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Kast episode 3

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Kast episode 3 by : 7:22 am On July 13, 2020
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Episode 3
Ade preparation for the party was like preparing for a wedding with Abacha’s granddaughter(just to show people that Abacha still has decendant..though ah no know him decendant and ah no wan know them)…
We were still waiting for Ade infront of the house and suddenly Tolu pushed to talk with a complaint “See, eaten that amala nah like giving my worms poison, my stomach deh sound” he said as he took his hand into his mouth “Shey your mama fit cook sweet soup as me??” I asked with faint smile looking straight forward toward the road to view any ladies that pass by “The food no good??, then why you deh toothpick like say nah your city canteen you visit??” Shola throws at Tolu with care without mentioning village to avoid getting another punch, I don’t blame him, I can’t aford to recieve the punch..well, if he doesn’t took his word gently…That would have been good for me.. “wetin concern your papa if ah use turning stick turn my whole mouth..person matter nah yours?” Tolu answered without removing his hand from where it stuck to, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “wetin bring light come your house weh you deh shine teeth like maize weh them plant beside road??” Shola said amidst of his own laugh. “ah swear, them fit use me advertize close-up not you weh your teeth possess locust color” I was saying before Shola interupt “why them no go use you advertize maxam, since them go first show your stinky-present teeth and after them wash ahm like rag, them go show ahm again and that go make them win people heart”.. as we are busy with our “I disagree” programme, I was lost to the arguement to the extent I couldn’t heard Tolu calling for my attention until he slapped my hand forcefully. “aha. wetin ah do the king of your city?” I said with little anger…Although I was a bit angry, I have to pick my words from dictionary with caution orelse I might mistakenly mention the word “village” which could gain me a free ticket to hospital cause I can’t stand Tolu’s anger… “ah deh call you since make you see one fine babe ontop bike, you deh busy with parrot-like in nature talk” Tolu said using style to remind Shola of who he is.. “if nah swear them swear for both of you, e no go reach this level 15…you turn arguement to job..mtchw” he added to show how hurtful he felt by not giving him my attention when needed… As he finished saying all his vocabulary, Ade came out with a killing smile…there is so much I love about that guy…if atall he was been born a female, I would have married her with joy… the most handsome guy among us…I remember how I begged him to help me asked a lady out in our neighbourhood.. Not that I couldn’t do it but an handsome doing it will be more better but my guy just came back saying gilbrish I couldn’t understand…oh he brought me the lady’s name… “whats happening here” he asked while approaching us……one more thing about him…he’s the only guy that never speak pidgin out of us…maybe he added that to his charm only God knows…But that guy realy look awesome…the only thing I dislike about him is the way he dress…Not how he look in the dress but the time he always used to get dressed…I wonder how he manage to always meet up lectures when he was in school… “No mind this parrot and hawk jawe…them fit talk walk pass the destination before noticing…two babarians” Tolu said still showing his anger “me no know why you carry fire for head ontop say ah no look a lady, shey nah you go go meet her if atall ah call her” I said with a smile “Nah ontop bike the lady deh sef…why he no call her if he deh sure say he wan make you see her…he even suppose run to catch the bike sef..ah no know why he go deh vex ontop wetin he guilty on” Shola said as we all kept looking at his mouth. “You can never change…your talking is too much.caution yourself dude.. Please, let’s go. its 6:40pm already” Ade said refering to Shola. “Your dressing deh long, caution yourself mheeeen” Shola answerd back mimicking Ade’s voice….
Sometimes I wonder if Nigeria was the only country on earth, reason is that. the best country that describe what LIFE means is Nigeria… Happiness today, worrying tommorow…things keep changing from negative to positive and positive to negative…If I had a chance to write a poem or proverb for world to see…then “Life can simply be define as Nigeria” will be my first words to write…
When we were busy chit-chatting, I could see the road filled with car and bike but as we got to where to call a bike with-in a second, the road has turn to a mortuary without any motor or bike passing… “Nah wetin ah talk be this…person weh no deh dress quick no deh reach them destination in time…you take dressing as priority ontop a party what if you wan go meet your in-law??” Shola said suddenly but got no reply. I would have reply him but I was busy rubbing where Tolu slapped me earlier on… “I think we need to get going by walking because standing here mean no meaning” Ade said while leaving us there… “abeg, shey we go trekk ni??” I heard Tolu asked with curiosity face “No, we go fly…call your papa jet make it come carry us” I answered back as we followed Ade…
..We walked almost a mile from where we are before seeing bikes to call…We called on two and bounced on it with me and Shola on one and the other two herbivous on the second one…I couldn’t even remember how Shola and I grow fond for each other(not what you think oo…been best of a friend) because we met not more than a year now..the story to that is for another day…
The ride was like hell for me because the parrot behind me just kept on bathing me with saliva as he was busy interrogating the bike man…to my surprise, the bike man was answering him like a criminal… “Bro, how much them deh sell petrol now” the fool asked like he had something to do with petrol price “them don deh sell ahm 105naira per litre” the man answered with joy…I wonder why he felt joyous with the amount or was it just because he answered one babarian… “and how much you don gain today?” he asked feeling good as he saw someone to talk with “9ja no easy oo…ah don deh for road since morning nah 1k ah get” the man answered without even thinking twice…I don’t know why some people do always feel free to put themself into trouble…assumming Shola asked that question to gain clue on how much we would rob from him…he would have been penniless the momment he answered…
The two brothers in parrot land kept on with their discusion until we reach our destination…I can’t help but thanking God for surviving through hell…
Making our ways into the party avenue.. I heard people hailing our names as usual…KAST is the name we got from a party we went to…we were on our seat gisting and and the MC was asking people to come on stage to sing and dance…suddenly called on us throwing us a question “What’s your name Guys??”.. “we are KAST by name” he got answered by Ade…that guy possess many thing you could die for…We were asked to come on stage together and dance while one of us hold the micro-phone and sing a song…I don’t know how to dance which gave me no option than to sing…we sing and dance to people’s satisfaction and “KAST” got known just a night……wonderful day it is…..
Back to present..
But seems something is missing and thats ladies presence.. “Guys, shey ladies no allow come here?” I asked as we kept approaching them… “How many of your sister you bring come here??” Tolu answered showing no expression. “E go be say ladies never arrive yet…them go soon come” I heard Shola’s voice…Seems he realy enjoy the ride cause his smiles was like someone’s crying face…
We greeted the people we met there and I went to take a seat…

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