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Journey with step-mum episode 9

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Journey with step-mum episode 9 by : 7:32 am On July 20, 2020
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..I greeted her and asked of Adinkra but was told he was at the study room studying. I called him but he didn’t respond to the call and I drove back home.
My dad left for work early that morning as usual. I was in the house with Susan and my sis the whole day because we were in the revision week.
I was in my room around 12: 12 pm playing “temple run” game on my phone and I suddenly remembered what the Malam told us about my dad plotting to kill the poor innocent girl Susan.
I was so confused and sad.
I turned off the game and called Susan. Something in me told me to tell her everything but I was afraid so diverted the conversation to something else.
She was already seated at the hall so I left my room to join her.
Immediately I set eye on him I cried. She was shocked and asked me why but I told her nothing was wrong.
Susan called Jessy (My sis) out to ask what was wrong with me.
Jessy: what’s wrong with you. Did the girl gave you AIDS or is she pregnant for you.
My mood changed at once.
Why is this girl saying all this here at this time. I said to myself.
Susan: which girl are you talking about (she asked with passion)
My Sis: Ask him ooo…he brought a girl here Yesty during dads birthday and I caught him f—–g her.
Susan was a bit surprise. She wanted to question me about that but she realised my sis was around so she acted as if she don’t care and went back to her room.
I left to my room to.
Five minutes later I saw a message on my phone. It was Susan. She wanted to know the truth about what my sis said earlier. This time I was sincere and told her the truth. I replied her that Lilian was already in my room before I met her in the kitchen last night.
I called Adinkra to meet me at “TF’ hostels so we can go see the malam and ask him the second time about Susan’s fate with my dad.
Adinkra was always there for me.
He met me there in 22minutes.
We drove straight to the Malam’s yard….
Malam: Welcome my children. What brought you here.
Adinkra: Nana, we were here sometime ago. We wanted you to twist the mind of a man from my friends girlfriend but you told us the man has strong spiritual backings and that he will kill the girl in question.
Malam: hmmmmm..(speaking in different language)
After several incantation the malam told us my dad’s plans were getting nearer….
Malam: ‘Young man, in two months time that girl Susan will be in hades. My gods are telling me this.
To prove to you that your dad is with a cult, in the third market day of this month (third Thursday of the month), his cult will be meeting under the big oak tree close to the Medina public toilet around 1:30 midnight.
You can go there to see things for yourself. But mind you young man , your life is at its maximum risk if you choose to go.’
We thanked the malam, paid him and went straight to my car.
Adinkra asked me on the way if I will be willing to take such a step as directed by the malam which I replied yes.
I was willing to know who my father was. Not only was I disturbed upon hearing he would kill Susan but was in an agony for hearing he killed my mum.
I dropped Adinkra and went to Lillian’s room.
She was studying for next week exams but was happy seeing me…
Lilian: hey sweet..miss you (gave me a klzz)
Me: miss you to. I came to take you out to buy your phone.
Lilian: pls I don’t need any phone. I was not in love with you at first. I thought I just wanted to spend your money but before heavens and earth, now I love u with my soul. Please forgive me with the drama I showed you in the beginning.
I looked straight into her eyes and could see Lilian was in love. I crabbed her and lied her on the bed. We did it (hope you understand that …hmmm).
I told her I had to go to the house and that i will be back in the evening.
I drove home and went straight to my room.
Upon second thought I decided to tell Jessy (my sis) all I have heard about our dad.
I walked to her door, knocked and she ushered me in..
My sis: are you here to attacked me cos I told Susan your bad deeds..
My sis : OK talk am listening..
I narrated everything I have heard about our dad..
My sis was surprised and cried somberly.
She promise I should take her along when going to spy on my dad when the day as the malam directed is due..
(A lot happened in my family and my pr!v@te life till the three market day of the month finally approached)…
I was indoors the whole of that day. I fast till it was 12 noon because I was afraid of going to spy on a cult activity.
Later that night around 2:00am my alarm woke me.
I put on my black straight dress (jalabia)..
I called susan after dressing and likely for me she picked the call. I asked if my dad was in bed but she told me he left to the office to clear some documents cos some auditors were going to audit his work in the morning.
I was not surprised. I knew he was going to meet his cult at the exact place.
I stepped out of my room only to meet my sis in the living room.
I asked why she was not sleeping at that time and she told me she was aware I will be going on a spy today so she has been in the hall learning the whole night.
I didn’t want to take her along but she insisted strongly.
We went into my car and drove out.
I parked the car farther away from the location the malam has given me and we got out to walk secretly to the place.
We were almost getting close to the public toilet as directed by the malam but there was no sign of noise or soever.
I was beginning to cast doubt only to see a light of candle burning close to the big tree.
We hid between some two small trees around to observe what was going on.
In fact I was panicking more than my sis.
13 minutes later we saw some men in all white cloths approaching the candle.
My legs were becoming too heavy for my body. I was shivering like being dip into a cold glacier.
We glace through the men from the distance if we could see our dad among them but their faces were not even clear.
I told Jessy we had to leave but she insisted she will not leave  till she finds my dad there..
Suddenly, we were crabbed by two men and then

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