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Love enhancer episode 19 – finale

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Love enhancer episode 19 – finale by : 3:38 pm On September 5, 2021
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(Kelly’s Dairy)
Final Episode (Episode 19)
Written by Author Nath
Heading: Lucas & The King
Her tears knew no bounds for Mason, her husband, who was on trial for murder and ritual. He had been charged for using students from his school for diabolical purposes and the main cause of the disappearance of Kelly and co. The wife waited with Mason’s lawyer until he came out in a yellow jumpsuit like a prisoner. Seeing him in that state, the wife’s tears increased spontaneously. As if the jumpsuit was measured with the size of his stomach, it fitted him exceptionally among others. He sat down before the two and glanced at the lawyer — He was a young man in a black suit, black and vibrant.

“What’s the update.” Mason asked him.

“They said you have to provide your daughter and Kelly Joe. They recently discovered that other kids went missing with them. So, you need to tell me all you know, sir.” the lawyer replied.

“Apart from the story of Alice and her curse, I know nothing again unless if the curse is still using this situation to manifest. I really don’t know what’s going on. That boy, Kelly Joe can bear me witness.”

“That’s the point.” The wife sniffed in tears. “Where to find the boy and my daughter is the issue now.” she added.

became silent which was an open door for noise from other inmates in other rooms. Mason exhaled exhaustively and said, “The boy told me there was a twist of prophecy from a book like that. He said the dairy was for the selection of paramours who will journey to a place called house of Elves to save some kind of princess.”

“Nobody will believe this fairy tale.” The lawyer objected.

“It sounds like fairy tale but he made me believe it’s real! Who knows if Kelly and my daughter are the paramours? Who knows if they’re there already?” He leaned forward dramatically. “You need to find this so called house of Elves. You need to find those kids before it’s too late coz only them can bear me witness.”

“Okay, sir.” the lawyer stood up while Mason held his wife’s hands.


really sorry if I’m in any way the cause of the whole thing. I promise, our only daughter will be back.” he pleaded. Of course the wife understood, so she sympathized with him though with tears.
Finally, the paramours got to the entrance of the house of Elves, they looked at each other and rolled out a stone that was used to block it. The dark hallow entrance seemed void from any form of human being. It was like walking into a grave without coming out, but they had no choice, so they entered at the same time while the stone rolled back by itself.

“Oh my God!” Erica’s voice echoed from inside. The ground began to quiver again, this time, along with big trees- those were more Elves gathering at the entrance to await the coming of the paramours if they actually would. They looked hidious and paranoid. However, inside the house, Kelly and Erica had been standing at a spot, feeding their eyes with the components of the house. It has all kinds of treasures that sparkle with bright light. Hence, they were the source of energy in the place. Obviously, the amazing sight of the treasure got Erica shouting.

“This is not as Victor described it.” Kelly whispered. “He said it was a hell.”

“That’s hell” Erica pointed at a circular burning fire. At the centre is a rock with with a small bottle gourd. “The content of the bottle must be the ornament we’re here for. Before we take it, we must pass through the hell fire. Let me put it like that.” She added, moving forward with a hand stretched backward to let Kelly know that the mission was hers alone.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Kelly whispered to her.

“Just stay back. I’ve committed sin, so hell fire is mine to go.” she replied.

Kelly smiled at her words. He waited as she said but he never let his eyes off her. Erica jumped through the fire to the bottle heroically. Though it was a bit hot at the centre, but she endured the pain, grabbed the bottle to run out. Unfortunately, the house began to quiver. The Elves came out from nowhere. They circulated Erica just like the fire had her trapped in there too. Her breathing rate change with the unexpected situation.

“Erica!” Kelly wanted to run to her but she interrupted him saying. “KJ, no! Take the ornament!” she carefully threw the bottle gourd to him. The boy dived to catch it. Of course he did but was on the floor with a wounded knee. Just then, the Elves outside also came inside and blocked him too. Obviously, there was no escape path for both of them. He stood up with the bottle, turned around to see nothing but angry Elves glaring at him.

“I know we must have crossed the boundary.” he began. His voice repeatedly sounded across the walls of the house like an echo. “We’re just harmless mortal humans trying to make the wrong right. But we cannot take the life of our love ones in the cause of action. So let’s have a truce; let my friend and I go, and I’ll give you back your bottle of whatsoever in it.” He glanced at the bottle.


of the Elves stepped forward, groaning like a man at the peak of ejaculation. His height got Kelly looking up at him. To the Elve, Kelly was like an ant that he could just killed by matching him with his feet. “We know you’re here because of the immortals, our greatest enemy. But you sound reasonable. Give us the ornament then go with your friend.” he grumbled…
On the other hand, Eleli led Lucas and others to the territory of the immortals. It was a beautiful sight to behold. Everything was white in colour even other immortals that walked around the environment in white garments. It was a mountain with mini houses at different angles. The immortals began to draw closer when they saw Eleli and others. They became not only surprised but also murmured within themselves.

“Wow!” Lucas exclaimed. “Am I seeing angels? This looks like heaven itself!” he added.

Olivia never left Victor’s hand as she also fed her eyes with the beauty of the environment. Opposite them came the king of the immortals. He was also on white garment but had a crown on his head and a staff in his hand. Beside him was the queen, looking everly beautiful with her crown too. Both watched from the entrance of the palace to see Eleli coming up through several large stairs with three mortal humans until they drew nearer. Eleli bowed before them.

“Welcome, Eleli.” The king said.

“Thank you.” She looked at Lucas and co. “This is the king of the immortals.” she introduced.

“Yes, we’ve read about you and how you never wanted your daughter to marry a mortal human..” Victor was saying before Lucas grabbed the remaining words from his mouth saying, “Oh, yes, you didn’t let her marry a mortal human but mortals are the one trying to save her ass. Your action put us all in danger and has even cause us lives of our love ones like Olisa, Jerry and Mr Joe. So we demand an apology!”

“Lucas!” Olivia hit him on the shoulder.

“No, the truth needs to be told!” He continued. “We mortal humans are the most incredible creature made by almighty God. You can’t go to the house of Elves but we can. You can’t die but we can and live again till eternity. I’ve not even mentioned that you’re helpless without us, example saving the life of your princess.”

“It is a prophecy!” the king roared angrily like a lion.

“A prophecy you couldn’t fulfill!” Lucas also used the same tone.

Silence was the next atmosphere among them. It was very challenging to the king but truly, the boy was making sense. He didn’t want to admit it as a king he was, so he said, “The race of mortal humans is over.”

“Oh, no, no, no, my King.” Lucas took a step up to the next stair. “May be in this your world, but in the world I come from, the race of mortal humans is just beginning. When you try to kill us like you did to Kenji, we reproduce and multiply in hundred folds. That’s why we’re the most incredible and unique creatures.”

The king got angry and left followed by his wife….
From the fire, Erica lamented saying, “Kelly, don’t give them back the ornament! Find away and get out of here! I deserve to die. I’ve said horrible things to you. I’m the cause of your father’s death, so run away with that stuff and let them kill me!” she began to shed tears.
“I’m sorry, Erica” Kelly handed the bottle to the Elve before him. They allowed Erica out from the fire. She had been perplexed already by the heat generated by the fire. Even Kelly could see droplet of it on her face when she came closer to him. He dragged her by the hand, briskly walking towards the exit.

“What are you doing? Do you realize the consequences if we fail on this quest? Why are we leaving the ornament behind?” Erica kept whispering.

“Dont worry, I have a better one.” Kelly raised his shirt up where Erica saw another small bottle gourd on his waist. Only then did she understand that he swapped the gourd when he fell on the ground…
Kelly became mute. He rounded off Erica’s leg with the hot water and sat beside her in a way he also rested his back on the stem of the tree thereby bringing silence between them once again. Erica rested her head on his shoulder and said, “Thank you, KJ.” She closed her eyes in sleep without hearing anything from the boy. An hour later, he laid her fown on the floor and covered her up with his cloth to sleep comfortably. He sighted a small dried fallen bottle gourd. He picked it up, cleaned the inside and attached it with a rope.

“What are you doing, Kelly?” Erica asked half asleep without opening her eyes from the base of the tree.

“Just sleep.” Kelly replied as he pour water inside the gourd and tied it on his waist. “Local water bottle.” He soliloquized amusingly….
“I was surprised to see the bottle gourd of the ornament similar to that one on my waist, so I swapped it. It’s just a matter of time before they discover that the content isn’t the ornament but ordinary water.” Kelly concluded with a whisper. Just as he said, the Elves discovered tha they had the wrong bottle, so they ran after them. Unfortunately, the paramours had already left the house of Elves. As they ran through the forest, they saw two young men on different horses.

“We’re immortals. The king sent us to you. I believe you’re the paramours and you’re with the ornament.” One of them said.

“Yes” Kelly replied.

“Then come on!”

Kelly and Erica jumped on the horses before the Elves approached. As they were riding home so as other immortals caught with the Elves in the forest, shooting them arrows and cutting them with swords.

There was a joyful shout in the land of the immortals when the paramours arrived. Lucas couldn’t be so happy to see his buddy back again likewise others. The five humans were taken to the princess where she laid face up on a flat rock with candlelight surrounding her. She was a beautiful teenager like the mortal humans. Lucas couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“How long has she been like this?” Victor asked Eleli.

“A century.” she replied.


“You can now go while we do our thing with the ornament.” she ordered.

The mortal humans seated in front of the palace in a way they backed the entrance. After observing the environment, Kelly said, “This place looks like heaven.”

“I said so too.” Lucas supported. Just then, princess Dii-dii gradually surged towards them from behind. She had obviously been saved with the ornament. Her gown seemed bogus but fitted like a wedding gown. Also her long hair flapped on her shoulders. She was an epitome of beauty.

“So tell us how many Elves you killed, KJ.” Olivia chipped in among her human brothers.

Hearing the name ‘KJ’, the princess quickened her pace and called, “KJ?”

All looked back to see her running towards them, also stood up at the same time. The princess hugged Kelly and klzzed him passionately. “I’m so happy you’re still alive!” she said. Erica averted her eyes from them out of jealousy. Kelly reciprocated the hug and the klzz. However, Eleli, the king and queen and other immortals had gathered, shouting and clapping their hands. Erica couldn’t take it, so she walked out from their midst. Like a quenched fire, the noise died down. Kelly turned to see Erica walking away.

“Erica!” he ran after her.

Meanwhile, the princess had been confused. She turned to his father. “What’s going on?”

“I’m sorry my dear” the father approached. “That’s not Kenji. He’s…”

“A new version of Kenji and he has his princess already.” Lucas interrupted him.

Eleli also stepped forward. She elaborated everything to the princess who began to shed tears. “But he looks exactly like Kenji.” she cried.

“He is Kenji’s incarnation. That’s why the prophecy waited this long to come for your life to be saved” She explained again. Just then, Kelly arrived with Erica. He stood in the presence of all with his hand on Erica’s and said, “I’m happy the prophecy has been fulfilled but I’m sorry I can’t marry the princess because I already have one.” he paused and glanced at Erica. “She’s the only princess I know. Please, we’re sorry for any inconveniences, but we will like to go back to our world. You can also keep the immortality. I’ll like to grow old with the woman I love.”

“No!” Lucas interfered as all eyes went to him. “He made a mistake on that one. What he tried to say is that we will like to keep the gift of immortality only.”

No one said anything.

“If you don’t mind.” he added, yet nobody said a thing.

“That decision is for the princess to make” the king replied.

Dii-dii stepped forward with tears. “I learnt to have a loving heart from mortal humans. Everything seems strange to me knowing that you’re not Kenji the one I loved and there no way I can have with you what I had with him. I’ll find a prince one day. So let it be as you’ve said.. uhm… Kelly Joe.”

“Thank you so much my princess” Kelly bowed while Erica ran to her and hugged her likewise Olivia while the boys assembled together, watching the joyfully. The love was over whelmed that the princess turned to her parents and said, “Can I go with them to the mortal world?”

The king glanced at his wife who smiled at him. “You can my dear.”

“Yes!” she exclaimed with the girls. They all returned to the mortal world without the gift of immortality. Lucas couldn’t believe it!!

Kelly revealed the truth about what was happening in Mason High School with Dii-dii as a living evidence and Mason was released from custody. Mason High School functionally came back life too with Dii-dii as Kelly’s immortal sister.
SECRET OF DEATH, coming next

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