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Her Bodyguard batch 20 by : 9:13 pm On February 16, 2021
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I sighed and wiped my face with my palm before getting on my bike.
Maybe we misunderstood everything about Aidan’s marriage. Now that he’s back, I’m glad.
I can’t bare seeing Sarah hurt. I got over her actually, I don’t know what happened but the feelings died slowly. But even though I got over her, I still care about her and I always will.
After my dad’s death, the lawyer came and dad willed all his properties to me. It’s funny how he could have did that cause I hate him so much and he knows it. He knows it very well.
I now handle dad’s companies. I made Sam to be in charge of two and I handle two.
Dad’s gang is still running though but now, they’re not used to snuggle drugs, whores, clubs and all that kind of stuffs.
Instead they’re used to protect dad’s companies which are now mine.
Now we don’t hurt people instead we hurt those we hurt us.
I drove straight to my penthouse . I parked my bike and the guards bowed for me. I nodded at every one of them and walked up to my room.
Bella was seated on my bed, going through her laptop.
I smiled and walked to her before klzzing her neck.
She jerked in surprise but relaxed almost immediately. She knew it’s me. I think it’s really time I admit it, I think I’ve fallen in love with this girl.
“Are you done with your girlfriend? ”
She asked, still working on her laptop and I turned her to face me.
“I’ve to tell you something ”
I breathed out, looking into her dark blue eyes and she nodded, motioning for me to continue.
“I know you said we should just hang. No strings attached but I don’t think that’s possible anymore ”
I muttered and she raised her eyebrow at me. “Why? ” She mouthed.
“Cause I can’t stop thinking about you. When I intentionally do it and when I didn’t. You just Always manage to crawl your way into my mind and in a piece of word, I think I love you.. ”
Her eyes widened and she looked at me as if I’ve suddenly grew two heads.
She stood up immediately, still staring at me.
“Bella.. ”
I tried to hold her but she shook her head.
“I told you hay. I’m not into that shit anymore, I’m sorry ”
She muttered and walked away but stopped at the door.
“You know what..? ”
She blurted out, stopping at the door while I raised my head to look at her.
“f√¢k love! ”
She smirked and charged towards me, taking my lips in hers.
I smiled and grabbed her ass to straddle my lap. She pulled back and looked into my eyes.
“I love you..”
She whispered and I smiled before flipping us on the bed so I’m on top and she’s beneath me.
Oh, how much I love this girl.
I locked lips with her again and she struggled to take off my jacket. f√¢kin impatient.
I took off her tank top together with her Jean trousers. Damn! She wasn’t wearing pant neither was she wearing a bra.
Was she expecting this?
She finally succeeded in taking off my jacket .
She pulled off my trouser and my boxers before guarding my hard on to her entrance.
Damn! She’s tight.
I groaned and held her waist before thrusting into her again.
“f√¢k… ”
I groaned as she looked up at me with her sparkling dark blue eyes.
“I love you… ”
I groaned, thrusting into her and she followed my lead.
“I… ”
She stopped and m0@ned as I thrust into her again.
“I love you.”
She uttered breathlessly and I take her lips in mine.
I’m definitely keeping this girl. I’m not letting her go ever never.
He gazed into my eyes as if searching for something as his face held a surprised look.
“Sarah… ”
He started but I cut him short.
“Yes Aidan. f√¢k me. I want you to f√¢k me. Hard and fast, do me against anything. I don’t care, just.. Touch me ”
I breathed out and looked at him. A grin was plastered across his face.
I meant every single word of it. I want him now more than ever, I’ve missed his touch so damn much that I can’t wait anymore. I just want him to touch me .
“Bathe with me …”
He whispered and klzzed my nose.
I looked into his eyes and nodded before he pulled away.
I pulled off my clothes, leaving only my pant and bra then walked into the bathroom.
Aidan joined me minutes later and he’s still in his clothes. I thought he was gonna bath?
He smiled warmly at me and walked to me before turning me to face the wall.
He pulled me back against himself and my back slammed against his front, making him to groan.
He turned on the shower and the cold water hit against my skin.
Aidan klzzed my neck down to my waist before pulling down my pant.
His thumb made contact with my core and I shivered.
He klzzed my neck as his f!ng£r slid in my sensitive part.
I let out a m0@n as he turned me to look at him .
His clothes were soaked, making them hug his body perfectly and all his abs were in view.
He doubled his f!ng£rs to two while his thumb rubbed my cl*t.
“Oh gawd.. ”
I m0@ned and placed my hands on his chest.
He unhooked my bra with his other hand and smirked at my chest.
“These are now bigger than I can remember ”
He teased but I was too busy m0@ning with his f!ng£rs inside me to respond.
He took in one of my br£@sts as the water dripped down my body.
I wrapped my arms round his neck and pushed him harder against me.
“Oh gawd.. Oh gawd, oh.. Aidan, oh gawd.. ”
I m0@ned out as his f!ng£rs worked their way faster while he teased me with his tongue on my nlpp!es.
The sensations were beyond too much. The water running just makes everything better.
“Oh yes, I’m almost there. Yea, oh gawd.. ”
I threw my head in the back as I kept m0@ning and Aidan isn’t stopping either.
I breathed out as i broke my orgasm and Aidan pulled out his f!ng£rs before licking me off.
As much as I hate to admit it. I love it when he does that.
He klzzed me and I groaned before taking off his shirt.
He pulled away and bent down. He turned me to face the wall and placed my hands on it then spread my legs a little before his tongue met with my sensitive part.
A loud m0@n slid through my throat and I absently closed my legs. The sensations were too much that it made my legs weak.
Aidan chuckled under me, his sound vibrating through my whole body.
He parted my legs with his arms and wrapped his arms around it then his tongue slid in me.
I m0@ned and closed my eyes pushing back against him as he eat me out.
The water continue dripping down my entire body and I m0@ned silently.
His tongue circled round me and oh, that feeling.
“Oh gawd… ”
I m0@ned as his tongue did many indescribable things to me.
I felt something build up at the depth of my stomach and I know I’m close.
“Almost there.. ”
I whispered as he used his thumb to rub my cl*t.
I finally reached my orgasm and came undone in his mouth.
He licked me off and stood up before locking lips with me and I tasted myself in him.
“You taste f√¢kin good.. ”
He groaned through the klzz before pulling away.
He pulled off his trouser and his trousers and his boxers then tossed it aside.
He grabbed my legs and wrapped it round his waist then made my back lay against the wall.
He held my waist as his hard on pressed against my entrance.
I suppressed a m0@n and he pushed in slowly.
“Shit, so f√¢kin tight.. ”
He cursed before penetrating fully in me.
I let out a m0@n as he balanced on me.
“You want me to f√¢k you hard and fast, right? Here we go ”
He smirked and pulled back before slamming into me again. Hard!
My eyes rolled to the back of my head as a loud m0@n slid through my throat.
His pace was fast and hard, I m0@ned louder than I could ever have done.
He pushed my waist to his and slammed into me again.
“f√¢k.. I love you ”
He growled as he flipped me so I’m facing the wall and my back is to him with my legs still wrapped round his waist.
He spanked my ass and heat travelled through my body.
He slammed into me from the back and I let out a cry as tears formed at the corner of my eyes.
“I f√¢kin love you so much.. ”
He groaned and pushed my head up to look at me before klzzing me.
A tear slides down my cheeks as he thrust into me again.
He pulled away and grabbed me, making me lose balance from the wall.
He lifted me up in my arms with my legs still wrapped round his waist.
Now, I’m facing him.
He took my hands to his hair and thrust into me, holding unto my ass and looking into my eyes.
“f√¢k.. ”
He cursed and closed his eyes as the water dripped down our body, making our body more slippery.
He opened his eyes and klzzed me again before pulling away.
He looked into my eyes and placed his forehead against mine.
“Marry me, Sarah… ”

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