Joseph episode 5

Episode 5
He was blinded by the smoke that he couldn’t find the door. He was coughing so hard he knew it was too late to save anything but his own life, and so without a second thought he headed for the window and threw himself out of it.
How the fire started, no one could tell, and before the fire service arrived, Chuk’s house was in ruin.
They had found him on the ground, unconscious and was rushed to the hospital.
Doris thought she was going to run mad. When she heard the alarm in the middle of the night and found that it was her husband’s house on fire, she thought he was dead.
Chuks opened his eyes on the hospital and found his wife by his side. She had been crying, he noticed her red bulgy eyes. He began to weep.
“That house was all I had left, now I have nothing.” he said in between tears.
“God saved your life,” Doris said. “What if you had died in the fire?”
“And what’s life without substance?”
Doris shook her head in pity. “You can always start over.”
“This is their doing and your son is responsible,” he wanted to start the blame game over again but his wife shushed him.
“Chuks, think about your life before anything else. If you had died, you would be going straight to hell, isn’t any these enough lesson for you?”
He kept quiet then and started to pay attention to the pain he felt in his body, especially his back. He winced and thought if he could ever heal and get up from that bed.
Just then the doctor stepped in.
He didn’t have good news for them.
He told them that Chuks could not walk again.
Chuks cried. He had a bad fall when he threw himself out of the window and his spinal cord had been injured.
He was to undergo surgery and therapy.
When Hassan heart about his father’s health, he came to see his father in the hospital.
He had also raised some of the money for his father’s surgery.
But Chuks wouldn’t see his son. He kept blaming him.
Doris was heart broken, she hoped that Chuks would realise the truth and accept Christ.
She continued to pray and hoped that one day her family would be united again.
News came two days after Hassan’s visit to the hospital that he had slummed in school and was rushed to the hospital.
Hassan had been healthy and well when his mother last saw him. His friends had testified to that too.
The doctors couldn’t find anythimg wrong either. Hassan was brought home immediately and a prayer session arranged for him.
Doris knew this had to be the doing of Chuks cult members.
Chuks heard of what had happened and he knew he didn’t have much time left to live. His life had been to his son’s life.
He decided to give his life to Christ.
He called his wife and told her about his decision, she became happy then they both prayed together.
The Ogondo Society due to the prayers from Doris, they were burnt by fire and the shrine was burnt to ashes.
Chuks after the prayer felt he could walk and he became jubilant, he told his wife and she too was happy then she recieved a call from Veronica. Her heart raced in panic, but she was certain that all was well.
“Praise God! Joseph has woken up and is now healthy.”
Doris started shedding tears of Joy.
Her family has reunited and Chuks now became a pastor.
Everything was now okay.
Thanks to Veronica, Christopher and Paul.
A/N+ This story was rushed and was concluded immediately for some reason best known to the author, anyways thanks for reading.

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