Love enhancer episode 11

(Kelly’s Dairy)
Episode 11
Written by Author Nath
The tale by the book, ‘Prophecy’ was something only few knew about. Many like Victor who had been freakingly enthusiastic about it wished it has a continuation or just take up a character on the book. Therefore he couldn’t close his mouth about it as he was walking with Kelly to the hall for the drama rehearsal. They had the same height but different movement. Victor seemed to have a little bow-leg unlike Kelly who’s movement was as straight as a finishing line. Many students of Mason High School at the moment were busy especially the SS3 students who could be identified at different locations rehearsing for their sentforth.

“How did the book end?” Kelly interrupted Victor.

Victor stopped and looked at him. “That’s the problem. That’s where the suspense is coz it ended at the prophecy which is to say that the princess is still waiting for her hero to come save her and eventually marries her. It’s a fiction but it looks so real!” he began to walk again followed by Kelly.

Though it might be a fiction to Victor but had become a reality to Kelly. “Does the name Eleli appear on the book?” Kelly was still inquisitive.

Victor stopped walking for the second time, gazing at Kelly suspiciously. He tapped his chest with a finger wanting to say something but suddenly shook his head with an obnoxious smile.

“What’s the problem, Victor?” Kelly asked him.

“”My father who gave me this book said, it’s rare, only five percent of people in the world may have acces to it. First, you discovered that it’s not just the Elves but house of Elves, and now you’re asking me about Eleli the queen mother of the immortals, the prophetess of the prophecy?”

“Are you saying Eleli is the one who made the prophe…”

“Don’t try to cut me off, KJ!” Victor tapped his chest with his fingers again severally. His expression sent Kelly a serious signal for him to comprehend the boy’s inconclusive hypothesis. Victor flipped the pages of the book to the last page then continued with the fingers now pointing at words from the book. “Yes, Eleli made the prophecy that says, “Only the possessor of the secrete dairy will bring about the paramours that will journey to the house of Elves for the life ornament that will restore the princess’ life.” He closed the book in a way that it made a terrifying sound while his eyes glued on Kelly’s who waited patiently for him to arrive at a conclusion. “And you, Kelly Joe is the possessor of the dairy regarding your drama the day Cynthia died. You are the continuation of this story!” Victor finally concluded.


laughed. “You’re kidding right? You just told me that the story is a fictional one, so how come I’m the continuation? Moreover, what I displayed on the day of Cynthia’s death is still something I can’t explain. It was just my village people trying to use me.”

“Lies! You brought out something from your bag and said it was a dairy that contains all our names!”

“Did you see the dairy?”

Victor became mute. Just then, Lucas’ voice came from the entrance of the hall, yelling, “You both should quit talking and come over here!”

Just like he said, the two boys walked to the hall where miss Alagia handed each of them a script while they watched her narrates the drama-line. Her phonetics worth emulating and listening to coz she was a professional and fluent on it. The five students enjoyed all parts of it as she kept narrating like a feminist before a congrigation. He walked tro and fro, demonstrating with a hand and glancing at a paper in another hand as she kept talking while the students listened attentively. The sound of her heel shoes which, at an interval, echoed inside the hall reminding people like Lucas that she was still a fresh young classic lady.

“Lucas, you’re performing the character, Otengwu, a drunkard who wants Kelly which is Dimgba to marry the princess due to his generosity towards you by buying you a bottle of beer each time he sees you. But Prince of Owalla, which is Victor wants to marry the princess already. Oh, the princess becomes confuse and needed advise from Ada, her closest friend which is Olivia..”

“Who then is my princess?” Victor asked.

“Apparently, it’s Erica.” Miss Alagia replied.

“How would the drama end?” Kelly asked again.

“Exactly the way it’s on the script.” Alagia folded her paper. “I may not have all the time to monitor or rehearse with you guys, so I want you to dialogue and come up with how you gonna rehearse by yourselves. On Friday, you’ll show me how far and good you’ve become. Thank you.” she catwalked out of the hall, taking Lucas attention until Olivia called on him saying, “Quit staring at your teacher, Lucas!”

The boy startled at her voice while other smiled except Erica.

“She’s so beautiful! I wish I can just walk down the aisle with her.” Lucas confessed and turned to Victor. “Have you imagined yourself getting control of a beautiful, intelligent, smart, tall lady with a koi-koi shoe whose cut-yard would be yours and yours alone. Aaaww!” He glanced at the door through which miss Alagia passed.

Kelly hit him on the head. “Focus!” he had said.

The students gathered around to dialogue as their teacher said. Kelly’s hands never left his pockets as his eyes occasionally and continuously caught with Erica’s.


have no time at school to rehearse” Victor began. “Unless after school time coz many of us have one or two things doing during break. So I suggest we do it at someone’s house!”

“Wow! Home rehearsal! That will be great!” Lucas yelled. “Let’s choose my house, no, sorry, not my house coz.. coz… I don’t know but definitely not my house. Let’s use KJ’s residence.” he pointed at his buddy.

“No, please coz.. coz.. my house is strange. It can be a nightmare to you guys.”

Everyone stared at him quietly including Erica as if he had himself wet with his own urine. The young boy comprehended then brought out a hand from his pocket to elaborate further saying, “No, no, it’s not what you think, it’s not as if I have a skeleton in my courboard or anything. My house is just unfit for us.”

“My house then.” Erica interfered. “Our compound is large. 4p.m to 6p.m from today to Friday. Agreed?” she suggested too.

“Fine” they all responded.
Mason High School students assembled for an announcement after a bell was rung for dismissal. They all answered the call of bell in front of the principal’s office. The color of the uniform saturated the arena like a bacteria colony. Of course they knew that something must had caused the urgent gathering before they would be allowed to go home. Just as they murmured, a girl climbed on the higher pavement to vocally express herself which, of course was why they were summoned.

“Hello, my fellow students!” she began. Lucas looked up from the crowd to see Innocentia as the girl. Gradually, the noise among the students died down after hearing her voice. Teachers could be seen monitoring from aside. Innocentia continued. “This is in form of announcement and appreciation. It’s already all over the news how i would have been dead yesterday at the train station without the intervention of someone who saved my life. It’s a pity i didn’t get to see who that person was but those who saw him said he was on our uniform.” He paused and swallowed hard when a soliloquy wanted to arise. “I just want to thank the person if he or she is here. Also, I’ll be more happy if the person identifies him or herself now.”

The murmuring arose fully while the poor girl waited to know if anyone would identify himself. Just then, Lucas remembered Kelly asking him about Innocentia’s way about that day which he disclosed to him. As he was contemplating, the students were dismissed by Mr Martins after nobody identifies. Swiftly, Lucas met Innocentia saying, “I have a feeling that Kelly is the one who saved you.”

“Why?” The girl asked.

“That day, he curiously wanted to know where you went to. After I told him, he left immediately.” Lucas explained while they gazed at each other. Distant chattering of students and vehicles filled their ears but their minds were filled with different things. The girl adjusted her bag.

“If actually it’s him that’s to say Kelly knew I was going to be shot. He knew the accident would happen.” She analyzed.

“If what you’re saying is true, then Kelly has some questions to answer.” Lucas concluded.

“Where is he by the way?”

“He left before time.” Lucas replied.
Kelly didn’t wait for school to dismissed. He rushed home, opened his room and banged the door behind him, breathing hastily. He looked at the teddy on the bed. “You just have to talk to me now coz I have a glimpse of your second statement and also who you are.”

Eleli chuckled. “The paramours are you and the next girl whom you’ll be pinned not to move to go save her. If at the end of saving the lives of these girls on the dairy and you don’t ‘go down’ for a particular girl, the dairy will leave you.”

“That means Mason’s priestess was wrong.” Kelly wanted to know.

“No, though it might have been of her power to re-prophesy but wasn’t opportuned to witness the twist of prophecy. Mason is just lucky that Alice’s curse twisted with the prophecy. Hence, you have two missions to accomplish. The first one gives birth to the second and the second cannot be accomplished without your second. I mean the other paramour whom you’re emotionally attached with.”

“Who is this second person you talk about?” Kelly asked.

“The dairy will decide.”

“But why me?”

“”Who’s talking about you?” Eleli’s voice pitched.

“What then are you talking about?” Kelly was still inquisitive.

“I’m talking about who you are, not you in particular.” Eleli said the same words the strange woman said to Kelly the first day. The boy became obnoxiously devastated. He sat down on the edge of the bed, once again turning his back on the teddy bear. He glanced at his wrist watch. Quietly, he stood up to a table-drawer where he opens and brought out the dairy. He pened it to see a few names that had disappeared. He wrote them back on a fresh page only to to see himself in the future monitoring how these girls will all die: He saw Olivia on a farmland with an old man which he presumed to be her grandfather. There was a strong wind, a storm that fell down a palm tree on the land. Unfortunately, it landed on Olivia’s body as the girl was trying to leave the farmland with her grandfather.

Kelly came back to the present. “If that was Olivia’s village, does it mean I’ll travel to her village to save her? How can I save her without her knowing and asking questions why I left the city to her village?” the boy kept thinking. He turned to the teddy. “Eleli, I believe there’s nothing wrong with people knowing about my mission.” he asked.

“There’s everything wrong if people should know. Your own life will be at risk if people get to know coz it will be a catalyst for the Elves to know your existence then come for you. They wouldn’t know your existence if you keep it a secret until the day you make your journey to them. It’s better to go to them than them coming to you.” She replied.
On the other hands, Victor had started making inquiries about the author of the ‘Prophecy’. He began to dig for the truth and to eventually know Kelly’s secret…..

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