My crazy house help episode 25

πŸ‘°πŸ‘°πŸŽ»My Crazy
House HelpπŸŽ»πŸ‘°
🎀(She defiled me)🎀
Episode 25
By. Humble Smith
Bryan’s POV
It was early morning the next day when I woke up from the best sleep I had ever had, it was before the alarm could even blare, what really made this night the best was that someone my heart beat for was lying beside me, her head was in my chest, she was even cuddling me..
Yesterday was so great and I was full of smiles, how didn’t I even find out earlier that being with her would bring so much joy into my heart..
It was like I met a very special person, I can’t help but hate myself for ever treating her like nothing even when I got the tingling feelings for her.
How can I forget the memories of yesterday, the day I expressed my hidden feelings, when I say those words, I was really afraid that she would turn me down because of Jace not knowing they just pulled that act to check my feelings…
I don’t wish to experience that hurtful feeling again, that feeling of pain when she stayed with another man..
I really felt so lonely and deserted without her..gosh!
I’m realizing that I love this Rose flower so much, she have really succeed in enchanting me, you can’t tell how jealous I would be if she just smile to any man other than me..
How then was I thinking of Sophia?
Does I even love Sophia?..oh no, I was just resting on our past memories, if she could leave me all this months, I don’t think I worth a lot to her, but why was she coming back??
What happened between her and Austin who she had clung to..
I don’t even know, I just pray she doesn’t come back and harm Rose for loving me, I had known Sophia as the possessive type, how would she even want me back after shattering me into pieces..
I had been stupid to think of giving her a second chance, even if she is back for good, I think my love for her had been taken away by Rose..
I sighed deeply before smiling again, I just recalled the sweet sensation I felt when I hugged her from behind yesterday, the way my heartbeat accelerated.. Wow!!
I even carried her in my arm, she laughed and wrapped her hand over my neck, ohhh…it was so sweet,
Why I also carried her in my arm in a bridal way was because I envy Jace who carried her then…
I think I’m becoming stupid…
I can’t even remember she is a commoner, why would I even remember that stupid thing when in no distant I’ll make her so famous, she would be an idol loved by everyone,
Her beauty would make people love her, I am yet to hear her voice but I just got the feeling that it would be so great, well..there is no need of guessing, she would sing for me today..
We would sing!!!
I had cancelled Sophia out of my band and add her name asap, why would I wait any longer..
I picked up the remote control beside the bed and click on the green button making all the light in the room turn on…
I can now see her clearly as she lay peacefully on my arm
My gaze fell on her pretty face and I couldn’t help the gasp which escaped my lips, I couldn’t stop staring, it was just perfect, her jaw fitted her face so well, I couldn’t even shift my eyes from her lips which was glossed..
All of a sudden, I felt the urge to steal a kiss as she sleep, ohh God!!..why I’m I even shivering…?
My eyes blinked repeatedly as I wondered how I was unable to see her beauty all this while I was calling her house help and commoner, she looked so calm and innocent, there wasn’t much make up on her face but she totally look like a goddess..
My hand went up to her soft chubby cheek which I touched tenderly with a huge smile on my face, I can’t help but wonder how a commoner like her would be an embodiment of beauty
I kept staring at her face with a sheepish smile, i has even forgot that today was school, I can’t even remember she was employed as a house help by my mother..
I raised my hand and touch her soft lips feeling the tenderness..
“How are you this charming and so pretty..?” I asked and she smiled..
“Are you awake all this while????” I asked with a raised brow making her open her eyes still smiling.
“Did you hear what I said?” I asked shyly pulling off the duvet..
“it was so sweet…” she muttered with a chuckled before sitting up…
“Why did you pretend that you are still asleep” i asked and flung the pillow to her head making it move back in a funny way making us laugh..
She raised her own pillow but stopped abruptly as she saw something beneath it..
Her gaze rested on whatever it was and I could see she was sad..
“What is it?” I asked and moved closer..
“You still have her picture under your pillow..” She breathed and picked up Sophia’s pictures which was there..
“Please tear it off for me, I didn’t remember it was still there..” I smiled and shyly tore the picture..
“I’m sorry for being jealous” she muttered making me grin..
Why would my heart not stop beating fast anytime she smile at me..
“Can we now get prepared for school?” She muttered and got off from the bed,
I also stepped out…
Rose’s POV
I got out of the bed and I got a glance of Sophia’s torn picture on the floor,
I felt shiver run through me as I thought of her return, everything seemed peaceful now, would it be this way when she comes back..?
Sophia was one of those classy idol every student feared and respect, can I be able to fight her?
My eyes fell on her eyes from the torn picture and it seemed to be glaring at me..
I felt dizzy instantly, my legs throbs and I felt headache,
Sophia would return soon and what would be my fate, she got the wealth, the fame..would she harm me so much..
Arggh…I wish I can leave Bryan to avoid this fight but I can’t, my life won’t have meaning without him..
He is someone I crushed on for so many years wishing I can be with him..
I had always aspire to marry him, I don’t think I’d rest till I accomplish it..
But Sophia…
Oh yuck!!
Just as I made two step forward, I lose balance and fell off…
I had thought I would smash my head on the floor, my eyes was even closed waiting to hit the floor but none of that happened..
I fell on someone’s arm instead, Bryan had caught me before I could fall…
He held me carefully in his arm..
I opened my eyes and it fell on his eyes which was glistening..
“What happened to you?” He asked
“I just felt dizzy thinking of something…” I explained but he wasn’t listening anymore, his eyes was glued on my face..
“Bryan..Bryan..” I called but he was lost..
“Bryan!!!!” I shouted and he flinched back to reality…
“Ohh…God!” He breathed before releasing me..
“What were you staring at?” I asked
“Your beauty..I can’t believe I was lost!” He muttered leaving me blushing so hard.
I walked away shyly, Bryan is really killing me with his sweet word, I’m I worthy to be his girlfriend??
A poor girl…
“Where are you going now?” He asked from behind
“To bath in the guest room, I can’t bath in your bathroom, I would stain it” I said with short laughter heading to the door..
“I disagree..” He snapped and grabbed my hand..
“Go in there and bath, I would wait for you till you are done, or I would be the one to bath in the guest room” he shrugged leaving me stunned..
“You love me this much??” I asked with an arched brow
“I find it hard falling in love but when you capture my heart, I falls in love the more” he said with a smile and held my palm..
I stared into his face and felt my legs melting, he was so cute that I thought I was with an angel..
His curled hair and blue eyes, wow!!
“After today, you won’t be a commoner, I would take you to my band manager personally, he would input your name into the band officially, the world would see your face as a singer…do you know what that means?” He asked and my eyes widened..
“Are you serious??..” I asked with a gasp..
“I won’t make a silly joke, my girlfriend can’t be a commoner, before your name would be added in, you would sing in the studio, it would be recorded as your first song… I believe you got the voice!” He squealed and I jumped on him with happiness driving me mad..
Is my dream coming true for real??
Ohhhhh…please someone should pinch me!!
“Thank you for the free hug..” He mumbled drawing me more closely..
“Take me to the bathroom, my legs is shivering in glee, I can’t walk!” I squeaked making him laugh…
His laugh is even soft and romantic..
What an angel!!
He took me to the bathroom and laid me into the bathtub…
“I’ll wait for you” he smiled and pecked my cheek.. cheek is surely gonna born today…
Bryan’s POV
I stepped out of the bathroom grinning from ear to ear, I can’t believe the once gloomy Bryan would turn into a smiling doll…
That’s what Rose made me into, please I love her!!
How can I keep saying it so the world would know!!
I got into the room and something struck my mind..
The letter Rose mother sent, I had been intentionally hiding it from Rose, I notice it was someway like telling her not to sing, Clara mentioned it..
I don’t want Rose to read it first, I think it’s time for me to check it…
I pray it isn’t saying she shouldn’t sing…
I brought out the letter from the drawer and tore off the heart suddenly started beating fast…
I feared it was something bad..
I took a deep breath before opening it finally..
My eyes widened in shock as I saw what was written..shivers ran through me, my head pound and I felt like I would black out…
I couldn’t move any part of my my body,
What I saw made me stiffed in fear, it was so shocking that I thanked God that Rose hadn’t read it…
πŸ“œPlease Rose…don’t show your voice, he is still lurking around in search of us..
The only way for him to trace us is if he hears your voice…
He can’t remember your face but he can still recall your voice, we would die if you sing. Pls don’t!!!
I read…
My whole body became so hot and sweaty..if Rose ever read this, what would she do??
She has a past which she doesn’t know..
Ohh, this is so bad!!
I folded the letter and hide it under the cupboard, she won’t read that..
I would fight for her, I would protect her…
I would stand by her side, no man would harm both her mother and her, even if that would be the only thing I would do in this world, i have no regret…
Who would want to kill her and why??
I breathed heavily trying to bottle up my emotion…
Rose would sing and nothing would happen!!!
I am going to secretly send her mother to a distant country, she doesn’t need to join in this…
Rose won’t know about this, I would make the sacrifice for her all alone…
“Finally I’m done, hope I didn’t waste time!!” Rose lively voice came through and I smiled looking at her beauty..
If only she knew…
I walked closer to her and hugged her tightly…
I’ll surely protect her!!!
“Why are you hugging me again??..go and bath, we would be late for school!” She said patting my back..
“You don’t want me to hug you??” I asked and she shook her head..
“No!!” I felt her smile as she hugged me more closely..
“Our heart is beating at the same time, it means we are soul mate, we are meant to be together..” I muttered
“I’m flattered, I’m blushing, your words is melting my heart” she said and I smiled before breaking the hug…
“Let me bath fast..” I said and she nodded..
“Wait!!” She said making me pause my pace..
“Where is that letter?..let me read it now before u forget again..” She said and I flinched..
“Oh..I’m sorry, the letter fell into the pool” I lied and she raised her brow..
“What?? you know what my mother want to tell me?? couldn’t I read it!!” She half yelled
“I read it before it fell into the water, it wasn’t something serious, she was just warning you of the rich brat who would be jealous of your voice try hurting you, she isn’t aware I’m beside you” I smiled and she also smile..
“Thank you for being my boyfriend” she mumbled with a baby look..
“Thanks for also being my girlfriend” I grinned before rushing to the bathroom hastily..
I’m sorry for lying to you…
” Send some guard to keep a close watch on Rose mother…” I said into my phone after dialing a number….
We were both dressed up and was walking down the stair..
“I need to meet my mother to give her some money….” She said
“It isn’t necessary, I would send money to her through Clara, call Clara to come over to the school today” I countered to avoid her mother relaying the letter content to her..
I don’t want her to be sad, it would really leave her depressed…
“Hmm, Jace would be so happy to meet her..” She smiled and I nodded before holding her hand..
My maids and chef was doing there jobs with the corner of their eyes on Rose..
“Hey listen up!..she is no longer a house help but my understand what that means right??” I said and they all bowed with a smile..
Marian the chef even gave her a thumb making her smile..
“What was that for?” I asked
“She begged me to make you love me so Sophia won’t come back, Sophia had been a pain on their neck..” She laughed and i shrugged with a smile..
“Let’s go…”
Anna’s POV
“Hey you both should be ready to kidnap her today, don’t be afraid, she has no guard watching her…” I said into my phone as I drove to school…
I’m sure those boys would succeed, Rose has no idea anyone would try attacking her mother..
I can’t wait for her to raped!
To be continued…
If only she knew that Bryan had sent guard to watch Rose mother..
Rose and Bryan is just making me fall in loveπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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