My crazy house help episode 29

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🎀(She defiled me)🎀
Episode 29
Bryan’s POV..
What is she saying?..are they to tease me or what??
I can’t even believe I heard her right..
I can never leave Rose,she is my one and only girlfriend, how can I not sing with her??
Who else would I sing with??
What I just heard from Rose’s mother made me cringe in shock, my eyes popped out as I stared at her with my mouth agape..
Those words from her kept ringing in my mind repeatedly sending shivers all over me,
I would have confirmed she was trying to pull my legs if I didn’t saw the expression in her face, Her countenance was damn serious and far from joke..
“Has school ended?” She asked turning to me but I couldn’t even give her a reply,
My mind was far away in thought, the way she said those words showed she really won’t want Rose to sing in public..
I just want to understand everything, Rose should sing with me, i don’t want any other girl even Sophia..
“Ma’am, are you aware of how much I love Rose?” I asked with a deep sigh making her smile a little again..
“I’m not surprised…even when you can’t remember, the heart would remember, maybe fate wants the both of you..” She mumbled incoherently to herself before walking closer to me..
“Ma’am, please tell me clearly why Rose shouldn’t sing, tell me her enemies, I had promised to fight for her to the last!” I stated and she sighed..
“Would it be so difficult for you to find another girlfriend, even if you love Rose, I don’t think the love would be too strong, you just met her not long ago..try and cut off from her so you won’t be forced to make her sing..if you cant leave her then don’t make her sing in your band, it would bring nothing but disaster!” She said lowly waging her head as she breathed deeply..
I peered into her eyes which looked exactly like that of Rose, I could sense hurt in it..
There are much secret she is keeping to herself, I could observe she was even helpless..
“But can I know the secret you are hiding, it would make me to take the decision of not letting her sing, I need to know why so I would do what you said!” I stated and she stared at me..
“How much do you love Rose?..are you ready to sacrifice a lot for her?…well, you definitely won’t want to pass through pain for her? would be really tough, boy..just try and forget her, everything would be fine with that…” She shrugged and I felt my heart heavy..
“If you won’t tell me why Rose shouldn’t sing, I don’t think I have any other choice than to go against your word, we are both deeply in love, she got the best voice ever, how can I stay away from her???” I mumbled with my voice cracking..
I was really getting hurt with all I’m hearing, it seemed more deeper and dangerous than I thought, the fear in her eyes really tells a lot, I could sense the tension in her voice, she must really want to say it all to me but fear won’t let her..
“Bryan..don’t you think there are some secret that are left unsaid?..there are some truth that would be better not said..please don’t force me into this, I made a mistake of allowing Rose enter that school!!” She sobbed and shuffled away..
“I don’t think I’m leaving here if you don’t tell me why my Rose won’t sing!” I bawled with tears forcing itself out making her pause her pace..
“You are Bryan, how can I say this to you? you contain it?..can you take this fight!” She stuttered..
“All I want is Rose, I love no other girl in this world, she is the lady I want beside me at all time, she got the voice that fit mine, we would change the world with our voice, how can all that be shattered because of some peeky secret.. I won’t allow that!” I groaned and she swallowed hard facing me..
“Can you recall all that happened in your life when you were at the age of 16?” She asked and my brow arched deeply…
I blinked my eyes rapidly as I racked my brain, right now, I’m 20 years old,
The question she just asked now struck me, I just find out that I can’t remember most of my past, it was all blurry and scattered..
I can only remember very few and it was meaningless..
“Ma’am, do you know anything?..I can’t remember!!” I squealed hitting my head..
“Your past memory with Rose was erased, did you felt anything when you first heard Rose name?” She asked and my mind flashed back to that moment when Jace called her name and I felt the urge to see her…
“I felt a great urge to see her when jace called her name in my ear for the first time, so please had we met before???” I asked with a wide eyes filled with curiosity..
“You both were lovers till something happened, i found out that you both can never be together because she has a great voice, her voice brought enemies from every direction…” She paused and sniffed back her tears..
I quickly handed my napkin to her which she took and wiped her tears.
“You are still that Bryan I knew, your memory loss didn’t change much in you, you still give your napkin to me whenever I cry” she smiled and looked down..
“So I knew Rose before?..I also knew you??..oh, gosh!..why can’t I remember a bit!!” I growled waging my head vigorously..
“You won’t remember because someone erased it, Rose can’t also remember the past because her memory was also erased, she had always crushed on you after her memory was wiped not knowing you are her past lover, maybe her heart couldn’t forget you..” She shrugged and slumped on the couch..
“Even if I can’t remember our past, we can still create a new memory, I love her so much, she also loves me..” I said and she nodded..
“When the both of you were together, everything was going fine like now, everything would be going well with you both till she sings..she wasn’t killed the first time but had her memory wiped so she would forget you, he warned us that the next time it would repeat, death may be the last option, we have no choice..I don’t think you can even fight this big fight, its too dangerous for you..” She said under her breath leaving me devastated..
“Okay, who is this man?..tell me!!” I groaned..
“Have you broke up with Sophia?” She suddenly asked and I stared at her surprisedly..
“You know Sophia??..hmm, okay, after meeting with Rose, Sophia became nothing, Rose is far more better than her in everything!!” I replied with a strong tone..
“This was the same word you said back then leading your father into slapping you right in front of me and Rose..” She muttered and my eyes widened..
“My father slapped me??” I exclaimed..
“Your father isn’t aware of you and Rose right?” She asked and I shook my head negatively..
“Do you know what would happen if he finds out that the Rose with you now is that same girl with that great voice??..” She waged her head taking deep breath..
“Wait…are you telling me that…the man you are talking about all this while is my father???” I asked peering at her anxiously..
“No..” She replied and I sighed in relief..
“Even though your father doesn’t want you to be with Rose, he still wants your happiness, he still want your band to grow, he wants the best for you but…he is being controlled by stronger force, I’m sorry he would be one of your enemy!” She stated and scurried away immediately as tears dropped off..
“Please bring my daughter back home very soon!!” She screamed with a crack voice as she rushed to the room, she must have recalled something which pierced her heart..
I sense something when she talked about my father, there was deep passion in her eyes, it was mixed with pain…
She couldn’t even talk much about him before breaking down in emotion..
I shut my eyes tightly taking deep breath as I tried assimilating everything I have heard right now..
It isn’t a mere joke anymore, Rose has greater enemy than I thought, she said my dad is being controlled,
By who???
Why can’t I even remember most of my past??
My dad would be my enemy??..what does it actually mean?..
Oh god!!..
I and Rose had been in love before,
Now i see the very reason why I felt that strange urge to meet her then, wow!..I can’t believe my life is this complicated,
Right now, I’m confused..
Rose mother seem to know a lot, she even asked of Sophia??
There must be something fishy about that, one thing I don’t know is why she doesn’t want to tell me everything…
Just then, my phone rang and I glanced at the screen and it was Rose calling..
Oh, she must have been waiting..
I quickly dropped a bundle of money on the table there before leaving..
I’m sure to return some other day with Rose..
“You are leaving right?” I heard Rose mom ask from behind..
“Yeah, Rose called, I need to drive home with her..” I said and she smiled..
“When would she visit me?” She asked
“We are coming here tomorrow, we need the truth from you..” I said and she nodded..
“I’ll tell you both when the right time comes, but just know this, until you are ready for the fight and struggle of love, don’t let Rose sing..her voice would spark the enemies and you would be a victim, you would have to suffer protecting her..enjoy the peaceful moment with her now..” She said with a wide smile..
“When i comes with her tomorrow, won’t you tell us all the secret?” I asked
“I would love if you forget about those secret, it would cause harm if I should say it, let maintain this peace..Rose would be your lover temporarily like before, I don’t think it can last because your dad has already….” She paused and shut her eyes breathing in..
“My dad has did what??”
“Oh, I’m feeling dizzy now, see you tomorrow with my daughter, close the door when you leave” she sighed and walked back to the room..
There is still a lot hidden, I just know that no matter how hidden it seem to be, one day, it would be exposed…
I need to ask my father about Rose,
“He is being controlled by stronger force…”
I can’t forget those words.
I headed home with sighs, my spirit is just down, every words she said to me won’t stop replaying in my head…
Rose won’t sing for my manager today, I am not sure what would be the outcome, Rose life is just so pitiful..
Great voice but can’t be used, my father knows of my past that was erased and hadn’t told me anything, why didn’t I even thought of that..
The only lady I can ever remember meeting is Sophia, I guess Rose part was the erased one..
Now I see how she was able to easily capture my heart so strongly..
Rose’s POV..
I had waited for hours, almost all the student had went home including Jace,
Bryan said he was going to check on personal issue, I wouldn’t want to call him so as he won’t be disturbed, I just decided to call him now..
It was evening, my stomach won’t stop grumbling of hunger, I was just ready to wait in hunger for Bryan..
Just then, his car pulled over, I jolted up while he quickly stepped down from the car..
“I’m very sorry for leaving you here..” He pleaded with his face sober..
“Hey, I’m not angry, I just hope you resolved the issue” I said and he sighed and smiled..
“Let’s go home, you must be hungry, ahhr, I’m just so heartless leaving you in hunger..” He breathed deeply
“You would have to carry me to that car, I’m tired!” I whined and he smiled widely before swaddling me into his arm while I crossed my arm over his neck..
He carried me into the car and lay me carefully on the back seat.
He made a call and in a jiffy, his driver came and drove us home..
“Are we heading to the music industry?..I can’t wait to sing in your studio, everyone would be watching right??” I squealed in happiness but frowned immediately as I saw that Bryan wasn’t smiling at all, his mind was even far away..
“Hey!!..come back!” I scresmed and he flinched before holding my palm softly..
“We are heading home, my manager went on a trip, tomorrow, we would visit your mother…” He said with a deep sigh..
“You look disturb” I pressed on..
“Yeah, its no big deal, just thinking of a way to handle Sophia” he said and I smiled..
“You don’t have to think much, fate would make way for us” i said and he nodded before placing my head on his shoulder..
Bryan’s POV
“Rose can you recall your past, like when you were at the age of 12 or 13?” I asked and she quickly raised her head..
“I can’t, its all empty, my mom said I had an accident and got a memory loss” she replied and I nodded..
“Your mother lied to you, tomorrow, she would say the real truth…” I muttered and she nodded..
“Rose do you know I love you so much that I can sacrifice a lot for you..” I mumbled
“Why are you saying that all of a sudden, are you expecting something bad?” She asked..
“Have you ever fallen in love with any guy before me?” I asked and silence took over for some minute..
“Bryan, I hadn’t tell anyone this before, but…I feel like I had fallen in love with someone like you before, but I can’t remember anything about it..” She replied and a loud sigh escape my lips..
“Your mother doesn’t really want you to sing, do you know why?” I asked and she shook her head..
“She couldn’t say any meaningful thing, I just believe she is afraid of jealousy from the rich idols, she is afraid I would be hurt if my voice tops them, but now that I have you by my side, there is no cause for alarm, you would always save me” she purred wrapping her arm around my body as her head lay on my shoulder…
I smiled seeing she trusted me for her safety..
Oh yes, I would always save her…
Sophia’s POV..
“But dad, don’t you think Bryan won’t love me again?” I whined to my dad through the phone..
“That doesn’t count, he would have no other choice than to always sing with you, no other voice is like yours” he said and I smiled at his flattering..
“Dad, I don’t even love him again, I love Austin, I’m returning back to him because you ordered me..but why would you always control my life??” I asked with a frown..
“Because I know the best for you and us, Bryan would be tied to your finger, even if you won’t love him, just know that you would always sing with him till you both marries then I would finally accomplish my long desire..” He said leaving me confused..
“What do you mean?” I asked and he laughed..
“You won’t understand, just do all I say, don’t try to do against or I’d hurt you, go back to Bryan, continue with him, he still can’t get over you because your voice is the only voice that matches his own..” He said and I nodded..
“But dad, I’m hearing some rumour of him and a girl Rose..” I said and silence covered the whole place..
I couldn’t hear any word from him..
“Are you still there?” I asked..
“Oh yes!..that Rose, can she sing?..have you ever heard her voice?” He asked with his voice more deeper..
“I don’t think so, she doesn’t know how to sing, Bryan’s mother employed her as a house help, her voice must be so croaky” I scorned and he laughed..
“Fine…when you get back, keep watch on her and other girls around Bryan, whenever a girl sings with a unique voice, let me know..” He said with a stern voice..
“Okay…” I said and he hung the call..
“Time to return to Bryan..” I said to Austin who was lying on the bed..
“Shit!..I’d be returning with you, I can’t bear missing you” he whined with his hand hovering through my body..
“My dad said you shouldn’t follow me so you won’t ruin his plan, just know I don’t love Bryan at all..I’m just doing my fathers bidding, I would surely return to you later” I smiled and kissed his lips he drew me to his body and deepen the kiss leading to that sweet sex that leaves you gasping…
Wow, I would really miss him!!
Bryan, I’m coming back to shatter you finally, I’d give you fake love and get engaged to you before finally breaking off in a more painful way..
Wow, so interesting!!
To be continued…
Which Bryan is Sophia even talking about??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
What do you understand about this episode,
Comment your thoughts please ooπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

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