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Love enhancer episode 6 by : 11:15 am On August 20, 2021
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Written by Author Nath
Heading: Root of Mason Mystery
Kelly lowered his feet from the hospital bed, situated at the third floor of the storey building. He wore a light-green hospital vest too that seems feminine to him. The ward was medically sophisticated: a heart monitor and a defibrillator could be seen behind the bed while a television broadcasted opposite the bed on a wall.

Finally, his feet felt the cool temperature of the tiled floor, trying to move them to the window of the ward which curtains also had the same light-green color of his medical vest. After a step, he groaned painfully, holding his rips. Regardless of the sluggish locomotion, he finally made it to the window where he saw Lucas leaving with Innocentia. He also saw several cars parked neatly in front of the hospital. Surprisingly, he saw his father shaking hands with a man whose stomach could be equate to a pregnant woman’s. His father waited for the man to enter into his car until both dispersed. Just as Kelly filled his eyes with other beauty of the environment, his father entered through the door.

“Hey, son. You’re awake!” he closed the door behind him.

Kelly turned from the window without saying a word. Once again, he slowly sat back at the edge of the bed while his father inquisitively stared at him.

The boy glanced at him and swallowed hard. “I know the look, dad. I know I’ve strangely f√¢ked up again. But I don’t think I’ll be able to answer any of your questions.”

“But your action today is similar to the one last night.” Sir Joe curiously sat beside him. “Tell me what’s going on, son. If you don’t talk to me, who would you talk to? You nearly dragged your school to the dust today!”

“Dad!” Kelly used same tone. “All I can say is that I don’t know what came over me.” Like a good child, he lowered his voice. “I promise it will never repeat itself.”

“Anyways, I’m glad you’re fine.” The father rubbed his back. I’ll see the doctor to know if you’re good to go.” he stood up. Just at the door, Kelly called on him saying, “Who was the pregnant man?”


the father spread his hands. “Who?”

“I saw you through the window.”

“Oh, you mean Mason?”

“As far as I’m concern he’s pregnant.” Both began to smile. “Wait,” Kelly cut it off. “You mean Mason like ‘Mason High School?'” he widened his eyes.

“Yes, he’s the founder and he happens to be my childhood friend. He said he will see you at school when you’re up and kicking.”

“Oh… I see.” Kelly began to node his head. “I’m sorry for letting you and your friend down, dad.”

The father smiled. Briskly, he left the room.
A large teddy bear 🧸 seated on his bed like a human being in charge of the room and also it’s owner. Beside it were two pillows as large as the bear doll. Kelly, who stood opposite the doll wished it develops active ears and mouth so that he could communicate with it. Though he never hesitated to talk to the doll regardless its inactivity.

“Teddy, first, I’m gonna be meeting with Mason at school today for God knows why?” He paused, putting on his shirt. “Sorry, I should have known it’s still about the same reason why I tried to drag his school name to the dust.”

Kelly began to buckle his shit in a hurry. “I guess it’s time to be bold not timid. Don’t you think so, Teddy?” He began to tock in his shirt. “Thank you for your response, Teddy, coz for me to save these people, I really need to go closer to them to actually discover the time of their death after seeing it in the future.. wait… oh… yes, I know even Erica. Yes, I know, she might not want my closeness or friendship but I will never let anything happen to her.”

Kelly sat on the edge of the bed in a way he backed the doll then began to put on his shoes. “Yes, Teddy, I know that getting closer to these girls… I don’t know why only girls are the one meeting their doom like Cynthia. Don’t know why they are the only victim. I wish I know.” He stood up and grabbed his bag. “So as I was saying, getting closer to these girls with the motive to save their lives might actually enhance some kind of likeness for me. I guess that’s why the woman called it ‘Love Enhancer'”

He began to walk towards the door, opened it but came back into the room sadly, staring at the Teddy bear. “I really love Erica but I wouldn’t want to win her heart using love enhancer… I know, I know, Olisa is already in the picture. Bye.” he banged the door.

Stepping out from the house, Kelly saw his school van which stopped before him to enter. Seeing population of students through the window van and their murmuring voice, he began to feel intimidated again coz he knew that he was their topic of discussion. He wondered what people would call him for acting weird days ago. Just as he contemplated, he saw Innocentia running towards the van.


She shouted. “Thank God I’ve met up with you guys coz I missed the van initially.” she came closer to Kelly, “What are you waiting for, KJ, let’s go inside.” she told him.

“I was actually waiting for you.” he found his voice.

“Wow, I’m flattered!” Innocentia held his hand, taking a step into the van with him. For the first time, Kelly felt a bit confident but it began to dwindle when he saw some students calling him a wizard and saying all kinds of bad words about him. With his eyes, he searched for Lucas his savior but couldn’t find him. Oh, what a pity? Who would save him from that embarrassment? Worst, Innocentia left him standing in the middle of the van and took a seat.

“Here comes the wizard!” Olisa said from the back seat. He dramatically stood up like a hero. “Or should we call him Eze nmuo? The chief priest of Mason High!”

Students laughed.

“No” Jerry stood up behind Kelly. “He is a killer! A murderer!” he pushed Kelly from behind in a way he stumbled on Erica who in turn pushed him away again.

“Please, don’t get close to me!” she warned.

“Hey, KJ, come sit with me.” Innocentia whispered to him. Shamefully, he sat beside the girl. “Don’t listen to them.” She encouraged him.

Kelly glanced at her. “Thank you.”

“Don’t mention. In as much as Lucas believes in you, I do too. Therefore, to us, you’re none of those names they call you.” she added again. Kelly filled a bit relieved. It could be seen on his smiling face.

Mason High school returned to it’s morning activities. Though as the students were on the assembly ground, so were Kelly and Mason himself inside the principal’s office. He was able to closely look at the man’s big stomach and wondered if it was filled with organs or just water or may be, a baby was on the way coming. Hilarious.

The seat in which Kelly exerted his weight suddenly began to get hot for him, seeing almighty Mason turning his back on him after explaining his predicament. The hotness of the seat was no difference from that of ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire’. He swallowed hard, feeling unease on the seat when the silence lingered between them.

“Sir…” he broke the silence, yet he couldn’t hear his own voice due to tension and unwanted imagination.

“Joe,” Mason turned to him. “I wanna tell you a story.” he began. “When I was at your age I was in a relationship. I impregnated my girlfriend, Alice. We shared our dreams together. That’s when I told her my ambition of owning a school. On our final grade, I impregnated her but denied it because my parents swore to disown me…” He exhaled. “To cut the story short, Alice couldn’t bear the pain and heartbreak, so she took her own life, leaving a note for me.” Mason sat down, placing his two hands on the table as Kelly listened.

“The note reads and I quote.” he continued. “Mason, your ambition will die as our relationship.” he paused.

Smartly, Kelly asked, “Why are you telling me this story?”

“Because it’s all about you”


Mason stood up and turned his back on him again. “I showed my traditional priestess that note and she said it must surely come to pass but she did some sacrifices and said to me, “There will come a dairy, whosoever possesses it might end it but it won’t be easy for him or her. After a year, she died”” Mason turned to Kelly. “From your drama, Joe, you’re the one possessing the dairy.” he concluded.

“And I have to suffer for your own sin!” Kelly raised his voice.

“I’m sorry to indirectly involve you but you need to do this and keep it secret until it’s done. You can’t tell anyone. Not even your father coz I kept it from him since our teenagehood.”

Kelly stood up. “Now I know why Cynthia died and why Innocentia is the next to meet her doom. It’s not only because they’re in a relationship, but because they have also have s£× just like you and Alice did. Now I also know why only the females are affected.”

“You really need to do this for me, Joe.The story is just the root of the mystery” Mason pleaded.

“What if I can’t do it coz I don’t know how yet! What if I die in the process!” Kelly began to breath hastily…

However, on the assembly ground, students were making noises waiting for Mason to come and address them as the founder of the school, unexpectedly, Kelly was the one walking to them which greatly ended the noise as all watched him until he stood before all the students. Mason came out that time to stand behind him.

Kelly’s eyes caught with Erica’s before Lucas’. “Good morning my fellow students” he began like the president of United State. “I, Kelly Joe, apologize for my improper behavior which some of you tagged as witchcraft. I really don’t know what came over me. I pledge it will never happen again. I’m sorry especially to Jerry for combatting with you. I’m sorry Erica..” he paused and his eyes caught with hers again. “I’m sorry Erica for stumbling on you inside the school van and I’m sorry Olisa for.. for.. for nothing.” he swallowed hard and left the place…

“Let the drama begins” Kelly whispered on his way out…

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