My crazy house girl episode 35

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Episode 35
George’s POV..
My whole body shook in fear and anger as I dropped the phone after receiving the call from my son, I couldn’t even control my breath as I thought of the possibility of Lisa being taken by Xavier, it was clear that she must have been lured to meet Xavier, my heart won’t stop pounding as I suddenly found myself getting dressed..
For many years, I had being living as a toddler, I had no say in my life, no matter how hard I tried to be happy, I still feel the deep sadness, for the good of my family, I had submitted to Xavier..
I had thought I could live fine even after subjecting to Xavier, oh yes,
But I ain’t, he is making me force my son on his daughter, he has also taken Lisa..
There was a time when everything was all going well in my life, I had the wealth as a business tycoon, that was when I fell in love with Lisa who came as a customer, that was when we met and found love in each other..
I had promised myself to marry her, I never for once knew that it would all end like this,
Just that fateful night, Xavier destroyed all I had and turned me into something else..
He framed me up, how would I had known that he had evil intentions that night…
We both went to a club party, he was my friend so I never suspected him…
After that night, my life took another turn, I became his slave,
Who would believe be was the one who did that gruesome act to the young girl..he made it look like I was the one who did it, he has the video tape,
I would not only turn to a poor commoner but would also end in jail where my reputation would be tarnished forever if he leaks that video, no one would even heat me out when I was the only one in that room with the found girl…
Releasing that video is something I would never allow to happen to me, why would i let the world see me as a murderer and rapist, the video showed my face..
I don’t just know how I would defend myself, he had promised not to expose the video only if I agree to comply and subject to him..
I don’t just want to recall the past, it’s so painful and heartbreaking, my life became a terror to me, I kept doing what I don’t want to do..
A drop of tears fell off as I put on my shoes, I am going to save Lisa at all cost, she don’t deserve to pass through any pain just for me..
She had suffered enough, I need to save her, even if i would die, yes, even now, I’m better dead than alive…
With the speed of lightening, I rushed out, I’m the only one who knew the route they must have followed but I need to be sure it was Xavier who took her by first visiting her house and asking questions to onlookers..
Rose’s POV…
More tears flowed as we all ran home, on getting there, confusion filled us as we stared around not knowing where to go to…
Who knows the route where they passed through? are we gonna save my mother??
Everyone was looking around stranded..
A loud scream of cry escaped my lips making me fall to the ground, my heart was hurting, I just recalled that my mom had a kidney problem and won’t bear pain much..
Would she die???
Terror shrouded me that I felt like I would faint, Bryan cheek was even bathed with tears, he kept asking the people around but none could say a reasonable thing..
What would be her fate?..what would happen next?? mom had told me how she dreaded him and would never want to meet him..
He nay not know of her health issue and may hit her, would that cause her death?..would my mother die???
I whimpered in sadness looking around as Bryan and the other worked tirelessly to get a clue…
Bryan’s POV..
I sniffed and pushed back my tears, my head was just pounding heavily, someone tricked Rose mother with my dad..
She thought she was going to meet George my dad not knowing she was just lured, how did it happened??..
I dashed into the house and searched through only to find a letter on the bed..
I read it and found out how it happened, someone else told her to meet him somewhere privately, someone she thought was George my dad..
What the hell!!
I stomped out and dialed my dad’s number,
“Hello man, guess you are happy now right?? are glad that she is taken away, I knew you hated her and her daughter so much but why???..why dad!!!!!” I bawled In anger wishing I could strangle him, who knows if he planned it all with Xavier his boss..
He must had did all this to pushed her and Rose away from me, gosh!!..I hate him right now!!
“Son, please I’m driving now..can’t talk..” He cracked and hung up..
My eyes widened as I fumed in fury,
My eyes roamed around, i felt useless,
So, I would have to stand and watch Rose mother suffer in the hand of Xavier???
I walked over to Rose and raise her up..
Clara also helped me lift her up..
She suddenly smiled and dried her tears,
“Why I’m I this weak?? enemies are becoming strong while I grow weak??” She muttered with a deep breath..
“Bryan..” She called.
“Your dad would know where my mom is, he knows a lot about Xavier..tell him…” Her word was cut by the car that zoomed in immediately…
We all turned to the car and I found out it was my dad’s car,
“What is he doing here??” I mused..
We all watched as he stepped down..
“Dad?? came to be sure she was taken right???” I growled
“Bring my mother!!!” Rose huffed glaring at him..
“Why do you hate her and Rose this much, why does you and Xavier vow to be a pain to their neck!” Clara chipped in angrily..
George’s POV..
I raised my head and glanced at each of them one after the other..
I could feel their pain, immediately I looked at Rose and Bryan holding each other, I felt my heart rip off, tears formed immediately..
After all Xavier and I did to depart them, they still came across each other and fell in love even after their memory was erased..
“Do you all see me as a cruel man?..fine..i accept it, but..I’m not here to talk, I’m going to save Lisa, if anything happens to her, I would never forgive myself…” I muttered and dashed back to the car..
I zoomed off heading to Xavier’s base, this would be the first time I would be standing against him and I’m ready to make the sacrifice for Lisa,
After that day she visited, my heart had been restless, every night had been filled with our memories, how om earth would I allow her suffer??
Maybe its time for me to fight back, I had been a coward all this while thinking it would bring peace..
I had betrothed my son to his daughter, right now that he hates his daughter, I can’t cancel the deal for fear of him leaking that video…
I would have to force my son to marry a lady he doesn’t like..
What father does that?? my life even worth living??..
I really hate myself, I would save my love Lisa even if that is the last thing I would do..
Lisa’s POV..
I shivered in the car, the men had tied my legs and even gagged me..
Fear was all that is written all over me, I silently pray for miracle to occur,
The thought of Xavier face alone sent shudders over me, he had warned my daughter to stay away from Bryan..
He hasn’t find out about her now because she hasn’t sing, he would only find out if I meets him..
Just as we drove along the almost lonely path, the car suddenly crashed..
I sighed deeply wishing I could escape now,
They all stepped down to check the car, I could see that it was only the one who asked me my name that had a gun, other held daggers..
There was no way I could escape,
Is it my fate to meet Xavier??..he vowed to kill me and Rose if she sings again..
I may be safe, Xavier can’t Rose clearly, he won’t know if she was the one with the great voice..
He may end up forcing Rose to show her voice to know of she is the one..
I’m just stranded here, my stomach even aches from hunger..
The men started changing the tire which busted..
“Hey miss, I would be calling Xavier now, I need to tell him you are Lisa so he would come and pick you up from here…” The man who injected my daughter said with a smirk sending more fear to me..
I wagged my head in plea but he was just too wicked to have pity…
“Hello boss, the woman is the same as Lisa” he said and my heart flipped..
“The car broke down, you can come over to pick her by tracking us or send another men to pick her..” He added and hung up.
“Do you know why I’m doing all this??..” He paused and licked his lips..
“I want to test your daughter, I want test how sweet she is, Xavier would surely hand her to us later..” He said smiling…
I just stared at him, I couldn’t talk because I was gagged, my tears was just flowing freely…
He burst into a loud laughter,
“Xavier would not be able to remember Rose or you so clearly because of his memory problem but I would surely make him remember that Rose with Bryan now is the same girl with that great voice, he hasn’t found out her all this while because you made her his her voice…” He laughed and hit my head with a knock…
“Very soon your nightmare would come to reality and maybe you would die of name is Zika, I need to f**k your daughter a**s” He scorned laughing hysterical as he turned away..
His phone rang again and he showed me the screen showing boss which was Xavier before picking it up..
“Hello…” He said and I couldn’t hear what was said by Xavier before the call was hung..
He dropped the phone and smirked at me..
“He ordered us to hit you to unconsciousness so that you won’t know the route to his base” he said and my eyes widened..
The other me stopped working on the car and brought out their weapons..
I was too shocked to even move,
What a group of cruel human, Xavier must have trained them to be heartless..
How can they agree to hit me?..I may even die because of my health, they don’t know of it and I can’t tell them, my mouth is gagged..
So I would die??
Why Is all this even happening??
It was because I visited George, the man I loved would now be the cause of my death…
What a fate…
The car door was opened and I was dragged out..
I kept muffling a please which can’t even be heard..
Zika was the first to punch me directly to my belly sending a sharp pain all over me…
I shrilled inwardly, my whole body shook as i felt I was losing breath..
My eyes was going dimmer with my vision becoming blurred, the pain was too much to bear, I was really dying…
I was breathing heavily begging them with my eyes..
They all raised their fist to hit me when a car sped over to their direction making them scamper away…
My eyes was forcing itself to close but I tried to keep it open..
The car halted and someone stepped out..
I turned my gaze to the person and was surprised to see it was George..
He ran to me and quickly cut off the rope tying me, he even removed the cloth tied to my mouth..
I was too weak to say any word, I just looked into his eyes which was teary..
“Lisa I’m so sorry!!!!!!!” He screamed in tears..
“Don’t think of dying or I would also kill myself, I have decided to stand and fight, because of you I’m ready to be man, I want to be a man for you…don’t die so you would watch me fight your enemy for you!!!” He added hugging me to his chest..
I felt joy surge in, it gave me a reason to live, I can’t even believe George was saying those word, it made me smile even when I’m in pain…
“Hey George, what are you doing???” One of the men asked…
“Lisa stay calm, I would kill these evil men for you, anyone who hurt you must be killed by me!!!” He purred with emotion, I could see pure love in his eyes..
He pecked my lips before laying me gently, with a clenched fist, he turned to the men..
“George, have you gone insane?? are really disrupting Xavier’s plan?? are standing against him??” Zika questioned with a raised brow..
“How dare you hurt her?? dare you hit a woman!!!..not just a woman but the woman I love..I would make you pay!!” He growled and charged to them..
The two men except Zika also charged at him with their dagger..
“Xavier always warn us to kill anyone who tries stopping us from accomplishing his mission, so..George today you may end up dying for her!” One of the men said and they rushed to him..
At first, I thought George would really die as I sees him as a weakly, but I was mistaken, this George is a different one, he fought like a lion..
With their dagger, they sheared some part of his body but he never relented, his blow was too heavy as it broke their neck..
Blow was seeping from his body but he didn’t cared,
He would always glance at me regularly, finally, he broke their neck leaving them lying on the ground lifelessly..
Zika smirked and pointed his pistol to me..
“Remember you bit off my finger that night I tried to rape your daughter, maybe..your death would ease my rage..go to hell!!!” He growled and pulled the trigger..
I closed my eyes waiting for death, I was waiting for the bullet to kill me but I felt nothing…
Had I died???
I opened my closed eyes only to see George smiling at me…
“What????…he took the bullet???” My eyes widened as I watched him groan with the smile..
“I finally saved my loved one, you think I dumped you, hell no!! had been in my heart forever..Xavier destroyed me by taken you away..I pray he faces justice, I pray he suffers so terribly..thanks for coming to my life..” He stuttered breathing heavily as he absorbed the pain..
“George have you gone nut!!!..Xavier would show that video right away, I’ll tell him what you did here and now!!” Zika shouted and brought his phone to call him..
Just then, George sprang up with the bullet, he picked up the dagger from one of the men and stabbed his back twice as he turned…
This made him drop to the ground,
George turned to me as blood spill of his leg where the bullet had went in…
“I saved you from Xavier, yes, I saved you…I’m not a weakly…I saved my love from that devil…” He spluttered smiling at me..
His legs wobbled and he made to fall but i forced myself up and caught him…
He fell into my arms..
Just then, two car sped in..
At first I feared it was Xavier’s men, but sighed in relief when I saw it was Rose, Bryan Clara and another man..
“What happened??” Bryan and Clara asked in unison..
“Mom, are you alright??” Rose asked running to me..
“He saved me, George saved my life, he is ready put a stop to Xavier who had been using him..” I muffled fondling his cheek..
“Let’s take him to the hospital right away..” Bryan said and carried him up, George opened his eyes that moment..
“Dad..” Bryan called as he led him to the car..
“Lisa is fine, I fought those men to save her, I’m so..happy..” He muttered and shut his eyes again..
I smiled out tears..
The feeling of love that I felt when we first met came up again…
The guard that Bryan came with, drove us off, we left without leaving even George’s car..
If there is no clue, Xavier would never know who saved me..
I sat on the car with George lying on my leg…
Words can’t tell how I feel, I can’t wait to reach the hospital, the bullet was more of a scratch on his leg, he would be fine..
We got to the hospital and he was taken in to be treated…
“Bryan, call the police to stay around that area you took us from, Xavier would probably show up there, it may be a chance to catch him…” I said and he nodded and made the call…
Xavier’s POV..
I smiled as my men drove to where the tracker led,
So the woman that visited George was really Lisa, why did she showed up again??
Well, maybe this time, I would take her to live with me, my memory issue had made me forget most of the thing about her, but I can recall that she is in love with George, that was why I ordered my men to beat her to unconscious, I want George to be pained..
My men would bring her home and take shot of her state, her daughter is Rose who is a disturbance to my daughter, I would use Lisa to make that so-called Rose run away from Bryan…
Wow, plans going well…
I sat on the couch sipping my wine with a huge smile..
Very soon, I would succeed in shattering his life, he would crawl to beg me for food..
I would take over the life of!..this is so good…
Just then, my phone rang, I picked it and clicked on the green button..
It was one of my men I sent to bring Lisa..
“Hello…” I said happily..
“Sir, there is trouble, the Cops were waiting for us there, I managed to escape but they caught the two other…” He said and my phone dropped off my grip..
What did he just said??
Is he kidding me??
Does it means that my plan was ruined?..what if those men were tortured and leaked me off..
Oh my God!!
I’m l failing???
To be continued…
Who is he asking??πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
I can’t believe he even called God..
At last George has returned back to his senses..πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ
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