Kamma’s regret episode 10

Written by Nnenne UJU IZUANAGBARA .
Kamma tried to leave. Nurse ella stopped her.
-Mr ugo, you need Jesus. Do i look desperate to you? With this nasty attitude of yours, i put it to you sir, YOU DO NOT DESERVE THIS WOMAN (kamma) ATALL. G©sh, your attitude is more than disgusting. Your husband material is nothing but rags. Worthless!!!. If you are the only man on earth, i rather remain unmarried.
– imagine the low life I’m trying to give envible status.
-There is nothing envible about your status because it was borrowed. Not for your mum, you won’t know how to PRONOUNCE the word STATUS.
-Get out. Ugo shouted.
They left.
KAMMA GOT HOME. SHE WASN’T ALLOWED IN. Her brothers told her to go back to where she was coming from. Ada’s burden is enough.
-you better go back o, Araba her elder brother shouted. Is this place refuse dump for unwanted wives. Nne gakwuru di gi biko. (go back to your husband )
-brother please, I’m begging you i have no where to go (crying)
– go back to ugo. You have no room here o.
KAMMA WAS PUSHED OUT BY HER BROTHERS. She sat by the gate and cried asking God to show her mercy. Ella’s call came in immediately.
-oh my.God, mma are you crying?. Are you ok? What is it? Where are you?
Mma could not speak. She was filled with tears.
-hello, mma, please calm down and tell me where you are. I speak peace to your heart in Jesus name. Please tell me where you are.
-front of my gate.
-where do you stay?
-brooklyn avenue. House 14.
-I’m coming. Please just stay there.
Two hours later, nurse ella arrived in a lexus jeep. Kamma broke into heavy tears when she saw nurse ella.
-oh my God. (She ran towards her and embraced her) it’s ok. Stop crying dear. (She helped her into the car with her luaguages and drove off.)
Nurse ella brought kamma into her father’s house. Nurse ella’s father is a very wealthy child of God. With her father’s permission, kamma was given a room in their mansion.
Kamma shared how she was thrown out by her own brothers.
-mma, believe me, it is for good. God is trying to place you in the right place for his blessings. It might look painful, soon it will be gainful. Be strong my dear friend. God who saved your life will see you through.
-Amen. Thanks so much.
In two months ugo met a lady in his church. Bibian by name. Choir director and assistant youth leader. They are already talking marriage.
Bibian is nurse ella’s cousin.
Ugo and Bibian finally got married. Kamma was present at the wedding. Ugo’s best man who came all the way from America couldn’t take his eyes off KAMMA.
There was after party. Elvis walked up to Kamma.
-you are beautiful he said.
-thanks she replied smiling
-my name is Elvis chigoziri Nduka.
-I’m Nwakamma okoye
-nice meeting you.
-same here, kamma replied.
-Are you married ?
-(laughter) no i’m not. Do i look married?
-(laughter) just to be sure I’m not crushing on somebody’s wife.
-your acent,you don’t look or sound Nigerian. Not for the name, wouldnt have believed. Kamma replied.
-i live in America. Went there after secondary school. Ugo is my childhood friend.
-wow. Really? (Kamma was begining to feel uncomfortable )
-what do you do? Elvis asked.
-i’m an accountant with greenway pharmaciticals.
-what? (Laughter) that’s my dad’s company. What a coincidence !!!. I head the U.S conglomerate.
-oh my God. Nice to meet you sir. So, i have been talking to my boss.Thank God i was well behaved ( Laughter)
-can i have your contact ? Elvis asked.
-ok sir.
-please cut out the sir. Thank you. (Laughter)
Some days later, Elvis made his intentions known to his friend Ugo.
-what? Ugo screamed. You want to marry who? Don’t even try it. That girl knows all the babalawo in this country o. That’s the demon i would have married. She even attempted killing my mother o. She vowed never to marry any man who’s mother is still alive.
-what? you can’t be serious? What? I can’t believe this.
ugo narrated in details how it all happened.
Elvis was just looking at him.
-men, you teling me that lady confessed all these to you? By herself? Oh my God. She is a very sincere person. I perfer the devil i know, to the angel i do not know.
-what? Ugo asked are you ok?
-ugo, and you called it off with her because she was being sincere ? Boy you are no way wise bro. I was in love with her before this, right now, I’m madly in love with her. She will be my wife.
-you won’t do that bro, that’s my left over. You do leftovers ? Guy you are too expensive for such.
-(laughter) The woman you married, was someone’s LEFTOVER. You were someone’s leftover too. Grow up man. Ama put a ring on that woman’s finger nigga. She is real and true. And besides, she works in my father’s company.
-That was before. She has been sacked. Oh, she told you she still works there? (Laughter) that’s how sincere she is.
-yeah, she was sacked. But she’s been called back. Three weeks ago. The department she left was suffering. Dad asked for her re-employment. Bro, i’ve found a wife at last. It’s Kamma okoye or no one else.
When the Lord turned again the captivity of zion, we were like men that dream. Don’t play with God.

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