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I MUST SACK MY HOUSE MAID episode 5 by : 8:08 pm On November 3, 2020
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Episode 5
Recently my husband began to make Stella go against my order. Whenever I give her instruction, he will give a counter instruction or pick up a quarrel with me for giving her too much of work. Sometimes he will ask her to go and rest when she’s yet to carry out the tasks I gave her. These were part of strategies to frustrate Stella but my husband frustrated me instead. In fact, it has grown so bad that Stella no longer fear or respect me in my own house.
My frustration metamorphosed into depression. At a time I was married but lonely. Another woman I brought to my house now enjoys my husband’s attention and company than me. Stella have no gut to disrespect me if not the backing my husband gave her.
He now gives her money to go to the market. If I don’t ask him for money he doesn’t give me. Before he gives me any money he will ask me a hundred questions on what I want to use the money for. I became fed up so I stopped asking him for money. Yet he ensure Stella doesn’t lack anything. To overcome this trying time I went in search of a job. Not as if I don’t have source of income but it does not require me much time. I also have some properties willed to me by my late father. I make good money every month. I became a full time house wife when I lost two pregnancy due to stress and my doctor advice me to reduce stressful jobs. I was working before I met my husband but I have to resign my job due to doctor’s advice.
The day I slap Stella, my husband did not talk to me for a month until I apologize to him and to Stella in his presence. I hardly spank her but I was really provoked that day. It was humiliating apolozing to a girl I brought out of the gutter. My own husband humiliated me before her. At a time I was afraid to scold Stella when she does something wrong because of fear of my husband’s reaction.
My mind is made up to send Stella packing. My childlessness no longer worry me like the presence of Stella in my house.
I will dare my husband, I will return Stella to my godmother. My people say “no matter how full a river is, the fisherman must reach its bank”. This step I’m about to sink my marriage but the best option is to get rid of Stella. I prayed, o God help me, then directed me to the story of the four lepers in 2king 7. I quickly grabbed my Bible to study. The messages were clear after reading. They had three options and all will lead to dead, instead of sitting down at the gate they took the most dangerous step. They went into the camp of their enemies and behold it was the right choice. Esther said “if I die, I die” but she didn’t die. I’m ready to take a step, I don’t mind the price, all I know is that Stella must go

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