Journey with step-mum episode 4

Just 7 minutes after that I come (i ejaculate).
I was too weak. I was feeling dizzy myself. I called Adinkra that I have finally hit the jackpot. I told him how sweet Susan was and would be happy if we two can finally date. You may think am a little crazy but it would be difficult for most guys to just ‘hit and ran’ when you have a f–k with a beautiful girl like Susan.
Adinkra told me he was with his girlfriend so he might even come later in the night.
I lied close to Susan and slept off.
Its sometimes true that you dream of what goes true your mind. After physically digging into my step mum’s ‘pot’, I took that into my sleep and had a dream with overwhelming f—–g with Susan . I guess her styles in my dream were even more serious than she can physically give.
It was almost 6:57pm when Susan strongly hit me to wake up. She was sitting on the bed naked with tears flowing down her cheeks. She was weeping bitterly.
Susan: ooohh My God, Albert what have you done to me. This is a serious abomination.
Me: (with regrets I could not just voice out a word).
I was ashamed.
I told her her beauty attracted me and that I believed she is a perfect match for me rather than my father.
Susan slapped me. I must confess that the slap was serious that I had a dimmed vision at ones.
Susan looked straight into my eyes and dropped more tears.
I asked her ones again about how she got to know my father and why she would marry a man like him…
Susan: (narrating whole story). ‘My dad died when I was just two years. My mum did well by helping me in my education. She never gave up funding for my studies until in level 200 when she died. I almost drop up from school until one Friday morning when I met your father on campus. He was going to the Business school but he didn’t know the direction so he asked me for help which I did. He gave me his contact and address and asked me to call him when I feel to. During that semester’s vacation, I had no hope of continuing school so I remembered I have to call this rich man (your father) and see if he could help. I called him on phone and described myself and how I got his contact. He asked me to see him in his office the next day. I got to his office early morning that day. He recognized me at once. I narrated my story to him that I would be a drop out if I don’t get help from him.
He looked straight into my eyes and told me he can help but only if he sleeps with me.
I first told him I can’t do that but he said he can’t help either if I don’t open up my butterfly for him.
I left his office to the house. I had a series of thought that day and realized he could be my only hope. I called him later that evening that I was ready to sleep with him for his favour. I was shocked when he quickly asked me to meet him at Paloma Hotel later in the night. I complied with his request and he finally got what he wanted from me…he fulfilled his part of his promise to by giving me a check of 6000cedis. That was how I met your dad..
Me: Almost in tears to. Am sorry for the death of your parents. So how did you choose to marry my dad after you got the money and after completing school…
Susan: honestly speaking, is not like I seriously loved your dad but I felt a little secured ones we marry. The only guy i have loved is my life was my primary six boyfriend …please let’s forget talking about this…
Am just ashamed I slept with a father and son.
Me: you don’t have to be ashamed. Am the cause of all these.
Please forgive me.
Susan got up from the bed and put on her dress and underwear. I really loved susan from that day. My father became my strongest enemy in the reverse.
We went straight to my car. I drove her back home.
As I was driving back to campus tears dropped exceedingly from my eyes. I was sad I had to sleep with Susan without her full conscience. As I got to campus I narrated the whole issue and life of Susan to Adinkra. Even a bad guy like him sympathize with her upon hearing the whole life of her.
I called Susan around 8:00pm and apologized ones more to her but she told me I shouldn’t worry cos she had feelings for me already.
From that point I thought of shooting my dad once I set eye on him…

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