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41. – FINALE.
(Smut language below. If you’re not comfortable with it, scroll down)
Her eyes widened as I thrust into her one more time before we both released.
I kissed her forehead and dropped her down on her feet.
She smiled nervously and looked away from me. Why is she acting like this? Is it cause of the marriage I brought up?
I sighed and carried her to the bathtub. I sat across from her before pulling her to me so she’s facing the wall and backing me.
I grabbed the sponge and used it to scrub her body then bath her.
I carried her out to the room and she walked to the closet immediately, she grabbed a top and put it on. It stopped at her mid thighs.
I sighed and put on a boxer and a shirt before pulling her to sit with me on the bed.
She trembled under my touch and I secretly rolled my eyes.
She has been quiet and it’s killing me. Is it because of what I said? She don’t wanna get married to me?
I lay her on her side and laid beside her, wrapping my arms round his waist.
“You didn’t give me a answer ”
I uttered and nuzzled her hair.
“I.. Aidan, I can’t ”
She muttered and turned to face me .
“I don’t wanna get married, what if you get tired of me and decides not to pay attention to me anymore? What if you get tired of my presence and you decided to divorce,? What if I’m not good at being a wife? What if I. ”
I cut her off with a kiss, a smile plastered across my face.
That’s it? She hasn’t said anything cause she thinks I would get tired of her?
That’s absurd. I will never get tired of her, in fact the more I have her.. The more I want her.
She responded immediately as she wrapped her arms round my neck wanting to deepen the kiss but I stopped her. I’ve to make her understand that I’ll never get tired of her.
“I don’t know where you got such a crazy assumption from but I’ll never get tired of you. Why would I when I’m waiting you more every single time?
Will you get tired of me? ”
I blurted and she shook her head.
“Same thing, I can’t get tired of you. Just watch this. ..”
I smirked and fiddle with her breast from outside her top while she lets out a soft moan.
I smiled and guard her hand to my groin as a gasp escaped through her lips.
“You see that? I just made you c*m three times but I’m wanting more already. I can never get tired of you Sarah, do you get tired of your breath?
You can’t cause what are you without your breath, same thing I’m nothing without you ”
She smiled and bent her head to take my lips in hers but pulled away too quickly for me to kiss back.
“Yes, I will marry you ”
I smiled and got on top of her before kissing her.
It was slow at first but it became intense as she moaned when I bit her lower lip.
I pulled back and smirked at her . “What do you want, Sarah? ”
I whispered, nuzzling into her neck.
“You. I want you ”
She breathed out a moan and I chuckled before raising my head to look at her.
“To fuck you or to make love to you ”
I grinned, placing a kiss on her neck and she trembled under me.
“Make love to me.. ”
I chuckled and pulled back, looking at her .
“Really? What happened to : Fuck me Aidan. Do me against anything, I don’t care. Just touch me ”
I mimicked in her tone and she swat my arm.
“I don’t want that anymore. I don’t wanna cry.. ”
She shrugged and I chuckled .
“So you didn’t like it? ”
I asked, kissing her nose and she wrapped her small arms round my waist.
“No, I enjoyed it actually. I want it more often it’s just gonna take a little bit to get used to it but I don’t wanna try it again tonight. I won’t really be able to walk again if I do.
We’ll do it on the desk next time. You’re gonna fuck me hard and fast I would lose my breath ”
I looked up at her with widened eyes.
“Damn Sarah. Who spoiled you? You weren’t like this before I left, you barely even mention sex ”
I raised my brows and she chuckled before pecking my lips.
“You did, you sent me nasty dirty messages every night while you were gone for a whole one year. How do you expect me not to get spoilt? You’re a bad influence on me ”
She rolled her eyes and I chuckled.
“So tell me, how many times did you touched yourself when I was gone? ”
I uttered and her cheeks went red. Too red.
“What? I didn’t touch myself… ”
She looked away from me and I chuckled, before making her look at me.
“Really? Then how did you deal with those nasty messages? No one would read those without getting turned on ”
She blushed again and I smirked . I so much love this taunting.
“I.. ”
She looked away from me again and I smiled.
I can’t believe she’s still shy after everything that happened.
I just fucked her in the bathroom and she’s shy to tell me how she dealt with the nasty messages I sent her?
“Don’t tell me you’re shy now. ”
I teased and she raised her head up to look at me, her brown silver eyes glistening.
“I. .. I remember the night before you left then drink water and force myself to sleep ”
She shrugged and I chuckled .
That’s the most craziest way to deal with sex craves I’ve ever heard of.
“How do you deal with it? ”
She looked at me with her innocent eyes and I shrugged.
“I was too busy training to think about it ”
I winked and she swat my arm before I laid beside her.
“You still want me to make love to you? ”
I muttered, kissing her neck.
“No, now that I think about it. My legs are hurting ”
I chuckled and kissed her hair before pulling her closer to me.
“I love you ”
I whispered.
“I love you. ”
She replied and I smiled.
God knows I can’t do without this girl. Never ever.
Sarah wanted to sort everything out with her father’s companies and her family before she follows me to Mexico.
She handed over her father’s company to Rana, she said she’s just gonna be a model and singer. I know she’ll do well when we get to Mexico.
Apparently, Rana is getting married to Sam in few months. Lots of shit really did happened while I was gone.
Now we’re in Mexico and we just arrived at my father’s house.
I entered and Quinn was the first person to See Me.
“Finally, brother you’re back. I can’t wait to… ”
She stopped immediately she saw Sarah and she screamed so hard it almost deafened my ears.
Mom and dad came down and they looked just as shocked as Quinn.
“Father , Mother meet my fiancee, Sarah.. ”
I wrapped my arm round his waist.
“It’s nice to meet you Mr and Mrs Francis …”
She smiled as Quinn hugged her immediately.
I was really nervous to meet Aidan’s family but they actually turned out great.
His younger sister, Quinn is really adorable and sweet.
His father is quite handsome, I see where Aidan got his beauty from and his mother, same green grey eyes with Aidan.
I love them actually. They’re peaceful and quite funny too.
“Like them? ”
Aidan wrapped his arms round me from behind me and I chuckled before turning to him.
We’re now in his room.
“Yes. They’re nicer than I expected ”
He chuckled and kissed my nose.
“So you live here? ”
I asked and he pout at me.
“What? I’m not seventeen sugarplum. How do you expect me to live with my parent? I’ve my own mansion. Just came here to spend little time with them. We’re leaving tomorrow ”
He smiled.
“Why the hurry, agent Francis? ”
I teased and he chuckled.
“Cause Miss dawns, I can’t wait to fuck you everywhere fuckable every single day.
In my room. The gym. Bathroom. Bathtub. Against the wall. My study room. On the desk. The kitchen. The counter. Bar room. On my couch. Everywhere miss dawns ”
He winked and I chuckled.
“Why not here agent Francis? ”
I teased and wrapped my arms round his torso seductively
“Cause you won’t moan as hard as I want you to. You won’t scream my name like I want ”
He whispered and bit my ear as heat surged through my body, travelling down my core.
Now, I’m getting turned on.
I’m sure my cheeks are as flushed as anything right now.
He pulled back to look at me and he smirked.
His hand travelled inside my shirt and made contact with my pant.
“You’re so wet ”
He whispered as I breathed in a sharp breath .
“I would take care of everything tomorrow ”
He winked and pulled away his hand.
“We’re getting married… ”
I smiled and he nodded. “In three months time ”
I smiled and hugged him tightly. I fit perfectly into his arms, right where I belong.
How would it have been without Aidan?
I would still be my lonely introvert sad self.
He came along and changed my life into something more beautiful.
Something more meaningful.
He made me who I am today. He remould me from my broken self to a bad ass free model who is crazily in love with him.
What am I without Aidan Francis?
“I love you ”
I whispered, closing my eyes.
“I know ”
He uttered and I chuckled.
I walked down the aisle with the president holding my hand.
It’s finally my wedding day and I’m more than happy.
The last three months with Aidan has been the best moments of my life.
We do fight though. We argue a lot over silly things but the truth fact is that, the more we argue, the more we understand each other and the more our love for each other grows even more.
My life in Mexico has been the best. I didn’t knew I could blend so fast but my modelling career hit more faster in Mexico with the help of Aidan’s father.
Rana and Sam got married and Rana is two weeks pregnant for Sam. I’m happy for them.
Caleb finally find a girl. Elena and they’re getting married in six months.
I’m happy for him, he truly deserves a lot.
Hayden and Bella… Those two aren’t married yet. Said they want to explore life a little more but I know they’re gonna be soon.
Mom is pregnant for the president. It’s quite funny how she still got pregnant but I’m happy for her.
Talking about pregnancy, I’ve a little surprise for my husband.
I stood across Aidan and his green grey eyes shone brighter than I’ve ever seen.
I smiled. This is the man I’m getting married to.
The man I will spend the rest of my life with.
Our vows were given to us. We actually wrote our vows ourselves.
I grabbed mine and opened it.
“When I met you, I’ve no idea what it means to love someone but after being with you, I’ve a deepest meaning of love.
We’ve our ups and downs, we’ve our heat moments. We have times we would fight and not talk to each other for weeks but the point is that we’re always gonna come back for each other no matter how far we go…”
I stopped and looked at him with a smile on my face before proceeding.
“Sugarplum.. ”
I can’t believe he wrote sugarplum in my vows. I looked up at him and he winked at me.
“I’m not promising you that I’m gonna be the perfect husband. I’m not promising you that I’m not gonna make you cry or make you sad.
I’m not promising you that I’m not gonna fight with you.
I would do things that will hurt you a lot but I would never let you go. No matter what, we will face our problems together.
You, Sarah dawns will be the only one in my life and you Sarah dawns will be my wife. Through thick and thin standing right by me.
I love you, sugarplum ”
I smiled as tears rolled down my cheeks and everyone stood up to clap.
This is the most romantic thing I’ve ever heard.
I looked up and Aidan smiled warmly at me before taking his vow.
“I was broken when I met you.. ”
He looked at me and smiled before continuing.
“My heart was as cold as anything but you crawled your way inside and remould me into someone else.
Someone who isn’t afraid to conquer the world with you ”
He looked at me and I smiled.
“I’m not promising to be a perfect wife, Aidan. I’ll make a lot of mistakes. I will get angry and fight with you over Silly things.
I will hurt you through my actions but I’m promising that I’ll always belong to you ”
He looked at me and mouthed ‘always ‘ while I chuckled.
“You, Aidan Francis will be the only man in my life. The only man I will ever let him have my heart.
You’ll stand with me through happiness and sorrow and nothing shall do us apart.
I love you, Heartthrob.. ”
A loud applause filled the large hall as we both finished taking our vows.
“You may now kiss your bride ”
Aidan moved closer to me and held me by the waist.
He smiled at me before locking lips with me.
Right where I belong. In his arms.
He pulled away and I pecked his cheek.
“Aidan… ”
He smiled and turned to me.
“I’m pregnant. ”
I whispered and his eyes widened before he swept me off my feet and carried me in his arms then he kissed me.
I chuckled through the kiss as the guests roared, whistled, cheered and clapped.
He pulled back and looked into my eyes.
“I love you.. ”
He whispered.
“I love you. ”
I uttered back before kissing him.
As long as you find the right man. Everything will be perfect.
“That’s enough. Shit, do you wanna fuck each other right there ”
Bella yelled from the crowd and we pulled away before laughing as Hayden’s eyes danced with love for her.
Everything is… PERFECT!
Freaking goodness! I can’t believe i just finished my first novel.
Oh damn! I’m fuckin happy πŸ’ƒ
But writing ain’t easy though πŸ˜‚
I really really appreciate you guys and I hope you guys will always support me πŸ˜πŸ˜„
So there it is.. We’re done with HER BODYGUARD OF 41 EPISODES.
How was it though? Hope you enjoyed it?
My second novel is coming soon. Anticipate, it’s gonna be a blast πŸ˜‰ and you’re all gonna love it πŸ˜‹
I love you all πŸ’˜ πŸ’ž
Seven words for HER BODYGUARD??? πŸ˜‰

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