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Journey with step-mum episode 6

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Journey with step-mum episode 6 by : 7:26 am On July 20, 2020
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Journey with Step-mum
I was a little angry but did not show it up…….
I went straight to sit on her bed while I watched her dressing up.
She sat by me after dressing and we had a little chat….
Lilian requested for a new phone from me, Samsung note 3. I was growing sick within me. I definitely knew I will foolishly buy it anyway. In about 16minites later , a knock came from behind the door.
Lilian: Yes..come in.
(Door open)
Lady: good pm guys. Lilian I have come for us to have the discussion.
Lilian: OK Comfort, meet Albert my one and only.
(Me smiling a little, shaking hands with comfort).
Comfort: nice meeting you Albert. I have heard a lot about you.
Me: thanks dear.
Comfort sat on one of the chairs close to the table and Lilian joined her later with some books.
They started doing their so called discussion.
Lilian left her phone on the bed. I took it and opened her whatsapp only to see bunch of messages from friends and groups. One group name on her whatsapp ‘our silly guys’ drove my attention which I decided to open. It was just three people in the group, Lilian , Comfort and another person by name Kukua.
I scrolled up to read their chat. At some point in reading I nearly collapsed from what these girls have been chatting about.
This was what I got to read from the chat on the whatsapp group of Lilian’s (our silly guys)……
The conversation was between the three
‘Lilian: hi guys I have got one crazy goat (referring to me). He is really rich.
Comfort: wow, you really going to spread us then.
Lilian: we have just met. I don’t love him just wanna chew his cash small (Lilian posted a picture of me)
Kukua: Wow, but this guy is handsome. You better take him for serious.
Lilian: no, I don’t think I love him.
The conversation was too long for me to read. But I realized Lilian was just in for my cash. I felt I have been fooled.
The crazy part of the conversation was when I saw a message of lilian telling comfort to distract me from disturbing her by visiting her in her room.
I was sad. I wanted to shout at Lilian instantly and demand for the dress and heels I bought for her earlier but something in me told me to contact Adinkra for a little clue.
I instantly asked Lilian I want to leave them to have a peaceful studies which she never hesitate to let me go.
How fooled have I been. So is brushing off my d–k on her p—y the only price for spending so much on this silly girl. She is even requesting for Note 3 phone.
I rushed to Adinkra’s room to tell him about what I have witnessed for myself. He said we will find way to either get my money back or I f–k her instead but we should be thinking of the task ahead tomorrow first (going to see the malam).
I was so sad that I jumped on to bed to forget what Lilian has done to me.
I was about to sleep when Susan called asking if I know Monday will be my dad’s birthday.
I instantly remembered that. I told him I will be in the house on Sunday.
I turned back to face the wall and slept.
Early Sunday morning Adinkra and I set off to see the malam. We got to the malam residence around 7:15am.
We entered his spiritual yard finally. He welcomed us as we sat on some dried goat skin in front of the malam.
He asked us about our mission. I told him there is a man who has taken my girlfriend away and married her in addition. And so I would like him to change the man’s mind from loving the girl(Susan).
Malam: do you have a pic of the man and so called girlfriend.
Me: (Took out a pic of my dad and Susan and gave it to the malam.)
Malam: (bringing out two caweries and shouting out incantatiously)…look young guys you stop pressing for your course.
(Adinkra and I looked a little frightened). The man you want me to tune his mind has a strong spiritual backing. He killed his wife for money. He is into a cult. He won’t hesitate to finish you guys if he finds out your dealings. Am just advising you guys. He will kill the girl he is marrying now in no time. That is his business.
Tears flowed from my eyes like the kintampo waterfall. I felt the coldness of my tears like the Atacama desert.
I now know the secrete of my dads riches though he is into banking. I was so sad to here my dad killed my mum.
It was really too much for me to handle at the time. Adinkra comforted me and instructed I don’t show up any silly behavior in the house to call my dads attention.
We paid the malam and left. How to handle what I have discovered about my dad with my ears only was my problem. Shortly before we got to campus my dad called. He reminded me of his birthday on Monday and asked I come home right away. He was back from his business trip.
He told me our family friend Maa Christy, his secretary and most of his friends will be around tomorrow to celebrate with us.
I was frightened to hear that because I knew Maa Christy might tell my dad he saw Susan and I in pr!v@te Inn. I was shaken.
I wanted to call Maa Christy and plead he never tell my dad about what he saw but I thought that could even worsen the situation.

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