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Love enhancer episode 15

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Love enhancer episode 15 by : 5:34 pm On August 29, 2021
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(Kelly’s Dairy)
Episode 15
Written by Author Nath
Heading Go Down (II)

It was break period at Mason High School when Kelly came down from Mason’s car, monitored by Erica and Lucas under a tree. He sighted them, walked to them only to see Erica confronting him like a lioness.

“What exactly do you have with my father.” she queried unabashedly.

“Oh, sorry, I never knew it was your father.” Kelly retaliated boldly while Lucas watched both of them wondering what would come out of it.

“What do you mean by you’re sorry?” Erica was still inquisitive.

“Because you sounded as if its an offense to have something with your father” Kelly retorted.

“Well, sooner or later I must figure out what charm you want to use on my father.” She hissed, wanting to walk out but Kelly held her back by the hand and said without knowing that Olisa had seen them from a classroom. “I’m sorry, Erica.”

The girl flung her hand away and left, shaking her butt in the process. Lucas laughed boastfully..

Later in the day, Olisa walked through the corridor of the senior section when he sighted Kelly with Victor. He needed to deal with him for getting hold of Erica’s hand. Though he was the only one in motion but the sound of his movement was like that of a thousand horses running to war. Something triggered him to stop on the way so he slowed down and listened to the two boys like a spy next door.

“Don’t try to cut me off, KJ!” Victor tapped Kelly’s chest with his f!ng£rs severally. His expression sent Kelly and Olisa a serious signal for them to comprehend his inconclusive hypothesis. Olisa watched and listened attentively from a hidden corner.

Victor flipped the pages of the book to the last page then continued with his f!ng£rs now pointing at words from the book. “Yes, Eleli made the prophecy that says, “Only the possessor of the secret dairy will bring about the paramours that will journey to the house of Elves for the life ornament that will restore the princess’ life.” He closed the book in a way it made a terrifying sound while his eyes glued on Kelly’s who waited patiently for him to arrive at a conclusion. “And you, Kelly Joe, is the possessor of the dairy regarding your drama the day Cynthia died. You are the continuation of this story!” Victor finally concluded.


talking about the ‘Prophecy'” Olisa whispered to himself after hearing all that Victor said. “This is incredible! Why didn’t I think of this before now?!” he left the place to his residence immediately. One could see him rushing out from a taxi like one whose wife is in the labour room. His street was tiled with concrete and had well channel gutters. It was surrounded by, mostly, storey buildings. Hardly would you see people trekking through the street because almost every resident had their own authormobile. But Olisa broke the idealogy when he took on his heels, running through the street with his school bag dangling behind him. Though he was on the run but his ears received a sound wave of a glorifying gospel song from a nearby church. The last lyrics that got Olisa thinking says, “…I’ll keep running, running to you, my savior…” The boy wondered if the song was specifically made for him. In stead of reading a meaningful meaning from the song, he used it as an addendum to enhance his pace by moving each of his legs on the run according to the beat of the song. “I’m sorry my savior, I’m not running to you. I’m running to my book.” he said within himself. Just then, he arrived to their house, pushed the small gate opened.

Their gate-man rushed out with a stick in his hands which he showcased as a gun. “Hey, freeze or I shoot!” he shouted like an amateur FBI.

“Shoot your punk ass, Aminu for not locking the gate.” Olisa never looked at him as he hurried up to his room through a staircase. He moved straight to his drawer where he brought out the book ‘Prophecy’, flipped to the last page to read the prophecy by Eleli once again. Though he had had and read the book for years, also wishing it was a reality not a fiction but Victor just opened his eyes! “Kelly is truly the possessor of the secret dairy. He’s the continuation of the story!” He murmured. Quickly, he coppied the author’s address, headed to his father’s room and picked some money. Voom, he zoomed off.

After hours journey, Olisa arrived at Faith Osikotie’s compound. It was a large bungalow with hallow gate that brings the components of the compound to visibility for anyone at the gate to behold them. Olisa, accordingly fed his eyes from the gate until a man came out and let him inside after some series of interrogation. Old Faith Osikotie, the author of ‘Prophecy’ seated inside a dark room in front of Olisa. She was very old approximately over a hundred years old of age. The gray hair on her head had become scantly seperatable. She aids her movement with a third leg; a walking stick that was way taller than her…


is a story I was told when I was a child.” Faith began. “Though it might look real but we all believe that it’s a fiction.” the old woman suspected something and looked at the boy. “Don’t tell me you came all the way to this place to hear me tell you the same story you already have, little boy” she folded her palms, looking at Olisa.

“No, it’s because I think the story is not a fiction. I know the possessor of the dairy. It’s me.”

The old woman stood up with the help of her stick. “Are you for real?” she asked.


“Can I see it?”

“It’s invisible.”

“Oh, I should have known. For me to see it, I must touch your body while you’re in the future ascertaining your half, the next paramour who will journey with you to the house of Elves. If you succeed, the princess and the gift of immorality will be yours.”

“Really?” Olisa stood up. “I have to go now.” he left in a hurry.

Sir Joe glanced at his son in the living room after listening to the news. “Something is going on in that school of yours, KJ. Isn’t it strange?” he asked.

Kelly shrugged his shoulder. “It’s only a coincident, Dad” he stood up to his room where he gazed at the teddy bear from the door while his father stood up from the couch. He picked up his car key. Even Kelly could hear the jingling of the bunch of key from his room. Sir Joe entered into his black Camry parked under a tree. The kicking sound of the engine after being ignited traveled to Kelly’s room too where he understood that his father wanted to drive out probably to his hotel.

Nevertheless, after the father left, Olisa stormed the house through the front door. He wore a school uniform like one coming back from school. He glanced at the television that was still broadcasting about the Life-angel but Kelly’s voice from his room drew his attention to the door of the room where he listened, wondering who Kelly was discussing with.

“You’ve become famous” Eleli continued from the room. “I wonder when you’ll go down. Or are you not the real possessor of the dairy? I’m still thinking about what you told me. Who could your friend Victor refer as the one who met Faith Osikotie because it’s not you right?”

“I’m not worried. If anyone could carry my burden, I’ll be happy.” Kelly began to walk inside the bathroom.

“What if carrying the burden also means taking the life of the one you love?”

Hearing that, Kelly stopped at the door of the bathroom. The statement did not only touch his heart but also his mind. Hastily, he made a U-turn from the bathroom to his drawer where he brought out the dairy, wrote down Erica’s name, hence he traveled to the future: Kelly saw himself standing a few meters away from a railway where Erica’s leg had been stucked. She couldn’t move no matter how hard she tried. Meanwhile, a train 🚆 was speedily heading towards her. “Somebody help me!” she cried.

Kelly wanted to make a move but a striking thunder held him at a spot. He looked up to see the cloud turning dark and releasing a heavy rain. He also turned to see Unity Hotel, his father’s hotel precisely, a three storey building standing in it’s beauty. He also saw a man staring at him with hands folded.

“She must die otherwise you go down with her” the man said.

Before Kelly could turn back to Erica, the train had crushed her into pieces.

However, in the present, Olisa had made his way into the room and touched Kelly. To his greatest surprise, he saw the secret dairy beside him on the bed. As he wanted to pick it, Kelly showed a sign of life. Quickly, he ran into his wardrobe where he hid, watching as Kelly stood up from the bed with the dairy and placed it back into the drawer. He glanced at the teddy bear.

“I just traveled to the future, Eleli. Strange thing happened before her death.” Kelly said to the hearing of Olisa who glanced at the bed wondering who he was talking to again.

“Do you mean the girl you love?” Eleli asked.

“She died beside my father’s…” he paused and swallowed hard. “I wonder what she went there for” he finally entered into the bathroom..
“I used the opportunity to take the dairy from his drawer” Olisa continued inside a room at Unity Hotel. Before him at the edge of the hotel bed was Jerry whom he was telling the story. “I can’t believe he was actually talking to Eleli, the prophetess of the prophecy.” He added.

Jerry exhaled. “What next now?” he asked.

Olisa glanced through the window. “I need to know the way to the house of Elves.” he turned to Jerry swiftly. “If only I can talk to Eleli the way Kelly does. She could give me the information I need.”

“What makes you think she will when you’re not the real possessor of the dairy?” Jerry stood up. “I have an idea. Let’s call Erica here then tell her to find out from Kelly because I think Kelly may have the information you need.” He suggested.

“But that will expose me to her as a thief to the dairy.”

“It doesn’t matter. You have to use her to get what you want which is immorality. I also guess she’s your half, the paramour.”

Olisa dialed Erica’s number as an afterthought…

However, at the residence of Mason, Erica waited for her father to substantiate the secret he shared with Kelly. None of them had said a word to her therefore she stepped forward in a way she glared at her father saying for the second time. “Dad, what is it that you caused, and what are you always discussing with this boy when you should be out there appropriating the Life-angel?”

“Erica, Olisa isn’t the Life-angel!” Kelly found his voice. “And the far away you get from him the better for you. He’s not what he says he is. I don’t even think if he knows the gravity of what he has done by stealing the dairy from me.”

Erica turned to him with a mockery smile. “Now, I see what’s happening here. You’re jealous because he’s the Life-angel. Or is it because I can’t have you have me.”

“No, Erica” the father interfered. “What’s happening here is because he cares about you. We all do. So quit acting stupidly and get into your room!”

“No, not until you tell me the secret you share with KJ”

“What secret?” Mason’s wife also walked in.

Just then, Erica’s phone rang. She glanced at it to see Olisa as the caller. “Ask your husband what secret it is.” she replied her mother and walked out with the phone.

The woman of the house stared at her husband. She suddenly transferred the glaze to Kelly who said, “Sir, please fix your family.” He also walked out.

Walking out through the gate of Mason’s mansion, the cloud darkened like the appearance of the eclipse of the sun that generated a striking thunder. Kelly looked up to see the cloud releasing a heavy rain, just like he saw through the secret dairy. The only word that came out from his mouth was “Erica.” Quickly, he boarded the next available cab that sped through the road, heading to Unity Hotel.

Meanwhile, people from the hotel and every other building beside it were on the run, escalating an unbearable pandemonium. Some were hit down by moving car in the cause of running while some were killed by unknown giant beings. Olisa and Jerry looked out through the window of the last floor of the hotel to see many of the creatures entering into the hotel. They had heavy muscles, two bulging eyes, long but huge legs that culve at the knee. Their f!ng£rs were like claws of an animal. Though they were n@k£d but their s£×ual organ remained invisible.

“What are those?” Jerry asked terrifyingly.

“They look like the Elves as described by the book.” Olisa replied.

“Who are they looking for?”

“I don’t know. Let’s get out of here.” Stepping towards the door, an Elve barged in, grabbed two of them on the neck and pulled them up in a way their legs dangled above the floor like a pendulum bob on a rhesus stand. Erica arrived at the door at the moment.

“Where is the dairy?” the Elve groaned.

“On the bed.” Olisa forced out a voice.

When the Elve sighted the dairy, he finally strangled them to death and threw them away through the window. Erica screamed! She felt a hand that dragged her away from the door. When she turned to the direction of the hand, she saw Kelly running away with her through a long passage.

“I told you to stay away from him!” he yelled on his way. Just then, an Elve blocked them from the opposite end. They looked back to see another one coming from behind. Luckily, there was an elevator which they used to go down the building. Both of them could be seen running out from the building towards the railway under the rain. Kelly stumbled while Erica made it to railway where her leg stucked. She couldn’t move no matter how hard she tried. Meanwhile, a train was speedily heading towards her. “Somebody help me!” she cried.

However, Kelly had stood up wanting to make a move but a striking thunder held him at a spot. He turned to see his father in the hands of an Elve through a window upstairs. Obviously, he was about to be thrown down and Kelly was in the right position to save him.

“Son, help me!” the father shouted.

“Kelly, please, help me!” Erica also shouted which drew his attention to her. Who would the poor boy save? The situation pinned him down without knowing who to go to first. Only then did he realize the meaning of the Eleli’s statement which says, “L'terally, when one goes down, he becomes static, hence he wouldn’t move which is the opposite of motion. That gives us the meaning of the first statement which is he’s coming to pinned you down at a place so that you won’t be able to save your friends…. The time of pinning you down will satisfactorily signify the fulfilment of the dairy, hence the selection of the paramours for the journey to the house of Elves.”

“Kelly, please,” Erica’s tears increased when the train drew near.

Kelly averted his eyes from her to his father who pitifully demanded for his help too. Truly, Kelky had ‘gone down’ without knowing what to do…..

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