Love enhancer episode 18

(Kelly’s Dairy)
Episode 18
Written by Author Nath
Heading: The Prophecy.
They walked through the valley of death and feared no evil. They climbed mountains which they wished to move by having faith as small as mustard seed. Tirelessly, their morale grew like a tree planted by the rivers of water which produces nothing but Lucas’ singing voice only. From the mountains, they came in contact with a forest where an average woman with long gray hair stood like an angel. Her white garment glows exceptional to the environment. On her feet were nothing but her feet. Kelly and co. hesitated to move when they saw her, wondering who she could be. He glanced at his teddy and said, “Eleli, who are we seeing?”

No response.

Kelly looked at his friends then back to the teddy again. “Eleli..”

“She will not respond to you, Kelly, because you’re looking at Eleli.” the average woman’s voice echoed. All directed their eyes to her to see her smiling irresistibly. In turn, someone like Lucas couldn’t resist the smile too. It was like being smiled by goddess herself.

“Eleli?” Victor widened his eyes.

“This is where we depart!” Eleli approached them in flesh and blood. Of course Lucas confirmed it by touching her garment as the woman continued. “Only the paramours will continue the journey following this forest.” she pointed at the forest.

“What will happen to us?” Olivia asked.

“I’ll take you to the immortals where we wait for them.”

Kelly and Erica looked at each other while others also made use of their eyes thereby stretching the silence that creeped in among them. Aparantly, their emotions had changed, thinking that they would never see the paramours again, hence became afraid of the uncertainty especially the terror of the night, the arrow that flies by day and the pestilence that stalks in darkness. Less than ten thousand Elves awaits them but they wished none comes near them to only use their eyes to see their destruction because they’ve made the ‘Prophecy’ a story of reality. Lucas hugged Kelly and whispered on his shoulder, “Be save, buddy”

Kelly patted him back. Olivia did the same to Erica and others also said a goodbye wish.

All watched Kelly and Erica helplessly walking towards the forest until Kelly stopped. He turned and said, “Eleli, what will happen to us if anything should happen to us? I mean, will our parents finds us if we die?”

“That’s true” Lucas interfered. “Where is this place by the way? Is it on Earth?” he added.

Eleli smiled. “If you fail on this quest by death or by mare failure, the prophecy will re-occur after another century and nobody will find your bodies neither will you leave this place to your world. But fulfill the prophecy to have access to this world and your world. Both of you will be gods among men coz you’ll become immortals.”

Hearing that, Lucas ran to the paramours. “We forgot I said the immortality is mine.” he said.

Eleli smiled again. “If you follow them, your chances to survive is just two percent. Trust me, Lucas.” she told him undoubtedly.

“Lucas, come on get your ass back here!” Victor told him while he received a friendly punch from Olivia for using the word ‘ass’. Of course Lucas reluctantly left the paramours who entered into the forest.
The forest had scanty tall trees but with canopy leaves. It has the setting of a vacation spot regarding some other trees that bear fruits. Looking at the trees, Kelly said to Erica, “This looks like garden of Eden.”

She smiled, staring at the trees too. “And you’re Adam while I’m Eve.” she supported.

“No, we’re not until we get naked.” Kelly added hilariously thereby causing a laughter between them which gradually died down. Erica held his hand romantically without looking at his face, but when Kelly averted his eyes from the trees to her, she was forced to also stare at him romantically thereby increasing their heartbeat.

“I’m hungry.” she broke the romantic atmosphere, simultaneously letting go of his hand too.

“Wait, let me get some fruit.” Kelly surged towards the tree, admired by Erica who kept smiling. She watched him bring down some fruits as he said while she picked them up. Like lovers, they sat down at a spot to eat the fruit of their labour which they joyfully fed each other with. Suddenly, they heard the rattling of leaves at a distant. They stood up hastily! Erica held Kelly’s hand and said, “Follow me. Run!”

As teenage lovers, they soared through the thick forest with their hands glued together. The irritating sound of dried grasses filled their ears without minding its texture under their shoes. Though the weather showed an unfavorable sign regardless the darkness that unwittingly subdued the rays of sunlight thus, generating gentle breeze that dangled Erica’s hair. She was still in her trousers and a crop-top, therefore she needed not to support her race with a hand on any of her wears. Behind her was Kelly who’s hand she never let go, leading him on the run. The boy looked exhausted unlike the girl whose soft hand he never let go too. Suddenly, he fell down. The girl turned to him saying with a glowing smile, “Sorry, KJ. You need to stand up.” she stretched her hand for him to grab in order to help him stand on his feet again.

“Please, stop running, Erica. Nothing is even after us. Maybe it was an animal.” He finally grabbed her hand.

Erica’s emotions changed coz she realized that their actions were slightly similar to that of Kenji and the princess according to the book she read. As Kelly began to dust off dirt from his shirt, Erica walked out from the grasses only to discover she was standing on top of a cliff where she struggled to be at that time. She felt like she was on top of the world judging from her charming smile as a result of her sight to the wonderful environment. She could see a distant building that was not only made by rocks but also attached to a mountain. Its entrance had two burning fire from two sticks that illuminated the arena. She extended her sight to witness more of such light. Amazingly, at another corner, there was a waterfall from rocks which was an addendum to the beauty of the place. She looked back.

“Kelly! Kelly! KJ!” she whispered. “Come here, come see.” she added.

The boy walked up to her to behold that which he was summoned for, that which he fell down for and that which he got weak for. It was a beautiful sight to him. “So that is the almighty house of Elves.” he said.

“I think so.” she replied happily.

They giggled, staring at each other romantically. The wind suddenly began to blow Erica’s hair backwards as they observed the romantic tranquility. Their sympathetic nervous system activated; Like magnet of different poles, their hearts attracted to each other’s, increasing its beating rate and blood pressure. Erica’s oestrogen rushed down to her sexual organ likewise Kelly’s testosterone. Their subsequent behaviour would be as a result of their body chemistry which had gotten to the peak for them to explode and explore it. So gradually, they began to bring their heads closer to each other for a soft kiss as a result of the butterflies that had woken up in their stomachs.

“Kelly, I’m really sorry for everything i…” Erica found her voice thereby breaking not only the silence but the emotional atmosphere too.

“Ssshh” he placed a finger across her lips. Once again, both remained quiet, gradually bringing their heads together until they felt the soft texture of their lips for a few seconds. She rubbed her palms on his two cheeks to passionately grab all the feelings that came with the kiss. She gazed at him, breathing hastily.

“Will you marry the princess?” she asked with a shaking voice.

“Why did you ask me that?” Kelly used same tone.

“Because this is where Kenji and Dii-dii the princess kissed too. Most of the things that’s happening here happened on the book too.”

“Really? Well, the only princess I know is you.” Kelly glanced at the house of Elves again. “Wait..” he swiftly turned to Erica. “Did I just hear you said this scene took place on the book too? Now I know why we are here! We’re not only here for the ornament, we’re also here to correct the wrongs of Kenji and Dii-dii, and the prophecy needed no other people but lovers like us. That’s why they call us the paramours. What happened next after they kissed?”

“Uhm…” Erica looked around. “There was an arrow. Yes, an arrow from the guards killed Kenji!” she dragged Kelly away from the spot he stood to protect him if the arrow should come again. Even the boy was ready for it too. Suddenly, they heard giants footsteps approaching until they saw the Elves who had circulated them. They had no place to run to but to jump down from the cliff. That would be suicide, they knew it.

“Well, Erica, I see no arrow here but Elves only” Kelly said.

“I don’t know.” she fearfully replied, holding him by the hand.

Kelly glanced down the cliff to see a river at the base. “I may not have read the book but I think Kenji fell down the cliff after he was shut. None of us is falling down here. Only the Elves. Just maintain a strong position here. Only with our eyes shall we see the destruction of the Elves.” he encouraged her.

“Because we’re making the ‘Prophecy’ a reality.” Erica added with a smile. “What’s in your mind?” She asked.

“We gonna provoke them. With that anger, they’ll come with force. I believe you know the rest of the story.”

Both smiled.

“Hey, come get us, you ugly bitches! You’re nothing but long entities!” Kelly yelled.

“Yeah, you can’t do us anything. We rule your world!” Erica added.

The six giants Elves began running towards them with full force. Their feet quivered the ground like an earthquake, but the paramours remained firm. When the Elves approached closer to them, they slid in between their legs thereby falling four of them down the cliff as planned. The paramours picked up a stone and hit the remaining two down.

“Yes!” They rejoiced.

“That’s how to take care of giant fools, baby!” Kelly shouted only to see Erica kissing him again.

Finally, they got to the entrance of the house of Elves, looked at each other and rolled out a stone that was used to block it. They entered at the same time while the stone rolled back by itself.

“Oh my God!” Erica’s voice echoed from inside….

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