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Her Bodyguard batch 4

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Her Bodyguard batch 4 by : 8:22 pm On February 16, 2021
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I blinked my eyes few times before stopping him and he raised his brows, almost surprised I did that.
“I’m sorry, I can’t ”
I uttered and I watched his face fell.
Not that I won’t like to, I would seriously especially now that those lips are so close to me but I don’t have the strength to do that now.
Hugging can do for now.
And besides , I shouldn’t be klzzing my bodyguard anyways.
‘Really? That’s all he is to you? ‘
My inner voice mocked again and I rolled my eyes unconsciously at her.
“Oh, I see my word makes no sense ”
Aidan uttered and I gasped. He has been talking while I zoned out and now he thinks I rolled my eyes at his words?
“no, not you. I wasn’t doing that to you ”
I uttered and he raised his brows.
“I’m the only one here Sarah.. ”
He gestured to confirm that statement.
“I know but…. ”
“Forget it Sarah, let’s go. It’s getting late and I need to sleep ”
He said, getting up and turning away.
What did he even said?
I also stood up and went to my bench and grabbed my bag.
I brought out the bottle water and drink small then stretched it to Aidan who refused.
I sighed and put it back into my bag then placed it on my waist after bringing out the chocolate.
“You care…? ”
I asked Aidan as we left the gym but he also refused and I sighed, eating the chocolate.
It’s night already. I love to watch the stars at night.
I can’t wait to do that. It’s the only thing I love about life.
“Sarah.. ”
Garry stopped in front of us and I raised my brows.
“The president is here and he’s demanding to see you. You need to change and come down for dinner ”
I nodded and he smiled before walking away.
Aidan walked straight to his room afterwards, what’s wrong with him?
I also entered my room and went straight to the bathroom.
I need a shower .
After bathing, I came out of the bathroom and dried my body.
I stood in front of my closet, wondering what to wear.
I finally put on my ash trouser and white crop top after doing my hair in a messy bun, I moved out of the room in my white sneakers and made my way downstairs.
I was followed by two guards immediately as I stepped into the elevator which starting moving.
The elevator opened and I raised my head up, the first person my eyes landed on was Aidan.
He has changed, he was now putting on a crazed jeans and a black leather jacket.
He looked away and I scanned the area. Lots of guards are here and the president..
I slowly step out of the elevator as I moved out and walked gently to them.
“Sarah! ”
The president’s ten years old girl squealed when she saw me and I smiled at her, ruffling her hair a little.
I can’t carry her, I’m not used to body contact yet except Aidan’s.
She smiled broadly, normally I would ignore her and she’ll cry her eyes out but I don’t know what changed this time.
“Daddy daddy look. Sarah touched my hair and smiled at me.. ”
She did a happy dance and I chuckled.
She’s so cute.
“Hey Sarah..”
Rana smirked at me.
She’s the president second child and oldest daughter and I think she hates me cause of the way she always look at me.
I’ve no idea why though. Not like she sees me everyday or something.
I took my seat right across Rana and in front of Aidan, who was standing behind me watching everything.
“Evening Sarah ”
The president smiled warmly at me and I returned it as Zoe, the president’s ten years old girl squealed beside me.
I don’t know why she likes me so much? She’s so cute though.
“So how are you doing? Hope the guards are not disturbing you very much? ”
I smiled and nodded.
“Good.. ”
He muttered as the maids dropped the foods in front of us.
“I’ve come to tell you a important announcement.. Two actually.. ”
He uttered and I nodded, telling him to continue.
“First, we’re moving here.. So you won’t feel that lonely ”
I wanted to say it’s not necessary but considering this is their mansion, I kept shut.
“Second, I got you admission into Pop institution.. ”
I gasped, my mouth hanging open.
Pop high ? That’s like my dream school after high school.
It’s a musical, dancing and modelling institution.
I love it like mad.
My dream then was to become the best model and dancer.
I don’t know even if that dream exist anymore now but now that he’s mentioned it, I’m so happy.
“Thank you sir ”
I muttered lowly and he smiled.
“I told you to always call me dad ”
I smiled and nodded.
I really wish I could tell him the code but I can’t.
I’m so sorry.
“Yayyy ”
Zoe jumped on me, catching me unaware, making my chair fell backwards but Aidan caught it on time, placing his hands on my shoulders.
I breathed out and smiled warmly at him as he pushed the chair back up.
“Zoe, manner! ”
The president scolded and Zoe made a sad face about to leave my lap but I held him down, stopping her.
“It’s okay sir.. I mean dad, I think I can manage ”
I uttered, feeling strange of having someone on my laps.
“Yayy, wow Sarah smells so nice ”
Zoe squeaked and I chuckled.
“How’s everything going, agent Francis? ”
The president.. I mean dad said.
Feels so weird calling someone else that.
“Alright sir. Everything is good ”
Aidan answered behind me.
Oh his last name is Francis?
Aidan bent to my ear level and his breath filled my ear and face making my face to feel all kind of awkward.
“You did great, Tinker Bell ”
He teased and I rolled my eyes.
First beauty, second baby now Tinker Bell?
I turned to look at him and he winked at me. I rolled my eyes, I thought he wasn’t talking to me.
I gestured for him to come and he did. “I thought you were angry, Agent Francis ”
I whispered and he chuckled, bringing out the sweetest sound I suddenly Now love .
His breathe covered my face again and he brought his mouth to my ear, nibbling on my earlobe as I tried hard to suppress a m0@n.
“How can I stay mad when you’re looking like that? And behaved like that too? ”
He whispered and moved away and I smiled to myself.
My eyes met with Rana and she shot me a glare.
What’s her problem?
I digged into my food and couldn’t stop thinking about Aidan’s mouth on my ear.
Damn! But wait, is that how he’ll stand behind not eating?
“Dad…? ”
I called and the president looked up from his food.
“Can Aidan seat with us, please? ”
I begged and he smiled then nodded.
I smiled and watched Aidan but sadly Zoe was already seating beside me so he had no choice but to seat beside Rana.
“Seems like you’re close to agent Francis? ”
Dad smiled and I shrugged.
“He’s pretty good at his job and quite friendly ”
I smiled and Aidan shot me a killer smile which showed his dimple.
I almost wanted to stand up and klzzed him.
Forget about no klzzing, only hugging. He’s quite tempting right now.
I watched Rana squealed and smiled at Aidan. Flipping her hair and pushing her chest forward.
That girl is crazy.
“You’re starting pop high, Monday Sarah ”
Dad said and I smiled then nodded before darting my eyes back to Aidan and Rana who are now talking and Rana won’t stop giggling.
There’s also a smile on Aidan’s face as he talked to Rana who is seriously enjoying it.
I sighed, trying to calm my breathing. Why am i even worried?
He can talk to any girl he likes, none of my business.
Rana laughed and laughed placing her hand on Aidan’s chest and my eyes widened.
Aidan also kept smiling, what’s so funny?
He hasn’t even looked at me since he sat down..
Wait! Why would he look at me?!
Gawd! I’m going crazy!
I sighed and looked away. I shouldn’t be like this.
Aidan isn’t mine, he can be with anyone he likes.
He can hold any girl he likes.
He can flirt with any girl he likes.
He can klzz any girl he likes.
Oh, the thought of Aidan klzzing another girl. I don’t even wanna think about it, it’ll drive me crazy.
I breathed out and picked up the meatball then chewed on it slowly.
I’m quite a slow eater. Like really really slow.
I stared at them and Rana has already dragged her chair closer to him and even Aidan seems to be enjoying it.
I rolled my eyes and chewed on my meatball quietly.
The president is already in a conservation so he’s pretty occupied.
Aidan smiled showing his dimples and his head raised up, green grey eyes locking with mine.
They’re so beautiful, one of a kind.
He’s so beautiful! I wonder how one man can be so beautiful and hot?
He has the beauty of a thousand man combined in him.
He raised his brows at me and I rolled my eyes looking away from him.
Suddenly, a cheese was in front of me and I turned to Aidan.
“What’s wrong? ”
He mouthed, my eyes flickered to Rana and she was killing me already with her killer glares.
“Are you okay? ”
Aidan asked again when my eyes locked with his and I looked away from him still chewing on my meatball.
I finally swallowed it and passed away the plate of meatball, bringing the plate of desert closer to me.
I’m gonna eat this and just go sleep.
“Sarah, he’s starring at you ”
Zoe whispered to me and I wanted to ask who but figured out it would be Aidan.
“Is he still? ”
I whispered back, grabbing my fork to eat.
“Yes, he won’t look away. Sister Sarah, he’s really beautiful ”
Zoe whispered again and I chuckled as I slowly chew on the desert.
“I wish I had those type of eyes ”
She squealed and I chuckled lightly again.
She talks too much for a ten year old girl but she’s really right.
Aidan’s eyes is one of the beautiful thing about him.
I looked up and my gaze met with his. What?! He hasn’t stop looking since?
I raised my brow at him and he pouted which made me giggle silently. It’s such a cute scene.
I looked away and drank water then wiped my hand with a napkin.
I turned to dad who was still in a conservation with his manager.
“I’ll be in my room”
I whispered slowly and he looked up then smiled at me.
“Okay Sarah. A minute, I tried your number yesterday. Switched off. Don’t tell me you still haven’t used the phone ”
He stared sternly and I gulped in.
“Um, I switched it off yesterday to sleep. I’ll turn it back on ”
I quickly lied and he smiled, nodding.
I returned the smile, bowed and shifted my chair back.
Aidan was already behind me and I rolled my eyes.
So now I exist?
“See you later mister Francis ”
Rana smiled warmly at Aidan and he winked at her.
Oh, that’s it.
I moved away fast, like really fast.
I climbed the stairs like two at a time and heaved out a breath when I reached my room.
Immediately, the door opened behind me and I turned back swiftly, my gaze meeting with green grey ones.
“What do you want, Aidan? ”
I blurted and he raised his brow.
“Did I do something? ”
He whispered and I rolled my eyes.
“Why would you say that? ”
I uttered, walking to my drawer and bringing out the phone pack.
I unwrapped the pack and bring out the iPhone.
“You didn’t answer when I asked you something and you avoided my gaze ”
He sneaked up behind me and his warm breath filled my body.
I sighed, turning on the phone. The sim was already in for me.
Dad already prepared everything.
“I thought you were enjoying your conservation with your newly discovered girlfriend ”
I rolled my eyes and dropped the phone, turning to him.
I melted the moment my eyes met his.
“Stop it Sarah. You know that isn’t true. I was just trying to be polite ”
He blurted and I sighed.
“Yes, I see that. I really do. In your money of politeness where you laughed and didn’t even notice anything else but your girlfriend ”
I stood up and pulled off my sneaker, then put on my flip flops.
“Stop calling her my girlfriend. You know I.. Wait!…. ”
I turned and a smirk was plastered on his face.
“Are you jealous right now? ”
He smirked and my eyes widened.
“What.. I.. No.. I.. I mean.. You don’t.. I don’t know! ”
I breathed out, releasing my hair to fall freely.
He moved closer to me then placed his palm against my cheek and I unconsciously leaned against his palm relaxing in his touch.
“I don’t really mind though. It’s cute to see you like that.
In fact, I love that you’re but I just want you to know that it’s nothing but politeness. ”
I gulped in and raised my head up, my eyes locking with his.
His thumb caressed my lips and the butterflies in my stomach did a double flip.
“I want to klzz you so badly. I’ve wanted to since I saw you at dinner. I want to so badly Sarah ”
He groaned.
“Please do… Please ”
I replied simply . I waved him to so badly. I’ve been wanting to strangely.
He smiled and his lips met with mine. I sighed, my arms automatically locking round his neck.
He groaned when I flicked my tongue in his mouth and he nibbled a little on my lower lip.
I groaned, wanting to feel more of it. I tugged at his hair and he grabbed my hips, locking my legs round his waist.
He gently dropped me after some minutes of klzzing and I opened my eyes, breathing hard.
Wow… That was, I don’t even know what to do. He klzz so damn good!
“Goodnight Sarah ”
He smiled and I smiled, nodding.
I sighed and walked back to the bed, grabbing my phone.
I smiled. I got a phone now.
A text came in and I raised my brows. Who has my pin already?
I opened the message.
From : Hot Ass.
Who is it. I opened the message.
I chuckled. Aidan.
But when did he..? Oh, he’s good.
I laughed and laid back on the bed.
“no..no.. ”
I shook my head sweating hard as I rolled round my bed.
“Nooooooooo!! ”
I screamed and jerked off, breathing hard.
The door opened and Aidan rushed in, breathing hard.
He rushed to my side and without thinking, I moved into him wrapping my arms round his waist.
He breathed out and wrapped his arms round me.
“Nightmares? ”
He asked and I nodded against him.
“Want me to sleep with you? ”
He asked and I raised my head up.
“Aidan, you don’t have to. I.. ”
I blurted but he cut me off.
“I want to. I’ll watch over you. I will hold your hand and whisper to you in sleep that everything will be fine ”
I smiled and laid my head on his chest.
“Then do just that… ”
I chuckled, closing my eyes.

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