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Love enhancer episode 12 by : 4:07 am On August 25, 2021
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(Kelly’s Dairy)
Episode 12
Written by Author Nath
Heading: Unknown Possessor
As teenage lovers, they soared through a thick forest with their hands glued together. The irritating sound of dried grasses filled their ears without minding its texture under their n@k£d feet. Though the weather showed an unfavorable sign regardless the darkness that unwittingly subdued the rays of sunlight thus, generating gentle breeze that dangled the hair of the female teenager. She wore a white gown like a bride at a wedding ceremony. The gown was so lengthy, hence difficult to let her move her feet on the run through the forest, therefore she supported it with a hand. Behind her was a male teenager who’s hand she never let go, leading him on the run. The boy looked less royal unlike the girl whose soft hand he never let go too. He wore a local garment also supporting it with a hand in order to move his feet. Suddenly, he fell down. The girl turned to him saying with a glowing smile.

“Don’t be weak, Kenji. We’re already there.” she stretched her hand for him to grab in order to help him stand on his feet again.

“This is quit an adventure, my princess. Moreover, I’m a mortal human being unlike you. So, young girl, give me some break.” he finally grabbed her hand.

The princess smiled. “Immortals also get tired.” she said.

“Then get tired already coz I am!” Kenji, began to dust off his garment while the girl walked out from the grasses only to discover she was standing on top of a cliff where she struggled to be at that time. She felt like she was on top of the world judging from her charming smile as a result of her sight to the wonderful environment. She could see a distant building that was not only made by rocks but also attached to a mountain. Its entrance had two burning fire from two sticks that illuminated the arena. She extended her sight to witness more of such light. Amazingly, at another corner, there was a waterfall from rocks which was an addendum to the beauty of the place. She looked back.


Kenji! KJ!” she whispered. “Come here, come see.” she added.

The boy walked up to her to behold that which he was summoned for, that which he fell down for and that which he got weak for. It was a beautiful sight to him. “So that is the almighty house of Elves.” he said.

“Yes,” the princess replied, gazing at him with a smile.

“My princess, thank you so much for bringing me here. I wish we can go inside.” he looked at her unsatisfactorily. “You know, to tour and see what lies inside the house.”

“It’s the secred house of Elves. You’ll find nothing but your doom. To the best of my knowledge, every mortals who entered there never came out alive. They all was taken by Demu, the gods of the Elves.”

“Really? Why only the mortals?”

“Coz immortals like us can’t enter at all. The house of Elves is our weakness and also our death.”

“Well, i might break the record, you know.”

They giggled, staring at each other romantically. The wind suddenly began to blow the princess’ hair backwards as they observed the romantic tranquility. Their sympathetic nervous system activated; Like magnet of different poles, their hearts attracted to each other, increasing its beating rate and blood pressure. The princess’ oestrogen rushed down to her s£×ual organ likewise Kanji’s testosterone. Their subsequent behaviour would be as a result of their body chemistry which had gotten to the peak for them to explode and explore it. So gradually, they began to bring their heads closer to each other for a soft klzz as a result of the butterflies that had woken up in their stomachs.

“Princess, your father…” Kenji found his voice thereby breaking not only the silence but the emotional atmosphere too.

“Ssshh” she placed a f!ng£r across his lips. “My name is Dii-dii. You can call me that. My father won’t do anything to you”

One again, both remained quiet, gradually bringing their heads together until they felt the soft texture of their lips. Just then, an arrow hit Kenji from behind. Princess Dii-dii widely opened her eyes surprisingly as Kenji slowly moved away from her. Dii-dii saw blood rushing out from the same lips she klzz.

“KJ?” she called with tears from her eyes. Just before she realized what was happening, another arrow hit down Kenji from the cliff. “KJ!! Kenji!!” She shouted, wanting to jump down too but a group of guards caught her and carried her. “Leave me alone! Why did you kill him!!” she kept flinging her legs as they were carrying her back through the forest. Unexpectedly, the guards who were on red attire met another group of warriors with swords. Those were the Elves…
“Those were the Elves who were also at enemity with the immortals.” Old Faith Osikotie, the author of the ‘Prophecy’ continued inside a dark room in front of a young boy. She was very old approximately over a hundred years old of age. The gray hair on her head had become scantly seperatable. She aids her movement with a third leg; a walking stick that was way taller than her. “The Elves are neither humans nor immortals. They were mostly giants. They fought with the guards, took the princess away which brought war with the Elves and the immortals.”


why was Kenji killed my the royal guards?” The boy asked.

“The king didn’t want her immortal daughter to entangle with a mare mortal.” The woman located an old chair where she sat down. “About the war, though the immortals won by recovering the princess from the Elves but she didn’t come back to the palace alive because she was given a poison from the house of Elves which only an ornament from the same house can restore the princess’ life again. Now, they immortals can’t enter into the house of Elves and no mortal human being was ready to go there. That’s why Eleli, the prophetess of the immortals prophesied about the paramours who will journey to the house of Elves to get it. If any of them succeeds in restoring the princess’ life he or she will become immortal too and the male will marry the princess.”

“How did you get the inspiration of this book you wrote? Don’t you think is real?” The boy was still inquisitive.

“I was told the same story when I was a child. Though it might look real but we all believe that ‘Prophecy’ is a fiction.” the old woman suspected something and looked at the boy. “Why are you asking me all this, little boy?” she asked.

“That’s because I think the story is not a fiction. I know the possessor of the dairy. It’s me.”

The old woman stood up with the help of her stick. “Are you for real?” she asked.


“Can I see it?”

“It’s invisible.”

“Oh, I should have known. For me to see it, I must touch your body while you’re in the future.”

“Really?” The boy stood up. “I have to go now.” he left in a hurry.
Kelly spaced out through the glass of a taxi, watching buildings seemed as if they were in motion. His mind had been occupied by things he didn’t know and things he was yet to know. Truly, he was in the state of a chicken standing with a leg on a strange land trying to be familiar withit the environment before bringing down the remaining leg.

The taxi stopped at a junction where he came down and located a black gate on a street. He knocked on the gate through which he was allowed inside the compound by the gate-man. That was Mason’s residence. He looked up at the magnificent structure.

“Hey, you’re late for the rehearsal!” Lucas’ voice came from a corner. Kelly turned to him to see Olivia too.

“Where is Victor?” Erica’s voice came from the building’s seat-out from where she was approaching wearing a bumshot. Once again, Kelly stared at her. Her beauty was obviously irresistible. The young boy didn’t know when he began to smile at her which Erica didn’t find funny, so she added, “Why are you smiling like an idiot?”

Kelly realized himself and bent his head.

“Hey, I won’t have you call my buddy an idiot” Lucas retaliated. “Though if he is then know that he’s only blinded by what he feels for you which is idiocy love. I believe I’m making sense here.” he spread his hands.

“What of Victor?” Erica asked again.

Lucas turned to Olivia. “Your boyfriend is always the one absent. Call him on the phone!” he yelled.
However, Victor had traveled hours to the residence of Faith Osikotie. He walked into the compound to see an ambulance in front of the house. He also saw some people sadly murmuring at a corner. Just as he was going to meet one of them, he saw a corpse being taking to the ambulance.

“Hey, who are you looking for?” A young woman asked him.

“Uhm… I’m looking for the author, Faith Osikotie.” Victor replied.

“She just died and she’s the one the ambulance is taking away. I’m her daughter. Any problem?” the woman asked.

“No, no problem. I just wanted to ask her some questions about her book ‘Prophecy'”

“Are you not the one that came the other day? I thought she told you all you needed to know.”

Victor shook his head. “You must be mistaking me with someone. What’s the person’s name?”

“I can’t remember but he’s your age. He claimed to be the possessor of the dairy according to my mother.” the woman concluded. Victor’s mind went to no other person by Kelly.
He arrived at Erica’s compound late. He met them rounding off without his presence. When he pushed the gate of the building opened, they all stared at him. His movement was like that of a soldier heading to war. He pointed f!ng£rs at Kelly saying angrily, “You lied to me, KJ! You went to Faith Osikotie because I was right about you! You’re the possessor of the secret diary, hence making you the continuation of the book. It’s real after all!”

“Victor, what are you talking about?” Kelly asked him calmly.

“Are you denying that you haven’t gone to make yourself known to the woman?”

“Which woman?”

“The author of ‘Prophecy'”

“No, why would I do that?” Kelly spread his hands sincerely. “Victor, truly, I don’t know what you’re talking about” he added.

The boy averted his eyes from Kelly as his head was pounding, wrecking and critically thinking about the whole thing. “If you weren’t the one who met the woman, who else did? That’s to say someone is after you and the dairy. You need to tell us the truth, KJ. Who are you?” Victor asked.

Lucas approached too. ” KJ, what’s going on. Innocentia said someone in our uniform saved her at the train station, and you and I are the only one who knew she was there. Are you not the one that saved her?”

Tention creeped in among them. All this while, Erica and Olivia had been listening and looking at them, even Mason himself heard all they said from a window up stairs. However, Kelly had gone speechless without knowing what to say because he felt that he didn’t even know who he was since people had started investigating about him without his knowledge. To increase his paturbation, Erica broke the silence from his back saying, “Okay, what is really going on here?”

Hearing her voice, Kelly turned to her in a way both gazed at each other…..

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