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Love enhancer episode 14 by : 6:22 am On August 28, 2021
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(Kelly’s Dairy)
Episode 14
Written by Author Nath
Mason High school with Olisa’s confession became disorganized. Students brought out cell phones from no where and began to video him like a celebrity. Even teachers like Mr Martins couldn’t believe it! As the joyful clamour overshadowed school activities for the day, Kelly quietly went inside an empty classroom where he sat on a locker, watching as Olisa grabbed Erica by his side and students taking a shot with cameras. Pitifully, he didn’t know how he felt at the moment. He didn’t know whether to be happy that Olisa had taken his secret identity or to be sad for using it to win Erica’s heart the more and trying to blow Mason’s secret too. Like a cup of water, his head was really filled up with obnoxious thought. He rubbed it with his hand thereby rumpling his hair. Just then, Lucas entered, followed by Victor and Olivia. The three students said nothing rather stared at him suspiciously.

“What?” Kelly spread his hands.

“We know the truth already, KJ?” Victor replied.

Lucas looked at him. “What truth?” he asked.

“The truth that Olisa is not the Life-angel. It’s Kelly” Olivia responded, stepping forward at the same time. “We have prove. I would have been dead during the weekend but thanks to the Life-angel. He saved my life.” she elaborated.

“You mean Kelly saved you?” Lucas was still inquisitive.

“Yes, through Amadi, our youth leader” Olivia turned to Kelly in a way she gazed at him. “He told us everything. He told us how you came to him before I went to the village, telling him that he should monitor and follow me to the farm where he would save me. Fortunately, he did. So will you still deny it?”

All waited for Kelly to speak but the young boy never said a thing. He glanced through the window to see teachers trying to organize the students. He also saw journalists hurriedly entering the school compound. No doubt they wanted to interview the Life-angel whom Olisa had made himself to be. He swallowed hard. “Alright, you guys are correct. I am the Life-angel. The first life I saved was Innocentia at the train station. I am the original possessor of the secret dairy and I am, mysteriously the continuation of the book ‘Prophecy’. I interact with Eleli.”


my God!” Victor stepped forward too. “You mean you’ve been communicating with the prophetess of the prophecy! Mhen, this is cool! The world needs to hear this!”

“The world needs to hear nothing, Victor!” Kelly rebuked him. “There are so many secrets, confusion and consequences to this issue. I’m amazed how Olisa just blew it up within a twinkle of an eye! This whole thing is also attached to Mason’s secret. I have not even mention to you that Eleli said if people discover the existence of the dairy, the Elves will attack the possessor which is me and the other paramour.”

“But Olisa is now the possessor” Lucas said.

“I doubt because the dairy is invisible and it’s at home.” Kelly glanced through the window once again.

“Olisa is confident. Why don’t we go and confirm and also see Eleli. That will be more prove that you’re the possessor of the dairy.” Victor suggested.

Kelly reasoned it for a while. Quickly, he led the way while they followed him. Things had become critical so they needed no school van for transportation. All boarded same taxi that headed to his residence. Kelly seated at the front seat while the other three occupied the back seat. Lucas dragged the book ‘Prophecy’ from Victor’s hand saying, “Let me even see the punk ass book that has diviated everyone’s mind from hunting cut-yard. I better see something related to it otherwise…”

“Quit saying rubbish with your mouth!” Olivia rebuked him. She had always disliked his choice of words.

Lucas glared at her. “Quit saying what? Your type, Olive-oil, sorry for calling you that, may not say rubbish with their mouth but they do rubbish more than those that say it.” What is the sweetness of the world without a cut-yard. L'terally, women like you are the taste of the world! I swear as I was coming out from my mother’s punck ass, and I hadn’t seen a woman, I would have gone back to her ass. But I peeked with one eye to see a young female nurse whose two balloons were also staring at me. I used the law of analysis to determine the volume of her cut-yard from the volume of the two balloons. The answer pushed me out. That’s when I said, “Yes, I’ve arrived.””

“Cut-yard will kill you one day.” Olivia disdained.

“And I’ll die with all pleasure.” Lucas began to open the book while the driver smiled at his words. There was a trace of smile on the boys’ face too except Olivia.

Nevertheless, they arrived at Kelly’s residence, hastily walking towards the front door. Normally, nobody should be at home but Kelly was surprised to see the door unlocked. His hand was on the knob but hesitated to clutch it.

“What?” Lucas asked him.

“I wonder who’s inside. They door should be locked.” He replied

“May be the Elves have arrived to take your life!” Victor interfered.


turned away from the door, fearfully. “Abort mission, I repeat, abort!” He began to go back.

However, Kelly had boldly opened the door. The next thing he heard was grinning of children from his room. As he was contemplating who they might be, two children ran out from the room. A girl and a boy of 6 and 7 years old respectively. Surprisingly, the boy was carrying his teddy bear.

“Emily?” Kelly called the name of the girl.

“Hey, Kelly!’ the children hugged him.

“Please, Victor,” Lucas began to whisper into his ears. “According to the book, are the Elves children with teddy bear?” he asked.

Before Victor could answer that, a lady came out from the kitchen. She had a plate of food in her hand, wearing a gown. She was totally fair in complexion.. That was Theriza, Kelly’s aunt.

“Hey, aunt Theriza” Kelly smiled at her.

“Hey, KJ” the lady sat down.

“Dad never told me you’d be coming.”

“Is not a big deal. Why are you at home so early?”

“Came to pick on some things”

“With your friends?” She looked at Lucas and others.

“Uhm…ye..yes” Kelly stammered. They proceeded to his room where everybody’s eyes soared around like an antenna looking for signal. On could see Olivia standing at a spot with her hands folded but her eyes never seized to capture everything inside the room like a camera.

“Hey, reduce the intensity of your eyes” Lucas warned her. “This is a male’s room. I know if it were yours, you won’t let us in. Even if you do, you’ll try to hide whatever you use to cover your cut-yard. You know what I’m talking about”

“Yes, you’re talking about nonsense!” she retaliated.

However, Kelly had opened the drawer where he normally keeps the dairy but couldn’t find it there anymore. They all stared at him as he searched for other places. From his reaction, they understood that the dairy had gone missing. Which is to say, truly, Olisa was with it.

“I can’t find it oh.” Kelly told them.

“The dairy is invisible, so even if you’re not telling the truth, we’ll still believe you.” Lucas chipped in.

“No! I’m being realistic here. I normally keep it here” he opened the drawer and closed it. “I’m surprise it’s gone! If Olisa stole it then how did he do it because the dairy is invisible.”

“Why don’t we ask Eleli?” Victor suggested.

“The children are with her” Kelly pointed at his door while others began to look at one another as if he was beginning to go insane again. Kelly understood their gaze. “I mean Eleli is a voice from inside the teddy bear there with them. You know I cannot just take it away from them. They are children.” He paused, looking at them, yet none of them said a word thereby giving the boy more concern. “You guys believe me, right?” he added

None of them said a word.

“Listen, we need to figure out how Olisa stole the dairy and how we’ll get it back from him coz he doesn’t know the side effects if negatively used. He will just put his life in danger and that of those around him especially Erica. So we really…”

“We?” Olivia interrupted him.

“Of course we. We are now team, don’t we?” Lucas replied.

“But come to think of it,” Victor began , walking around like a teacher. “According to the ‘Prophecy’ the house of Elves is deadly. So why does Olisa need that dairy? I guess he needs it because of the good things attached to the journey if he saves the princess’ life.”

“What good thing?” Lucas asked.

“Marrying the princess and immortality. He will be using it for his own selfish reasons.” Kelly answered the question.

“Mehn, I must follow for this journey. We don’t even know the location to that place.” Victor excitedly expressed…
Mason summoned Kelly to his house when he heard about the news of Life-angel. In fact, the news was currently broadcasting when Kelly entered. Both kept quiet, listening to the journalist that asked Olisa, “Why does the dairy have only the names of Mason High School? And is it true the dairy has to do with a book called ‘Prophecy’?”

Mason put off the television. He turned to Kelly saying, “I told you to do one simple thing! To keep my secret but you and your friend told the world.”

“Olisa is not my friend!” Kelly raised his voice. “As you can see it’s no more about the curse. It’s no more about Alice and your late priestess. How Olisa got all this information and the dairy from my hand is what I don’t know!”

“But my school is being given a bad name. People are now afraid because of what’s happening there. You need to fix this!”

“You’re worried about your school when your daughter’s life is at stake here. Twist of prophecy or no twist of prophecy, you still brought this upon your school, so don’t make it looks like I’m the cause. You are the cause!”

“Cause of what?” Erica’s voice came from the door. They turned to see her but none of them knew how to answer that question.

Erica stepped forward. “Dad, what is it that you caused, and what are you always discussing with this boy when you should be out there appreciating the Life-angel?” she asked again…

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