My crazy house help episode 3

👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 3
By. Humble Smith
🎸Rose’s POV continues🎸
My eyes became wet again as I went into emotions staring deeply into his eyes..
It looked real and I could already see myself sitting beside him in class..
“So you are really going to that school that is a real hell to the poor..this scholarship to get enrolled in that school was stopped long you know why?” She questioned with her arm akimbo staring at me..
I wasn’t even looking at her, my gaze is on my dream man..
“Tell me why but don’t think it would stop me from being the first person to register..” I stated dryly..
“You are really crushing on him, he may be so hot and handsome but I heard he was one of the student who started up the bullying of the scholarship student..” She kept explaining while I smile..
“I can never feel any pain if he beats me.. look at those blue eyes..ohh, I can’t wait to see would be a great sight..” I exclaimed crossing my arm over my chest..
“The only thing that is good in you is your amazing voice, I think Bryan and his crew would need it in his band..” She said and I smiled
“Just watch and see how I gets his heart, he must love me at all cost..” I squeaked and just then the door of my room sprang open and my mother walked in with her face sad..
“What???…mom!!” I screamed and rushed to her..
She was very weak and her eyes was dimmed..
“Mom what is it?..are you okay?” I asked as I held her arm helping her to the bed..
It was clear there was something wrong..
“Ma’am, are you alright?” Clara purred as we both sat beside her on the bed..
She was very weak and was breathing abnormally…
“Do you know what kidney problem is?” My mom asked with a deep breath..
My eyes widened as I stared at her..
“One of my kidney is damaged, I have only one right now and I can’t work anymore, I will be weakened for the moment..” She sighed and my eyes was covered with tears..
“But mom, where is dad??” I asked with a heavy heart..
“I already told you, he left us for another woman, I don’t know what would be our fate now, you are our source of living now, my life depends on you…” She cried and I also cried hugging her to my body..
I could see pain in her eyes as she said those words, this Is the woman that had always wanted the very best for me, she had never want me to suffer a bit, that was why she had always do all the job alone…
“I promise to make you happy mom..” I sobbed..
“I over worked myself and got my kidney damaged, the doctor had instruct that I never do anything stressful, I’m so sorry daughter.. I’m so sorry you would have to work for us” she sniffed..
“It is nothing, I’m ready to do anything for you..” I said and she forced out a smile..
I turned to Clara and she was also sobbing..
“Mom, I would start work from tomorrow, you can never go hungry for a single minute, trust me..” I purred and she smiled again making me hug her again..
I love my mother like my life, when my dad abandoned me, she stayed and brought me up singlehandedly, why won’t I do anything for her..
“It wouldn’t be easy to make money for us..I’m really”
“Mom stop!! you think I’m a log of wood, I can do any work..cleaner, house help, chef, car washer..any of them..I can do it!!” I exclaimed and smiled at Clara who returned it and held my mom’s palm..
“You don’t know Clara well, she is a robot when it comes to work, especially when she has the picture of Bryan round her chest as a necklace..” She said and my mom laughed..
“Can’t you see how she decorate our room with his picture, I wish she meets him one day so I’ll rest..” Mara my mom said with a grin leaving me giggling..
“Mom I’ll be meeting him in no distant time!!!” I squealed and she arched her brow at me..
“How??..are you ready to die? will you meet so a celebrity..” She questioned..
“I’ll be in the same class with him, there is a free scholarship in the school he is..I’ll register and like a dream come true, I will be a student and get to meet my long time crush..” I purred with my eyes glistening as I thought of what it would be like..
‘You are not starting any can’t go to school and also work, it would be too much ” she said and I jolted up from the bed sneering at my mom..
“I rather do the both than leave this greatest opportunity..this is my only chance to see my dream crush, this is the only chance to talk to him, chance to touch him..”
I winked at the largest picture hung on the wall..
“So you also have his necklace round your neck??” My mother asked and chuckled..
“It shows he is my soulmate!” I laughed
“She would be bu..”
“Shut up!!!..” I screamed stopping Clara from saying that nonsense she had in mind..
I glared at her and turned to my mom..
“The registration is next week, I’ll start work tomorrow and start school next week..I feel bad you got that kidney problem because of me, sorry for being a burden..” I breathed
“I’m happy I did all that for you, I know you would make me happy..” She smiled
“Why not!!..
“So it’s evening, let me go get something for us to eat…” I said and dragged Clara’s hand as we head out of the room..
“Are you mad!! dare you want to tell my Mon about any studies bully you are talking about!?” I scowled as we got to the kitchen..
“You won’t understand, one of my friend committed suicide when she couldn’t bear the bully and trouble from those rich and spoilt brat there in that school, it was part of the reason why scholarship into that school was suspended…” She explained but I wasn’t moved a bit..
I am more than ready for all that…
Do you even know what is means to be sitting right beside Bryan…
Jeez!!..who even told me he would be sitting with me??
Arggh..he may have a girlfriend…
His girlfriend would be very much rich and sophisticated than me, she may even have a great would I be able to get his heart when he has his heart to her..
“Rose!!!!!!” I heard my name and got back to reality..
“Where had you been?” She questioned staring at me in awe..
“Did I leave here??” I asked walking to the pack of plate to get some food for my mom, I had really forgotten she was waiting..
“You was lost thinking about Bryan right?” She inquired and I shrugged..
“Wait, does he have a girlfriend?” I asked stupidly..
why won’t he he have a girlfriend, someone that is more than cute..
“He has a girlfriend that is 100 times better than you!” She said and I laughed out tears..
I don’t want to think about that…
I dished out my mom’s food silently..
“I’ll be going before my mother starts looking for me!” Clara announced and I nodded..
The fact that Bryan has a girlfriend had really changed my mood, but how did i even thought he is single…
I served the food to my mother, she ate it all and I took back the plate..
Coming back to the room, my eyes fell on Bryan’s pictures on the wall, they were all giving me reassuring smiles…
That made all my anxiety disappear..
Bryan likes me..
I chatted about many thing with my mother, we even played, finally, night came and we both slept off..
Morning came faster than I wanted..
It just shattered my blissful moment with Bryan, my dream is always so sweet that I prays for dawn to take a year before it comes..
I wanted to go back to sleep when my mind drifted to what my mother said to me yesterday, I would need to work for us to eat…
I got up from the bed and rushed out to get prepared…
“I’m off to look for work!!” I squealed as I made my way out of the small house…
It was much easy and faster than I thought..
I got five works at a time..
Chef, restaurant attendant, pizza delivery staff, cleaner, nanny…
It was really tiring than I thought, I would do all one after the other,
I am very tired and dizzy right now, I can’t see clearly.. My legs are even wobbling..
My phone rang and it was my manager in the pizza store…
I am tired!!!!!
“Rose..please I know you are done for today but, it is very urgent, come quickly, you will deliver some pizza to someone!” He said
“I am not coming!!! another person!!!” I yelled and was even about to off my phone when I heard what took me aback..
“You are taking it to Diamond musical school..someone ordered for it!!!”
My heart skipped beat…what if it is Bryan…
So I would enter that school now…
Why would i not go??
I would be seeing my Bryan!!!
With speed, I ran back to the pizza store,
Today would be my best day,
I must hug Bryan when I sees him…
To be continued…
Let’s watch her as she hugs Bryan..

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