My crazy house help episode 26

๐Ÿ‘ฐ๐ŸŽปMy Crazy
House Help๐ŸŽป๐Ÿ‘ฐ
๐ŸŽค(She defiled me)๐ŸŽค
Episode 26
By. Humble Smith
Rose’s POV
“You can’t tell how happy I am to be by your side” I muttered to Bryan as we head to the garage..
“It is the best thing that had happened to me, I regret not realizing it all this while, what if you truly left me before I realize it??..I’d be sad forever” he muttered with a cool smile that made my cheek blush..
He held my palm softly with a huge smile as we stepped into his white limousine..
The driver couldn’t help but kept flashing glance at us, he was surely shocked to see that the same girl introduced as a house help now seemed to be Bryan’s girlfriend..
I can really regard myself as a lucky girl, who would have ever told me that a day like this, I would sit beside my long time crush and lover, Bryan is someone I had longed and crave for since o saw his picture years back..
I had fallen head over heel in love with him, that scholarship must be a way in which fate had to bring us together..
I glanced at Bryan and he was also staring at me, I couldn’t help my smiles..
“You had been smiling so hard all this while, I hope your jaw doesn’t aches you” he giggled..
“I don’t know how to express my happiness..” I mumbled making him bring my head down to his shoulder…
“All I want from you is your trust, just know I would never do anything to hurt you, I would only do things that would warrant your safety, no one, I mean no one has the right to hurt you, I would never allow that!!” He breathed stroking my hair…
I grinned and closed my eyes savouring the blissful moment.
I’m really in love with him!
After some minutes of drive, we finally got to the school, my heart won’t just stop beating fast, I’m sure all the student would be stunned to see us together, I was kinda nervous..
Just immediately the car drove in, almost all the female students troupe out to get a glimpse of Bryan who they don’t seem to be getting enough of his cuteness, all the female student in the school drools and long for him, even teachers, he is a true description of perfection…
“Let’s get out” he said with a smile as the car was parked
I smiled back and gave him my palm to hold..
We both got down and an uproar filled the whole place, all the student began taking shot with their phones and cameras..
I could see shock written on their faces, it was really hard to believe I am his girlfriend, not when they all knew I was a scholarship student…
The school press rushed out immediately with their mic and cameras, everyone had their eyes on me,
“She is really lucky!!”
They screamed in a loud voice, I don’t even know whether to smile..
“How did you get him?..tell me..” Another student who seemed to be really swooning squealed making me chuckle while Bryan held my palm which had withdrew itself..
๐Ÿ‘คBryan, is she your girlfriend…”
๐Ÿ‘คAre you both dating?”
๐Ÿ‘คIs she your new lover?”
Different questions from the student who crowded to take a look at us..
“Please Bryan give us an answer, we need to be sure…is she your…” The head reporter asked glancing at me…
“Oh, yes, help me tell it to everyone, she is my girlfriend, and know this…we are seriously dating, I love her!” Bryan replied with a huge smile leaving the whole student stunned…
They all gasped….
I turned my stare to Bryan to be sure he was the one who said those word, why would he keep flattering me, words can’t explain what I’m feeling right now…
The reporters turned to me with a sweet smile..
“Wow, you are really a lucky girl, you must be so awesome to get his heart, you are welcome ma” they greeted in respect bowing a little and I blinked my eyes to be sure I wasn’t day dreaming..
They bowed in respect to me??
Oh, my head is surely gonna burst, I swallowed nothing and held Bryan’s arm smiling sheepishly..
๐Ÿ‘คHer name is Rose…she is really lucky”
๐Ÿ‘คI wish I were you!”
๐Ÿ‘คBryan finally loves another lady who isn’t Sophia!”
๐Ÿ‘คShe even looked so beautiful and charming!”
I heard these murmuring from the student who won’t stop taking shot and staring with their eyes glistening with emotions, I could just hold back my smiles for a second, my heart was so heavy with joy.
This is a school I thought I would be bullied as a scholarship student, who would have told me I would be treated and seen as a queen…
“Bryan thank you so much” I breathed resting my head on his shoulder..
“Let head in, I’m sorry for keeping you standing” he cooed and held my waist tenderly as we walked to the class..
The students bowed as we walked past them, the male student wouldn’t remove their eyes from me as they kept admiring, my beauty seemed to be showing more because of Bryan..
“Why are they bowing?” I whispered to Bryan..
“You would soon be the school Queen so they needed to show their respect..” He replied leaving me taken aback..
“School Queen???” I exclaimed pausing my pace.
“Oh yes, that’s the position of any lady who is my girlfriend, that was what Sophia was before she left me..” He explained and my head became heavy..
Isn’t this too much for a nobody like me??
“Let’s go in please, we have stood enough..I’m getting tired” he whined and I chuckled..
“Lazy bone, have we stood for a hour..?” I laughed
“I cant stand for 30 mins, I would definitely faint” he shrugged and I laughed the more..
“That’s because your life had been all easy because of money, I had once stood for 3hours waiting for madam to pay me after work” i explained leaving him waging his head…
“I think that madam need to be arrested, how can she…..”
“Shhh..let’s go!” I hushed and drew his hand heading to the class with a wide smile making him laugh with those soft tenor voice that gives me shivers..
We finally got into the class and there was a loud scream, the whole class stood upright to stare at us as we held hand walking closely..
Murmurs filled the class from different angles..
My wide smiles turned into a frown as my sight caught Anna sitting at the back seat, she gave me a dagger glare before smirking..
I swallowed nothing and looked away, she won’t shatter my happiness, I don’t give a damn if she is jealous..
“Wow…look at my dude falling in love!!” Jace spoke out with a short laughter making Bryan punch him lightly on his shoulder..
“Clara is coming today so don’t be stressed out” Bryan said amidst chuckles..
Jace quickly paused and glanced at me,
“Are you joking or what?” He asked with his eyes glittering..
I nodded and his mouth went agape as he tried controlling the huge smoke forcing it’s way out…
“I can’t wait!” He muttered before heading to his seat..
“Just today, I find out you aren’t wearing enough jewels, I got some for you” Bryan muttered making me stare at him with a deep rooted smile..
He brought out a pack and opened it,my eyes widened in astonishment, it was pure gold, the very type he wears, the type that cost million of dollars..
“No..I’m not wearing that!!” I gasped blinking my eyes
“As my girlfriend, you have no right to say no” he smiled before bring out the necklace, all the student watched as he put it over my neck…
There was a round of applause..
“Awwwwwwn!!!..” They screamed in emotions.
I hugged Bryan in joy before pecking his left cheek, I saw it clearly, he blushed…
Just then, a teacher walked in and we all turned to listen, I would always turn Bryan’s face to the board as he won’t stop staring at me..
I’m sure he doesn’t kind if he fails..Silly boy
After series of lesson, the school bell rang for break, I quickly put a call to Clara, she needs to come over and take the money she would send to my mother..
“When is Clara co…”
“Calm down,she just called her” Bryan interjected with a smirk leaving Jace laughing shyly..
I looked over and saw Anna still fuming as she sat alone…
She looked pitiful, I swear!
After few minute, Clara marched in and the calm Jace quickly jumped off his feet..
“What is wrong with your body??”Clara sneer at him..
” I had been waiting for you, I even reserved this seat for you” he said pointing at the chair beside the one he sat..
“Why I’m I seating with you?..where is your girlfriend Evelyn?” She asked looking around..
“Huh??..who is Evelyn, please I don’t know her, seat and stop talking!” He laughed and sat down waiting for her..
I know Clara, stubborn girl, she started looking around for a free chair…
Jace quickly grab her hand and drew her to the seat, she lose balance and fell on his body freely….
“Wow!!!!!” I and Bryan squealed together clapping for them…
“Naughty boy!!” Clara screamed with laughter…
Anna’s POV
I’m beginning to regret why I stayed in the class, what I’m seeing is a total slap to my face..
They were really enjoying themselves, even that Clara who slapped me…gosh!!
Just then, my phone rang, it was Stan one of the boys I sent to kidnap Rose’s mother..
“Hello…” I said and what I heard left me shocked..
“I’m on a run now, some guards caught the other men, I’m running over to that school now, you have to protect me!” He said..
“Are you mad!!..don’t come here or you would expose me!!” I shunned..
“I’m sorry but I’m close by, those men may kill me if I’m caught!!” He breathed heavily..
“Don’t come!!!…” The phone cut off leaving me breathing heavily…
If he comes hear, everyone would find out what I did, omg!!!
I racked my brain thinking of what to do but nothing was coming..
The school bell finally rang for break over and I caught no glimpse of Stan, I sighed in relief,
He may have looked for another way to escape..
All the student troupe in..
Just then, my nightmare came true, Stan came running into the class…
Oh god!!..I’m finished!!!
To be continued….
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One word for Anna
Bryan and Anna should just continue making me jealous๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜‹

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