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Kamma’s regret episode 1

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Kamma’s regret episode 1 by : 12:36 pm On April 19, 2021
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Written by Nnenne uju izuanabgara.
NWAKAMMA could not stand the tortue melted on her sister. She had to ask around for a very powerful spiritualist.
“eheee, tufiakwa, chukwuaju. my own can never be like that. I just have to make hay while the sun is still shining”.
ADAOBI her elder sister is married. Her husband is based abroad. Collins is not an only son. He is not even the last, he is the second son. The closeness between him and his mum is something else. ADA was suposed to travel out with her husband but guess who stopped it? MAMA.
“I will go to obodo oyibo before you, you hear me? you want to go there and start bragging london girl. you daughter of a nobody.” this is her mother in-laws words to her. Meanwhile she told her son, she will be lonely if ada travels. she needs ada’s company and so many other lies. MAMA dealt with ada. collins sends alot of gifts of clothes, shoes, hair extentions, perfumes, and lots more. mama will seize all of them. She would make sure ada gets nothing, as in nothing out of it. The clothes are not her size because ada is slim. Mama will sell the clothes. Mama just hated ada. she once told her friend that she is jealous of the Love that exsists between her son and his wife. Ada has divided her son’s attention and affection for her. Ada heard her say this.
When Ada noticed she is pre.gnant, she told her mother in-law.
-have you told my son?
-no mama
-ok. don’t tell him yet until i’m sure that THING will last.
Ada always had morning sickness. Mama prepared something like tea and told her to drink it hot. it would STOP the vomiting.
Two days later, Ada started feeling something like menstral cramp, she started seeing blood and lost the baby. Ada suspected mama’s tea.
Collins came home. Ada requested for her own apartment or be allowed to stay with her parents. This caused a huge problem. collins claimed ada indirectly called his mum a wtch.
Mama was rolling on the floor (crocodile roll) and crying (crocodile tears)
Collins told his wife to appologise to mama which she did just to please her husband. Mama requested the feeding money be given to her. Collins gave mama 500,000 and gave his wife 100,000 for her up keep.
When collins went back, MAMA made life a living hell for Ada.
–oh, you were asking for your own apartment? thunder will.destroy that your mouth. You want to marry my son abi? you must marry o. where is the money he gave to you? go and get it. bring out all the clothes he bought, the perfumes, evvrything, bring them out.
-mama, i will not. i said i will not. whatever you want to do, do it. argh argh, i’m i the only person living with my mother in-law that i won’t rest? Mama do your worse.
-ehee? you say? i.should do my worse. hmmm, you’re growing power abi? issorite.(she went upstairs)
–what kind of nonsence is this? (the next thing ada heard was a hard wip of cane) jesus(she shouted) mama
(mama was just flogging her with a very big cane. they were running round the sitting room and then upstairs till she finally succeded in running into her room and locking.the door)
MAMA was just panting
–come out o. come out and run your stupid mouth. ewu. you want your own apartment. come and carry apartment. (she went into her room)
ADA called her husband’s elder brother on phone and narrated her ordeal.
–my dear, he said, i am tired of mama. don’t you notice we don’t come around? how can she flog you? for what? don’t worry i will come and see her this evening.(some minutes later, mama came.out of her room. Ada was in the kitchen, she wanted to fry egg. mama came into the kitchen and hit ada with her hands.
— How dare you report to ANAYO?
so you want to put enemity.between my son and i?
—mama, i have respected you enough o, the next time you hit me again? mama the.next time you hit me? hmmm
—are you threatening me? what will you do? will you beat me? oya beat me, ADA beat me, i say tear my clothe.(she dragged ada by her cloth)

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Kamma’s regret episode 12 – finale / Kamma’s regret episode 11 / Kamma’s regret episode 10 / Kamma’s regret episode 8 – 9 / Kamma’s regret episode 7 /

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