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Love enhancer episode 2 by : 7:45 pm On August 17, 2021
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(Kelly’s Dairy)
Episode 2
Written by Author Nath
Heading: Names & Dairy
The shadow of Mason School van never faded on the road under the reflection of radiation which source was at the verge of disappearance. The Sunset from the West painted the city with an orange color, also reflecting on the windscreen of many vehicles especially the school van. From one of the window glasses, Kelly stared at the less intensive yellow sun as his head rested on the glass. His mind was occupied by what happened in school that day, he needed to think, then obviously gets answers to his predicament. Beside him inside the van was Lucas, who, for once, remained quiet also reflecting on his buddy’s attitude earlier at school. So he glanced at him.

“KJ, did you really see a janitor or the woman? You’ve been quiet after you ran like a mad man, shouting nobody’s name in the middle of the school environment. What’s going on?” he broke the silence.

Kelly neither responded nor detached his head from the window glass. Suddenly, the van stopped thereby bringing his attention to other students in the van. He observed some male and female students getting down from the van together like lovers.

“Why are our students so much entangled with one another?” he glanced at Lucas. “You know what I mean.”

“Why are you acting as if you’re just noticing now? Of course any of them you see must be in a relationsh…”

“Relationship.” Kelly interrupted him.

“Yeah, what’s up about that? Are you jealous coz you don’t have any girl to work on her venyard?” Lucas smiled at him. Just then the van stopped again.

Kelly stood up hastily. “I’m only worried about them, Lucas, coz something isn’t right in Mason.” he began to walk out. Lucas needed more substantiation so he ran after him. Before he could get down from the van, Kelly had entered into their house, yet, he went after him.

Kelly’s house is a portable bungalow, located by the road side. It has three stairs which Lucas ran through, pushed the first door open to see the living room void from humans. That was a clear evidence that Kelly’s father hadn’t come back from work. “Kelly, KJ!” he called his name, walking towards the door of his room. He knocked before gradually opening it to allowed the sound circulate the house. It was like the dead making his way into a quiet empty hall through a rusty door. It was thrilling and terrifying.


Lucas walked into the room, allowing the door to jam, making the same scary sound. The young boy was amazed to see Kelly, writing something hastily on a mini white board. He averted his eyes from him to other part of the room. It was nasty to his eyes, wondering why and what his buddy was writing on the small board.

“KJ, when did you become a teacher?” he broke the silence, yet the boy kept making sketches on the board. Therefore, Lucas had no choice but to sit at the edge of an opposite bed, watching silently until Kelly was done, adjusted away from the board. Lucas saw a drawn building tagged MHS and an arrow vertically drawn to a word: ‘Students’ and from students to ‘Relationship’.

Lucas exhaled. “I presume MHS means Mason High school. What point are your trying to make. Are you drawing your love pyramid?” he grinned.

“I know this will sound crazy but…” Kelly walked closer to him. “I think our school has a skeleton in her cardboard. Lucas, believe me when I say I saw the woman that turned me into a herbivore, making me eat from the school grass by falling me in the presence of all.” he changed position as he continued. “This woman caught me peeking at Erica from the toilet..”

“You did!?” Lucas chuckled. “I’ve told to walk up to that girl and get a hold of her cut-yard rather than peeking at it!”

Kelly exhaled exhaustively, adjusting his eyeglasses. He angrily grabbed Lucas shirt like a wife about to initiate a fight with her husband. “Be serious, Lucas!” he yelled. “Something is going on under your nose but you can’t see it!”

Lucas had never seen or heard Kelly in such a harsh tone. Therefore it got down to him that the boy was serious. But he silently looked at his hands on his shirt before Kelly released him and continued.

“The woman said something: that not all relationships are meant to be. Initially, I thought she was talking about my crush for Erica but surprisingly she said she was talking about who I am, not me in particular.”

“Why is the response confusing?”

“Good question” Kelly continued. “Terrified, I stepped out from the rest-room only to open it again to see the woman no more.” he paused for Lucas to assimilate and to feel the gravity of his last statement. Truly, the boy could relate. “I tried to bring up this to Mr Martins, but he figured out it was a woman even before I could tell him. What does that tell you?”

“He knows the woman?”

“Bingo! But why was he pretending? If the woman was an illusion as you think why then would Mr Martins know her?”


began to shake his head. He stood up, still reasoning about the whole thing. He glanced at the board. “What’s your conclusion?”

Kelly briskly walked back to the board illustrating his writings. “This is MHS, and i believe the school mysteriously functions using the students.”

“Students are primary function of all schools.” Lucas spread his hands.

“Not this one” Kelly cycled the building image on the board. “The primary function of this one is the students’ relationship. I believe the students relationship has some diabolic connections with the foundation of the school and it could be dangerous.” he paused as both stared at each other. “I think that’s the message the woman tried to pass to me?” Kelly added.

Lucas exhaled. “I think I have to go now, KJ. You don’t make sense to me.” he carried his bag from the beg. Kelly disappointedly watched him surging towards the door. “Lucas…” he called him.

The boy tiredly turned.

“I witnessed another thing after I fell down today at school” Kelly began as Lucas listened from the door….
Kelly stood up to see all eyes on him, he turned to see Mr Martins staring at him too. Lucas handed his eyeglasses to him, he cleaned it and wore it back boldly. His emotions changed. He fully understood that Mason High School has a mystery he had to solve.

“You have to go clean up, KJ.” Lucas suggested with a low tone.

Kelly bought the advise, instead of heading to the rest-room., He walked to the back of the school which was a bit bushy and cranky with no students. Accidentally, he caught two students klzzing and romancing each other. Quickly, he hid beside the wall of a building, watching the cut-yard of the female being grabbed like a loaf of bread thereby exposing her black underwear. To Kelly’s greatest surprise, he saw the school principal witnessing the erotic act from opposite end but the man quietly left unnoticed….
“In which school would a principal witness such act but remain quiet without punishing the victims?” Kelly concluded as Lucas stared at him.

“Who were the students? I guess it must be Olisa and..” Lucas found his voice.

“They were Victor and Olivia.” Kelly interrupted. “Something is wrong in that school, believe me.” he added.

“Maybe the principal will still bring it up. Bye, KJ.” he left.
Darkness finally covered the cloud, thunderstorms escalated in the city, hence heavy rain began to pour down. It was pass midnight when Kelly found himself up from the bed wearing only his pyjamas. Drawing closer to his window, he did not only see Erica under the rain but also squatting on the middle of the road, shedding tears. Suddenly, he found himself on the road with her.

“Erica?” he called.

The girl raised her head up with eyes full of tears.

“Why are you crying?” Kelly asked her.

“I’m so sad. Olisa broke up with me.” she replied. Instantly, a car hit her down in a way her head rolled off from her neck.

“Erica!!” Kelly exclaimed only to wake up from his bed. Though it was a dream but the rainfall was real. Drawing closer to his window again but in reality, he saw no one under the rain. What he did see with the help of a thunder lightening was a dairy. Boldly, he walked out from the house to the rain and picked it up. The dairy had a metal cover page, hence was water resistant.

Kelly’s hand did not only quiver inside his room when he was about to open the dairy, thunder also struck from the sky. The young boy open the center page of the dairy to see names of students in Mason High School.

“Oh my God!” He exclaimed loudly. His voice attracted a knock at his door…

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