Love enhancer episode 7 – 8

(Kelly’s Dairy)
Episode 7 & 8
Written by Author Nath
Heading: Go Down
She crossed her legs on a public cemented seat found under one of the trees of Mason High School. On her attractive thighs rested a chemistry textbook as she fixt her head down on it to solve a problem. One could see her long hair dangling around her face which she occasionally slid away. The look on her face signified how difficult the problem was, so she needed no distractions but solution. Unfortunately, she noticed someone standing very close to her. She exhaled, dropping her pen and rasing her head up saying, “Olisa, you would have been more helpful if you were a science stu….” she paused because what she saw inside a pot of soup wasn’t soup actually.

Lucas, the very person smiled amusingly. “Sorry, Erica, there’s no way I can be Olisa. God forbid!”

“I should have known it was you, Lucas.” Erica disdained. “Moreover, you should count yourself lucky for me to mistakingly address you as Olisa coz he’s far better than you in all ramification. Furthermore, I’ll always prefer 1 Olisa to 10 of you.”

Lucas cleared his throat and sat beside her. The girl adjusted away like one observing social distancing, but Lucas stretched his neck to see the chemistry problem she was battling with, instantly he detected her mistake then giggled and began to whistle mockingly. Erica partially closed the book and looked at him. “What?” she asked enthusiastically.

“If Olisa is better than me in all ramification, why did you wish he was a science student to tell you that the molecular mass of a non volatile solute can be determined by first, measuring the lower vapour pressure which is (P – Ps) produced by dissolving weight of the solvent.”

Erica glanced at the book after swiftly opening it. “Of course I know that already.” she retaliated.

“Yes, you know!” Lucas nodded his head mockingly and sounding like a boss. “What you and your so called Olisa don’t know is that the value of the number of moles of solute mathimatically changes from ‘n’ to ‘w/m’ likewise the number of moles of solvent. You were still solving using the value ‘n’ alone. You see?”

Erica glanced at her book to see that he was correct. Therefore she became disappointed.

Lucas mockingly smiled. “Now you concur that 1 Lucas is more preferable to 10 Olisa and 20 Erica which equals 30 empty heads that do not know what 1 Lucas knows.”

At that juncture, Erica was not only disappointed but also embarrassed. Notwithstanding, she said, “Whatever!”. She wanted to leave the place but what she saw drew her ass back on the seat. Lucas traced her eyes to see Kelly heading towards a Rang Rover that was leaving the school compound but stopped at the entrance. Though some teachers were driving out while some students hung around at different places, chatting and playing especially the junior students who kept swinging on a swing at a basketball court. Nevertheless, the two students finally saw Kelly entering into the car like the car owner. Of course Lucas and Erica knew that it was Mason, the owner of the school.

“What is Kelly doing with my father?” Erica broke the silence that lingered between her and the boy. “First, he came out from the principal office with him this morning when he apologized for his witchcraft. It’s obvious he was with my father because of that but what’s he doing with him again inside his own car?”

“Wait!” Lucas curiously turned to her with eyes wide opened like a tilapia fish 🐟. “Mason is your father? but I thought your last is…”

“Anefiok is my great grandfather’s name. Like is a generational name we use as last name” Erica interrupted him. “Why am I even explaining to you.”

“Wow!” Lucas couldn’t believe it. “Erica Mason High School!”

“Keep it low, young man, It’s Erica Anefiok. Not so many people know about that.” Erica gazed at Kelly sitting comfortably in front of her father’s red Range Rover….
Yes, comfortably, Kelly felt the car air conditioner, also inhaling the tantalizing smell the interior car hoise out. He once again witnessed the big stomach of the man well bulge out by the help of the car seatbelt. Through the windscreen he monitored moving vehicles on the main road and remembering Cynthia who died at the same spot.

“My son” Mason began. “I still want to remind you the gravity of our secrets.”

“Your secret alone” Kelly interfered.

“Fine, I want to ask how you’ll go about it coz no more person needs to die otherwise my school will be closed down or becomes deserted because parents will start withdrawing their children. How are you going to make this mission possible?”

“It’s simple sir, I’ll just turn into a man of God and tell students to abstain from relationships which leads to immorality because I’ve come to an understanding that until those who are in a relationship, sexually come together that the female meets her doom.” Kelly explained.

“There must be something else you can do to save them other than preaching.”

Kelly remained quiet.

“Another thing, I want to know if my daughter Erica is on the dairy list.” Mason requested to see Kelly surprisingly looking at him. “What?” he asked.

“Erica is your daughter?” Kelly said. “Like she doesn’t bear your name.”

“Not everybody bears their father’s name as their surnames.”

“Tell your daughter to stay away from immorality. That’s all I can say. May I go, sir?”

The man exhaled. “At the end of this I must reward you handsomely. I promise you.” He concluded before Kelly left the car. He saw Lucas calling him from the tree. With two hands inside his pockets, he walked to the place, standing before Erica and Lucas.

“What exactly do you have with my father.” Erica charged.

“Oh, sorry, I never knew it was your father.” Kelly retaliated boldly while Lucas watched both of them wondering what would come out of it. Erica stood up making Lucas to also stand like a reffery of a wrestling match.

“What do you mean by you’re sorry?” Erica was still inquisitive.

“Because you sounded as if its an offense to have something with your father?” Kelly retorted.

“Well, sooner or later I must figure out what charm you want to use on my father.” She hissed, wanting to walk out but Kelly held her back by the hand and said without knowing that Olisa had seen them from a classroom. “I’m sorry, Erica.”

The girl flung her hand away and left, shaking her butt in the process. Lucas laughed boastfully.

“Guy, I love the way you stood up to that girl. I love it. Very soon, her cut-yard gonna be ours” he said but Kelly looked at him in a way to say: FOR YOU AND WHO? Lucas understood and giggled. “Okay, the cut-yard gonna be yours alone. But come to think of it, what were you doing with Mason again?”

Kelly didn’t answer. Of course he must not let the cat out of the bag. It was a secret he needed to keep from everyone including his father and the daughter of Mason, the lion himself. So he changed the topic as he sat down at the position Erica was sitting. He looked up at Lucas from there saying, “How did you do it?”

“Do what?” Lucas wondered, getting his ass on the seat too.

“I mean you and Innocentia.”

“Oh, you mean how I won her heart? Simple, your buddy is a handsome dude so literally she fell for it. You just have to be as handsome as ….”

“Lucas!” Kelly interrupted him. “I mean how did you get her to bed. Don’t be surprise and don’t ask me how I know.” He paused to see Lucas wallowing in a confusing thought. “She really loves you. I hope you keep her to the end. Most especially, make sure you take up your responsibility if she gets pregnant unless you used protection.” Kelly stood up and left, leaving his friend speechless.
A few minutes left for school to be over, all SS3 students both art and science gathered inside a hall where Mr Martins was already standing waiting for them to settle down. One could see a fat cane in one of his hands and a rumpled paper in another hand. When he felt that he had given them enough time, he began with a loud voice, “We’ve started preparing for your sentforth party and you’ve been grouped according to what you gonna be performing on that day: some dancing, drama exhibition, debating, etc.. so if you hear your name, you’ll as well hear where you belong.” The man began to call names and the students kept shouting at their various groups which they were fixed. “…and Lucas, Olivia, Erica, Victor and Kelly are on the drama group.” Mr Martins concluded.

Students shouted. Kelly looked around for Innocentia but didn’t see her coz there was no sign of her inside the hall especially when her name was mention on a dancing group. Quickly, he located Lucas in the crowd and asked, “Where is Innocentia?”

“Guy, let me be. You have a lot of questions to answer.” Lucas ignored his question.

“”Just tell me where Innocentia is.”

“She has gone to pick her grandmother from the train station. Why are you asking anyways?” He stared up into his eyes from his seat.

“Nothing much” Kelly shrugged. “Aah, I was thinking I can switch group with her. I rather dance than to be with Erica on the drama group.” he scratched his head.

“You know that’s impossible.”

“Really? I have to go… go out… I mean, you can go home without me.” He left the hall while Lucas stared at him untill he went out of sight.

Like a hare, he ran along the road without minding how he was hit down by a vehicle the last time he got on his heels. He boarded the next available cab to the train station where he saw a crowd of passengers. He began to trace Innocentia’s position according to the way he saw it from the dairy. As he briskly searched, the words of the strange man kept ringing like a bell in his head: “”This event must happen. She must die otherwise you go down with her!” Remembering that, his heart accelerated because, one, he didn’t know what would happen to him after saving the poor girl. Two, he didn’t know how he would save her without her knowing who did coz he needed to keep his identify for this unexpected mission as secret as the dairy. Notwithstanding, he surged forward. He finally saw Innocentia from afar, standing close to the railway. He also saw an armed man after another man. People began to run. Before the armed man could pulled the trigger, Kelly had rushed Innocentia from behind, pushed her down in a way she covered her face on the floor. The next sound that quivered the station was that of the gunshots which bullets hit the metal railway exactly where Innocentia was standing. Innocentia stood up to discover that she would have been dead if the unknown person didn’t save her because Kelly had long gone before she stood up. To her, it was a miracle and will not hesitate to broadcast it.
The sun had begun to set when Erica walked up to her father who was reading a news paper in the living room. She wore a bumshort and a crop top. Even the lining of her underwear could be easily noticed. She sat beside him as the only child she was. “Dad, I wanna ask you.”

The father didn’t look at her but waited for her to proceed.

“What were you doing with the mad boy?” she asked.

The father closed the papar and looked at her. “Mad boy?” he twisted his face.

“I mean the one that have been behaving strangely at school?”

“Oh, KJ, his father is my teenagehood friend.” He opened the paper again.

“Is that what you both discussed inside the car?” Erica was still inquisitive.

“Yes, I gave him something to give to his father.” Mason replied without looking at the daughter.

“I hate him!” She lamented. Just then, the mother of the house entered….
On the other hand, Kelly was talking to his teddy bear again. He stood at the window in a way he turned his back on it. “I guess Innocentia must be wondering who saved her. I really thank God I did. Don’t you think so teddy?” He paused. “The man said I would go down with her. I think I know the type of down he was talking about coz I really went down with her” he chuckled at his own words.

“He knows what he meant, he’s still coming to take you down.” The teddy spoke out unbelievably. Kelly swiftly turned from the window looking at the bear…

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