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  1. Very interesting story…i love it❤️

  2. Very interesting story…i love it❤️

  3. The sweetest episode ever. Keep it up.

  4. Sav is to blame, she’s a cheat

  5. It was really a nice story. We dn’t knw d value of wot we ve until it slips out of our hands.

  6. Frank is like the most stupid guy ever,am happy for Angela she deserves it n also for James too,sorry for Paulina but next time she shouldn’t go for things which isn’t hers,she should have stick to Freddie but anyway things happens for a reason,KUDOS to u writer,I loved it.

  7. Pls episode 24

  8. 😅😅😂

  9. Intresting

  10. Update na

  11. Keep up the good work

  12. OMG!!! This is marvelous, I feel like crying

  13. Me too, I love this story so much just like the way I love my master

  14. Bryan you have to be careful with sophia

  15. This man is evil

  16. What?????

  17. Oh God save Lisa from the hand of Xavier

  18. WOW i like you Bryan for fighting for Rose💋💋💋 Sophia should go to hell.

  19. Your Comment may god save lisa mother from xvarier and pls quickly post the next episode today


  21. Hmmmm annabel has changed

  22. i feel sorry for rose mother

  23. Continue with the story ! Fantastic story

  24. Abeg next one, am enjoy this story so much

  25. This is hilarious, why can’t Bryan can’t fathom it that’s it’s Xavier, Lisa and Rose are the family he saw the other time, gowd I hope everything should get settled as early as possible and Brought Xavier to justice cos he’s just too wicked for my liken

  26. Plz have wait for too long,this story is very cool i like it

    1. I thought no one was reading the story as there’s no comment, that’s why I’m kinda posting at my own leisure

  27. Please am reading it oooo abeg post another episode

  28. wow so intresting

  29. Wow i feel for rose flower bt will they get justice n be together again

  30. Nice one but the story is too slow please help us to make it fast. Am enjoy it. Next episode

  31. Wow xavier you end is coming deemly,if u knw u knw keep it up my friend i love ur stories

  32. Wow i cant wait for the next episode plz jace save ur buddy xavier cant win again

  33. Same here I can’t wait for next

  34. Nawaaoo so xavier i thought u were a proe on the game hahaha chaiii!! Jace & clara u r mah buddies rose is also coming with jerry things are getting interesting,next plz

  35. The exact explanation of Karma law “what goes around comes around” Intresting hahaha NEXT PLS»»

  36. Is there part two for this story?

  37. one day for the owner

  38. interesting

  39. Nice one! I can’t wait for the next episode

  40. the story is not boring

  41. interesting

  42. Nice😘aram

  43. Nice one I can’t wait to see the next episode

  44. Ooh my is it true that xavier is now arrested??thanks so much jerry

  45. Nice one I can’t wait to see the next episode

  46. Woow! What can i say?or should i scream?im happy rose flower is back what a bombshell

  47. I can’t wait to see Bryan and rose to uninte

  48. yes sav is at fault

  49. Pls na next episode dis story is making me go gaga 😆😆😆

  50. Great story so far… Timely update will be nice.
    Thank you

  51. Both falling deeply inlove wow

  52. Amore dio,mwaaaa fred

  53. Following, next please.

  54. wow interesting

  55. wow nice story ricky i love it ,you did a great job

  56. Wow geting so interesting

  57. Xavier accept the defeat ur time is up!,big up writter…next oooh

  58. Xavier should be exposed for his wrong doing once again

  59. Excellent…
    Thanks for the piece man

  60. I can’t wait to see the two lovers bird together

  61. I can’t wait to see Xavier to face the consequences of his actions

  62. Yes u r down mr man,waah we waited for thz episode bt u were no where to be seen anyway thanks

  63. The end is near

  64. U never see anything yet, when they upload ur evil videos then it is finished ^_^. Nxt

  65. Waaah its becoming boring waiting on this story i cnt follow another one its tiring coz u r taking too long

  66. Im bored it will take another 3days to get next episode Im sad that xavier escape again

  67. so sweat!!! But coming out late

  68. Im sorry dear the way it flows its amazing that’s the rezon sometime to wait for that long make me bored bt realy im enjoying this story,..xavier and so calld governor ur cake is being baked fred and the crue are the chef be ready to taste ur potion

    1. You’re right, it get as the story dey do me gizgiz. I am eagerly waiting for the next episode

  69. it okay author, u re really trying tanx so much. NXT

  70. Wow.
    Xavier is going to his doom

  71. Rose is in love with brain kelvin u r 3 late,xavier this game serpuses u just quit

  72. Dis story is jst wow

  73. Prepare to be exposed once again Xavier

  74. Next please

  75. interesting,inspiring nd a touching story.i love it

  76. I know George wil soon take courage to fight xavier all thanks to jace i luv him,wat a good friend

  77. For u to enjoy this story give it time until it ends mybe u can enjoy it better…until we meet again.wacha nisome zingine Though its sweet bt the suspence

  78. Wow so sweat!!! Let dey game begin

  79. Keep it rolling please

  80. Enjoy your movement my girl is dey smell love

  81. OMG, this story is so amazing😍😍😍 and lovely wow finally it has ended thanks so much author for this wonderful story you did a great job, keep it up ❤❤❤

  82. Word can not explain how i felt this story is most amazing,touching,interesting story have ever read.pls keep it up.

  83. Whaaat what will happen now

  84. So sweet
    What a nice ending

  85. So pathetic

  86. Amen and u too.
    Thank u, it was inspiring.

  87. This story is not only incredible and interesting, it made me believe in fate and love thank u author

  88. if i was the one, the slap i would give her ehn, she would find her way out of my house immediately.

  89. Wake up soon an 4 girl congratulations

  90. Wooonext please

  91. This story is a moral lesson to learnt from the beginning to the end that no matter what u pass through in a relationship if there is love fate can u bring the both together again just as “bryan and rose” and i also learnt that as the world is turning around u dont who is your blood brother/sister even your saviour just as ‘rose,sophia,and kelvin’ nice story so interesting thank you for taking your time to write the story

  92. At last.
    Well it’s not easy been Mrs Spence,thank God for the second chance to live,thank God for max and flox.
    Amah God bless you and increase your wisdom.amen

  93. So so interesting and educating , I love every bit of it and so inspiring too , keep it up heaven will back u up and u will never run out of knowledge in Jesus name

  94. So interesting more Grace and wisdom

  95. Reading this book was really a good teacher, if not that grace was on Florence side she would have missed her chances of better life, one thing is seeing an opportunity another is grabbing it at your disposal. Thank God for the new families at least am glad Florence ended up with Maxwell that’s a big relief.

  96. This is becoming more interesting. Bravo!

  97. The story is super. The Author has done a marvelous job. God bless you.

  98. Awe. Thanks lovely story

  99. Hmmmm.. sometimes we find it so difficult to leave a toxic relationship. Thank God, Cole pushed her into a loving and caring hands. Max, you’re the best guy!!! I’m so happy for Florence. Thanks Armah,this is so inspiring.

  100. beautiful!, even though i’ve read it from the legend of the jews!

  101. You really tried, kudos writer

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