Her Bodyguard batch 2

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02, 03 $ 04.
“Tell me what the code is, damsel and I promise you. I’ll leave you alone, I’ll make sure you’re living your life good…. ”
The ugly looking man said to me and I rolled my eyes.
“Baby, don’t start now, uh? You know how I am when I’m angry.. ”
He smirked, moving closer to me.
Gawd! I feel like puking.
He reeks of alcohol.
He trailed his dirty finger down my neck and I felt disgusted immediately, then he licked my neck while I wriggled.
“So, ready to tell me that code now? ”
He whispered in my ear then turned to look at me.
“Never! ”
I spat and spit in his face but that only got him more angrier.
He turned to look at me with dark eyes.
“You shouldn’t have done that beauty ”
He smirked and signalled to his boys.
“Strip her.. ”
What? No!! No please!!
I tried to struggle as they torn away my clothes but it was to no vain cause my arms and legs are tied.
“Please no!”
I begged but it fell to deaf ears.
They tear my clothes leaving me in only my underwear while I couldn’t stop crying.
“So now, babe. Are you ready to tell me that code? ”
I looked at the man with tears rolling down my cheeks, anger clearly written over my face.
I spoke with venom in my voice.
“Well, you made your choice ”
He smirked and unbuckled his belt while I was being held down my two hefty guards.
“no.. Please. You monster let go of me!! Nooo!!! ”
“Nooooooo… ”
I screamed and jerked off the bed sweating like really bad.
Oh God! Not again.
I groaned as I used the back of my hand to wipe away the sweat.
Fucking nightmares again!
I wonder why it hates me so much, it just keep hunting me and I still can’t get that day, night off my head.
Even though it has been seven years, still can’t get over how my parents were both murdered on the same day; cold blooded .
I rubbed my palms in my face and about to lay on the bed when faints of music caught my attention.
Oh, so now they’re listening to music!!
I can’t believe these freaks! They kidnapped me and locked me here after kidnapping me from a Mafia lord who also kidnapped me from a gangster who also kidnapped me from the cops.
Oh, trust me my life is a mess! I just want to die.
Not like I haven’t try but I’m so fucked up that even death won’t accept me .
🎧 I’m going down and this time I fear there’s no one to save me,
This all or nothing really got a way of driving me crazy.
Those were the lyrics and the song immediately caught my attention.
I think I kinda like it; probably because it perfectly describes my stupid life!
🎧 I need somebody to heal,
Somebody to know..
Somebody to have,
Somebody to hold…
Okay, expect that part! I don’t need anyone in my pathetic little life.
Human beings are wicked beings! They are betrayers!! Selfish beasts who cares about nothing as long as they got what they want.
They don’t care whether they destroy thousands of lives just to get what they want.
I’ll rather die than confine in a human being.
🎧 it’s easy to say but it’s never the same..
I guess I kinda liked the way you all the pains.
Now the day bleeds into nightfall and you’re not here to get me through it all.
I let my guard and then you pulled the rug.
I was getting kinda used to being someone you loved.
I shut my eyes and let sleep to take me.
Whoever is listening to that song is really pathetic for thinking human being can cure pain.
But again, who the hell could have moved up there?
I thought i was the only one being locked up here.
I heard footsteps and I stood up quickly, glaring at my door.
The footsteps got louder and it stopped.
Out of curiosity, I got out of bed and went to the door.
I could feel someone is there.
I opened the door only to collide with a body and we both fell on the floor.
My body went stiffened and limped immediately.
Not because someone entered my room.
Not because I fell on my back.
But because my freaking lips is on whoever the person is lips!!!!
I’m so fucked up right now. I don’t know why i was chosen for this damn stupid job of being a bodyguard to some stupid lonely bitch.
Oh fuck my life. Not that I wanted to be in the army anyways before but dad just had to push me into the fucking thing.
I’m not interested in such bullshits like putting your life in line to safe your country.
That’s bullshit.!!
I only love gambling, I love games that involves killing.
Drug smuggling, clubs!! Whores!!
Those are my lines but apparently, dad just had to push me into this stupid military fucking thing!
Now, I’m here. My job as a bodyguard apparently starting.
Oh, I hate my life.. And my dad for pushing me into this shit.
I groaned as I stood up lazily and walked out of the room I was asked to sleep in.
Next door is the so girl I’m supposed to be protecting.
I’m sure it’s some lonely pale ugly face bitch.
I stopped at the door and just as I was about to push open, the door opened by itself and i fell alongside with someone with my lips brushing against the persons.
Damn! The lips were so soft and tastes like strawberry.
I opened my eyes and my breath caught in my throat.
Oh damn!
She’s so beautiful!
Her silver eyes went widened as I stood up from her, getting a good look at her.
Oh shit! This girl is damn beautiful!! Beautiful wasn’t even the exact words.
She has brown silver eyes which is kinda rare and so pretty.
It made her look perfect with her brown hair and damn those lips!!
Over the brief moment of accidentally kissing them! I felt like grabbing her and kissing her all over again.
This wasn’t the view I had about her, this is even damn much better.
She looks like an angel.
I stretched my hand forward to her and she glared at me.
“Who the hell are you??! ”
She yelled but it just sounded damn sexy to me.
I smirked as she got up and crossed her arms over her chest which unintentionally pushed up her breasts making her nipples stand erect.
She’s wearing now bra! Oh damn!
I groaned as I took my eyes back to her eyes which were blazing hard.
She looks so perfect!
“I said, who the hell are you? ”
She yelled again and I smirked.
“I’m your love, beauty ”
I winked at her and I watched her eyes softened.
“Are you crazy? Who are you? ”
She yelled but I wasn’t the least intimidated!
I was just following the movement of her red full lips.
I would do anything to kiss those lips again.
Oh, fuck my life.
“I’m your knight in the shining armor beauty ”
I winked at her and her cheeks turned slightly pink.
She looks cute like that!
“Are you crazy? ”
She uttered, this time slower and her lips pushed forward a little, tempting me even more.
“Awnn, that’s a compliment. I knew you secretly love me ”
I winked and she rolled her eyes.
Oh that’s it! I can’t take it anymore,!
I moved forward and grabbed her waist; she fitted damn so perfect in my arms.
I watched her eyes widened.
“Are you crazy? What do you think you’re doing? ”
She yelled and I smiled.
“Another compliment for me. What does it looks like I’m doing? I’m gonna kiss you ”
I winked at her and her lips paused into a thin line.
Oh, she’s killing me!
I watched her eyes blazed and her breathing hitched.
“Please let go of me! ”
She uttered with her eyes closed.
Shit! She’s burning up.
What’s wrong with her?
I dropped her on the bed and she hugged her knees to herself shaking so damn hard.
I tried to move closer to her but she moved away as if I’m some plague.
“Hey, are you okay? ”
I asked, suddenly wondering why she’s like this.
“Please, leave me alone. Please go away ”
She uttered weakly and I sighed.
“Hey, look at me. I’m not gonna hurt you, okay? I’m not gonna hurt you ”
I whispered, grabbing her hand and placing her head on my chest.
Why is she like this??
I hate myself so much.
Why do I have to tremble and looked weak in front of him?
I felt myself relaxing into him further.
‘I thought you hate humans.. ‘
My inner voice mocked me and I cursed at her.
He raised my head up and cupped my face.
His hands felt so warm against my cheeks and I closed my eyes for a brief moment before opening them.
Oh, why am i feeling like this?
Yes, of course he’s beautiful! Hot Infact with his green grey eyes and long eyelashes with full pink lips but I’m supposed to hate him, right?
But why does it seems like I can’t hate this beautiful stranger that bumped into my room?
“I’m Aidan and I’m your bodyguard. I’m employed to protect you and make sure you’re safe and you can trust me. I promise I won’t hurt you ”
He uttered and I just watched him.
He pulled my chin up to be at eye level with him and I squealed under his touch.
“I promise… ”
He uttered, starring at me.
He pushed forward and his lips locked with mine while I groaned shaking.
He pulled away, staring at me.
“Kiss me… ”
He whispered.
“Please.. Kiss me Sarah.. ”
I stared into his eyes and hissed silently.
I groaned and pushed him away and that seems to caught him off guard cause he fell right on his butt.
First day.. Not even up to twenty four hours of meeting me and he’s demanding I kiss him?
What a jerk!
“Aidan or whatever you said your name was, is this how you were trained?
Uh? To kiss the girl you’re so supposed to protect over what? Two hours of meeting her? ”
I glared and that stupid smirk found its way back to his lips as he stood up.
Gawd! I hate that he’s so beautiful.
“Nah.. But if that supposed to be protected person looks like you, I wouldn’t even mind getting laid ”
He winked and I couldn’t deny the blush that made itself to my cheeks.
‘so much for hating humans.. ‘
My inner voice jotted in and I hate myself.
“Get out… ”
I demanded, my eyes blazing.
I need to focus and I’m not doing a great job with him here.
Bodyguard? Why do I even need a bodyguard?
I’ve been locked here for almost like eternity and now they think I need some stupid bodyguard.
So I won’t run away?
“Wow, you’re feisty.. I like it ”
He grinned and I wanted to slap that smile off his face.
I rolled my eyes, didn’t seems like he’s going away soon so I did the one thing I always do when I’m stressed out.
The Gym.
I walked away from him but he pulled me back, my whole body erupting from the contact.
“Noooooooooo!!!! ”
I screamed, kicking him and he just watched with wide eyes.
Two guards came right through my door and I’m already shaking .
“What did you do? ”
The one I know to be Garry snapped at Aidan and he shook his head while I wouldn’t stop shaking.
I hate myself.
“I didn’t do anything, I swear. I just touched her.. ”
He raised his hands up, letting go of me.
“You idiot.. You can’t touch her, okay? ”
Garry snapped again and came to me.
“Sarah, hey look at me.. Look at me ”
He tried his best not to touch me as I directed my gaze to him.
“He meant no harm, okay? Calm down. Please Sarah, calm down ”
Garry soothed and I closed my eyes, trying to calm my breathing down as I opened them again.
“Good.. Thank you ”
He smiled before turning to Aidan, frowning.
“You can’t touch her Aidan. She has a phobia of body contact, especially with men. She might lose consciousness next time you try that and it’ll damage her. Might even kill her. And you know we need something from her so you gotta be careful with her. She might get used to you though later on. You might be able to hold her hand or small other things. But for now, you can’t touch her or she’ll lose it. You gotta be careful Aidan, nothing must happen to her. That’s why you were employed, okay? ”
Aidan nodded, his eyes not leaving me.
“I’ll leave you two alone. ”
Garry uttered and moved out with the other one person he came in with.
“I’m confused, why didn’t your phobia thing go off when I accidentally kissed you or when I hugged you to my chest? ”
He crossed his arms, staring down at me and I gulped.
Seriously, I had no answer to that either.
I’ve no idea why I wasn’t scared when he hugged me. Maybe because I saw it coming but when he pulled me back unexpectedly, I was so scared.
Oh, I have no explanation for this!
Okay, fine. I won’t touch you anymore. Though it’s strange but I’ll keep my hands to myself ”
He groaned and I breathed out .
“Thanks… ”
I uttered and he turned to look at me, his eyes staring deep into mine as if he’s searching for answers.
“Can I ask you a question? ”
He uttered while I just stared.
“I guess I’m just gonna say it anyways. Why are you like this? ”
He whispered, as if almost scared I would punch him or something.
“Like what? ”
I found myself blurting as I stood up and walked to the closet.
I need to go to the gym.
“Lonely,? Miserable? Pitiful? Scared little girl? Frightened? Is that what you mean, Mr bodyguard?? Is that what you freaking mean? ”
I yelled, my anger surfacing.
I hate being pitied, especially from a human!
“no no, Sarah. That wasn’t what I mean ”
I hate that his voice is so calm right now.
Making me feel guilty.
Wait! When did I start feeling anything?
“Then what? ”
I snapped through gritted teeth.
“Fear of body contact… ”
He whispered, too low but I heard it anyways.
I sighed finally finding my gym clothes. I’m just gonna ignore him.
“Can you go out? I need to dress ”
I uttered, avoiding his eyes.
“Where are you going? ”
He asked and I sighed.
I took the clothes and walked into the bathroom, locking the door behind me.
I removed my clothes and my tattered skin stared back at me.
I hate seeing my inner skin, it reminds me of memories.. Bad memories that I want to keep buried down.
I touched a spot near to my belly and I winced. It’s almost healed.
I remember this one, it’s a scar from a hot iron.
“I’ll stop all these, only if you’ll tell me the damn stupid code, Sarah!
Is that code really worth it, uh? You suffering like this over some code when you should be living your life to the fullest.
Tell me the code and I’ll save you from your miseries.. ”
He went around me, touching my neck with his large dirty hands.
“Is that code worth you torturing me like this? ”
I threw back the question he asked me and he smiled, revealing his dirty brown teeth.
“Smart.. I like that but I’ll answer your question. Yes, it’s worth it ”
He smiled again and I felt the strong urge to slap him, only if my hands weren’t tied.
“Then it’s also worth me suffering like this.. ”
I smirked, making eye contact with him.
He nodded thrice as if tired of it already then he signalled to one of the guards who brought out a iron.
I flinched immediately cause air poofed out of it.
He grabbed a chair and seat right in front of me.
“Strip her… ”
He ordered and In seconds, my clothes were torn away, leaving me only in my bra and pants.
“Such a beautiful body.. Too bad I’ve to do this but let’s see just how much that code is worth you suffering.. ”
He smirked and pressed the hot iron to my belly while silent sobs fell from my lips.
It hurt damn much. It was as if my flesh was being torn away from mybody.. Raw.
He stopped after some minutes and dropped the iron.
“This doesn’t have to happen if you will just tell me the damn code Sarah ”
He growled while I said nothing but cried.
“Very well.. ”
He uttered and turned to his guards. He nodded at them and they went out immediately before he turned back to me.
“You know, you’re really a beautiful girl. Tell me the code and I’ll make sure you never suffer. I’ll marry you and spoil you with money.. And sex.. ”
He winked while I tried hard not to puke.
Is this man crazy or what?
“You’re so beautiful.. ”
He uttered and trailed his dirty fingers to the hem of my pant.
Oh gawd! Please no!! No no!!!
I sob quietly as he shifted my pant to the side and slid in one of his fingers.
I flinched, jerking up but his other hand hold me still.
He pulled out his finger and licked it. Ewww!!
“You taste so good.. ”
He smiled, ripping away my pant while I broke down into more tears.
“Please.. No… ”
I cried but it fell on deaf ears.
“Look at this p***y!! It’s all mine! ”
He grinned, tapping my core while I pleaded.
I tightened my thighs but he ripped them opened and forced his way into me.
“SARAH!!! ”
Aidan yelled my name and I looked up at him.
His eyes were wide and he was breathing so hard.
I realized I had stumbled down and cried endlessly.
“Sarah, are you okay? ”
He rushed to me but keeping a distance not to make body contact with me.
“Help me…”
I blurted before I knew what I was saying.
“I can’t touch you… ”
He groaned.
“Please… Do.. ”
I blurted again without thinking.
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