Her Bodyguard batch 7

I breathed out and in then out and in again.
” no…”
I breathed out, getting off his lap and using my palm to wipe my face.
Why did I even spilled all that? Oh gawd! That was so embarrassing.
Remind me later to always keep shut when Aidan is around.
“Sarah… ”
He tried to grab me but I moved away too quickly.
I need to assess this situation and shut out every emotions; want or not.
“You need to go right now, Aidan ”
I breathed out heavily, trying not to freak out.
“Sarah, not again… ”
“First, it’s miss or madam. You’re not allowed to call me by name. I’m your boss and second don’t come to my room without my permission.
Third, don’t ever try to touch me ever again. Your touch are the one that always manipulate me like you did earlier and I ended up blurting out nonsense.
Leave my room now ”
I replied through gritted teeth.
He grabbed my hand from behind and stood close to me.
Aidan, please just go. I need to think.
“Let go of my hand right now ”
I groaned.
“If you can look at me in the eye and tell me you don’t want me like you said earlier then I’m gonna leave you alone and only do my job ”
He asked starring right straight into my eyes.
I don’t even know what I feel right now but I know he need to go and I need to clear whatever shit I started or he started or we started cause it’s not gonna end well.
“I don’t want you. I need you to leave ”
I uttered and moved away from him.
He smirked and grabbed his shirt. He tossed it over his head and walked out without saying anything else.
I plumped on the bed and grabbed my head like I would pull my hair out of it. It isn’t fair. Why should I feel like this?
I feel like yelling or beating someone up.
I need a nap. I closed my eyes and tried not to think about what just happened.
I woke up with a groan and stretched my neck cause I actually slept in a awkward position and now my neck hurts.
I need to grab a ice pack and I’m hungry. What’s even the time?
I grabbed my phone… 11:30pm.
Oh! Aidan must have went to that cinema with Rana.
I don’t even wanna think about that right now.
I hissed and stood up, walking out of my room. I walked to the elevator to the dining.
I need to grab a ice pack and maybe ice cream also.
The elevator opened and I stopped right on my tracks when I heard some voices.
One’s Aidan. Oh, just hearing his voice again give me goosebumps.
And the other is Rana.
I peeped and Aidan was sitting on the table near the bar area while Rana was in between his leg.
I scrunched my nose at their contact.
“So why didn’t Sarah come ? I thought you said she was coming ”
As if she cares.
“Nah, apparently, she want me to stay away from her and only do my job as a bodyguard ”
He smiled, showing his sexy dimples which I’m sure attracted Rana cause she reached out to poke his cheek before retreating.
“Have you been doing any other jobs? ”
Aidan smirked and tucked a strand of hair that flew to Rana’s face behind her ear.
I’m sure she feels so good right now. Bad stupid attention whore.
“You don’t want to know ”
Aidan winked, not seeming to mind that Rana is standing in between his legs.
“Do you like her? Sarah I mean? ”
“It’s normal to like a fellow human being ”
Aidan teased her and she chuckled.
“I mean, do you love her? ”
Rana uttered, looking up at Aidan and Aidan smiled down at her.
“No, I don’t. I don’t love her and I never will. That’s just what she doesn’t get, it’s impossible for me to fall in love with her. ”
That answer seemed to please Rana cause she smiled. So wide, bitch!
My eyes darted to Aidan and I sighed, he’s glowing so much in the dimmed light.
“I want to kiss you ”
Rana said and my heart jammed against my chest. What?
Aidan chuckled and pulled Rana up to sit on his laps.
No, Aidan. Please don’t!
“Then what are you waiting for? ”
He raised his brows as Rana chuckled and locked his lips with hers.
I looked away instantly. I can’t handle this. I want to run away from here but my eyes are glued to the damn floor and I feel like crying.
I wiped away the tear that escaped and turned back to them.
They already pulled away.
“Thanks.. ”
Rana smiled foolishly and I felt like punching her doll face.
Aidan pulled her hair to a side and kissed her neck while Rana moaned softly grabbing unto his shirt.
Oh I can’t take it anymore. I looked away as tears rolled down my cheeks. I don’t even know why I’m crying but I know it hurts damn much to see that.
“That should leave a love bite ”
Rana giggled and I scoffed, using the back of my palm to wipe away my tears, I move out wanting to go but Rana just had to stop me.
I turned back looking at her.
“I didn’t know you were here, what are you doing here? ”
She smirked and I wanted to slap that off her lips.
“I just came and I wanted to grab ice cream but changed my mind and now I’m leaving ”
I glared at her before walking into the elevator.
Aidan didn’t even look at me. Right, he’s a jerk!
I stepped into the gym and went straight to the punching stand.
I kept punching, releasing all my anger on it.
“If you keep doing that. It’s gonna tear ”
I recognized that voice immediately. Only one voice has the ability to make my heart skip like it did just now and I want to punch him so hard for making me feel like this.
“What do you want? ”
I groaned, refusing to look at him. I’ll break down.
“It’s not like it’s because of you I came here Sarah or sorry madam. I just wanted to run but since you’re here, I’ll leave ”
And I hate how distant his voice sounded but I caused it anyways, still he shouldn’t have took it that far.
I felt him leaving.
“Why did you kiss her? ”
And I couldn’t help but to ask. I just wanted to know why.
“Cause I’ve been wanting to so badly and trust me I don’t even regret it a bit cause they were worth it. They tasted so damn good ”
I could feel his smirk right now and I gulped down to stop the tear from escaping.
“I thought you said you don’t like her ”
I pushed on and he sighed.
“No… ”
He said and I turned back immediately, his eyes met mine and I hate that I had to look. I hate that I can’t hug or kiss him right now.
I cut it off myself.
“Maybe I do like her. In fact maybe I feel more than like towards her… ”
He muttered and left me in my own state of misery.
I can’t get the word off my head and I can’t stop crying either.
It’s just so hard and annoying.
If someone had told me I would cry cause of a guy, I would have gladly beaten the person but yet here I am, crying cause of Aidan.
‘I didn’t regretted a damn thing about it cause they were worth it. They taste so fucking good ‘
I sobbed and hugged my pillow closer as the word replayed in my head again.
I’m sure that Rana of a bitch must be feeling so fucking good of herself right now.
‘Maybe I don’t. In fact maybe I feel more than like for her ‘
That was the most painful part of it.
I could have taken the kiss well and forget about it if he had told me it was a mistake and he didn’t know what he was doing.
But he said he did it intentionally, that he likes Rana and maybe feeling more than likeness towards her.
That douchebag !
He freaking told me he doesn’t know how to love and now he’s saying he’s feeling more than like towards Rana.
‘He isn’t worth It’
My inner woman scolded me but I rolled my eyes at her.
I’m just gonna sleep and pretend this has never happened.
It has been six days since that incident happened and with each passing day I feel like I’m breaking even harder.
Aidan tried to talk to me but I ignored him even though I’m dying to. He’s still the one training me at gym; not like I’ve any other choice but he’s the only one that can touch me without me freaking out.
And today.. Well it’s Monday, which means I’m going to pop high.
I yanked the duvet off me angrily and got down wearing my sneakers, I put on my gym clothes and made my way to the gym.
I grabbed my phone and headphone, listening to music.
I moved out of my room, opening the gym door my eyes landed on Aidan.
He was shirtless! Holy molly fuck!
His abs flexed up and down as he punched the punching bag while his biceps and triceps contacts and relax.
I sighed, mentally slapping myself. I wish I could run my hands through those abs trailing it down. I remembered the last time I did that and how his body reacted to my touch.
I smiled at the memory and moved in properly.
He turned immediately he sensed my presence, his hair was wet and his green grey eyes shone so bright.
“Morning ”
He smiled faintly and moved away from the punching stand.
“Hey.. ”
I replied, dropping my waist bag.
“You ready? ”
He asked and I nodded, stepping into the ring.
I attacked him with a punch and he slimly dodged it.
I moved back, flipping round and my kick met with his face together with a punch.
He spit out blood and I wanted to punch him all over again for hurting me. For being a jerk and for kissing Rana!
“You’re getting better but why do I have this feeling that you want to beat me up? ”
He smirked and I hated that he had to look damn so beautiful and perfect!
“Maybe I do. In fact maybe I want to kill you ”
I groaned, my eyes blazing with anger.
I just can’t get that kiss off my head and the way that bitch moaned when he kissed her neck.
He even gave her a hickey!
I can’t get it off my head the way she straddled his lap and the way he didn’t even made a effort to get her off his laps when he saw me.
He chuckled, showing his damn perfect sexy dimples.
“I will like to see you try ”
He winked and my heart did a triple flip. Stupid heart!
I smirked, moving back again and I tried to kick him but he held my leg and smirked down at me.
I tried to wriggle outta his hold but he flipped my leg and I fell down with him underneath me.
He held me by my waist and my body just had to react to his damn touch!
He smirked and I tried to get off but he pinned me to himself and we’re just inches apart, a slight movement and we’ll be kissing.
“Let me go ”
I whispered, my eyes unconsciously going to his lips.
They looked so soft and so pink! I missed kissing him.
‘Get yourself together! ‘
My mind scolded me.
“What if I say no? What if I say I wanna kiss you? ”
My heart jammed against my chest and started beating at faster rates. I’m sure he can hear it right now.
“No, don’t. Let go of me ”
I uttered. Sounding so unsure of myself.
“Are you sure… ”
He whispered and his breath covered my entire face. I hate that all of my body always react to all of his touch.
“Or you want this to happen.. ”
His hand trailed down my back and it rested on my hips.
My breathing hitched as he moved closer, closing the distance between us and locking his lips with mine.
My body relaxed immediately as if it has just been given breath. As if it hasn’t been leaving before.
I refused to kiss him back and damn, it was just so hard to. He’s such a good kisser.
He pulled back when he saw that I wasn’t responding and looked into my eyes, his hands still resting on my hips.
“Kiss me Sarah… ”
He pleaded.
“Please… Kiss me ”
His eyes almost made me gave in. Almost.
I used the opportunity to get off him and before he could pull me back, I already moved away.
“Go kiss your Rana ”
I whispered and grabbed my waist bag, leaving the gym.
That was hard!
I moved into my room and walked straight into the bathroom.
After bathing, I put on my off shoulder crop top, a black skirt that stop midway my thigh and black flat sandals.
I grabbed my phone and tossed into my handbag. I also grabbed two bottle of water, chocolates, mints and a juice into the bag.
I moved out of my room and collided with Aidan who was now putting on a crazed red trouser, white jacket, red jacket and white sneakers .
He likes crazed trousers.
I tried to move away but he pulled me back.
“You are going out like that? ”
He raised his brows and I rolled my eyes.
“Yes, what’s your problem? ”
I snapped and he chuckled.
“You’re not going out like that. The skirt is too revealing including the top. You are not even wearing a jacket. Go change ”
I rolled my eyes at his tone.
“You don’t control me and you don’t tell me what I’m allowed to wear or not ”
I muttered.
“Not this time Sarah. The clothes are revealing the things only I’m allowed to see ”
I chuckled.
“And what made you think so? ”
I crossed my arms.
“Cause they are mine ”
He uttered, making eye contact with me and I gulped down.
“Go change Sarah ”
“No ”
“Fine ”
He said and grabbed my hand, pulling me back inside my room.
“Let go of me ”
I groaned as he locked the door and pinned me against the door.
He placed one hand above my head and the other around my waist.
“let go of me ”
I breathed out and he moved closer to me.
“You’ve been torturing me all week Sarah. I’ve had enough ”
He breathed out and before I could comprehend what he had said, his lips collided on mine.
“Kiss me ”
He whispered into my mouth, not breaking the kiss and I sighed into his mouth.
His hand went down my waist and he squeezed my butt, earning a moan from me and I opened up, kissing him back.
My hands automatically locked round his waist as I pulled him to be even more closer to him.
Gawd! I miss him damn so much.
His tongue slid in my mouth and I moaned again.
He pulled back, pushing his forehead to mine.
“I’m sorry ”

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