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Her Bodyguard batch 3 by : 8:20 pm On February 16, 2021
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“Please do …”
I blurted out without thinking, my eyes blurred with tears.
He sighed and breathed out before looking down at me again.
He moved a bit closer and his arms wrapped around my waist.
He stopped and looked at me; as if checking if I would lose it but I wasn’t even anywhere near screaming.
I felt oddly relaxed and comfortable with him.
He moved more closer and wrapped me inside him then placed my head on his chest.
I sighed, silent sobs slipping through my mouth as he drew small circles round my back.
I moved more closer to him, wanting to get even more closer to him.
It’s odd and strange but I felt safe in his arms.
“Shh shh, don’t cry anymore. You know you look terrible when you do that and I know you want to lose beautiful for me ”
He teased and I could imagine the smirk on his lips.
I chuckled and hit his chest a little.
“Awnn, my baby is a beater ”
He cooed and my stomach did a double flip at the word ‘ baby ‘.
“Shut up.. ”
I whispered amidst laughter and he did.
My arms automatically wrapped around his waist and I think I felt his body tense a little.
For a moment there, he made me forget the reason I was frightened in the first place.
I leaned further into him, wanting to push the memories away.
He smells so nice.
“Don’t get angry but can I ask a question? ”
He uttered, still drawing those small circles round my back which seems like with each circle he drew , my pain dissolved.
“You want to know why i blacked out? ”
I asked, stating the obvious.
He nodded against my head and I sighed.
“I… ”
“It’s alright if you don’t wanna tell me though. I understand ”
He uttered.
“My mom and dad were killed when I was ten years old.. ”
I blurted.
“OMG! Sarah!.. ”
He tried to raise me up but I tightened my arms round his waist.
“Please, stay like this ”
I whispered and he nodded.
“I.. My dad told me the code to a secret safe before he died. He didn’t told me what was in there though. Just the code and the location of the safe.
It seems every damn gangsters, Mafia’s and rich people in this damn world are all after the safe.
I… I wasn’t at peace anymore… ”
I stopped for a moment and breathed in and out.
“Everyone was after me. I became a toy being transferred from one hell to another but I wasn’t gonna release the code. It was the only thing left of my father. I couldn’t.
But it seems the Mafia’s weren’t ready to leave me either. They tortured me day and night.
Have you ever thought of how it’ll feel if a hot knife was driven right through your stomach then twisting in it.
I had cause I’ve experienced it.
It was hell for me. Every part of me was tortured and I… I was even s£×ually harassed.. ”
I clung unto his body tighter at that statement and as if sensing it, he pulled me even deeper into his chest.
“There was nothing I could do through. There was nobody there for me. Everybody eventually left me to my own misery.
I hated the world. I.. I hated humans cause they were just too selfish, damaging another’s life just to get what they want.
I just wanted to die. Trust me, I tried but even death wasn’t ready to accept me.
I hate men especially… ”
‘oh yeah? And you’re clinging unto one right now ‘
My inner voice mocked me but I pushed her away immediately.
“Sarah? ”
Aidan called and I realized I wasn’t talking anymore.
“My body developed fear on its own. I would go off when made body contact expect you of course.. ”
I chuckled and he also did.
“Guess I’m too hot for your body to resist ”
He teased and I chuckled again.
“It’s stupid but my life is just messed up ”
“Shh, don’t say that. Your life isn’t messed up ”
He uttered and raised my head up to meet his green grey eyes.
They are beautiful and too intimidating for me. I hate my feelings.
“I’m sorry that had to happen to you but I promise, it won’t repeat itself again.. ”
He stared at me and I chuckled.
“I’m still kidnapped right now ”
I teased and he smiled.
Those dimples!
“I won’t let them touch you. I promise, I’ll be right by your side ”
He uttered and a smile crept it’s way to my lips.
“Cuddle me.. ”
I whispered and he chuckled, placing my head on his chest and wrapping his arms round my waist.
I feel SAFE.
I feel free.
But it’s not gonna last, right?
How much more till I get kidnapped again?
I sighed and lifted my head up, my gaze meeting with Aidan.
“Thanks ”
I smiled warmly at him and his green grey eyes brightened as a smile crept up to his lips; his dimples showing up immediately.
He has the most beautiful smile I’ve ever seen. So beautiful.
I wonder how many girls have melt with just a smile from him.
“Where were you planning to go before.. You know? ”
He uttered, trying to be careful not to remind me of that memory and I smiled appreciating his effort.
“I was gonna go to the gym ”
I uttered and he stared at me as if I’ve suddenly grew two heads.
“I’m sorry, what? The gym? Do you gym? ”
He smirked, making him look hotter.
I cursed him for looking just damn too perfect.
I crossed my arms, pretending to be annoyed.
“What was that supposed to mean? ”
I frowned and he tried his best not to laugh.
“it’s nothing, I swear. I’m just a little surprised you gym. I mean look at you, it looks like you can barely punch someone not to talk of gyming ”
He smirked.
“oh so because I don’t have six packs like you mean i don’t gym… ”
Have I mentioned that he has such a mouthwatering six packs? Which is visible from the short shirt he wore and tattoos were inked round his arm trailing into his chest.. Oh, I don’t even want to think about it.
“Gyming doesn’t mean I need to have six packs.. Like yours ”
I moved forward to poke his chest and I regretted it immediately as my f!ng£rs unconsciously trailed his hard muscles.
I didn’t even know what I’m doing.
I just kept trailing it, down, down… Down..
Aidan groaned and grabbed my wrist, pulling me to look at him.
“You do not want to do that. ”
He smirked and I smiled nervously jerking my hand from his.
What the f√¢k is wrong with me? What was I thinking about?
What if he hasn’t stop me?
What were we even talking about?
“I didn’t say gyming was all about six packs, just surprised you gym ”
Aidan uttered and I flashed him a appreciating smile.
“Uh really? Then I challenge you ”
I smirked, crossing my arms and he raised his brows.
“You challenge me to what? ”
“A fight! ”
I squealed and he chuckled.
“Sarah, you want to fight…. Me? ”
He gestured to his body and I rolled my eyes.
“Yes.. You.. ”
I teased and he giggled softly.
“Let’s see then. I’ll go put on my gym clothes. ”
He winked and moved out.
I breathed in and out the moment he was gone. I’m getting used to him and I don’t like it but I can’t control it.
f√¢k me!
I groaned and removed my clothes then put on my gym ones which is a armless pink crop top which showed my stomach with gym written over it chest and a pink trouser with sport written on the right leg and gym rocks written on the left leg.
I grabbed my white headband and used it on my hair then wore my white sneakers.
I moved back into my room and grabbed my waist bag and shoved in a bottle of water and chocolates plus mint then wore it on my waist.
Usually I hate eating cause I always want to die but since I’ve been kidnapped here.
They forced me to eat, not like they tortured me. They don’t torture me here. They give me a little freedom, why?
Cause the one who wants the code this time is the president.
Yea, I was kidnapped by the president. It’s silly that he also wants the code but he doesn’t pressurise me to say it, he treats me like his child and buy me whatever I want; not like I want anything but still, I won’t tell them the code.
They’ll have to take it like that or leave it.
I walked to the drawer right beside my bed and pulled it open.
I pulled out the brand new pack of iPhone that the president got me since I’ve been here but I refused to use it.
I tried taking it but just sighed and pulled the drawer back in and stood up.
I walked to the door and opened it, the same time Aidan was about to knock.
My eyes met with his own and my mind drifted back to when he wanted to open the door but we both ended up falling with his lips on mine.
I shook my head and stare at him, he was putting on gym clothes too which is a black trouser with loose strings hugging tight to him and a black gym cloth and he had a band in his knuckles. He’s looking extremely beautiful.
I gulped in and smiled at him.
“Ready to get your ass beaten? ”
I teased and he nodded as we walked to the gym which is inside this mansion of course.
“By the way Sarah… ”
I looked up at him to hear him out.
“You look hot in those.. ”
I blushed but quickly hid it with a smile.
“Thanks.. ”
I wanted to tell him he looked so much hot too but I’m afraid I’ll go overboard.
“Where are you guys going? ”
Garry stood in front of us, making eye contact with me.
“The gym, isn’t it obvious? ”
Aidan uttered and I giggled.
Garry smiled at me probably surprised I smiled and I smiled back at him.
“Okay, don’t hurt him too much Sarah ”
Garry smiled and I chuckled before pulling Aidan slightly by his arm towards the gym.
I withdraw my hand quickly and in no time, we were at the gym.
I turned on the lights and removed my waist bag, dropping it on one of the benches there.
“Wow, this place is cool.. ”
Aidan said and I stepped on the rig, starring at him.
“Okay, come show me how much you’ve gymed ”
He smirked also stepping on the ring.
I breathed out and punched toward him but he caught it with ease.
I flipped and tried kicking him but he caught my leg and placed it down .
I double tried to punch him but he caught it again and that sent me off the edge.
I screamed kicking, flipping and punching but none even got to him.
I yelled and yelled beating his chest and he caught my hand.
I pushed him away and bent down, crying.
I thought i was getting better. I thought i was getting stronger.
I thought i might be able to save myself but I was just deceiving myself.
I couldn’t even beat one person, not to talk of beating a whole gang.
I hate myself! I so much hate myself!
“Sarah.. ”
Aidan bent beside me.
“I thought I was getting better. I thought i could save myself this time but I was wrong .i couldn’t even beat you, how on earth would I fight a whole gang when they come? ”
I sobbed and he hugged me to his chest, patting my hair.
“You’re good. Swears, you’re really good. For only practicing yourself, you’re really good. I promise. You just need a little more help and I promise I’ll help you. They won’t get to you this time Sarah, take my word. ”
I smiled against his chest and he raised up my head.
“Stop crying please. I hate it when you do… ”
He whispered and my eyes locked with his.
I breathed out as my gaze went to his lips then back to his eyes and before I could blink again, his lips descended on mine.
Is that another klzz🥺🥺😏?

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