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Love enhancer episode 5 by : 5:40 pm On August 19, 2021
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(Kelly’s Dairy)
Episode 5
Written by Author Nath
Heading: Kelly and the Moon
The flow of her blood on the road was like a liquid fire from a ruptured volcano finding it’s way through the mountains. Though she was dead but her eyes were widely opened and her white long-sleeve uniform was stained by her own blood. Her blue skirt had torn and her posture inappropriately exposed her underwear. Cynthia’s death was a tip of an iceberg to what awaits the students of Mason High school. Some students clustered beside the road while some watched Jerry’s drama with Kelly under the tree.

“What did you do, Kelly!” Jerry never left his shirt. Other students joined hands to castigate the boy like the agitation of the Romans for Jesus to be crucified. Teachers left their various offices including the principal to witness the element of the pandemonium. Jerry began to drag Kelly towards the centre of the school, resisting Lucas’ effort to retaliate while the crowd followed them.

“What’s going on!?” Mr Martins’ voice scared many away.

Poor Kelly couldn’t control his tears in the midst of the crowd coz at the best of his knowledge he couldn’t ascertain what was going on. But he suddenly found himself punching Jerry away from him and eventually kicking him down on the floor. The crowd adjusted back in a way they formed a circle. Before Jerry could stand on his feet, Kelly had rushed him on the floor, giving him more blows. Lucas couldn’t believe it! He wondered where his buddy got such a strength from. Jerry had eaten enough blows before Kelly stood up from him.

“Do you really wanna know why she died?!” He began angrily at the centre of the crowd. His voice shut everyone up and opened their ears thereby bringing silence among them. “If you want to know what killed Cynthia, ask the school management! I saw her, she told me not all relationships are meant to be. Mr Martins’ knows who she is and the principal is hiding this secret from all of us!” he paused, breathing hastily

“What secret?” The principal stepped in. Tention arose among the students when they saw that the situation had exceeded a cock and bull fairy tale.


turned to him unabashedly. “Tell me the school doesn’t have a skeleton in her cardboard that you’re not away of. Yesterday, you pretended as if you never behold immorality that should attract severe punishment rather you swept it under the carpet to cover you’re secret!”

“Kelly, have you gone insane?!” Mr Martins stepped into the circle standing beside the principal who looked very confused.

“You too” Kelly turned to the man. “You’re also pretending. How the hell did you know that it was a woman I saw yesterday who suddenly disappeared to the tin air?”

“What are you talking about?” Mr. Martins glanced at the principal in order to know if he was witnessing the whole thing. Of course he was but was as confuse as he was.

“You don’t know what I’m talking about!” Kelly’s voice trailed. “This is what I’m talking about.” he rushed to his bag that rested on Lucas’ shoulder, pulled it out, opened it and brought out the dairy in the presence of everyone. “This is what I’m talking about!” He raised it up. “It has the names of all the students who are in a….”

“What are you showing us?” The principal interrupted him.

“This dairy?” Kelly raised it down surprisingly.

“What dairy?” Mr. Martins added.

Kelly looked at the dairy in his hand and back to the two teachers. He extended his gaze to the students who clustered around, murmuring at his behavior. The boy took a step to the principal and said with a low tone, “Are you saying you can’t see this dairy?”

“I’m seeing nothing but your f!ng£rs” the principal began. “And point of correction, I wasn’t in school yesterday. I was at a conference meeting with official of ministry of education, so what is this immorality you said i behold when i seated beside my colleague, Dr. David in a meeting?”

“Kelly, you told me you saw a janitor and all our janitors are females that’s why I used the word ‘woman’?” Mr. Martins substantiated.

The soliloquy increased among the students, distance siren of an ambulance coming to carry Cynthia’s corpse paved in the air. However, Kelly had started shedding more tears looking at the dairy in his hand. He suddenly looked up at the men, “Seriously, you can’t see this?” he asked for the second time.

“Okay, I’ve heard enough. Take him to my office and call his parents.” The principal ordered, walking out to observe Cynthia’s situation. Instantly, Mr. Martins grabbed Kelly by the hand like a police officer holding a criminal.

“Let me go! I’m not insane. I know what I’m talking about!” he struggled in his hands thereby fligging away the dairy. Successfully, he detached from him then took on his heels towards the main road as some students pursued him. Running across the road, a car hit him down. That’s was the second accident happening that morning which of course, wasn’t ordinary. Lucas wanted to run to his buddy but felt a hand holding him back. He turned to see Innocentia, an epitome of black beauty, calmed and meek.


have to let Kelly be, Lucas. He’s not himself.” she said in calmed voice that could melt a stone-heart.


“No but. I don’t think it’s safe being around him now.” she interrupted him.

Lucas sighed. They watched as Kelly was put inside an ambulance that speed off immediately with alarted siren. Lucas’ heart became heavy while his mind had also been occupied my so many thought. Intelligently, Innocentia noticed it and pulled him closer to herself saying, “Don’t worry, we can visit him in the hospital later.”

Lucas remained speechless.
Kelly went into transition, he saw himself staring at the moon which only shone on his face alone while every other place remained dark. His hands also remained behind him while his face directed up to the sky. No single sound from the environment to his eardrums. Suddenly, a female voice came beside him saying, “You draw too much attention to yourself.”

Kelly turned to see the same strange woman. “You again?” he said surprisingly. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m only in your mind and this might be the last time you’ll see me.” she replied also staring at the moon.

Kelly joined her. “People think I’m crazy.But I know what I’m seeing”

“I don’t think you’re crazy, KJ. I believe in you. Don’t blame yourself, Cynthia’s death isn’t your fault even if you had the opportunity to save her.”

Kelly looked at her. “How?” he asked.

“The love enhancer.”

“I don’t understand.”

The woman also brought down her head. “The dairy is meant for you to save your friends lives and in turn enhances your love. Though you won’t understand now but you will. Get prepared the battle has not begun.”

“Why did Cynthia die?” Kelly asked.

“She died because of the same reason her name appeared on the dairy.” she concluded..
Kelly opened his eyes to see himself lying on a sick bed in a hospital. His head hurts just like his body. Surprisingly, he saw Lucas and Innocentia seated beside him on the bed. He struggled up in a way his buttocks really felt the spring of the bed.

“How are you feeling, KJ?” Lucas smiled at him. “Your dad just left.”

“KJ, we’re happy you’re awake.” Innocentia added.

“Thanks” Kelly looked beside him to see the dairy. He picked it up, opened it to see Innocentia’s name gone like Cynthia’s which is to say she will die like her. He sadly looked up.

“KJ, what is it?” Lucas asked him.

“Nothing” he smiled in order not to draw attention as the woman said. Staring at the innocent girl whose life span had been shortened, he suddenly felt sorry for her. He acted normal like nothing happened until they left. Quickly, he took a pen, opened a blank space of the dairy and wrote, “Innocentia.” Immediately, he found himself in the future, at the point where Innocentia will die and how: It was a crowdy train station, people walked around without seeing him. Just then, Kelly sighted Innocentia at a corner. He also saw an armed man after another man. People began to run. The man pulled the trigger, unfortunately the bullet killed Innocentia. Horribly, same moment, he saw a man staring at him a few meters away.

“Kelly!” The man called on him.

“You can see me?” Kelly took a few steps closer.

“This event must happen. She must die otherwise you go down with her!” The man warned him.

“Who are you? Why are you killing them!?” Kelly boldly asked. He looked at Innocentia’s corpse. Before he could turne, he didn’t see the man again…
Kelly opend his eyes to see himself still in the hospital bed. “I traveled to the future?” he murmured amazingly, remembering the man he saw there. His statement also reminded him of the woman’s statement: “Get prepared the battle has not yet begun.” Coming out from the thought, Innocentia entered in a hurry. Kelly stared at her.

“Sorry, Lucas forgot his phone. I came to pick it.” The girl told him with a smile as she picked the phone, heading back to the door.

“Innocentia..” Kelly called him.

The girl turned.

“Please, be careful.” he told her.

The girl smiled again then left the ward…

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