Love enhancer episode 13

(Kelly’s Dairy)
Episode 13
Written by Author Nath
Heading: Unknown Possessor (II)
Mason’s compound experienced an incredible silence that creeped among Kelly and his drama colleagues who fixed their eyes on him, patiently waiting for him to let the dog out of the bag. However, the young boy had also been mute for a reason best known to him. Truly, he didn’t even know who he was, acknowledging that people had started investigating about his identity without his knowledge. To increase his paturbation, Erica broke the silence from his back saying, “Okay, what is really going on here?”

Hearing her voice, Kelly turned to her in a way both gazed at each other. The eye contact between them was like a satellite at a point of available signal. When he looks at her his feeling changes spontaneously. The attraction is like a magnet of different poles. He just wondered if it was actually love or a manifestation of the prophecy. Nevertheless, he averted his eyes from her, gradually stepping aside from all of them. He swallowed hard, placed his hands inside his pockets and began to walk towards the gate. Suddenly, he turned as they kept staring at him.

“Do you really wanna know what’s going on?” he broke the silence, walking towards Erica. “What’s going on is beyond my emotions! It’s disabilizing my mental equilibrium! I go crazy base on what’s going on! I lose my sense of focus and forget who I am because of it. You, Erica Mason is what’s going on because i love you! I don’t know why but my heart beats for you! That’s what’s going on!” he turned to leave again, trying to control the tears that had engulfed his eyes.

Victor blocked him, staring into his eyes boldly. “You are ranting, KJ. You think we can fall for that delusional display? How does your feelings for Erica relate to the dairy in your possession? Oh, I know” he raised a finger up and began to nod his head like an agama lizard. “Erica is your half! Both of you are the paramours!”

“Victor, you know what’s delusional?” Kelly asked angrily, bringing his face very close to his. “It’s you and your ‘Prophecy’. You are insane!” he passed him.

Meanwhile, some people like Olivia and Erica just watched speechlessly. Erica couldn’t believe the emotional confession from Kelly the very person that disgusts her the more. The more she tried to come to a comprehensive conclusion about his statements, the more capacitated confused she got, enhanced by Victor’s own story. So, quickly she dragged Victor out to a corner while Lucas ran after Kelly.


you elaborate more on what’s going on?” Erica whispered to Victor.

The boy handed the book to her. “This is what’s going on. Read it and tell me what you think.” he began to walk away followed by Olivia who looked very inquisitive. Of course she wanted to know more too.
Weeks later, the city, Mason High School precisely recorded several life saving event many of their students witness. It went all over the news. People began to ask who this invisible hero could be. Of course it was Kelly who smartly saved those people without anyone noticing him. Students kept testifying each morning after an assembly, praising God for sending them such an angel of life-saving. During these times, Erica avoided Kelly totally regardless the facts he made an open confession to her. Of course she told her boyfriend Olisa who picked up a fight with Kelly. If not Lucas, Kelly’s teeth would have been countable with just a tongue.

Notwithstanding, Kelly seated in the living room with his father when a breaking news displayed on the screen of the television. Both watched a female journalist said, “The students of Mason High School have been joyfully thanking God for saving their lives through who they call the Life-angel. It is gathered that this hero knows exact time and location where these escape victims intended to die. The question still remains; why only Mason High School and who is this Life-angel..”

Sir Joe glanced at his son. “Something is going on in that school, KJ. Isn’t it strange?”

Kelly shrugged his shoulder. “It’s only a coincident, Dad” he stood up to his room where he gazed at the teddy bear from the door. He began to take off his shirt and knicker, he suddenly stopped and looked at the teddy again. “I hope you’re not seeing me, Eleli.” He said.

“I’m only a voice, KJ, not an eye.” Eleli replied.

Kelly exhaled then continued.

“You’ve become famous” Eleli also continued. “I wonder when you’ll go down. Or are you not the real possessor of the dairy? I’m still thinking about what you told me. Who could your friend Victor referred as the one who met Faith Osikotie because it’s not you right?”

“I’m not worried. If anyone could carry my burden, I’ll be happy.” Kelly began to walk inside the bathroom.

“What if carrying the burden also means taking the life of the one you love?”

Hearing that, Kelly stopped at the door of the bathroom. The statement did not only touch his heart but also his mind..
In Uratta village, scratches in the woods stretched from tree to tree, giving out a weary sound that could destabilize a firmed hunter. Canopy trees danced along to the smooth movement of wind that escalated in the forest. Withered leaves suddenly joined in the random movement caused by the wind too. It was like a storm in the high mountains, bending trees and sweeping the floor. Unluckily, Olivia and her grandfather were on the farmland when the strange wind started. They began to hurry to leave the land and eventually escape the storm. One could see Olivia trying to carry a log of wood. She wore a trouser and a bogus long-sleeve shirt.


leave the wood and let’s go!” the father shouted on top of the sound of the wind.

“Don’t worry, papa. Just go, I’m behind you!” she hesitated.

Meanwhile, a heavy rain had supported the wind to render the life of the young girl lifeless. The father watched her carry the log of wood to proceed but a palm tree beside her loss its posture due to the wind. Obviously, Olive was the falling target.

“Olivia, look out!” The grandfather shouted, staggering to go save his granddaughter but also fell on the way. Olivia looked up to see why her grandfather was shouting, she saw the tree falling on her at a close range. She couldn’t run, neither could she do any other thing. Freely, the tree fell on her position.

“Olivia!” the father struggled up to see his granddaughter under a young man who came out from no where and saved her. He recognized the man to be the village youth leader. As an elder, he understood his act to be strange. Though, he thanked him before they all left the woods…
Another day at Mason High School, Monday precisely, Olivia was yet to tell Victor her experience in the village during the weekend. Just as all the students were waiting for the principal to come address them., Erica walked to Victor and handed the book to him. “I’ve finished reading it” she began. “And you’re saying Kelly and I might be the paramours We’re the continuation of the book? If Kelly is the possessor of the dairy, then he’s the Life-angel.”

“I have no doubt he is.” Victor begain but was interrupted by a voice from the principal position. Everybody looked up to see Olisa as the one instead of the principal. All listened.

“Good morning my fellow students” he began. “I have waited so long to make myself known to you all. Life comes but only once. There’s no duplicate for it which made me take up the responsibility to save lives with my magical dairy. I am the one you guys are wishing to see, I am the possessor of the secret dairy, I am Life-angel!”

Kelly, from his line behind Lucas widely opened his eyes amazingly. Of course Lucas looked at him at that moment. Furthermore, Erica smiled and left Victor to Olisa, believing that she and Olisa are the paramours if actually the book is real not a fiction. Also, Victor couldn’t believe his ears and eyes as students joyfully hailed and clustered Olisa.

“So it’s true!” Victor smiled. “I’ve been right about the dairy all this while!” he added.

Olivia used that opportunity to meet him saying, “I need to tell you something” she dragged him away from the crowd. “Something happened in my village during the weekend…”
Oja, Olivia’s grandfather had summoned Amadi, the youth leader to his house at night. Olivia was there too. The old man cleared his throat saying, “What an elder sees sitting down, even if a child climbed the highest mountains, he won’t see it. Amadi, your presence to my farmland where you saved my granddaughter is not ordinary. For you not to face the wrath of my chi, tell me how you discovered us on the farmland?”

The young man exhaled. “It’s through a boy, he came a few days ago and said I should monitor when Olivia will be back, also watched when she will follow you to the farm. He said I will save her life. I ask him how he knew Olivia would meet her death, he never…”

Oliver interrupted him by showing him Kelly’s picture from her phone. “Is this the boy?’ she asked.

“Yes.” The man replied….
“So I don’t believe Olisa is the Life-angel. It’s Kelly and you’ve been right about him all this while!” Olivia concluded.

“Oh, my God!” Victor shouted. “But why is Olisa claiming… wait… Olisa is the unknown possessor who met the author of ‘Prophecy’ before I unfortunately didn’t meet her alive. Oh my God! But how did he know about the book, the dairy and… Wait, if he’s claiming to be the possessor, that means Kelly isn’t aware the dairy isn’t in his position anymore.” he critically observed….