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Love enhanxer episode 3 -4

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Love enhanxer episode 3 -4 by : 6:42 am On August 19, 2021
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(Kelly’s Dairy)
Episode 3 & 4
Written by Author Nath
Heading: Dead Confusion
No human wouldn’t be terrified by the weary night that was enhanced by the sound of a thunderstorm, generating an unbearable cold temperature and inflicting fear to the heart of any being. It was like God himself was speaking from heaven like He did to the people of Israel with thunder at Mount Sinai. The storm quivered Kelly’s roof like the pass-away of invisible creature. The quivering sound suddenly metamorphosed to the sound of a crawling animal inside the ceiling of the building thereby taking his attention away from the strange dairy in his hands. Swiftly, Kelly looked up at the ceiling as he stood in the middle of his room, wearing a pyjamas and ascertaining the promptness of the rain, the storm, the noises in the ceiling and, most of all, the dairy bearing names of his fellow students of Mason High School. It was like seeing himself on one of the horror movies he watches; scary and dreadful. To worsen the trepidation, electrical light went off immediately followed by another knock at his door. Kelly couldn’t bear the macrocosm of the locus anymore, so he dropped the diary on the floor and screamed ostentatiously!! Yet, the knock from the door changed into a bang and eventually broke open in the dark by a torchlight that manifested its power over darkness by illuminating the room. That was Sir Joe, Kelly’s father. He shone the light at his son who had covered his ears, squatting and screaming on the floor.

“Kelly!” the father pulled him up. Realizing who he was, Kelly tightly embraced him. The rain minimized along with the storm thereby returning electrical light in the room. Sir Joe quietly sat with his boy at the edge of a bed in a way they faced the window through which Kelly saw the dairy.

“Are you okay, son?” Sir Joe asked, looking at his son. “What happened?” he added.

Kelly’s mouth couldn’t open thoughtless of speaking. He stared at the floor where he dropped the dairy but couldn’t find it anymore. Strangely in addendum, he got the dairy from the rain, so he was suppose to be wet which the father would have noticed, but his body became as dry as a frigid woman. Nevertheless, he used his eyes to search for dairy, but all to no avail. The father followed the directions of his eyes, awed by the gesture.


slightly looked at him. “It’s nothing, Dad. I was just frightened by the whole noise and… and.. rain, i mean thunder.” he stammered.

Sir Joe thought for a while coz he knew his son to be an introvert but never knew him as someone who could be frightened by the dead thoughtless of a mare rainfall and thunderstorm. He exhaled. “You’re bigger than this, Kelly.”

“I know. I’m sorry”

“Would you like to..”

“No, I wouldn’t” Kelly interrupted his father, knowing what he wanted to ask him. “I’ll sleep in my own room.” he concluded.

The father patted his back, stood up and surged towards the door where he suddenly turned and asked with much concern tone, “Before now, I thought I heard the front door. Did you go out to the rain?”

“No, no, that must be wind.” Kelly replied, observing how his father watched him from the door. He was beginning to believe, may be, the father had the proficiency of what eventuated that night.

“Good night, son.” He smiled and left the room. Instantly, the dairy made itself visible again on the floor. Slowly, Kelly picked it up, sat back at the bed and opened the book. The first ten pages were filled with names of students he knows and some he didn’t know but what he understood was that all of them are senior students of Mason High School from 1 to 3. Each line of the book contains only two names; a boy and a girl. Kelly read a few line thus:

Victor and Olivia
Jerry and Cynthia
James and Nginika
Olisa and Erica
Lucas and Innocentia..

Kelly looked up from the dairy, thinking critically. “These names are accordance with students who are in a relationship in Mason.” he soliloquized. Quickly, he opened several pages in search of his name but couldn’t see it. That satisfied the correctness of his soliloquy. Something strange happened again; when he came back to the first names he read, the name, ‘Cynthia’ disappeared.

“What could this mean? I don’t even know who Cynthia is or her class?” He thought.

Throughout the night, Kelly didn’t get some sleep, having many things on his mind. His dream about Erica keeps flashing in his head like an unstable headlight of a motorcycle. Suddenly, he diviated to the name ‘Cynthia’. “Why am I the only one experiencing this? What am I to do with this dairy? Whose own is it? Who was the strange woman?” the poor boy kept asking himself these questions till the next morning.
The sun rose from the east and shone at Mason High school where all students had assembled before the national flag, looking very neat. Blue and white uniform saturated the environment, even the paint used on the buildings has the same color. At the entrance of the school, beside the main road are horizontally que of cashew trees. One could see vehicles speeding along the road too. The building of the school was magnificent to behold just like her students.


students stood according to their classes. Lucas was always found behind Kelly on the same line. None of the students uttered a word after the recitation of the national anthem. They were all waiting for the principal, Mr. Obuchi. As the quietness lingered, the students began to hear the chirping of morning birds from one of the cashew tress. Suddenly, they sighted the principal coming from his office with some teachers. Lucas whispered to Kelly saying, “You see? I told you the principal must talk about what you said he saw yesterday. You were damn wrong about your hilarious analysis about him and the school yesterday. He will fish out Victor and Olivia right now.”

Kelly said nothing, rather monitored the principal until he stood before all the students and began to address them.

“…SS3 students, I’ve received an information that you’ll be going for a field trip soon. Pay for it and the management will handle the rest. You’ve been of good conduct. Study your books and thank you all.” the man walked out.

Kelly had to turn to Lucas to remind him of his words.

“The man didn’t talk about it!” Lucas surprisingly said. “How can he not when he saw such an act where one person enjoyed a full cut-yard alone.”

Kelly said nothing.

“I still don’t believe your analysis anyways.” Lucas concluded.

“Do you know who Cynthia Usman is?” Kelly asked him as they were dispersing to their various classes.

“No, why?” Lucas asked. He suddenly stopped and said holding Kelly on the shoulders. “Wait, have you finally fallen in love? Wow, congratulations!”

Kelly ignored him. He sighted Jerry then called on him. Both met the boy standing alone in front of his classroom then exchanged pleasantries. Jerry was only in SS2.

“Where is Cynthia?” Kelly asked the boy to Lucas’ amazement.

At first, Jerry hesitated with a chuckle. “Any problem? And why are you asking me?” he throw back the question.

“KJ, you’ve never ask of any girl before. Why this Cynthia of a girl?” Lucas also queried.

Just then, the cretching sound of a car’s tyres escalated from the main road, followed by the sound of broken glasses. Students attention went there including Kelly and co. who looked at each other before running out to the main road like other students to witness the accident victim. Surprisingly, it was Cynthia. They saw her lying dead on the road in the pool of her won blood. Seeing that, Kelly’s breathing rate accelerated as tears began to circulate his eyes.

“Cynthia!” Jerry pushed through the crowd to the dead girl crying bitterly while Kelly had sat under a tree, vomiting with tears. He couldn’t explain the meaning or cause of what happened. Before he could raised his head up, Jerry grabbed him on his shirt shouting, “What did you do to her? You killed her!!”

“What?!” Lucas approached likwise other students and teachers. “Get your hands off him!” he retaliated for his buddy who was speechless, allowing Jerry to drag him vigorously.

“He never knew who Cynthia was. Today that he asked about her is the day of her death. Kelly knows what killed her!!” Jerry elaborated to the hearing of Mr Martins thereby causing more confusion…..

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