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Her Bodyguard batch 9 by : 8:41 pm On February 16, 2021
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I held unto my pillow as tears filled my eyes, each drop escaping.
Did I went overboard? Where did i even went wrong?
I didn’t mean to behave like that. I just wanted to know what he was doing there but he’s right.
It’s none of my funking business whether he even slept with her but it hurts damn freaking much.
‘You know what? Go f√¢k yourself, I don’t even care anymore ‘
His harsh words resounded in my head and more tears rolled down my cheeks.
He is right. I shouldn’t care too.
I stood up and wipe my tears off my cheeks.
I’m gonna go apologize to him and cut off this back and forth thing.
I’m not gonna meddle in his business ever again and he won’t meddle in mine either.
I sighed, wiping my face again and moved out of my room.
I arrived at Aidan’s door which is right beside mine.
I breathed out and knocked but there was no response.
Is he that angry? It wasn’t even entirely my fault!
I knocked again, no reply.
“Aidan.. I want to talk to you ”
I muttered, but instead of getting a reply, I got an echo of my own voice.
I sighed and tried knocking the door again but it opened itself.
I gasped and shift back in shock before peeping in my head.
I opened it entirely and entered, this place is empty.
A gasp slipped through my mouth as I looked at the room.
It looks exactly like mine, only that this one is white on colour while mine is pink.
Where did Aidan go now?
‘He went to get laid ‘
My inner woman mocked but I refused to believe it.
He wouldn’t do that, would he?
‘Why shouldn’t he ? He isn’t your boyfriend and he can f√¢k anyone he likes anytime he wants ‘
She mocked again and I shook my head, moving out of the room.
He did said that he was gonna get laid. I don’t even care anymore.
I moved back into my room and digged my head into my pillow.
Why does it have to hurt damn freaking much?!
I can’t handle her!
She’s stubborn and behaves like a kid, a teenager. f√¢k! I hate her.
I hate How she makes me f√¢king feel.
I didn’t really to yell at her but I was damn mad.
How could she be angry at me cause I was with Rana yesterday when a guy klzzed her and she blushed.
She didn’t even bother to ask why I was with her in the first place, she just lashed at me like a Angry cat.
The f√¢k I hate women!
I hate that she’s driving me f√¢king insane and I couldn’t even stop it.
It’s like she’s stored in my freaking mind and I can’t get her off.
Dammit! I hate how I feel!
I’m going f√¢king insane with my own emotions.
I just… I want her in a indescribable uncontrollably feeling.
I just freaking want her but she won’t listen!
She’s damn too stubborn and always fighting with me every f√¢king single time!
Damn! I need to get her off my f√¢king mind!
I groaned as I gulped down the entire contact in my glass.
The alcohol burned down my throat as I ordered for another glass.
“Hey handsome ”
I turned to the direction of that voice and my eyes landed on a lady.
Damn! She’s hot.
She has dark eyes and brown hair. She was putting on a strapless short dress that revealed her cleavage.
“You look lonely. Mind if I join you to entertain? ”
I smirked and held up my cup, gulping down the contact.
“I’m kiara, you? ”
She muttered, moving her chair closer to me.
“Aidan… ”
I muttered, pouring myself another whiskey.
“Wow, such a nice name. So mind telling me what is making a hot dude like you depressed? ”
I turned to her and chuckled.
“I’m not depressed. I’m trying to get rid of my thoughts ”
I shrugged, gulping down the content again.
“Still the same thing but what’s that thought you’re trying to get rid of? ”
I didn’t even realize she was so close to me.
When I turned back to meet her eyes, my lips brushed slightly against hers and I looked into her dark eyes while she looked into mine.
I smirked and dropped the glass. Taking my hand to the back of her head, I pushed my head forward and brushed my lips against hers. S√¢king on the bottom lip before I pulled back.
“Why did you stopped? ”
She whispered, looking through my eyes.
“Nothing.. Just wanted to make sure you’re okay? ”
I whispered back, rubbing her cheek with my f!ng£rs.
Her body reacted to my touch immediately and I smiled.
“I am. Would have slapped your ass off if I wasn’t ”
She shrugged. I like her.
I chuckled and pulled her to sit on my laps, she straddled it and her lips descended on mine.
I tried to balance her as her f!ng£rs digged into my hair and now I’m remembering Sarah.
f√¢k it!
I pulled back and looked at kiara whose eyes held confusion.
“Are you okay or you want me to get off? ”
She asked, confusion dangling in her eyes.
“No… ”
I whispered, pushing back Sarah’s memory as I klzzed her again.
My f!ng£rs digged into her ass as her gown raised up, making her ass sit on my groin.
I groaned and pushed my hand inside her gown, my hands tingling with the waistline of her pant.
She m0@ned when I nibbled on her lower lip before sliding my tongue in her mouth.
I traced her pant with my f!ng£rs and she m0@ned and gasped relaxing more on my lap.
“Aidan…? ”
I stopped immediately I heard that voice and I stopped immediately, looking back.
Brown silver eyes looked up at me as anger and shock lazed in them.
Oh shit! Not again!
Caleb came and I dressed up in a high-waisted jeans and a crop top then a black jacket.
Since Aidan wasn’t around, I had to go with Garry.
He followed us behind while we moved forward.
I didn’t really know where we are going until we reached there.
A club?
I turned to face Caleb with a raised brow. Okay, this was the last place I thought he’ll bring me to but I didn’t care as long as I can get my mind off Aidan.
But still, I thought we were gonna go to the amusement park or to the movies or ice skating.
“You always wanted to come when we were little ”
I chuckled as I gave him the helmet.
Yes, young me is so silly.
I told Garry to wait behind with a promise that I’ll phone immediately anything is wrong.
I breathed out and entered the club. Everything was beaming so loud and the light was dimmed blue, red and yellow.
“Do you wanna drink something? ”
Caleb yelled over the loud music. Everyone was either making out or laughing with a group or getting drunk.
“Sure.. ”
I yelled back as he led me to the bar, making sure I was close to him.
I can’t get my mind off Aidan and it’s too frustrating.
I don’t even know what he’s doing or where he is.
I stopped on my track immediately as my eyes caught someone.
Even though it was pretty dark in here, I would never fail to recognize him.
He was smiling and a girl was on his lap. That sight made me wanna cry so hard but I gulped it all in.
The girl said something and he chuckled then did the last thing I expected. He klzzed her.
“Isn’t that your bodyguard,?”
Caleb yelled again over the loud music but I was too dumbfounded to reply him.
“Aidan… ”
I muttered OR did I yelled? I don’t even know what I did but I called his name.
He stopped klzzing the girl and turned to face me. His eyes widened a little bit before he sighed, not even making an effort to get the girl off his lap.
He just stared into my eyes, his hands still wrapped round the girl’s waist. His face held no emotions and I’m afraid my own face betrayed me cause I’m sure I look angry right now.
The girl slowly got off his lap and sat next to him as Aidan stood up and walked over to me.. I mean us.
“What are you doing here? ”
Was his first word and I want to slap him so hard that he’ll bleed.
Is he kidding me right now?
What am I doing here?
Don’t cry, Sarah. Don’t cry. Please don’t cry , not in front of him.
He was supposed to be my bodyguard but he’s here, making out?
Okay I know, he must have seek permission before going out but still, it doesn’t make it alright.
I breathed out and slowly turned back but his hand gripped my wrist and I’m so glad my body didn’t tremble.
I turned to him and glared at his hand on my wrist. He removed it and I walked away, not even bothering about Caleb.
“Sarah! ”
Someone yelled my name and I’m not even sure if it’s Caleb or Aidan. I just need to get out of here.
I pushed my way through the crowd and it felt like I’m gonna pass out any time from now.
To hell with Aidan.
I kept pushing until I bumped into someone and my body trembled but I’m glad I didn’t collapse.
I looked up as my eyes met with brown ones.
I gasped. The guy that sang in class earlier before.
“Kitty… ”
He smiled down at me.
I groaned and ignored him but he held me back making me bump into him with my hands on his chest and his round my waist.
I’m surprised I didn’t go unconscious.
He gazed into my eyes and blew the strand of hair on my face away while I closed my eyes.
“What are you doing here? ”
He asked, his voice sounding beautiful and I gulped in.
“What are you doing here? ”
I repeated the question and he chuckled before letting go of me.
He grabbed my hand and pulled me with him.
Okay, why am i not going unconscious?
I’ve no idea why. Where’s he taking me to?
He pulled me up as we took the stairs and he opened a door.
A gasp escaped my lips as I realized we are now on the rooftop.
He dropped my hand and I went to stand before the roof.
The city looks so beautiful from here and the air is cool.
“So mind telling me what’s making you angry? ”
He uttered, coming behind me and I breathed out.
“Why should I? I don’t even know you and how the hell do you even know I’m angry? ”
I crossed my arms turning to him.
He smirked.
“Kitty… ”
“Don’t call me that again! ”
I snapped and he chuckled.
“Snowwhite ”
He teased and I rolled my eyes at him.
“You ask too much questions. But first, it’s written on your face. Second, I’m Hayden ”
He winked and I rolled my eyes.
“Now tell me what made you angry ”
He whispered, moving closer to me.
I moved back a little and he chuckled, taking another step forward.
“Fine! ”
I gave in, crossing my arms.
“I found a guy who gave me a hickey making out with another lady ”
I gulped in to stop the tears and he stilled for a moment.
“Well, are you guys together? ”
I shook my head and he chuckled. His laugh sound so beautiful.
“Then don’t except him not to be with another guy if he isn’t yours. A hickey doesn’t mean anything kitty. Even now, s£× doesn’t mean anything anymore. Besides, being committed is no fun ”
He winked and I rolled my eyes.
Why did I even told him? He won’t understand.
“But.. He shouldn’t have made you cry though… ”
My eyes widened. Did I cried?
“Yes, you did. Kitty. Stop being angry, you look ugly like that. He doesn’t deserve you if he makes you cry ”
I chuckled at his statement.
“Then who deserves me? You? ”
I teased and he chuckled, he had dimple but only one. Weird! But still, it looks hot on him.
“Nah.. Not me, trust me kitty. I’m the last person you wanna get involved in. I’m gonna do more than hurt you. I’ll break you into tiny pieces. ”
I blinked back. Wow?
He moved closer to me and I didn’t have no space left to move back.
His arms gripped my waist and his lips teased my ear, his breath cold against my skin.
“I’ll destroy you, so no. I don’t deserve you. ”
He moved back and smirked.
“Catch ya later kitty”
He winked and moved away.
I scoffed and breathed out. Destroy me? What’s that even supposed to mean? I sighed and I’m back to thinking about Aidan again.
Why would he do that?
‘Why shouldn’t he? He isn’t yours so he has every right to ‘
My inner woman said and I scoffed at her.
I hate her sometimes, she’s always adding more pain.
‘Awnn, feisty ain’t we? You only hate me cause I’m telling the truth ‘
“You shut up! ”
I yelled, glaring at my chest. I sighed and breathed out.
What’s the use? She’s just me!
“Sarah.. ”
I heard my name and I turned back immediately. It’s Caleb.
“Hey ”
I muttered as he walked up to me with his hands in his pocket.
“I’m sorry I ran off. I just needed some air.. ”
I sighed and he smiled, nodding.
“It’s okay Sarah. You don’t need to apologize ”
He smiled warmly at me and I shot him a appreciating smile.
“I’m sorry I’m ruining our date ”
He chuckled and stand beside me.
There was silence in the air as we just stared at the city in front of us. It’s really such a beautiful sight.
“Sarah, I want to tell you something..please ”
I turned to look at him, with my brows raised.
“Caleb I’m sorry but I can’t date you ”
I breathed out.
“Yes, wait! What? ”
His eyes widened.
“Isn’t that what you wanted to say. You want to date me? ”
I asked with my brows raised and he suddenly laughed.
I can’t remember saying anything funny so what’s so funny.
“You’re really funny Sarah. Of course not, why would I say that,? ”
He continued laughing and I’m confused.
“You asked me on a date…? ”
I asked more than say, I’m really confused. Isn’t this a date?
“Yes, as best friends. I think my choice of words got you confused. I can’t date you Sarah, you’re my best friend. ”
He grinned and I nodded.
“Then what were you gonna say earlier? ”
I raised my brows, crossing my arms against my chest.
“I’m just gonna say that I’m glad we’re back together… As best friends ”
I smiled and nodded.
“Me too. So you’ve got a girl? ”
I asked, sitting down as he did the same. He blushed slightly.
“Yes, I mean no. I mean I don’t really know but I really like this girl… ”
He trailed off and sighed.
“What’s the problem? ”
I asked and he turned to look at me before looking away again.
“she isn’t into me. She’s into more like bad guys like Hayden ”
He sighed and I smiled.
Of course she should be into Hayden. He’s hot and mysterious and has ways of making you lose your breath.
“Then that’s her loss. You’re cute and any girl in their right senses should want you except me ”
I laughed and he did the same.
“So what’s up with your bodyguard, Aidan? I’m so jealous of his name. I wished my parents had named me that, it’s so hot. ”
He cooed and I chuckled.
“I don’t know. Just met him here and your name’s cool too ”
I smiled and he nodded.
“So you love him? ”
He suddenly asked and my heart beat harder and faster at that question.
“What? No.. Why would I love him? I don’t. Seriously I don’t even know ”
I sighed, breathing out.
“You don’t know how you feel? ”
He grinned and I rolled my eyes at him.
“Not like that. I… I just don’t know what it is but I want him. I want him so badly that it hurts everytime I think about it. I just want, I want to be the only one in his life without actually having to love him ”
I scrunched my nose at my own confused feelings.
“Does he feels the same way? ”
He asked and I shook my head immediately.
“He.. He said he care about me, that he doesn’t love. Caleb, he doesn’t even know what love is or what it feels like. He just care but earlier today, he took it back saying he doesn’t even care anymore ”
I uttered, remembering what he said earlier this evening.
That hurts like hell. He told me to go f√¢k myself.
“Wow.. Bummer. Okay so, you don’t wanna love him because he can’t love. Maybe you can teach him to ”
I chuckled at him.
“How am I supposed to do that? I don’t even love him either and it’s impossible . He’s some sort of… ”
I sighed and trailed off.
“Playboy? ”
He completed the sentence and I nod my head.
“You guys are really complicated. What of Hayden? ”
He said and I turned to him with a raised brow.
“What do you mean, what about Hayden? ”
I uttered and he chuckled.
“He was the one who brought you up here, isn’t he? So definitely something is up between you two ”
He teased and I rolled my eyes.
“What? No, definitely not! That guy told me I’m gonna get destroyed if I get involved with him and I’ve no idea what that means ”
I shrugged and he chuckled.
“yes, he’s quite mysterious. No one knows where he comes from or who are his family? We just know that he’s one hot guy with a sweet voice that Beth can’t get over ”
He scrunched his nose together and I laughed.
“Beth? Is that the name of the girl you’re into? ”
I asked and he nodded, smiling.
“She’s really beautiful. I’ll show you tomorrow ”
He grinned and I nodded.
We sat there in silence, just starring at the city.
“We should go… ”
Caleb said and I nodded, standing up with him.
We went back down to the club and my eyes did a quick search of Hayden. He isn’t here. Wait! Why am i even looking for him?
I don’t know, maybe I just wanna uncover the mystery behind him .
I sighed as we went outside and stopped at the car.
I turned to him with a smile.
“Caleb, thanks for today. It felt really nice having someone to talk to ”
I muttered and he smiled.
“It’s my pleasure bestie. It’s also my job so no problem. I’ll catch you later ”
He winked and we hugged before he walked away.
I got in the car and to my surprise, Aidan was sitting right next to Garry.
How could I not have seen him? Right the glass are tinted.
If I knew he was in, I would have asked Caleb to take me home.
Oh, this is gonna be one hell of a ride.
I just avoided Aidan all through the ride even though I know his eyes are devouring me.
Garry drove into the mansion and he parked. I didn’t waste any other second before getting out.
“Thanks, Garry ”
I smiled at him which he returned.
“Glad I could help princess ”
I nod and walked inside the mansion as every of the guards bowed.
I walked in the living room and met the president having a meeting with some people.
They all turned to me immediately I entered and I bowed to them.
“Angel, you’re back ”
The president smiled at me and I smiled back, nodding.
“I’ll be in my room ”
I muttered and entered the elevator, pressing the button to my room.
I waited and the elevator dinged.
Dang it! Green grey eyes looked at me as he walked inside the elevator while I tried hard not to look at him.
“Sarah… ”
He called and I turned to him, with a fake smile plastered on my face.
“Yes… ”
I said calmly even though I’m dying inside to yell at him.
“Please don’t do that ”
He frowned and I raised my brow.
“Do what? ”
I muttered calmly again and he groaned.
“You’re supposed to yell at me not act like everything is alright ”
He groaned, stepping closer to me.
Jeez, he reeks of alcohol.
“Everything is alright really except that I found my bodyguard in a club making out with a lady even though he should have told me cause he knew his job was to guard me but he shouldn’t worry cause I understand perfectly. A man’s got needs ”
I smiled warmly at him and he took another step closer.
“I’m sorry.. ”
He stated and i rolled my eyes, crossing my arms.
“For what? You didn’t do anything wrong ”
I shrugged and he grabbed my shoulders, looking into my eyes.
Oh please not those eyes! I’m gonna melt.
“Stop it Sarah. For Christ’s sake, you’re driving me f√¢kin insane! ”
He breathed out, his breath covering my entire face.
Why is the elevator not opening?
“What do you want me to say, Aidan? I’ve got nothing to say. It’s your life and like you said I’m not your mother so I’ve got no right to meddle in your business ”
I groaned, looking away from his eyes. They’re too intimidating for me.
I hate how he gets under my skin.
“Look at me, Sarah ”
I rolled my eyes as the elevator dinged and I jerked him off me. That wasn’t easy though.
“Goodnight, Aidan ”
I muttered and walked out, tears escaping as I walked into my room.
One week, Two weeks, Three Weeks and finally it’s a month.
I managed to stay off Aidan and he hasn’t been talking either.
Hayden is a really crazy guy. He has been creeping up on me lately and it’s not funny.
Caleb has been the best friend ever, always making me get over Aidan, Hayden included.
In his own messed up way, he actually makes me forget all my troubles.
Rana has been lawning all over Aidan, I don’t even wanna care anymore even though it hurts like hell.
It’s Friday and I’m preparing for the party night.
The president got me a doctor that has been getting rid of my body contact fear.
I don’t collapse when I make contact with people anymore but I do develop an headache which the doctor is still working on.
He said its my mind. I’m scared, that’s why I’m afraid of body contact and I understand perfectly.
I was kidnapped, tortured and harassed s£×ually.
The president hasn’t really asked about the code and I’m wondering why. Did he gave up?
I also made some few friends with Beth, hazel and blue.
They are really cool.
I got in a white tank top, white short that stopped midway my thighs, white jacket and white sneakers.
I grabbed my phone and put it in my back pocket before walking out of my room.
I went downstairs and Aidan, Rana and the driver were already waiting.
Rana was dressed in a black strapless dress that revealed her back to her waist and stopped midway her thighs.
I got into the car and we drove to school.
I got down when we reached school and everywhere was beaming with party lights.
Aidan followed behind as we walked into the hall where the party is taking place.
“Sarah! ”
The girls squealed immediately they sighted me and I smiled, waving at them.
“Hey haz, hey blue. You guys look beautiful ”
I smiled and they giggled.
“You look hotter. I love the jacket ”
Blue said and I smiled.
“Hello, Aidan ”
They both giggled at Aidan and I rolled my eyes at them.
Girls and hot guys.
“Where is Caleb? ”
I muttered when I couldn’t find him.
“At a corner making out with Beth ”
They giggled and I chuckled as we all walked to a booth.
“Kitty…. ”
I haven’t sat when I heard that voice and I turned back immediately.
Damn! He’s looking so hot!
He was putting on a black jacket, black ripped jeans and black sneakers. His hair was brushed up.
“Done eye raping me? ”
He giggled and I rolled my eyes at him.
“Hey guys, can I steal her for a moment? ”
The girls nodded immediately as they drooled over Hayden.
Hayden grabbed my right hand about to pull me away when Aidan grabbed the left one.
Okay, what’s happening?
Your thoughts about the episode?

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