Journey with step-mum episode 10

I told Jessy we had to leave but she insisted she would not till she finds my dad among the men. Suddenly, we were grabbed by two strong men.
We tried shouting out but the strength of their palms alone even kept breath out of our mouths. We were blindfolded with some dark bags while our mouths were bandaged with a tape. We were then carried to the cult grounds where the men were seriously chanting.
‘Chief, these young guys were seriously spying on us’, one of the men who grabbed us said with a sharp voice. My heart was almost dropping out of my chest. We were actually on the verge of going into the hades. I never heard the voice of my dad among the men. Could it be that he is not part of them? I prayed seriously in my mind. Chief of the cult: (ordering the two men who crabbed us) Take the bags off their heads and let me question them before you finish them off. I guess they might even be journalists. The strong men took off the bags and tape off our mouths….
My dad: (In a loud voice) Jesus!!!!!!!, these are my children. We can’t kill them. Please chief spare my children lives. Jessy was almost unconscious. She was struggling to gape for air. I was sweating profusely. My dad rushed to hold Jessy. He was surprised to see us there. Tears flowed from his eyes.
Chief of Cult: (Instructing my dad in an angrily voice) you know the penalty for people who try to disclose our deals. We have killed hundreds of people on that and we won’t spare anyone, not even your children.
Do you know how it feels when you actually know you really going to die at a particular point? The words from the chief of the cult made me pass urine in my pant without knowing.
My dad was very furious with his boss (the chief). He insisted he will never allow the strong men take us away since we were his only world. Chief of cult: You know the consequences of defiling the rules of this group (he said angrily to my dad). He brought their meeting to an end since the exchange of words from my dad and the other members got their voices up. My dad lifted Jessy onto his arms and ordered me to follow him to his car. I told my dad I parked my car at the t- junction bus stop but he said he will order someone to go for it. Though I was shaking but I got to know we were at least safe. My dad then drove us to the house. Jessy was a little unconscious. Her eyes were opened but could not alter a world nor make any serious body movement. Susan was already seated in the living room as we entered. She looked so disturbed as he saw us. She rushed to get hold of Jessy.
Susan: Jesus Christ!!! What happened to her. Did you guys had an accident? I heard the sound of your car engine only to come down not meeting any of you in your room… My dad entered Jessy’s room and dropped her on the bed. He left right away to his room. I slept with Jessy that night. I went for my phone and saw some messages. It was from Lilian. The message was crazy. She was pregnant. That became another burden on me. I couldn’t even close my eyes the whole night. I was planning on what to do the next morning. Later around 4:30am (dawn) Jessy was able to voice out some words. I was happy to see that. Jessy: How did you manage to get me out of there (tears flowed from her eyes). So did dad really killed mum? Please Albert we must leave this house early morning to aunt’s place. I can’t stay here anymore. We packed out of the house just around 5:37am. I was surprise to see my car in the garage so I went for my key and we drove straight to my aunty who live in Teshi. She was amazed seeing us that morning without a call. Jessy was seriously crying. We narrated everything to her. She was shocked. She said she wouldn’t believe till she asked my dad herself. She told us we will be leaving to my dad’s house around 10am.
Exactly 10am we set off to our house in my Aunt’s car. We got to the house in 45 minutes. My aunt was really growing mad. She forcefully opened the door and our eyes couldn’t believe what we saw.
My dad had hung himself in the hall. I run to their room to check on Susan only to see her lying dead with a dagger dig deep in her stomach. Tears rolled on my cheeks like a dune. I could have saved her. It was on the center table in the hall that we found a letter written by my dad narrating everything that has caused this family albatross. My dad was not all to be blamed for my mum’s death ……….

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