My crazy house help episode 2

👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 2
By. Humble Smith
🎸Bryan’s POV🎸
I felt my heart growing in pain and regret..
I regret every single moment I had with her, I never knew once in my life that she would treat me this way,
I was gradually becoming lonely and bitter hearted, looking at women around makes me remember her, right now I hates every lady, I don’t know if I also hates her because I still silently pray for her to return back to me..
My whole system was changing to something I can’t explain..
I looked around and saw some student gazing at me and I felt angered, their peer alone is making me feel like killing them..
For real, I am hating everyone..
I was really turning into something else, every lady I set eyes on becomes my enemy instantly, it would just be like she is the cause of what Sophia did..
I contort my face into a deep frown before heading back to the class..
💞Jace’s POV💞
“Hey Bryan what’s up?” I inquired as I saw his expression..
“Get lost dude!!” He blurted and my eyes widened in shock..
I was so much startled at what he just said.. I didn’t even want to believe he was talking to me..
We are good pals right from kids, we sings together and you can call me his brother because we does everything together sharing secrets and gist…
“What did you say to me?” I questioned but he gave no reply and went to his seat with grim, he wasn’t smiling a bit..
The stern face even went more deeper when he saw Sophia with Austin..
Oh god!!
That must be the reason for his being morose..
I thought he had moved on.. I thought he had agreed to forget about Sophia not knowing that he still long for her, he had taken her out not long ago..I wonder what she said to him…
“Bryan, what is really wrong with you?..can you must stop this attitude???” I rasped and he didn’t even glance at me..
His gaze was straight and there is no doubt he was passing through a lot as I could see his eyes dim in pain..
I wish I could help him but I can’t, Sophia had taken her choice, I even wonder why he can’t move on with another lady, there are very beautiful and rich girls seem he got attached to Sophia forever..
“The more you think of her, the more you feel the pain more severely, can’t you just develops feelings for another lady?…many are drool and longing to have you..” I said to myself because he had already fixed an ear piece in his ear..
I was infuriated so I plunged it off making him raised his brow at me..
“You got to listen to me when I speak and not deafen your ear with that!!” I snorted and he squeezed his face..
“Do you still think we are friends?” He asked and I arched my brow..
“I don’t understand??”
“You couldn’t help me get her, no one one of you all was able to bring her back so I hate you all, don’t dare talk to me or act like we are friends..I have no friend!!” He spoke out in the most coldest voice I have ever heard..
I stared at him in shock and opened my mouth to talk but he left the class just then leaving everyone shock…
I had never experienced the type of Bryan..
I was really overwhelmed..
Slowly, I went back to my seat and waited for lesson to began, I wonder where he even went to, guess he isn’t ready for school any more..
Three lesson went on and came to an end before the school bell rang for break time..
I rushed out of the class in search of Bryan my friend, I can’t understand him anymore..
Was he really changing to a loner and introvert?
I searched around the school environment and couldn’t find him..gosh!!
He may had went home, I wonder what his father would do about this new Bryan..
I just pray he changed as soon as possible because he can’t be this way and still wins the national singing competition, he can’t be this way and sing with a female singer, he got no girlfriend anymore and isn’t ready to have one, how then is he gonna find the lady to perform in the stage with..
I’m really scared…
🎻Rose’s POV🎻
“Are you a human?…answer me now before I kiss you!” I said to my god,
Hey, don’t mind me…I was talking to this most cutest man in the history of mankind..
His name is Bryan and I finds it hard to accept him as a human, he is an can a human be this perfect, so hot!!..charming..!
I love him so much, he is my life and breath..
Talking about his song, it is the only sing I regard as a song others are noise in my ear…
I would song along with him anytime I listen to his music, people tells me in had a great voice but what is the gain?..I’m I going be a singer one day??
Right now, my phone battery is already dead because I had been playing his music repeatedly..
Well, my name is Rose, a young lady who aspire to marry Bryan..
Biggest dream right??😅😅
I know it can’t happen but in my dream it happens continuously and I’m enjoying it..
I’m a poor girl with her mother living in the slum..we got no business with the rich..what can we offer when we can’t smell a car or even wear a bright cloth…
Hey, everyone living in this area are poor!!!
I am in a different world with him but I feels like we would one day meet, I don’t know if it was my usual wishes but seriously..Bryan is my dream man..
Just then, my door opened and I don’t need a soothsayer to know it was Clara my best friend, she is the only one that doesn’t knock before entering…
“Have you gotten his latest music?..” I asked immediately as she slumped on my small bed..
“Look at this!” she squealed showing me something from her phone..
My eyes widened as I saw the news…
📄Scholarship to enter Diamond Musical High School has begun📄
“Isn’t this the same school where Bryan is??” I asked with my eyes glistening with emotions..
You can’t tell how my heart is beating now..
“Yeah!!..are you applying?” She asked and I felt like slapping her..
“You are not well for asking that question..” I scoffed and turned to Bryan’s picture on the wall..
“I’m coming honey..” I smiled and blew a kiss..
“I’m not applying, it is risky!” He said and I sneered at her..
“You would be treated badly by the students..they sees scholarship student as the misfortuned, be ready to bear their bullies..” She said and I smiled..
“Do you know how sweet it would be to be slapped by Bryan?..that tender and soft palm, If it touches my lips, I’ll blush for a week!” I grinned and stared at the news again..
“I feels like bursting right now!!..omg!!!..” I exclaimed and grabbed one of Bryan’s picture..
“When I told you I am coming, it wasn’t a wait and see..” I laughed as the picture smiled at me..
I can’t wait any longer..
To be continued

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