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My crazy house help episode 15

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My crazy house help episode 15 by : 6:40 pm On December 7, 2020
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👰🎻My Crazy
House Help🎻👰
🎤(She defiled me)🎤
Episode 15
By. Humble Smith
Rose’s POV
I blinked rapidly as I took the letter from her, my eyes was really teary, I was filled with joy and I swear, I may burst..
I couldn’t even glance at Bryan, my heart was just beating very fast and loud…
How would i had dreamt of ever living with a Greek god like Bryan, someone the whole country crave to meet..
It was so unreal that I waited for the sleep to be over, like seriously how can this be real??
How can it be that I would be living with Bryan…like seriously!!!
“I wish you both a happy stay, I and his dad is leaving for a business trip, just make sure you take care of the house and his food well, if there is any problem don’t hesitate to call…” She smiled making me swallow hard..
“Thank you ma’am, I promise to do all that, but this Is just so unbelievable, I’m a commoner…” I muttered with tears rolling down..
She pulled me into a hug immediately,
“Yeah, I know dear but, you did something that no one could do for a long time….you made Bryan smile” she muffled hugging me tightly..
“Yes…you seem to be making him come back to normal, I think it would fit you both living in the same house, maybe his sad life would turn into s happy one with you around” she cooed and I took a deep sigh before she broke the hug..
“Thank you ma’am..” I greeted with curtsy..
“Now one last thing remaining, Bryan here had always hated ladies that isn’t Sophia, although you had made him smile, we still needs his approval for you to live with him, if he says no, then I’m sorry nothing else can be done” she said and my heart missed beat..
We both turned to Bryan and he was just watching us with a sneer..
What????..would he say no!
“Do you want her to live with you as a house help, I can’t force her in there if you don’t want her so…”
“I thought you won’t ask me that, you have already given her letter of employment” he laughed making me squeeze my face..
I glanced at him and brought my head down again, I was being some kind of fretful to look at him…
I don’t want him to have any reason to say no, woah..but would he even say no when he had already told the student that I lives with him???
“Hey, Rose flower!!” He called and I raised my face immediately
“Mom you can leave, she would be my house help but there are some rules…” He shrugged and his mother pecked his cheek before heading out…
“Rose….” He called again and I stared at him..
“Do you know why I couldn’t say no to my mom??” He asker with a lopsided smile as he dipped his hands into his pocket…
I shook my head and stared at him..
“You look like Sophia..” He mumbled and I didn’t even know when I hissed, that name Sophia irks me..
“Did you just hissed??” He asked
“No oo..why would I??..was I born mad??” I stuttered waging my head repeatedly
“Whatever…I’m very sure Sophia would come back later, my fear is for her to still be with Austin, you can help me out…you are my friend, make her understand my love for her…help me make…”
“Aaaggghh!!!” I screamed placing my hand on my head making him stop those nonsense he was saying…
It was all pretense for him to stop talking about Sophia who I am already hating..
“Are you alright?” He questioned peering at me..
“I’m I alright??..how would I be when I just screamed..agggghh!!” I growled again this time moving like someone who is dizzy..
He quickly rushed to me and held my palm so I won’t fall…
Who wants to fall before???
“Is your head hurting you??” He asked with a frown
“It is hurting like mad…I feel like I would faint!!!” I squeaked and fell on his body..
“What are you….” He tried grunting as my body lay on him but stopped when he saw my eyes closed..
“Had you started going crazy??..what is really wrong with your brain???..why lying on my body, don’t you know how heavy you are!!!” He growled
“Please take me home, I am going ill..my head Is pounding, I feel feverish!!” I whined making him sneer at me..
“Which home???..I don’t know your house..” He gritted trying to pull me out of his body.
“Take me to our house..can’t you remember what just happen..” I sulked trying hard not to laugh at the joy in my heart
“You can’t even trick me you little punk..this isn’t how a human being falls sick..shit!!” He huffed and pulled off his body making me fall heavily on the ground..
“When you gets back to your senses then you come to the class…crazy flower!!” He snorted heading straight to the class while I lay there on the ground smiling heavily.
I would be living with him??
This is too much to contain, why would I be afraid of Anna knowing my house now…let her come and follow me home!!!
I quickly pack myself off the ground and head to the class..
I entered in the class and head straight to Bryan sat..
“Rose, we are no longer sure of what you said about being a politician daughter, nothing about you shows it!!!” One student spoke out and all the other student screamed in support..
I can’t help but laugh at them
“Okay guys, should I tell you all the real truth now???” I smiled walking over to the front of the class..
“Yes!!..we are doubtful about your riches, you look old fashioned in sight…I think we would have to check on your background..” Another stupid student jeered making me sneer at him..
I could even see Anna smirking, she thinks she has been able to poison their mind…I guess she is late.
“Let me say this hidden truth, I’m living with Bryan..” I stated and there was a loud shout..
“Bloody liar!!!!!” Anna yelled
“If you care to check, you can follow me home today” I laughed and head back to my seat..
You can’t tell how I feels right now, so great!!!
“Your lies would eat you up!!!” Anna seethed
“Really??..let’s see what you got” I laughed and turned to Bryan who wasn’t even talking or acting like anything was going on around him.
“Bryan, you left her blowing those lies on you!..we both know she isn’t living with you, say something!!” She said with a frown
“Can you please go back to your seat, I’m not comfortable with you pungent cologne” Bryan snorted with a disgusting look that left her shocked
Some student were even muffling at the word,
“Bryan did you….”
“Keep talking to yourself…” Bryan snapped and turned his gaze to me..
“Start a conversation, I can’t talk with her…” He said to me making my heart flip..
I stared at his red lips so intently, I felt like klzzing it if possible, when would I even at least hug him, talk more of klzzing him???
Oh gosh!!!
“Don’t you gave anything to say or we would kept staring at each other???” He asked and I grinned widely before scratching my head..
“Can you forget about Sophia??” I stupidly asked making him arch his brow
“What kind of question is that??..how would I forget her??..she is my one and only….
” aaaaaghhh!!” I screamed again placing my hand on my head..
The boy should stop talking about Sophia or I would keep framing headache to shut him up..
“What is it again???” He asked
“A teacher is in already” I smiled and he turned to the board..
Wow…succeeded in shutting him up from talking about that obstacle…
I could see Anna boil in rage as she stared in stun..
It must be really hard for her to believe how I was pairing with the Almighty Bryan, its the lords doing, I myself can’t even believe it…
Different lesson went on and finally, the bell for closure rang.
I sat there with Bryan and jace who just walked into the class, I wonder where he had been since the break period till now..
“So are we off to go?” Jace asked and I nodded and stood up with Bryan who also stood, his face still stern as usual..
“You would drive with Bryan in his car..” Jace whispered into my ear..
“Really??..would he even agree?..his face isn’t funny at all” I said glancing at the mean face of Bryan..
I wonder why he is this way all of a sudden..
Immediately we got out of the class, Anna and her cree with some student followed us quickly..
I got to the garage and Bryan got into his car without talking to me,
“Should I come in??” I asked getting silence as a reply..
Anna was watching…
“Oh gosh!!..what is wrong with this Bryan, sudden mean and stony face..
” You can’t lie forever! ” Anna mumbled walking closer..
Jace had even went into his own car
“Bryan!!!” I called out but his driver was even about kicking off the car while I stood outside..
“Come back here you poor b***h!!” Anna scorned walking closer with a smirk..
Just then, Bryan opened the door and drew me in making my body fall on him freely…
Anna’s eyes widened at the sight, the school press even took the shot immediately before the door was closed..
We drove to his mansion in silence, I would keep glancing and glancing at him without saying anything, even when I talks, he won’t reply..
Finally, we got to his Paradise called a home..
I couldn’t help the gasp that kept escaping my lips..
This isn’t a home but a heaven on earth, I was lost in it’s beauty that I would keep turning my neck around admiring every part of it
“Rose stop those stares let’s go in…” He gruffed and made to grab my hand but ended up touching my b****t
“Huh???” His eyes widened
“What just happened??” I asked with a teasing smile
“Nothing, let’s go!” He snapped and head forward..
“Aaaaaggghh!!” I screamed loudly and fell on the floor holding my head as I wince
“What is it..this girl!!!” He snorted but I gave him no reply, I lay on the floor groaning with my eyes closed..
He must carry me in today…
“Rose what is wrong???..” He asked but I groaned more deeply and forced tears out of my eyes..
“Rose!!!..are you sick???” He asked tenderly helping me up..
“Please carry me in, I feel so dizzy” I whined
“Are you well at all??..carry you in…as your….”
I groaned in fake pain and he arched his brow as he stared at me
“Please Bryan help me please” I sulked sniffing..
“You are a house help guess you know??” He snapped
“But I’m sick won’t you help??” I cried and I could see his stony face went soft as he stared at me..
“I’ll help, stop those tears” he rolled his eyes and carried me in a bridal way..
We got into the sitting room and he made to drop me on the couch but I declined, so he took me to the room upstairs…
“You are really a thorn, this flower!!!” He grunted as he opened the door to the beautiful room which I guess was mine…
“Lay here you little girl!!” He said and made to lay me on the bed but I held him tightly and that led us into falling on the bed together with his body on mine…
To be continued..
Bryan never see anything😄😄😄
This is just the beginning..😁😁

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