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Kamma’s regret episode 8 – 9

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Kamma’s regret episode 8 – 9 by : 6:22 pm On April 19, 2021
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Ugo dropped the call. Nurse ella went into prayers.
My Lord and my God, i come before you in Jesus name. I plant confusion in this trip ugo is planning on embarking. Oh Lord, destroy their wicked plans and bring to ruin their conspiracies. Oh Lord, as it was in the days of Haman and mordecai so shall it be in Jesus name. Amen.
The next morning around 7:30 ugo came to mama’s apartment. His car has refused to start. He came to pick mma’s car.
Kamma was in the sitting room when he walked in.
-mma, good morning, how are you?
-I’m fine. What’s wrong?
-don’t know what’s wrong with my car.came to pick yours.
-ok. mine has not been in use. And since mama left no one jas been warming it.
-get the keys please. I’m in a hurry.
-over there(she pointed towards the dinning) ugo, i will like to go with you please.
-so that poke nosing nurse has talked this nonsense into you?
-what nonsense ? She asked for your contact yesterday. She had a revelation that your life is in danger. That was all she told me.
-could you believe she said she wants to come with me?
-wow, really? Then we are all going. Nurse ella is an instrument in God’s hands. We are all going .
-mma, listen, you are still recovering. I don’t know how distanced the place we are going is. I don’t want to put you through stress. Please.
-ugo, we are all going.
-are you being serious? Ok instead stay behind, while i go with her.
-nop, we are all going.
-Alright fine. Get ready. I’m running late.
She was shocked ugo came with mma and nurse ella.
-Ugo, why bringing mma and her nurse along? For God’s sakes she is still recovering.
-was my decision aunty, replied mma. I took want to join in the search for mama. I was the reason she embarked on the journey.
-hmmm, sighed aunty Evelyn. Ok
-you followed mama to that place. You know why she didn’t come back.
-what is this? Who is this? What is she saying? Do you know whom you’re talking to?
-i didn’t expect you to admit. By the power in the name of Jesus Christ, if i be a servant of the most high God, i command this ground upon which you stand to give you up NOW.
Before their very eyes, Evelyn was lifted and brought to the ground. She was just rolling and shouting.
-nurse ella continued, you will remain this way till you speak up.
-ok please, i will speak up please. Yes i took Ezinne there. But i was warned by the native doctor not to mention to anyone that i know her whereabout. He had some scores to settle with her.
Ugo was like WHAT!!!!
-He said i will die if i do.please I’m sorry.
-what are 6 armed men doing around you? Nurse ella asked. I see six armed men around you.
Evelyn started crying
-speak now or face the wrath of God.
– please i can’t. (Crying) i rather die.
-i set every part of you on fire. Let the ground you sit on become fire.
Evelyn started shouting
-I hired men to kill ugo on our way to the shrine. To cover all. AKPUDA warned me not to speak up.
-Wait aunty, did you just say AKPUDA
-yes AKPUDA. please forgive me.
-ugo, KAMMA called. let’s go. I know.the place.
i have a video coverage of what just happened here. I will come back for you.
They left.
They set off to AKPUDA’S SHRINE. Nurse Ella prayed all through.
Ugo questioned how KAMMA got to know the place and who AKPUDA was. Nurse Ella interrupted and warned that everyone should be prayerfully alert. That wasn’t time to ask questions.
Getting close to the entrance of AKPUDA’S SHRINE, There was a road block. Nurse Ella burst into tongues!!!
– there is danger. They know we are here. Great battle awaits us. Mama’s life is in danger. That thing blocking the way is not what it seems. That’s the native doctor. You all stay in the car. (She stepped out)
Nurse Ella started singing.
Power from above
There is power from above
(Makarabo, sheketemaya, she spoke in tongues)
Power from above,
There is power from above
I believe, I believe, there is power from above.
She burst into tongue again, singing as well.
I know that my redeemer liveth
I know he’s not far from me eh eh eh
I know when he will arise
The world will know that, my redeemer liveth.
She started praying.
Oh Lord God of heaven
God of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego
God of Daniel
God of Elijah
The God who made fire lick up water.
God of war, (speaking in tongues)
Your mercy oh God, daddy your mercy
For you will have mercy on who you will have mercy.
Your mercy triumphs over judgement oh God.
In your mercy Lord arise.
All you powers, kingdom of darkness, withholding the soul of this daughter of God, hear ye the word of God, she was created in God’s image and fashioned in his likeness. I command you powers, holding her, loose your grip now, now,
The log blocking the way became AKPUDA and MAMA. AkPuda had his hands tightly fixed around mama’s neck. AKPUDA spoke angrily.
-stay away from this matter, it is non of your business.
– you lie, replied Nurse Ella. Because an image of God is involved, it is now my business. I am the servant of the most high God. I am involved when a child of God is involved.
Written by Nnenne uju izuanabgara.
Nurse Ella was still coughing. She managed to get to the bottle of olive oil and took a taste of it. The cough started subsiding.
Ugo came back to the scene and ran towards his mother. Kamma was still battling with thee sand in her eyes.
Nurse Ella helped her up, into the car. Ugo brought his mum who is already very weak into the car. They noticed mama could no longer walk. One side of her body is paralysed She was rushed to the hospital.
Mama, called ugo & kamma.
– my children, what ever you do in this life, No matter what, stay away from evil (crying) do not soil your hands with the blood of the innocent.
I had so many opportunities to give my life to Christ, but I didn’t. My reason was pastors come to UGOGBE then for power. If Jesus was that powerful, why are his followers looking for power else where.
(Crying) I never knew that the power in the name of Jesus is stronger than the strongest of forces. I never knew that no other power can be compared to his. I never knew.
Right there in UGOGBE’S Shrine, I encountered him, he showed me mercy and undeserved kindness. I could have died long ago. He kept me( crying) he kept this wretched sinner just for me to have a taste of his power I constantly mocked. I saw the Lord, he has been talking to me. Ugo my son, I killed UCHECHI. (crying) she was right. I gave the substance she put in my food. I killed your father. After all I did for him, he secretly planned to elope with my friend, my best friend. You were only 10years old then. I also killed Edna, my best friend.
Ugo and kamma could no longer hold their tears.
-Even if I’m experiencing this sweet love of Jesus for just a short time mama continued, I am happy. My name is written in the book of life. He showed me. (Smiles amidst tears) I see the joy in heaven over my soul. I look forward to the glorious ascension. I already hear heavenly melodies. Please call Nurse Ella for me.
Nurse Ella came into the ward.
-Mama, I’m here.
-child of God mama smiled. God bless you. You know I never wanted to employ you but your persuasion prevailed. I’m glad I did. Thank you for leading this war. Daughter, hold unto your faith. Great is your reward my child.
Ugo give me your hands,( ugo brought forth his hand) Kamma you too. I bless your union. You shall bare children. You shall live peacefully. Above all, give your lives to JESUS CHRIST. I have tasted both sides, Satan’s kindness is his exhibition of wickedness. Jesus is the only route to freedom and peace of mind.
Ella, please lead them through. Argh!!! What a peace I feel inside of me. Thank you Jesus. They are here.
They were looking around
– who mama? Who are they?
– (She smiled) IT IS TIME.
Crying filled the air.
KAMMA CRIED BITTERLY. she too wanted to confess to mama what she did. Ugo cried bitterly. Mama’s body was deposited at the mortuary.
That night, kamma decided to confess to UGO what she did.
Kamma went on knees.
-ugo, i have a confession to make. My sister suffered so much in the hands of her mother inlaw. You know the whole story. Out of annoyance, i went to a native doctor directed by my friend. He was the same native doctor mama went to.
-what? Hmmm!! I’m listening.
– i told the native doctor that i want my wiuld be mother in-law dead, the moment I’m married into the family. Table turned when i met mama. She was an opposite of the picture of what i heard in my head for a mother in law.
I didn’t know what to do. I went back to akpuda. He told me the only remedy was to add fowl’s blood to mama’s meal. That was what will save her life.(crying) i did. I kept adding fowl’s blood to her meal. Trouble started for me the day i tasted the food with her. I never knew i wasn’t supposed to. That was how i feel sick. I’m sorry ugo. Please forgive me.
-you disgust me. Ugo replied crying) i can never spend the rest of my life with a heartless wicked person like you. For you to device this kind of thing, you can kill.
-ugo all i want is your forgiveness (crying). You have every right to act which ever way you want to. Please I’m sorry .
-get out of my way. I’m giving you one hour to pack out of this house. Forget about the car, and all the luxuries my mum gave you . You don’t deserve them. Wicked soul.
Nurse ella tried to intervene but ugo gave deaf ears. Kamma started packing her things. Nurse ella encouraged Kamma.
-dear, I’m so sorry about this. You did the right thing. God will fight for you. God has a way of turning the table for people like you. Believe me when i say you will laugh last. I’m also leaving. Mr ugo has paid me off. Let’s go.
-(crying) thanks dear. The Lord will lead me through. I strongly believe.
-good. That’s the spirit.
They met ugo at the door.
– sir, i still think you should reconsider ,ella said.
-shut-up, ugo replied.
Nurse ella was about leaving when he drew her back and said.
– Every man needs a God fearing woman in his life. Not some poisonous, fetish, two timimg killer bch. You are a wife material. MARRY ME ELLA.

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