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My crazy house help episode 28

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My crazy house help episode 28 by : 7:51 pm On January 15, 2021
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👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 28
By. Humble Smith
Rose’s POV..
My eyes fluttered in shock as his soft sensual lips met with mine..
This was my first klzz and the feeling was strange to me, my whole body was just shivering under his touch,
The klzz seemed to touch deep into my heart making me close my eyes tightly, I was really lost and prayed it would never end, I enjoyed every bit of it…
His hand wrapped closely to my waist while my arm went over his neck, my eyes was really wet..
I was really klzzing the most popular and cute guy ever seen..
How is this becoming real?..I’m I into one of those obsession dream??
It can’t be real..this is just one of dreams that can be termed impossible…
Our eyes was closed as we devoured each other’s lips forgetting everything around us, at that moment the world seemed empty with only me and Bryan..
“Wow!!!!” Someone screamed jerking us back to reality..
We both turned behind to see Jace and Clara watching us with their palm on their mouth which was agape..
I could see the shock on their faces..
“Bryan is this you?” Jace exclaimed as he blinked his wet eyes filled with happiness..
“I’m also surprised at myself..” He mumbles with those killing smile before holding my palm..
“The world would tremble at your voice, Sophia would be stunned to the core, your voice would make my band the top, Austin can’t be my rival again!” He said making me blush, his words are just so sweet to the ear..
“Have you heard her voice?” Clara and Jace asked in unison..
“I just listened to her sing and I can’t get the voice out of my heart now, I keep hearing the sweet voice deep in me” he breathed placing his palm over his chest..
“Wow, was it recorded?” Jace asked and head to the studio stand…
He clicked on some button there and the music came on again..
It started with Bryan’s piano before my voice came up, the whole room went calm as my voice sounded, I could see Jace eyes bulge out, it was really shocked…
“Rose!” He called staring at me with his mouth opened..
“You have that voice?..like…you were the one who just sang like a goddess or should I say angel!!..ohh, what else do we need to be the first??..who is Austin and Sophia compare to the voice I just heard!!!” He squealed with a short laughter..
I glanced at Bryan and he was smiling sheepishly..
“Thank you for your compliment..” I muttered and Clara gave me a thumb up…
Silly girl!!
“So how was your outing with her?” Bryan asked Jace gesturing at Clara..
“Outing with who??..you just handed trouble into my hand so you would enjoy with Rose” Clara deadpanned rolling her eyes playfully at Jace who couldn’t hold his laughter..
“Why do you decide to lie?..should I tell them what happened?” He said with a teasing smile…
“You would not be so silly to say it..” She clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes again..
“You look so beautiful when you roll those charming eyes, it makes me fall in love more” Jace grinned and she walked closer to him..
“Do you think I have start loving you because you fed me in the cafeteria?” She asked with a funny look peering into his eyes..
“Even if you don’t admit it, those who saw us already believed you love me, so…I had even taken care of your admission here, I found out you aren’t schooling so….”
“What???” Clara squealed with a gasp..
A wide escaped her lips as she breathed deeply…
“You arranged my admission?..like you paid the huge fees?” She asked blinking her eyes continuously..
“Oh yeah, I even went ahead of that, i told them that you are my girlfriend..the school management now views you as the important students, you would be introduced specially by the homeroom teacher…” He explained to the already emotional Clara, she was just too happy that tears was falling off..
“I thought you were just joking when you told Evelyn that you would make me a student here, I never thought you meant it, and…I sees you as a rich playboy so, I couldn’t like you” she breathed looking down to the floor..
“Oh yeah, its normal to think that way, but seriously I’m not, I just found this interest in you, I like you so well and..I miss you after that first meet..please accept my offer of being a student here” he purred with a smile which made Clara jumped on him in glee…
She really hugged him tightly..
This would be the first she hugged a guy, Clara had always been a “no boys lady”..
I can’t help smiling seeing my best friend so happy..
Seriously Jace is a nice guy, after helping me get Bryan, he also made Clara find joy, she would probably fall for him this time,even when she had always wanted to stay away from boys…
Clara’s POV..
I can’t contain my joy this time, I don’t know when it how, but I just hugged him, the first hug I gave to a guy..
” wow, I love the hug” he said with those teasing smile as I broke it..
“You deserve it..” I smiled calmly and he held my hand..
“I may be in a rush to get your heart and it may seem weird, just know I had never feel truly in love, I’m not used to this deep feelings of love” he mumbled peering into my eyes..
“What did I do to even deserve all this from you?..is it because I am Rose friend?” I asked glancing at Rose and Bryan who was just looking at us with smiles…
“At first sight, I liked you, I thought it was a normal unusual likeness, not until the day goes on, I found it wasn’t what I thought…I’m loving you!” He breathed..
“Do you want me to accept you?..have you known my status?..I have no parent, living alone, I’m poor and I don’t think I deserve a guy like you, all the student would faint in shock…” I said with a little smile..
My heart was even beating faster.
“The school management would introduce you as my girlfriend, I would make you rich and popular..” He smiled and grabbed my palm..
“You shouldn’t worry, just accept my proposal” he said playing with my palm..
“What proposal?” I asked framing ignorance..
“Be my girlfriend, its not about money or fame, just tell me if you love me, I can’t force or….”
I quickly hushed him with my f!ng£r..
“I had always love you but couldn’t say it, Rose is Bryan’s girlfriend, maybe I should also be your girlfriend because I some kind of like you, at least you are open minded and funny too, you aren’t an arrogant rich brat” I sulked and smiled seeing his cute face..
Wow…I’m really lucky like Rose, gosh!
“Are you guys done with your romance?..” Bryan asked with a childish smile..
“Let’s go to the class, we just missed lesson..” Rose added smiling to herself.
“I’d be leaving, I have a lot to do at home, I also need to meet your mother” I said to Rose who nodded with a smile..
“I would drive you home!” Jace squeaked and she shook her head in disapproval..
“School hasn’t rounded up yet, don’t miss lesson for me!” I stated with a smile and he nodded smiling back..
We all stepped out in pair drawing the attention of many students, the ones in class won’t stop poking out their head from the window to stare at us..
Finally, they all entered the class while I headed back smiling sheepishly, today seemed to be my best day..
You can’t tell how I hop out, Jace had handed some cash to me for transport, he can’t be less caring..
Well, I like him so well, my heart is just pounding strangely anytime my memory flash to those moment with him..
Gosh!!..is this how love feels like??
Now i see why Rose won’t stop being all smiles..
I stood beside the road waiting for a taxi when someone halted his car in front of me, I looked in and saw it was Bryan..
Why is he here?
“Hop in, I want to meet Rose’s mother so you would be taking me there!” He said dryly with a little smile, I couldn’t even ask why or say any other word, I’m afraid of Bryan’s, he is a very rich guy who can feed my whole generation in a year..
You can’t even tell how nervous I am entering his car which worth millions of dollars,
After a few hour drive, we got to Rose’s mother apartment..
“You can head to your house now, I’d go in alone” he said dryly and I nodded before scurrying away..
I’m already sweating, I’m sure Rose won’t be feeling this way around him..
Bryan’s POV..
I had succeeded in coming here to meet Rose’s mother after telling Rose I needed to check on a personal issue..
My eyes roam around the place and I couldn’t help but wag my head, it was the real definition of a slum, the house was poorly built, all through this place, a mansion can’t even be seen..
They all lived lowly, less car, more bicycle, majority walk on feet, how could a sonorous voice like that of Rose come from here??
I got to the porch and knocked..
“Come in Clara there is no need knocking, I hope she gave you the money??” I heard the voice of a middle aged woman..
It must be Rose mum, I opened the door and walked in…
Just then, she raised her head and the moment her eyes met with mine, the plate she held fell off her grip..
Her eyes widened and her legs wobbled, there was terror in her eyes..
“What is it?” I asked and tried walking closer but she hastily moved in a rush..
“What..are you…doing here??” She asked with her lips quivering..
“You seem to be afraid of me, what is it?” I asked with a soothing voice..
“But…why are you here?..you are bryan right?..what brought you here!?” She asked with deep breath..
“I came from school to this place to talk to you about something very important!” I said and she shook her head..
“You can’t come here..Bryan coming to meet me?..I have nothing to do with you??..has my daughter caused trouble??” She asked with fright..
“Please swat and calm down, you are making me look like a monster, I can’t hurt a fly, let’s talk please” I pleaded and she looked into my eyes before sighing in relief..
She ushered me to seat on the only chair there while she stood..
“Please seat ma’am, I should be standing..” I said and she smiled for the first time before seating…
“Please I shouldn’t waste time here, no one knows I’m here..” I breathed and she nodded..
“Go on..”
“I read the letter you sent to my girlfriend, it made me so disturbed, I came for an explanation” I said making her arch her brow..
“Please I never wrote any letter to your girlfriend, you just have misunderstood things..” She said making me smile..
“You wrote a letter to Rose my girlfriend..” I said and on hearing that she jolted up in shock..
Her pace went back, she stared at me closely like she was studying something..
“Are you trying to pull my legs, do you know who Rose is?..rich boys like you won’t notice my daughter in that school even when she had been crushing badly on you” she shrugged making me grin gladly..
“Please ma’am tell me about that letter, you said she shouldn’t sing, you also said someone would kill you and her, please explain..” I pleaded and this time she cringed with her eyes glistening with fear..
She placed her hand across her chest and sobbed, tears fell freely..
“Please bring my daughter back, she may end up singing with you, she shouldn’t please!!!” Her sob went deeper and higher..
I could feel the deep measure of pain in her heart as she said those words .
“Please ma’am, she has the best voice ever known, she should keep that voice hidden, it would change lives, her voice is angelic!” I whined..
“What do you know?..I can’t even tell you, I don’t even know why fate brought you and Rose together again??..” She muttered and I peered at her..
“You said again???..have we met before?” I asked curiously..
“Poor boy, you don’t need to know anything about this, you and Rose are two different soul which can’t be together, you seem different from even at that, you are still his son…” She mumbled the last part looking away.
Rose’s mother’s POV..
“You are making me very confused!..tell me why Rose won’t sing, I want her into my band, tell me who want to hunt her and you down..I would make sure fight and kill that person even if I should lose everything for that!!” He stated with a strong tone leaving me sighing..
The same way Rose is in the dark, he is also in the dark, unaware of the past, the past that never wanted them to meet and fall in love…
They knew nothing now, why would they know when their memory was wiped…
Only if he knew that he would be fighting many enemy including his father if he wants Rose to sing, he won’t say those words..
Poor boy…
I can’t say anything to him, he won’t believe, he won’t remember, I would even be killed if I tries to bring back the past..
“I’ll stand by Rose and you, no one would hurt you,I must kill anyone who want you to suffer or die!” He blurted again and I couldn’t help but smile…
He can’t fight his father..as much as he loves Rose and wants her to sing, he is hopeless,
“If you want Rose and I to live, stay away from her and don’t let her sing, even if you would be with her, don’t think of having her as a girlfriend, don’t dare to make her sing in the public, if he hears her voice, she would be killed alongside me, you can’t do anything about it!” I stated and walked away immediately leaving him in shock…
To be continued…
Woah..this is getting deeper!!
Please I beg, like and comment something Interesting about the story so far and i will drop the next episode ASAP
Love you all…💋

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