at once!!!” He bellowed making me flinch before leaving with a heavy step..
My heart was on fire, he was really sending me away for real, the pain in my heart won’t stop for a second as I thought of everything…
Just one man Xavier…
I had reached the gate and was about to walk out when one of his guard rushed to me..
“Hey, my boss ordered me to give this to you” he said and I stared at the envelope for some second before taking it..
“Can you send him a message from me now?” I asked the young man..
“What is it??..I can tell him..”
“Okay, give him this message, just tell him, I still love him, I love him more right now..i don’t sacrifice my life to fight Xavier so he would be happy once again…” I mumbled leaving the man confused..
“I won’t tell him that, Xavier is his pal and business partner, he is also married so your love should die off..you can go now..” He said dryly before heading back…
I headed home slowly feeling down, I was even getting ill, all this isn’t good for me…
I hate Xavier but what can I do??..he is at the top..
He is yet to know about Rose and Bryan, I know its just a matter of time and he would get to know..
We can only be safe if Rose didn’t sing and Bryan went on with Sophia but…I don’t want that to happen..
My happiness was taken away when I couldn’t end with George the man I love, I don’t want her happiness to be taken also…
She loves Bryan so badly, don’t she deserve to have him???
What happens to me should never happen to her,
I was yet to reach home before I tore the envelope and took out the letter in curiosity..
📜Hey Lisa, I’m sorry, we would meet at somewhere pr!v@te tomorrow..
I’ll send someone to pick you up…
I read and couldn’t help the smile that escaped my lips..
Bryan’s POV..
It was night when I came down to the sitting room to meet Sophia, she was in a love chat with someone I am sure was Austin..
She hung the call immediately she noticed me..
“No need of that, you can do anything you want with him..” I said waving my arm as I slumped on the couch..
“You are my boyfriend and he is just a friend, don’t over think..” She tried explaining..
“Stop those lies please, it isn’t time to lie to ourselves, you love Austin, I love Rose, it’s obvious please let’s be sincere..” I sighed and she shrugged..
“But bryan why on earth do you want to destroy her life, you are aware that it won’t work, why giving her hope??” Sophia asked with a sneer
“Why would it not work??..but you are also giving Austin false hope..” I said and she smiled and frowned almost at the same time..
“Fine, so we are both fated to be with the person we don’t love” she shrugged and lay on the couch placing her leg on me..
“I wish you are Austin right now..” She mused
“I wish I would be marrying Rose..” I also mumbled..
“But Bryan, yours is more bad, even if you get to marry Rose, your music career would be doomed, she can’t sing, no voice so how….”
“Its okay..I love her that way, so can’t we with out our happiness?” I asked and she arched her brow at me..
“Don’t you want to be with Austin?..you badly wants that but your sad doesn’t want you be with him, I’ve a plan to make you be with him” I said and she jolted up in a rush..
“What did you say??!” She asked
“Your dad has a plan, there is a reason why he wants us together, have you ever thought of that?” I asked and she shook her head..
“I guess he wants to take over my father’s entire achievement, when we get marries, everything belongs to us, he wants to sieze that opportunity to take over something…” I explained..
“How can I believe all this??..after all, he told me we would break up after some months of marriage..” She spited out before she could hold it back..
“Really??..now my word looked more believable, he would take that which he wanted during the months them we would divorce, Sophia do you hate me so much that you won’t mind me losing my fortune to your dad?” I asked with a sad face..
“Bryan, just stop all this, I don’t even know when I spit that words to you, I am feeling sleepy, bye” she stated and stood up..
“Please think of it, Austin would be yours forever, even if we would later divorce, don’t you think he may leave you after these years of being with me??” I asked and she paused her pace for sole second before moving away..
I sighed deeply and slumped on the couch exhausted, I just pray she is convinced, I need her to betray her dad and get some secret which I would use against him…
Sophia’s POV..
With a slow pace, I walked over to the guest room, Bryan’s words was replaying in my memories sending some shrills over me..
Right from childhood, my dad had been in control of my life, it got worse when my mother died..
I had no right to make a choice against my father, he would always threaten me…
All that Bryan said sounded do true, what else would make my dad push me into getting married to him, we would even divorce after some month…
My heart was really growing heavy in anger and hatred, why would my dad never care about my happiness..?
Austin would eventually leave me after this years, it is clear that he won’t be able to wait,
What if my dad force me to have baby for Bryan so as to make the marriage work..
This is getting me crazy!..
I think I’d work with Bryan, that’s the only option, I can’t let my dad take me happiness, I shouldn’t allow him to destroy Bryan and his father because it is clear that that was what he has in mind…
I slumped on the bed and closed my eyes which was forced open almost immediately as my phone rang…
I glanced at the screen and felt shivers all over me seeing it was my dad calling…
Why would he call at this moment?
“Hello” I mumbled with a deep grim..
“Who would you listen to??..your father or Bryan??..what I don’t understand is why Bryan and his father bound not to let peace reign even when I strive for it…” He said with a low and deep tone..
“What are you saying??” I asked anxiously..
“I’m sure you aren’t aware of this secret because I had been keeping it away from you, but after hearing those lies from Bryan, I decided to call and tell you everything…” He said with the most serious voice I had ever heard..
“Huh??..you heard what he said to me??” I asked in surprise..
“Yes, through your voice, I knew this is bound to happen so I installed a bug into your device, I’m sorry but daughter Bryan and his dad is evil and deserver what I want to do to them…” He said slowly leaving me confused..
“Dad, I don’t believe you, Bryan can’t….”
“Stop…don’t trust him, don’t trust anyone, why I haven’t told you this is that you won’t believe..Bryan’s father and a woman named Lisa was the reason for your mother’s death, Bryan knew of it and kept quiet because it was his father who committed the crime..” He said out making me cringe in shock..
What he just said struck me so badly that I almost fell,
“How can I believe this??” I muttered..
“That’s why Bryan had his past memories erased, just to cover the truth, my daughter believe me, those people are evil, help me avenge your mother’s death, do anything possible to get Bryan…” He said and I fumed.
“Dad I never knew all this…”
“I’m sorry for not telling you…now do this needful” he said and I nodded..
“I would start from that his new girlfriend Rose” I growled..
“Destroy anyone who tries to stand in between, be like your dad and show no mercy, we have to fight our enemies!!!” He stated with a strong tone..
“Yes dad…” I breathed and hung up…
“Rose won’t stop me from marrying Bryan, I don’t mind hurting her if she insist on being a hindrance!” I mused to myself feeling the bitterness in my heart..
How can Bryan and his father be the reason for my mom’s death???
Xavier’s POV..
No one can stop me..!
I’m sure she would believe all i just said, that would urge her marry Bryan,
She would detest Bryan and his father more, that would make her want to help me by marrying Bryan, if only she knew what would happen after that..
My plan is working out perfectly..
How would she even know that I’m just using her to get what I want,
She isn’t even my daughter…
To be continued…
Xavier why????😨😨
Like and comment your thoughts please..

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Re: My crazy house help episode 32 by Dan favourer: 11:48 am On February 1, 2021

This man is evil


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