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Holly High school Episode 9 & 10

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Holly High school Episode 9 & 10 by : 8:51 am On January 20, 2021
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(A vampire romance Story)
Story ✍️ by Joan lkponmwosa
Episode Nine



Lord Dylan was dumbfounded, he was beyond shocked by what he saw.

He grip the werewolf on his neck and slam him against the wall.

He beat the hell out of him and called his guards to take him to prison.

Alva was lying weekly half conscious.

Dylan left the house angrily without sparing her a glance and he never visited Alva again.

The witches were furious.

According to the law of the witches.

The penalty for cheating is to be buried alive.

Due to the incident the vampire cut ties with the witches.

The witches became more furious because the vampires were their back bone.

Beatrice regretted what she did.
She never knew things will turn out that way.

They decided to bury Alva alive.

Alva was getting weaker by the day.
She could do nothing to help herself.

Some of the witches were not comfortable with the idea since they weren’t married.

Lord Dylan had a meeting with the other vampire Lords and they threatened the witches that they will be barnished from the clan if they don’t bury Alva alive.

He felt betrayed.

The witches had no choice they decided to bury Alva alive.

They feared the consequences of disobeying Lord Dylan.

Alva was taking to the place she was to be buried alive.

She asked to see Beatrice before she was buried.

” Beatrice, l trusted you with everything I had but you decided to stab me in the back.”

“Alva am sorry, l never knew things will turn out this way.

I don’t think l can be able to live with this guilt.

Am truly sorry, l was blinded with envy
please forgive me” she cried.

” You will live, for the sake of my child.

Am pregnant Beatrice and as a punishment for what you did, l transfer this child to you.

Take care of my child even if it cost your life.

If she dies you die.” She said.

” Alva am truly sorry, l accept to take care of your child even if it cost my life” she said.

” Beatrice, l will definitely die.

The drugs has weakened my organs and there is not much strength left in me.

But l forgive you.


turned out this way because the man who claimed to love me never trusted me.”

” Am going to give you some powers, take care of my child Beatrice.”

” I swear on my innocence and l place a curse on the Vampire lords, they shall never get to hear the cry of a baby in there household, just the way l never got to hear the cry of my child.”

After saying this she died.

Beatrice cried for her friend.
She regretted all what she done.
She wished she could turn back the hand of time.

She confessed what she did and Lord Dylan was furious.

He ordered for her to be killed.

But Beatrice told him she was carrying his child.

Lord Dylan couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

He blamed himself for all what happened.

He wished he had trusted Alva and found out the truth.

But it was too late.

With each passing day he got depressed and was later found dead a few days later.

On hearing Lord Dylan’s death, Beatrice moved far away from the clan.

Years passed and the vampire Lords couldn’t give birth to children.

Those who had before couldn’t bear more.

They married more wives but they all had miscarriages.

They seek for the help of a powerful witch.

The witch told them that they were cursed by a very powerful witch.

The Lords knew it was Alva.

The witch said the only way to break the curse is to sacrifice Alva’s daughter.

The vampire Lords started searching for Beatrice.

But never found her.

She used her powers to mask her scent and that of Alva’s daughter.

Till now, they are still searching for her in order to sacrifice Alva’s daughter.

( End of story)



“Your father is a vampire Lord, how did he give birth to you?”

” Lord Badmus isn’t my father, l was adopted by him.”

” I am earth original vampire, just like Lord Dylan.”


” But everyone thinks he is your biological father.”

” Why did you tell me the story?”

“Because everyone in the story is related to you.”

“How is that possible it was a long time ago”

“Yes it was eighteen years ago.”

“Lord Dylan is your father,
Alva is your Mother and
Beatrice is your foster mother and you are Alva’s daughter.

You are an hybrid of three creatures:

A vampire, a witch and a werewolf.”

Which makes you a Tri brid.

Episode Ten



” You are an hybrid of three creatures
A witch, a vampire and a werewolf.”

” You are a Tri brid.”

” You mean am a vampire, a witch and a werewolf all together?”

” Yes you are all three.”

” That’s not possible, Am human and my mother is alive, you are mistaking.”

” Then why did you change to a werewolf, can humans do that too.”

” I don’t know what you are talking about, my father died by accident, l don’t know why l turned to an animal, all l know is am not related to any one in the story.”

He used his hand to remove the band and pins holding my hair.

” Have you ever taught about why your hair is this long?”



” Your mother was one of the most powerful Witches and she had the most longest hair among them, I guess you took it from her.”

If Alva in the story is really why mother, then what about the woman who raised me? What are you trying to say” l yell at him.

” The f√¢k is wrong with you, don’t you dare raise your voice on me” he said angrily.

” Am sorry” l manage to say.

His face softened.

“The woman you have been leaving with is Beatrice the werewolf, your mother’s f√¢king best friend” he said pissed.

” You must be mistaken, my mother’s name is Nina not Beatrice.”

” Well she lied to you.”

” I can’t believe this, this is too difficult to believe.”

” How come you know the story?”

” Because l saw it happened.”


” Yeah, l was very young at that time.”

” How did you know am Alva’s daughter.”

” Your powers, you made trees fall and the ground choked because you were in pain and you turn to a werewolf, that is more than enough proof.”

” You are one of your kind, you are the most powerful of all supernaturals.”

“Though you haven’t started possessing any trait of a vampire with time you will turn.”

” From the first day l saw you save Beverly l knew you weren’t human, but never knew you are the powerful Tribrid my entire clan have been looking for.”

” Yesterday you were feeling pains because the person you love was been tortured.”

” Who is it?”

” Your foster mother.”

” If this is true, then why didn’t you take me to your father?
Why didn’t you capture me for sacrifice?

Why did you have to follow me here?”

” Why?”

” I don’t believe this, just leave me the f√¢k alone, let me go back to my normal life away from this bullshit.” I said and cried.

” Stop crying Alexa, it won’t solve anything.”

” There are more things to worry about.”

” Your foster mother have been captured by one of the Lords.”

“What! Why?”

“I think she was being tortured that was why you were feeling pains yesterday.”

” Why is she being tortured?”

” Don’t you get it? ”

” They want you.”

” You are the solution to our problem.”

” And how is sacrificing me the solution to your problems have you ever considered it?”

” Have you.”

“f√¢k me,are you deaf, stop yelling, you made me talk too much, my head is aching.”

“Am sorry, but are you not going to capture me and take me to your father?”

” Will you?”

” Please tell me you won’t.”


( Inside a prison yard)

The door opens and Lord Adrain walks in with his body guards.

” Beatrice, oh! my dear Beatrice why are you so stubborn.”

” See what you made them do to your pretty face.”

” It’s a shame your witch friend can’t help you.”

” Now tell me, where is the child?”

” I don’t know.”

” Still the same answer.”

” It’s like you haven’t learnt a lesson.”

” Guards beat the hell out of her she still has so much to learn, moreover you are the one who created this mess.”

” Stop, stop please.”

” Are you ready to talk now?”


” Where is she?”

” I don’t know, she went missing.”

” There you go again.”

” Guards continue.”

“Nooooooooo! Irene yells.

” Guards bring the witch to me.”

” They drag lrene to his feet.”

” Bring the liquid.”

” No My Lord I beg you let her go please.”

” He lifts the liquid to my face, l know you can tell what this is.”

” Now watch as l feed it to the witch.”

“Open her mouth” he tell the guards.

” No stop please, l will say the truth, she is at the moon house.”

” Good, it’s a good thing you didn’t betray her just like you betrayed Alva.”

” Guards.”

” Yes my lord.”

” Go to the moon house and capture the child.”

Do you think Beatrice was telling the truth?




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