journey with step-mum episode 2

Hmm I didn’t knw how I slept till the next day.
I prepared for lectures in the morning. My lecture time was 9:30am so I drove to campus with my sis.
While on campus I planned on how to get the chance to sleep with Susan. I could not get her out of my mind.
I discussed about Susan with my best friend on campus Adinkra. Adinkra was a resident in Commonwealth Hall.
I told him all about the sexy nature and how young Susan was.
Adinkra wondered how a young girl like Susan can marry my dad. He told me Susan is there cos of my dads riches.
I grew furious with such words from my friend.
I told Adinkra I love Susan and that I would like to sleep with her.
Adinkra told me it was an abomination to do that. But I insisted the girl is my class and type and not my father’s.
Adinkra told me he could help. He told me to approach Susan and tell her I love her. He said girls of this days might give in to me only if I become a little smart. He then said if that does not work then we will work out on the other alternatives.
I drove back to the house around 3:00pm. Nobody was around. I was surprised I didnt meet Susan in the house. He entered in 45minutes later. I was in the living room at that time.
Susan: good afternoon boy..
Me: good afternoon.. I thought you were around.
Susan: hmmmm…you knw girls and fashion..I went out to do my hair. Are you not hungry?
Me: hmmm I am.
She entered the kitchen and served me some banku with tilapia. She sat by me while I was eating. I was watching ‘Merlin season one’ so she was also doing so. She got up in 3 minutes later and told me she was going to change her dress.
Instantly I got up to and held her hand.
Me: you looking great…you very beautiful and young.
Susan: (raise eye brows) thanks.
I dip my hand in water and rinse it. I threw my hands around her neck and boldly told her I love her.
Susan pushed me to the sofa.
Are you crazy Albert. For God sake am your dads wife. How could you think of something silly like that.
Me: (with loud tone) my dad is too old for you. I know you don’t enjoy him as you would like to enjoy your man. I really love you Susan…
Susan: (slapped me and ran to her room).
I stood at the same position for almost 2 minutes. My instincts got me wrong. I was beginning to regret for taking such step. The backside of Susan alone ride me crazy when I see them.
I went back to my room and had several thoughts taunting my mind. I was thinking of what will happen when my dad get to know what has happened.
I called Adinkra and informed him about the brouhaha between Susan and I when I faced her with my proposal. Adinkra told me not to worry about that and that Susan will not tell my dad anything.
I was still on the call with Adinkra when my door opened. It was Susan.
Me: (on phone) Adinkra hold on. Susan what are you doing here.
Susan: I came to apologise for slapping you. You shouldnt have said that. You were crazy but I could have controlled myself.
Me: am OK girl. I only wanted you to know my feelings for you. You are not wrong for slapping me.
Susan: I know your dad might not be of my class but you are his son it is an abomination to do that.
Me: yea I know I just can’t control myself when I see you. I guess I have to leave this house to cut everything short.
Susan: hmmm…seriously.
She left my room after the chat. I called back Adinkra and told him I would be coming to stay with him for about a week on campus.
The next morning I approached my dad in the living room. He was with Susan. I told him we will be writing some semester exams within the week so I might stay on campus for the remaining days.
Susan stared at me with shock. She knew why I was leaving the house. My father gave me money to use while on campus. Susan told me she will call and I left.
Susan told me she will call and I left the house. I drove at a high speed to campus. I went straight to Adinkra’s room in Commonwealth Hall.
He was busy eating his gari with beans.
Adinkra: Man I didn’t expect you so fast.
Me: chaa I hv to leave that house before I rape that girl ooo.
Adinkra: take it easy. You know me now. I will make sure you fire that b—h (he smiled)
Me: masa I love that girl.
I picked up my phone and called Lilian the girl on campus I have been chasing for a month.
She was in her single room at “Volta hall”. I told her am on campus and will b staying over with a friend for over a week.
She asked me to pay her a visit in the evening.
Lilian was that kind of “Chrife” girl. Always at worship when not in class.
Adinkra turned to me after he finished up his food and asked what am up to after the first step to winning Susan failed.
I replied am only looking up to his tricks.
Adinkra promised to take me to one malam in town “Malam Agr)ba” who help people in winning the ladies they desire.
He told me it was that malam who helped him to win the Minister of interior’s daughter who is now his girlfriend. I told adinkra I had not got the boldness to take such step but he assured me it was easy.
It was Thursday so he said we will b leaving to the place on Saturday when we have no lectures.
Later in the evening I left Adinkra to visit Lilian in her hall. It is just a 3minutes drive from Commonwealth to Volta hall. I called Lilian to meet me at their car park. She came out and met me in my car.
She was surprised. She never never knew I was from a wealthy family. She exclaimed as she sat beside me in the other seat..
Lilian: woow…you never told me you have a car. Hmmm….how will I even love somebody who keeps a lot of secrets.
You know these legon girls and car. Once you have a four tyre machine that uses petrol you have no problem in winning them.
I could see Lilian was at once trying to show off some interest in me. Lilian is a beautiful girl with a round and curved ass but not as beautiful as my step mum.
We walked to the Volta hall restaurant to get some ice cream before we left to her room.
We had a series of chats while watching some funny movie on her laptop.
It was around 10:14pm and I was still in her room. I was almost dozing off so I asked to leave but she insisted I can pass the night.
I called Adinkra i might not be able to come back.
We had few minutes of chat again and I never knew when I slept till my eyes opened around 1:37am midnight.
I realized I was lying beside Lilian who was in her light night wear. I got up and sat on the bed as I kept looking at the big rounded ass of Lilian. My d–k started ticking. I was finding it difficult to start something. I took of my t shirt and bushed close to her. I started touching her nipples and squeezed her boobs.
She woke up finally and turned to me. I thought she would have resisted my play but to my surprise she gave me a slow kiss and held me from the back as her eyes were closed. I kept playing with her ass and breast. She could only make a sound like that of a rifting wave. I found my way to locate her p—y but was soo sad to find out she had a pad on. She opened her eyes and smiled a little. I smiled back but it was just a smile of anger.
I turned back to bed few minutes later. I woke lilian up around 4:30am and told her I would see her in the afternoon after lectures. I rushed to Adinkra’s room after.

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