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Love Enhancer episode 1

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Love Enhancer episode 1 by : 5:19 pm On August 16, 2021
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Episode 1
Written by Author Nath
Heading: Genesis of Mystery
On his way out of the male toilet, just at the door, Kelly heard her amorous laughter, her voice was intensively irresistible like a n√d£ image of a marine goddess. He stood at the door with a hand on the knob, enjoying the very voice of the angel outside. It was like a pain relief to his body and worked like magic in stabilizing his blood pressure like Benazepril hydrochloride. The feelings he got from the voice flushed down from his head to his toes, hence triggering a smile on his face. He couldn’t wait anymore to have, at least, a glance at the face of the girl who had brainwashed him with her voice. Though he knew the owner of the voice, but seeing her face would be an addendum to the joy in his heart. So, quickly, he walked back into the toilet, carried a bucket to a diminutive window as an aid to his height. He climbed, like an amateur spy, he peeked with only an eye through the window to finally see the beautiful face of the beautiful voice. It was Erica, his biggest crush.

Sadly, that was all Kelly could always do: stealing a crushing glance at Erica coz he’s so timid and shy to stand before her thoughtless of confessing his love for her. He also thought the girl was too classic for someone like him. Hence, crushing on her was the best he could do. Nonetheless, as he was satisfying his emotions through the window, someone caughed from behind thereby startling him; he nearly fell down from the bucket. He said nothing but stared at the person after adjusting his eyeglasses. A school bag hung behind him just like a blue pen hung on the pocket of his white long-sleeve shirt which he tocked in-in a blue plain trouser. First, he analyzed the average woman who interrupted him: she looked unfamiliar with a mop and a bucket in her hand.

“I guess you’re the cleaner. Sorry, I guess I have to excuse you.” Kelly began to walk towards the door.

“Not all relationships are meant to be.” the woman’s voice interrupted him, yet he couldn’t resist Erica’s that was still coming from outside. Also, he couldn’t put a f!ng£r on what the woman was talking about, so he slowly turned to see her mopping the floor absentmindedly as if she never said anything. Astonished, Kelly asked her, “Did you just say something?”


heard me” the woman kept mopping.

“Well, I’m not in a relationship with her, and I know it’s not meant to be as you said.”

The woman straightened up. “Who’s talking about you?” she asked.

“What then are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about who you are, not you in particular.”

Both stared at each other. Bemused, Kelly didn’t know what to think, just as his legs suddenly loss the appropriate weight to carry his body. Terrified, he hurried out of the toilet, contemplating how the woman knew who he was. “Who am I? Obviously, I’m Kelly Joe. That’s who I am. The woman must be bluffing.” He concluded within him, standing outside the door. He saw a male student entering into the toilet then said, “A cleaner is inside, I guess you have to wait for her to…”

“What the hell are you talking about?” the boy interrupted him rudely. “Today is Monday, janitors don’t work on Mondays, freak!” he barged into the rest-room where Kelly utilized the juncture to peek inside but never saw the woman again. He became astonished! It could be seen oh his eye-balls that approximately bulge out through his eyeglasses.

Notwithstanding, his two hands enjoyed the comfort refuge of his two pockets just like, in the same demeanor, his footsteps on the tiled floor remained brisk as he was heading to the exterior part of the building, wondering who he had seen inside the toilet if not a janitor. Though group of students walked through the same passage with him but Kelly never noticed any of them to my greatest amusement because I, the writer knows that none of those students noticed him too. Kelly has always been unnoticed and hates drawing attention to himself, but Lucas, his best buddy, would always drag his legs to the village square.

Stepping outside, Kelly’s eyes once again behold Erica beside the school flag with her friends laughing and hilariously catwalking in a feminine demeanor that got her buttocks slightly shaking in a blue short skirt. She was always neat, eye-catching especially on her uniform. She’s ebony black that glitters with the divulging teeth in her mouth which Kelly enjoys to see mostly coz her smile alone is like a nourishing breakfast. At the sight of Erica, Kelly becomes not only vulnerable but also forgetful. Just like he had forgotten about the strange woman he saw in the rest-room as he stupidly stood there, admiring his dream love.

“KJ…” a voice called him from behind. By hearing of the acronym, Kelly articulated who that might be, so he never turned rather called his name, “Lucas.”

Lucas patted his bag from behind. He had the same height with Kelly but more preferable by women to Kelly. “I’ve once again caught you staring at a woman’s cut-yard.” Lucas began. “It’s all the same thing, KJ. You just have to do the real thing. Touching it is the same as staring at it.”


glanced at him. “What are you talking about, Lucas? What is cut-yard anyway?” he asked still with his hands in his pockets.

“The groovy buttocks!”


“Coz it’s divided into two that’s why it’s called cut-yard. Even God knows you can’t handle both that’s why he cut it into two equal half for you to have one while I manage one.” he laughed to see Kelly smiling too, but continued. “My Bible tells me that looking at it is the same as when you touch it. Both are sin! So choice your sin wisely; which do you prefer, KJ?”

Kelly ignored him but traces of smile never departed from his face. He sighted Mr Martins, their form master, then hurried to him. The man’s steps is always very fast that whosoever walks with him must be on the run. That was the situation Kelly found himself, galloping beside him like a horse while the man comfortably walked.

“Sir, I need your attention. I’m worried about something.” Kelly requested in a hurry.

“I’m all yours, KJ” the man replied.

“You just need to slow down sir.”

“I’m a moving train, KJ. You can meet me at the bus-stop.”

Kelly stopped, breathing hastily as he watched the man entering into his office. Then he understood that he must had gotten to his bus-stop, so he met him inside the office.

“What’s it, Joe?” Mr Martins asked gesturing at the seat opposite him.

Kelly sat down sluggishly. “Sir, I met a janitor inside our rest-room. But I realized today is Monday. There’s no way any of them could be in school. So I was wondering if you in anyway invited any of them today.”

The man kept mute, laid back on his chair, crossed his legs and stared at the boy before him. His silence got Kelly worried the more coz he needed an answer to his inquisitiveness.

“Sir,” he called.

“You’ve not hit the nail on the head, Joe.” Mr Martins said. “Did the woman harrase you in anyway?”

“No,” Kelly responded surprisingly. “But how do you know it’s a woman, sir?” The young boy couldn’t help but to shake the fact that Mr Martins knows about his encounter with the strange woman. Just as the silence lingered, a knock came from the door. It cracked opened and Erica entered to Kelly’s greatest amazement. Quickly, he looked up at her but suddenly bent his head shyly.

“Erica, it better be important. What is it?” Mr Martins asked her. Just then, his cell phone rang, he picked it and walked out of the office as he spoke through it. Only Kelly and Erica remained inside the office, yet Kelly couldn’t look up again. He wished the ground opens and swallow him.

“Hey, KJ.” Erica whispered. “You’re with my cell phone. The location is on so I just tracked it to this place. May I see your bag?”

Before Kelly could say anything, she zipped the bag open, deep her hand inside it and brought out the phone. “You’re lucky I’m in a good mood today.” she disdained him and walked out of the office.

Kelly exhaled, knowing very well that it was Lucas’ handwork. He closed his bag, hung it once again to leave the office too. Unfortunately, he met Lucas, grinning outside, beside the door.

“Lucas, I know you did it.” he told him.

The boy approached him. “Did you touch?” he asked amusingly.

“Touch what?”

“Aaahhh..” Lucas groaned. “Must I explain myself again?”

Kelly sighted the cleaner, leaving the school compound. He could feel goosebumps on his skin as he stared at her. He tapped Lucas, pointing at the woman. “What could that janitor be doing in school today?”

Lucas stretched his neck. “What Janitor? Today is Monday, bro.” he said.

“You mean you can’t see her leaving the school?”

“I see nobody, bro. All I see are bunch of cut-yards.”

“Something is wrong somewhere.” Kelly murmured. He threw off his bag and began to run after the woman. Lucas picked his bag strangely wondering what had come over him. Kelly’s race, for the first time, drew attention to himself. Students who saw him running wondered why and wanted to see the outcome. Mr Martins, who was on call at a corner also watched the young boy running like an amateur.

“Hey, woman, wait!!” he shouted on his way. Unluckily, he stumbled and fell down, brushing his face on a green grass. Some students laughed while some showed concern. Kelly felt a hand on his shoulder, he looked up to see Lucas as the one. “Did you see her?” he was still asking.

“No, KJ. What’s going on?” Lucas asked with a serious tone.

Kelly stood up to see all eyes on him, he turned to see Mr Martins staring at him too. Lucas handed his eyeglasses to him, he cleaned it and wore it back boldly. His emotions changed. He fully understood that Mason High School has a mystery he had to solve…..

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