Hope episode 23 – end


Episode 23

The Result*

The following Monday morning in Nightingale Academy was a very exciting one. It all started when the principal said he has good news during the morning devotion held in the assembly hall. The students were curious at first, then the principal continued.
“This morning, I received a mail. It was from Olympiad. It contains the result of our student in the qualification exam written on Saturday”, the principal said.
The students murmured after hearing this news.
“Quiet!” the V.P scolded.
“Okay”, the principal said after everyone kept quiet

. “All the students that participated in the exam, please come out here”.
The 6 students that wrote the Olympiad qualification examination came out and stood beside the principal and V.P on the podium.
“You know it’s not easy”, the principal said. “To go out there and write an exam including other students from various schools across the state. I really appreciate their efforts in trying to make the school proud. As I said earlier, the result is out and I have it here with me”. He took out a sheet of paper from his pocket and read from it. “For the junior category. Oreoluwa Adams 89%, Ayomide Cole 94%, Funmilayo Ogunbiyi 91%

. All three of them qualified, they are among the chosen 54 for the Junior Category”.
The students clapped their hands in appreciation so did a few of the teachers that were present. Everyone present were so happy. It took a while before the V.P could calm them.
“For the senior category”, the principal sighed. “Aduragbemi Sodipe 90%, Emmanuel George 93% and Perfect Chinonso 98%”.
“Heheeee!” was the noise that followed the principal’s announcement. They were all happy not knowing the bad news was yet to come. They never imagined that even with the high scores one might not qualify. They all waited for the principal to conclude so as to crown their happiness. “With their percentage, they have performed excellently well but…”
“But what!” the student resumed murmuring.
“But one of them did not make it”, the principal ignored their murmurs. “Adura did not qualify”.
The students were confused by the shocking news. How could she not qualify?
“She really did well.

. Adura tried with 90%. Since she didn’t qualify, it means that the 54 that were chosen scored above her”, the principal explained when he noticed the confused look on the faces of the students.
The students understood the principal but still were not pleased. On Adura’s part she felt sad but hid her feelings. At the moment, all she could do was wish her colleagues well. What she kept asking herself was ‘Why does it have to be me?’
Nonetheless, the students were still very glad. This was the first time 5 of their students would qualify all at once. In fact, only three of their student has ever qualified and it was in different years – Bayo, Bidemi and the current head boy of the school, David Evans.
Mr. Dammy got on the podium after the 6 students that were called have gone back to their respective lines. He said a few words of advice and encouraged the participants. He promised to do his best in assisting those that qualified in any way he could.
After Mr. Dammy’s speech, the principal dismissed the students and they marched into their various classrooms happily except for Adura.


24 – finale


That same day after the school bus dropped Ayo in front of their house. She ran inside the house with glee to share the good news with her parents. She has been thinking of home since the moment the principal announced her percentage, to share the good news with them. She knew they would be at home because her step-dad didn’t go to work that morning. He had taken her mother to the hospital as she was complaining of fever earlier that day

. ‘So definitely they should be at home’, she thought.
As she opened the door to the sitting room, the scene she met surprised her. Both her parents were dancing to a music by a popular musician. They were so engrossed in it that they failed to notice her. On the table were 2 empty bottles of wine and another half empty. Also the couple are each holding a glass of wine and sipped from it as they danced to ‘Joy’.
Ayo thought that the principal had called her parents and told them about her performance in the examination. ‘But that cannot be the case or can it be? The scene before me is more than just qualifying. It seemed like I have won the competition itself. There’s something else behind this happiness’. She kept thinking while walking closer to her parents

. It was not until she reached them that they noticed her presence.
“Sweetheart, you are back”, her mother called. Mr. Badmus went ahead to turn down the volume of the music player.
“Yes Mom and I have good news”, Ayo said excitedly.
“Good news!” her parents exclaimed and looked at one another.
“Please share with us”, Mr. Badmus pleaded, excitement written all over his face.
“We also have good news for you”, Mrs. Badmus added.
‘Good news? What could it be? It’s now obvious it’s not about the competition at all’
“Okay dear, you go first”, Mr. Badmus urged.
“No! You go first”, Ayo argued. At first she couldn’t wait to get home to share the news with her parents but now she can’t wait to hear their good news.
Mrs. Badmus knew that neither of them would want to go first, so she did. “I’m pregnant”, she said. “I’m pregnant, Ayomide”
Mr. Badmus and Ayo stopped arguing at once. No, it was Ayo who stopped. She jumped and hugged her mom tightly. She was very excited and kept asking questions after questions forgetting that she also had news to share.
“It’s okay dear. We don’t know if the child is a boy or girl. This morning, at the hospital…” Mrs. Badmus tried as much as possible to answer the questions she could.
“Okay! How many weeks now?” Ayo asked yet another question.
“Ayomi”, Mr. Badmus said as he fondly calls Ayo. “Calm down”.
Ayo collapse on a couch full of excitement. The couple watched her in amazement. They could tell she was very excited.
“I qualified”, she said after a while.
“Qualified?” Mrs. Badmus screamed. “Wow!”
“You mean you qualified for the Math Olympiad competition”, Mr. Badmus asked just so he could be sure of what she was saying.
“Yes Dad, I did”, Ayo responded.
“What percentage”, Mrs. Badmus asked.
“94% ma”.
“Wow! Daughter you nailed it”, Mr. Badmus praised. “That’s impressive”.
“Thank you dad”.
“Ayomiposi”, Mrs. Badmus said with tears in her eyes. It was tears of joy.
“Surely, our Joy has increased”, Mr. Badmus said and wrapped his hand around her waist. She leaned her head on his shoulder.
“Let’s celebrate”, Mr. Badmus said.
“Before that.


Let me ask a question”, Mrs. Badmus said. “When will the competition start?”
“Probably in August”, Ayo replied. “After our third term examination”. ‘I just hope I make it to the finals’, she thought.
“Okay, enough talking. Let’s celebrate”, Mr. Badmus repeated and hit the play button on the remote control. The sound of music filled the room once again.
‘Always joy, nothing but joy
Made it in life, nothing but joy
Promotion at work, nothing but joy
Success at school, nothing but joy… ‘
The trio danced happily till they could dance no more. It surely was nothing but joy for the Badmus family.


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