Love enhancer episode 16

(Kelly’s Dairy)
Episode 16
Written by Author Nath
Words cannot describe his emotions, feelings and mental disjuncture that pinned him down like, of course, a pin on a fabric. Choosing between the person he loves and his father was like telling him to drive a car without petrol because he loves both of them. Oh, poor Kelly, he wished it was a dream that could disappear with a flip of a finger. But no, his father’s life and that of his crush which were astake was not only real but also authentic. Seeing both beg for life devastated him, so he began to shed tears.

“Son!” the father called him again.

“Kelly, please, I don’t want to die.” Erica’s voice was subdued by the train that was a few meters away to crush her. Kelly swallowed hard, rushed her and began to pull her legs out from the metal railway, yet, it stocked. He abandoned her to save his father who was already under the force of gravity, hence falling freely from the window.

“Kelly!” Erica began to shout his name with her last strength. “KJ! Kenji!!”

The last name shocked Kelly thereby making him to stop. He didn’t know why but he felt that it would have been his original name. He turned to see the girl so helpless with face full of tears. Already, some people had started making a video from it with their cell phones. Kelly ran back to Erica, robustly hitting the metal with his leg while tears never seized to drop from his eyes to the railway. He hesitated to use his leg anymore rather used his hands. He shouted in a loud voice when he slightly pulled the metal up with all his strength. The veins on his neck region bulged out like branches of tree while those on his arm muscles contracted. Fortunately for Erica, she pulled off her legs and left the railway. Kelly put the metal back in place and also left. Both of them did not only watch the train pass the very spot Erica would have met her doom, they also saw Sir Joe lying dead on the floor with broken head.

“Dad!” Kelly stood up to run to him but surprisingly noticed that everything systematically began to vanish, ranging from the hotel to the railway and human beings until both couldn’t see anything except bushes and a narrow road.


what’s happening?” Erica asked from the ground.

“I don’t know.” he replied, sniffing in tears like one devouring a hot soup. He narrowed his vision towards the narrow road to see a signboard which reads, “Road to the house of Elves.” Kelly sat down on the floor and began to cry bitterly, not because of the place he found himself but because of his father’s death. He wore a jean trouser and black polo shirt. On his feet were Nike canvas. Erica felt his pain from her position.

“I’m sorry, KJ” she said.

“Don’t you ever tell me that!” he spoke up angrily. “I did all I could to bring you closer to me so you can learn the truth but you chose to leave me no choice but to abandon my own father to save your ass! How can I be so stupid!” He rushed up like a dog about to give a thief race. His breathing rate increased as he placed his two hands on the waist, turning his back on Erica. The girl staggered up, limped to him to console him by first, holding his shoulders from the back.

“Kelly, I’m really so…”

“Don’t touch me!” The boy flung her hands away. Briskly surged towards the narrow road.

Erica became disappointed. “Kelly, wait for me. I barely walk!” she called on him yet he kept moving while she kept limping like a fowl with broken legs.
Journey to the house of Elves takes days. It was already dark, yet Kelly and Erica could calculate their distance and speed. The result was imaginable. They neither saw houses nor human beings. All they could see was the narrow road with bushes beside it. One could see Erica on Kelly’s back. He carried her because her affected leg by the railway had swollen up, so she couldn’t walk. She wore a trouser too and a crop-top. Kelly saw a river flowing beside the road. He also saw a bottle gourd (Calabash) tree when he looked around. He pulled Erica down under the tree in a way she rested her back on the stem.

“What do you want to do?” Erica asked him.

Kelly didn’t reply her.

“Please, I’m thirsty” she added with eyes closed. Before she opened them, she saw Kelly with water on a constructed leaf. She glanced at his face before sitting up to drink it. She stretched her hand to take it but Kelly said to her, “The leaf isn’t strong, it might break and pour away. Just drink it from my hand.”

That sounded romantic to Erica. She slowly brought her mouth to the leaf and Kelly fed her the water with his waist bent as if feeding his wife on a wedding ceremony. After getting satisfied, he poured the remaining one away. Erica admired him as he left. Gradually, she was beginning to fall in love. She watched him ploughed off the fresh green bottle gourd, cleaned off the inside and made fire using a stone. He fetched water with the gourd and placed it over the fire then sat beside it.


you think it will burn?” Erica asked him.

“Before it does, the water must have been hot a little.” He replied.

“What do you need hot water for?”

Kelly didn’t reply her. He expected her to make use of her common sense to know that it was for her leg. Of course the girl understood which enhanced her love for him. She once again admired him through the flaming fire. Already, darkness had come when Kelly pulled his singlet, drew closer to Erica with the hot water. He gently bull out the affected leg thereby startling the girl whose breathing rate changed.

“Please, take it easy, KJ” she pleaded.

“Just take your eyes off here” he suggested which she did. The boy began to disassociate lump of blood with the hot water and also nurturing the bones at the ankle. Of course Erica screamed at an interval until he was through. He started cleaning the leg softly while Erica watched with her eyes. Silence creeped in. Only the chirping of crickets and buzzing sound of mosquitoes broke the silence.

“Why did you call me Kenji?” Kelly asked her without looking up.

“I did?” Erica twisted her face.

Kelly looked at her. “Of course you did.”

“May be I didn’t know when I did. I was frightened. I thought you were gonna leave me to die.”

“The name came with power.”

“It’s a character on the ‘Prophecy'”

“I think you should anchor our way to the house of Elves since you’ve read the book.”

“I only read the past not the continuation which we’re doing now.”

Kelly became mute. He rounded off the leg and sat beside her in a way he also rested his back on the stem of the tree thereby bringing silence between them once again. Erica rested her head on his shoulder and said, “Thank you, KJ.” She closed her eyes in sleep without hearing anything from the boy.

Rattling from vegetation woke them up from sleep the following morning. Kelly rushed up while Erica staggered up. She felt a bit relieved on the leg. At least, she could place it on the floor now. Both got ready to know the cause of the rattling. To their greatest surprise, Victor, Lucas and Olivia bumped out from the vegetation.

“Look at them!” Lucas pointed at them as they approached.

“How.. how… how.. did you guys locate this place?” Kelly stammered. He lowered his eyes to see his teddy bear in Victor’s hand.

“Before that” Lucas began like a lecturer. “We need to define this journey like a relationship. First, who will enter into the house of Elves? Secondly, how will you, KJ, marry the princess when I witnessed you confess your love to another princess beside you? Thirdly, who will become the immortal? That one is not negotiable. It’s me.” he concluded….

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